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A person's chances of surviving a bullet wound to the brain depend on the areas of the brain that are struck, the velocity of the bullet and.
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Ironically, for those best equipped to rebuild their lives - people who, pre-injury, were exceptionally bright and highly motivated - the injury can pack a cruel surprise. Many grasp the extent of their impairments and are impatient to regain lost abilities that may never come back or that return at an agonizing snail's pace.

Such survivors, Grafman says, are more vulnerable to depression and anxiety, which can impede progress and make life a misery. As the nation tracks the recovery of Giffords, some worry about how the weight of expectations - and the Arizona Democrat's own formidable intelligence and drive - will affect her ability to overcome or adapt to the impairments likely to come with her injury. One of them is Jackie Nink Pflug, who survived a bullet to her head at point-blank range during the hijacking of an EgyptAir flight from Athens to Cairo.

During years of painstaking recovery, Pflug relearned how to find her words, read a book, count money and navigate the world with seizures, excruciating headaches, a narrow field of vision, unreliable memory and the loss of hearing in one ear. Asked what she would tell Giffords, Pflug urges her, above all, to "be patient with yourself. In the first several years, she says, she sometimes "didn't know where the brain injury ended and the depression began. Docs optimistic, but Giffords in for long recovery.

Please sign in to add a comment. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Docs optimistic, but Giffords in for long recovery January 10, AP -- Recovering from a gunshot wound to the head depends on the bullet's path, and while doctors are optimistic about Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' odds, it can take weeks to months to tell the damage.

Soldiers with brain injuries at higher risk of epilepsy decades later July 19, Soldiers who receive traumatic brain injuries during war may be at a higher risk of epilepsy even decades after the brain injury occurred. The new research is published in the July 20, , print issue of Neurology, the Study suggests some brain injuries reduce the likelihood of post-traumatic stress disorder December 23, A new study of combat-exposed Vietnam War veterans shows that those with injuries to certain parts of the brain were less likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

The findings, from the National Institutes Gabrielle Giffords will be moved Friday to a rehabilitation hospital in Houston to begin the next phase of her recovery from a gunshot wound, barring medical issues that would delay the transfer, her family Traumatic brain injury to delinquent teens associated with mental problems September 25, Nearly one out of five delinquent youths suffer from traumatic brain injury, which can contribute to wide ranging mental illnesses, a new University of Michigan study shows.

Study yields facts about premature brains April 12, U. How do babies laugh? November 7, Few things can delight an adult more easily than the uninhibited, effervescent laughter of a baby. Yet baby laughter, a new study shows, differs from adult laughter in a key way: Babies laugh as they both exhale and inhale, Then again, maybe not. This trope only applies to people who have no special powers other than the Rule of Cool. If they can regenerate or have some other bullet-defying superpower, it belongs elsewhere. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Tobias Wolff's short story, "Bullet in the Brain"

You survived a gunshot, to the head? A stubborn enough person will survive just about anythin'. Rage is a hell of an anesthetic. In Monster , Johan Liebert is shot in the head at the beginning of the series. He survives, but only because elite neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzo Tenma operates on him. The series does point out how hard it is to safely remove a bullet to the skull though, and points out that Dr. Tenma is the only one in the entire hospital an enormous complex skilled enough to have a chance at it.

At the very end of the series, he's shot in the head once more, possibly without even losing consciouness, and again survives thanks to Tenma. Though Johan may be technically breaking the "no supernatural powers" rule. In Mai-Otome , Sergay is shot in the head. He survives with little more than Easy Amnesia. If the newly-found Meiji Government actually bothered to check the corpse of the assassin they shot in the head and then set on fire , they wouldn't have to deal with supreme Social Darwinist warlord Shishio Makoto ten years later.

Accelerator of A Certain Magical Index. Ordinarily his ridiculous powers would have redirected the bullet, but he was very occupied with using them in other ways at the time. He survives thanks to the actions of an elite doctor, but suffers severe brain damage: A man threatening to kill himself is told by the police's negotiator that, with the gun he's using and position he's holding it pointed inward at the temple , he's far more likely to just give himself crippling brain damage than cause his own death. The negotiator further tells him that if he really wanted to guarantee his own death he'll have to point it down his mouth toward the base of his brain.

