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From the Manufacturer Fun and funds go hand in hand when you put your money where your mouse is - with Money Town, the joy-filled multimedia adventure.
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Its financial backers include Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes' organization , the Economic Security Project — a fund to support research and cultural engagement around Universal Basic Income.

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Mark Zuckerberg supports universal basic income. But that isn't true today, and it hasn't been true in the country for decades," Hughes said. With a population of more than ,, with one in four people living in poverty, Stockton was considered a great testing ground for Universal Basic Income.

But I want Stockton to be [a place people] want to live in. His interest in Universal Basic Income also stems from the "looming threat of automation and displacement.

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Tubbs believes the companies building these technologies, "have a responsibility to make sure people aren't adversely impacted and also make their communities better places. Has it already started?

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Am I already too late? What do I have to do? The project, expected to launch in , hopes to use data to address the policy questions about UBI. For example, does a guarantee of a basic income affect school attendance and health, or cause people to quit their jobs or start new businesses? The project is also interested at looking at how the funds impact female empowerment and if it can help pull people out of poverty. The Stockton experiment is not the first demonstration of universal basic income. That spot is part of our DNA.

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American Express Small Business Saturday. Big-box stores have Black Friday. Online mega sites have Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday cemented its place as a part of the holiday shopping season, with over million Americans shopping small. Senate then passed a resolution officially recognizing the day.

The Volkswagen Jetta came with an impressive list of German-engineered safety features. But auto safety ads typically focused on controlled collisions in controlled environments, or talked about avoiding accidents in the first place. A big snore for consumers.

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Our campaign demonstrated how the safety features we all take for granted can be just as startling as the danger they confront. It has also earned trust over the last decade by proving itself to be a brand that cares about, listens to and acts in service of its customers.

Now it is looking to do the same for carryout. Potholes, cracks and bumps in the road are problems across the U. The Paving for Pizza initiative helps repair roads all over the country to make sure carryout customers get their pizza home in pristine condition. Within two months of launch, the project received more than a billion media impressions while customers submitted , nominations from 15, different zip codes in all 50 states.

They understand to persuade consumers today you need bold, meaningful brand actions that directly address consumer tensions. The Paving for Pizza campaign is a great example of how they execute on this philosophy. We celebrated a new Netflix-born consumer behavior — binge watching — and turned it into the most positive and aspirational way to consume content. Burger King Wake Up with the King. Burger King needed to carve out a share of breakfast, which its competitors overwhelmingly owned.

The quirky King quickly became an object of fascination in the media and culture.

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Fruit of the Loom Professionals Collection. Fruit of the Loom is an iconic year-old brand known for making affordable and sensible basics.

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  • Stockton, California to give $ in basic income to some residents.

We needed to prove Fruit of the Loom was much more than basic in a relevant, fashionable and authentic way. The entire Professionals Collection sold out in two days. So how do you convince a skeptical world that Coke Zero actually tastes like Coke? In this hyper-litigious society, there can be only one answer: Coupons can cheapen a brand.

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We all have too many Facebook friends. Too many childhood buddies and random co-workers, and we never want to delete any of them. All you had to do was answer this question: