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Someone to Cuttle is a short erotica story by Luna Loupe starring gay cuttlefish shapeshifters. Loupe has written numerous other erotica titles.
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Someone to Cuttle by Luna Loupe

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The Landlord Erotica Review. Bound to the Mast. The stories see humans meeting with shape-shifting animals in various guises and, yes, having erotic adventures with them. The animals most commonly featured are wolves, bears or big cats, but then there are a few which are distinctly further off the beaten track.

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But after reading this, well I might have a new fetish. For anyone who loves to indulge themselves, and to treat themselves to tons of tasty sugary goodness — this book is for you.

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Out on a Limb by Luna Loupe. Loupe is a prolific writer of shifter-erotica and some of her titles are the most entertaining on the internet. Firemen saving cats from trees just got sexy. Sadly no-one on Amazon has reviewed this as yet. T-Rex Troubles by Christine Sims. What could possibly be more erotic than living animals?

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The answer is dinosaurs. This is not strictly shifter-erotica, but it was too good to leave off my list. I read it for a laugh, and I got that… and horror. The least sexy erotica ever, my vagina might have shriveled up, but I laughed all night. If dinosaur porn is your bag, you can see more on Cracked here.

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  • Catgirl and the Orc Women — Luna Loupe. I could feel the tips of her claws through my shift. Someone to Cuttle — Luna Loupe. This time she leads us to a world where boy meets cuttlefish.