None other than Bean Bandit from Riding Bean , who takes one right between the eyes from Semmerling , followed by being rammed into another car with her car. This would have killed an ordinary man at least twice over, but for the Made of Iron Bean, all the headshot accomplishes is scrambling his brains a bit, which get unscrambled when she rams him.

And it ultimately has little effect on him, as evidenced when he proceeds to shoulder-check her car and lift the damned thing right off its front wheels when she tries to ram him again! He was wearing a bullet-proof headband. Damaramu of Dragon Half got a sword through his head in his first appearance and kept on going through the rest of the manga. Apparently his brain is so small that the blade didn't hit anything important. He returns later to save Polnareff again, revealing that it was Only a Flesh Wound as he jerked his head back before the bullet broke through his skull.

He appears to be dead, but is later seen recovering at home with a brand new eyepatch. Batman The Joker was shot in the head by an unhinged police officer dressed as Batman. While he had to go through some physical therapy, the event just switched him to a different brand of crazy.

Eminem - Bullet To The Brain [ft. 2Pac] 2018

One-shot villainess "The Absence" takes it to an absurd degree - because of a very exaggerated case of Dandy Walker Syndrome, the bullet shot through her forehead but missed her brain completely, leaving a softball-sized hole drilled through her skull. It was intentionally underpowered so that it wouldn't kill him instantly. Rather, it caused severe bleeding in his brain that would eventually kill him unless he received medical attention. Most of them were probably the result of opponents aiming for the "bull's eye" tattoo on his forehead, but it was implied that his insanity and resulting career choice may have been due to brain damage from the first head shot.

The Batgirl villain Gretel was shot in the head without it killing her, and in fact it wound up unlocking a psychic power she didn't know she had that allowed her to control other people. Young Liars features a main character who survived a bullet to the brain; as a result of the brain damage, she suffered an extensive change in her personality including increased aggression, lack of social restraint, and inappropriate sexual behavior. And according to one doctor, it's a fairly realistic treatment of what could result from such a wound other than the suggestion that the bullet will eventually drop and damage the brain stem — but that's correctly noted to be fatal if it happens.

Dwight is shot in the face but not only survives with a bit of surgery, he stays conscious. There is the case of Jackie Boy whose gun exploded, sending the slide into his forehead. He remained alive long enough that the assassin Miho, chopped his head off to finish the job. Well she didn't quite chop his head off, she made a Pez dispenser out of him.

The Savage Dragon once had to share his body with a human detective as a result of a story far too long to explain here. The detective was shot in the head by a criminal, resulting in the Dragon taking over the body and healing the hole through the head. While this was the sort of thing Dragon could survive due to his powers, they were not so sure about his friend. Fortunately, he pulled through. One Daredevil story arc ended with The Kingpin being shot at point blank range by Echo, in revenge for killing her father. The last page of the story reveals that he lived through it, but has been rendered temporarily blind.

In general, the Kingpin often has the benefits of Kevlard. Luckily for Sage, Gun's chosen weapon is comparatively small-calibre, so the slug is stopped by his skull and deflected away from his brain. After that, Sage only has to contend with the severe beating that he's taken from Lady Shiva and being dumped into the river. Tellingly, the next time that we see him, he's in intensive care.

Last Stand of the Wreckers has the Adorkable Ascended Fanboy Ironfist, who conspicuously has a bullet hole in his head for the entire run of the comic. Mosaic "Dead Men's Boots" has very dark Foreshadowing as to why that hole is there. Ironfist developed a bullet that automatically targets Transformer brains, but his prototype was sabotaged by a rival and he was shot in a lab accident.

Bullet in the Brain

The perfected models are later shown to be very effective. Subverted in that while he was not immediately killed by the shot since the prototype was not perfected, he will inevitably suffer a Time-Delayed Death. He keeps on going with his work and the mission in spite of this.

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Amusingly, he's probably the least hardcore Wrecker ever in the entire history of the team, being less "badass" and more "one of the The Knights Who Say "Squee! Hardhead , Hardhead takes a plasma blast in the face from a Brainwashed and Crazy Nightbeat , which is the sort of thing that should typically kill a Transformer. True to form for the series , it turns out that 'Hardhead' is a Meaningful Name , and all he has to show for being shot in the face is a small, smoking hole squarely in his visor.

