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Hope from the Harvest Fields: One Farmer's Journey through God's Word, by Burdette Rosendale, explores thirty-six significant stories of the Bible as they reflect.
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Hope for Unhealthy Friendships

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All of our resources exist to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. In the current season, the realized hope of summer harvest has past, and the remnants of harvested crops have been destroyed, and now the soil he sifts in his hands has once again taken center stage. He, along with his farmer-father and his farmer-uncles, has already turned, tilled, leveled, and molded the soil into neat rows and borders, preparing ready receptacles for seeds. These February days are for fertilizing — acres and acres must be covered, and then acres and acres must be implanted with various species of seeds: Their work — the daily wrestling with the soil — is circadian and perennial yet has only ever just begun.

After planting, they will scrupulously monitor the soil, coaxing it with aeration, searching it for even the smallest of weeds, scrutinizing it for signs of pests or worms. And then they will wait, giving time and space for the sun and the rain and the mysterious and miraculous work of seeds becoming sprouts becoming stalks.

2. