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Jul 19, Ashley rated it liked it Shelves: Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. This is my review, and BTW, I'm totally going to spoil the ending You have been warned.

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Wilkinson is a short book, only 46 pages, with pictures placed throughout. I accepted this book for review because it looked like a fun, cute story that I could sit down and read with my nephews ages barely 3 and almost 5 who already love books. When I received the book, I was excited, but quickly realized my nephews probably wouldn't enjoy the story. There are full pages of text with only a few pictures placed in between 7 pictures total.

Liam the Leprechaun

I was a little disappointed it wasn't going to work to read with the boys, but excited to read it nonetheless because I'm not too old to admit that I still like a good picture book. But, I didn't really like it. I feel bad saying that, because most of the story was fun. It's a little bit wordy and repetitive, but overall, that wasn't too much of a problem.

I think the writing is on the level of those I-Can-Read-Books, designed for kids who are just beginning to read on their own. So, the writing wasn't a problem for me, but the story itself, was.


I enjoyed the beginning of the book. Liam was a sweet little guy, who desperately wanted to fit in with the rest of the leprechauns. Even for a leprechaun and no one notices him. Watching Liam attempt to find his place within the leprechaun society was endearing and he finally decides to seek out the wise, almost mystical O'Hoolihan to figure out what he can do to make a place for himself. He takes 'Hooley's' advice, and begins to see an improvement. He's given a job finding lost things that are too small for normal sized leprechauns to see.

I thought this was a great solution to his problem and was excited for the resolution, where Liam is so happy to be himself, because no one can contribute what he can and all that great stuff. But, that didn't happen. Liam helps the department he works for find the missing emerald of Mzzzzzz. I'm not making this up. In two pages, she's described as having a rusty voice, screaming eyes, a voice like a worse than a Banshee, a terror, beady eyes and more. And on and on and on. Liam finds her missing emerald. Moora's daddy, the judge decides to reward him for ending the horridness that is Moora displeased, and has Moora give him a gold coin.

Liam magically grows 8 inches taller, and Moora drops 20 lbs, and with another coin- 8 more inches and 20 more lbs. Somehow, this also makes her less shrewish and she becomes all sugary sweetness, and she and Liam are able to live happily ever after or so it implies. So what lesson can we take from this people?

The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun | Annoying Orange Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

No matter how useful you are, who you are isn't good enough if you don't fit the 'norm' and women who believe that men trying to put them in their "place" because we are "only a lass" and try to develop a "sense of themselves" as women are going to be labeled 'banshee' link or something otherwise horribly degrading and will never be able to find a husband, so you'd better get nice fast. What else are you supposed to think?! It annoyed me that a book meant to teach you about accepting yourself and trusting in your heart instead teaches that you can't truly be great until you have changed who you are.

There will be people who enjoy this book, who really like and appreciate it, I'm sure, but I'm not one of them.

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  6. I'll look for my moralistic stories in Stephen Cosgrove's Serendipity books a favorite from childhood. Mar 21, Charles Wilkinson rated it it was amazing. I first met Liam years ago. He was a little guy who inhabited my mind, asking for words to give him life. When I gave him his name, he started telling me about himself and I was hooked.

    The poor little guy had it tough but he never let me feel sorry for him. There was something so winning about his character, so determined that I knew Liam would work things out. When he told me about his village and the other leprechauns, I knew he loved both.

    Liam The Leprechaun's Christmas Wish

    He just wanted to find a better way to fit in. Leprec I first met Liam years ago. Leprechaun-land was where he belonged and he knew that. But there had to be some way to feel like the others, to feel that his life meant something, that he had something to offer, that he could help. O'Hoolihan, the wisest of leprechauns, was a pleasant surprise and a wonderful character. Liam was very happy I found him and they "connected' immediately.

    Hooley's wisdom made great sense and Liam knew he had to follow his suggestions. In doing so, the village of Shillelagh took on a life of its own. The mayor and Casey danced on the scene but I cannot say the same for Moora. My mind did not want a stereotype.

    So Moora had her own pain behind her pushiness. Liam could see that far more easily than the others; and she saw in Liam the heart that defined him. Orange revealed to have obtained his pot of gold, and Liam agreed to give Orange 3 wishes in return for the pot of gold. Orange had first wished for a whistling pinwheel , which he used to annoy Liam.

    Liam, annoyed, confiscated the pinwheel from Orange until he confirmed his remaining two wishes. Orange had wished to have his pinwheel returned to him. However, Liam explained that wishing for the same thing more than once was against the rules. Orange had then wished away the rules, annoying Liam even more.

    Liam The Leprechaun

    Liam then offered him a car , a unicorn , a woman in a bikini and some cereal marshmallows. Orange turned down the offer, claiming that marshmallows gave him gas. Annoyed, Liam begins reprimanding Orange on how he's turning down an offer for pretty much anything he wants. Orange explained that he wanted a pinwheel, and then wished for a pot of gold. Liam finally loses his temper, and tells Orange to keep the pot of gold. When Orange tries to cheer Liam up, he begins yelling at him, making Orange wish he had his pot of gold so he'd be in a better mood.

    However, this wish causes Liam to be crushed by his own pot of gold, landing him in his poorly-drawn kingdom. Liam is then summoned by the Leprechaun Boss , who is disappointed by Liam for being squashed by his own pot of gold. Although despite Liam's conduct, the Leprechaun Boss, along with an ill-mannered clover , always pick on Liam for an unknown reason.

    See a Problem?

    Liam is then granted another pot of gold , which he quickly transports to another location by accident. A stressed Leprechaun Boss then enjoys an afternoon of whiskey. Liam then meets Grapefruit , who has found his pot of gold and was planning on spending it for his own enjoyment. Liam then decided to give Grapefruit 3 wishes in return for a pot of gold.