Leads to a Mood Whiplash , after which he promptly ignores having been shot in the face. Bullet in the Head is the actual title of a classic John Woo film.

Beyond the bullet: Surviving a shot to the head carries host of challenges

Context is needed here - three friends make the mistake of their lives and participate in a drug deal, but one of them betrays another for the cash by covering his head in a jacket and putting about three bullets in at point-blank range. Fast forward to the present, the poor bugger is still alive but addicted to morphine to take away the pain - forcing the one remaining friend to perform a Mercy Kill. What most people take from this movie is the remaining guy vs the Evil Former Friend in a ridiculously awesome Car Fu duel in the finale. Happens in The X-Files: It's handwaved by saying the bullet only grazed Mulder's skull, although that's a little odd since he was shot at point blank range.

In any case, as soon as he wakes up a couple hours later he escapes the hospital, and within 48 hours he's off to Antarctica to carry his partner out of a massive underground alien spacecraft on foot. Machete has two examples; Machete himself survived a bullet in the brain some time prior to start of the film while Luz is shot through the eye and is back on her feet in no time it isn't directly stated that the bullet went into her brain but given the range and the size of the gun it seems pretty likely it did.

The Bride survives a bullet in the head from Bill himself in Kill Bill , though it does put her in a coma for four years. And she's left with a steel plate in her skull. Renard in The World Is Not Enough not only survived a bullet in the brain but actually gained a superpower: Admittedly it is slowly killing him but still, pretty cool.

One can presume he was already badass enough not to injure himself which is a constant danger in real life for pain-insensitive people. Really it is a case of Blessed with Suck , since not only is he unable to feel pain, he's unable to feel anything , including his girlfriend.

MI6 has admitted that they are unsure how it didn't kill him, but he apparently lived long enough to make it to a doctor who did the rest. Presumably, he would have died had he not sought treatment. Played straight at first in The Quick and the Dead. Spotted Horse boasts that he "cannot be killed by a bullet" and points out a wound from a bullet that entered his head earlier that day.

Narrowly averted later when he and Cort duel; Cort shoots him in the forehead , and he briefly raises one arm before finally dying. In Traffic , an assassin discusses why he prefers bombs: He did not remember a single line of the hundreds of poems he had committed to memory in his youth so that he could give himself the shivers at will - not "Silent, upon a peak in Darien," or "My God, I heard this day," or "All my pretty ones?

Did you say all? Anders did not remember his dying mother saying of his father, "I should have stabbed him in his sleep. He did not remember Professor Josephs telling his class how Athenian prisoners in Sicily had been released if they could recite Aeschylus, and then reciting Aeschylus himself, right there, in the Greek.

Anders did not remember how his eyes had burned at those sounds. He did not remember the surprise of seeing a college classmate's name on the jacket of a novel not long after they graduated, or the respect he had felt after reading the book. He did not remember the pleasure of giving respect. Nor did Anders remember seeing a woman leap to her death from the building opposite his own just days after his daughter was born.

He did not remember shouting, "Lord have mercy! He did not remember when he began to regard the heap of books on his desk with boredom and dread, or when he grew angry at writers for writing them. He did not remember when everything began to remind him of something else. This is what he remembered. Yellow grass, the whirr of insects, himself leaning against a tree as the boys of the neighborhood gather for a pickup game.

He looks on as the others argue the relative genius of Mantle and Mays. They have been worrying this subject all summer, and it has become tedious to Anders: Then the last two boys arrive, Coyle and a cousin of his from Mississippi. Anders has never met Coyle's cousin before and will never see him again. He says hi with the rest but takes no further notice of him until they've chosen sides and someone asks the cousin what position he wants to play. He wants to hear Coyle's cousin repeat what he's just said, but he knows better than to ask.

The Quivering Pen

The others will think he's being a jerk, ragging the kid for his grammar. But that isn't it, not at all - it's that Anders is strangely roused, elated, by those final two words, their pure unexpectedness and their music. He takes the field in a trance, repeating them to himself. The bullet is already in the brain; it won't be outrun forever, or charmed to a halt. In the end it will do its work and leave the troubled skull behind, dragging its comet's tail of memory and hope and talent and love into the marble hall of commerce.

That can't be helped. But for now Anders can still make time.