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Widely acclaimed by a host of medical, nutritional, and fitness experts, K.C. Craichy's newest book, The Super Health Diet has been called “the most remarkable.
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The first component of the diet that Dr. Smith outlines is the increased number of meals that participants should eat, with a recommended guideline of daily meals consisting of small portion sizes. He also reiterates that meals should not be skipped as a means of decreasing caloric intake, as this actually has the effect of slowing down the metabolism and slowing the weight loss process.

With a few exceptions, vegetables and fruits can be eaten freely during the detox phase of the diet.


Beans, legumes, tofu, oatmeal, and brown rice are also important staples of this phase. Low-fat yogurt and egg whites are also key features of the detox phase menu. Allowed beverages include 2 cups of herbal tea and unlimited water. All herbs and spices can be used freely, as well. Virtually all other foods and beverages are restricted during this nine-day phase. In addition, at least thirty minutes of daily cardiovascular exercise is required five days per week. During this phase, a number of foods and beverages that were disallowed during the first nine days of the diet are gradually re-introduced.

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However, the same basic parameters and guidelines that were set forth in the initial phase remain in place. These servings vary in size from heavy snacks to small meals, with the last food intake occurring at least 1. A short walk or comparable period of mild exertion is suggested after dinner, as a means of kick-starting the metabolism at a time that is usually associated with metabolic inactivity. On the issue of food quantities, Dr.

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Smith recommends eating a sufficient quantity to attain a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, while avoiding the uncomfortable sensation of being overstuffed. Phase II of the diet involves the reintroduction of lean meats, seafood, some dairy products, select cold cereals, limited artificial and natural sweeteners, fats, and condiments, and an expanded selection of beverage options. Smith reiterates that any exercise completed over the required amount will be beneficial, although weight lifting and similar forms of anaerobic exercise are discouraged during this phase of the Fat Smash Diet plan.

Once again, the third phase of the Fat Smash Diet plan builds and expands upon the system set forth in the previous phases. In this phase, which continues for a duration of four weeks, dieters continue to build upon the changes and successes of the previous phases, while also beginning to gradually reintroduce additional food and beverage options and increasing the length of the five-times-weekly sessions of cardiovascular exercise.

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With a continued schedule of four to five meals daily, participants in the Fat Smash Diet plan focus on maintaining their newly-honed nutritional and fitness behaviors during this phase of the diet, using the structured guidelines to make positive choices among a broader array of food and beverage options.

As with the previous two phases of the diet, Dr. Smith recommends that foods should be eaten raw, steamed, baked, or grilled, in order to minimize the amount of fat added in preparation. It is also recommended that participants revert back to the stricter Phase I guidelines for at least one day a week during Phase III in order to boost their rate of weight loss.

New choices that are permitted during this phase include limited amounts of fresh fruit juice, increased daily allowances of lean meats, expanded choices in dairy products, small amounts of whole wheat grains and pastas, and daily servings of a choice of several desserts. In terms of exercise, Dr.

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As such, participants in Phase III of the Fat Smash Diet plan are expected to engage in at least 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five times a week. Smith recommends exercising twice a day several times a week in order to achieve an extra metabolic boost.

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In the maintenance phase of the Fat Smash Diet plan, even more food and beverage options are allowed, while the exercise requirements are increased to compensate for increased caloric intake. In order to accommodate the fluctuations and changes that characterize the ebb and flow of real life, Dr. Smith includes recommended guidelines for weekly consumption of a broad array of foods and beverages, ranging from beer to pizza to pancakes.

Smith notes that every sustained weight-loss efforts are beset at times with periods of seemingly inexplicable failure and stagnation. This, he explains, is a vestige of the periods of famine that often faced our distant ancestors. The strategy that Dr. Not only will this help your wallet but it will help your waistline as well. Set aside an evening and throw together quick dishes that are balanced and healthy. Here is the thing: There is no perfect diet for every single human. We are all different when it comes to our brain and genetics, and your diet should be customized for that.

The reality is, with diligence and nutritional knowledge you can not only lose weight, and keep it off, but you can learn to live a brain-healthy lifestyle too, one that also benefits your heart, mind and body. Hear more about this food and nutrition topic on one of our Live Chats on Facebook. What, when and how much to eat What to buy at the grocery store or order in a restaurant When and how often to exercise Here are simple and thoughtful strategies from Amen Clinics to thread into your food practices and into your life.

Help is on the way: Drink ounces of glass of water before meals The idea of eating something very healthy to boost satiation before a main meal has been around a long time — and it still works.

Learn How To Eat Right For Your Brain

No gobbling, guzzling, or skipping meals On your new practical diet, eat moderately, take smaller bites, and allow your stomach to expand and send the signals back to your brain when it needs to turn off the hunger switch. Leave a comment 7.

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