Manual THE RESULT OF FAILED LEADERSHIP: The Republic of Liberia

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The Republic of Liberia Tuoquellie Garlon Niagawoe All lead to a disastrous chaos which always results in massacre. The massive destruction of properties.
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For all these reasons, many Liberians do not hold the public services in high regard, no matter which specific one is being discussed. Indeed, harassment, hate campaigns and mob justice have targeted both individuals and the government. It all sounds so easy: But reconstruction is difficult and time consuming. Liberia has to be reinvented, as Stephen Ellis put it. That has not happened yet.

For instance, traditional leaders still wield a lot of power. How they relate to heads of local administrative offices is not clear. Many civil-society organisations would need more support to take part in international programmes and come up with their own strategies. In spite of many efforts made, much remains to be done. Reconciliation is only slowly making headway, both at the national and the local levels.

Ultimately, Liberians themselves are responsible for an important part of this development. Rifts between Americo-Liberians, many of whom are now running the country again, and indigenous Liberians were not the least cause of civil war breaking out. The most difficult task will be to come up with a common vision. User menu Log in. Lessons of structural adjustment. Reconsidering the crisis lending of international financial institutions in past decades. Implications of global warming. The challenges of humanitarian relief. How to stem the tide of fake news, ditigal propaganda and agressive trolling.

Children's development opportunities matter. Chronic diseases are a growing global health challenge. A nation's armed forces should not play a role in domestic politics. Philanthropy must not replace capable democratic governments.

What next?

Colonial legacies include racism, corruption and authoritarian attitudes. Two years on from Paris Agreement: A lot must happen to achieve decent work for all.

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The exaggerated threat of robots. Civil society and local government.

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Sustainable business and sustainable environment. Democracy and the rule of law. Disasters and humanitarian relief. Employment and the fight against poverty.

Liberian general election, 1927

Food security and agriculture. International relations and cooperation. Peace and human security.

Physical and social infrastructures. Kagina, Hannah Hussey, et al. Southeast Asia and Pacific. Latin America and the Caribbean. Always returning to square one.

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Daily life in developing countries published on Mondays. Summaries of trends, conferences, studies and wiki-like briefs. Comments and interviews concerning globally relevant developments published on Fridays. But the numbers partying in the streets may not translate into actual votes on Tuesday, given the undercurrent of disillusionment.

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Africa news. From footballer to head of state: George Weah takes power in Liberia.

Liberian President's Leadership Challenges

Crowds flock to hear new president vow to tackle corruption and help the poor. Liberian football star faces vice-president in runoff election. George Weah and Joseph Boakai compete to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who guided country following years of civil war. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's outgoing president, expelled by party.

Unity party accuses Nobel peace prize laureate of meddling in elections in which its candidate was defeated by George Weah. Liberian court halts presidential runoff amid fraud allegations. Weah to face Boakai in runoff for Liberian presidency.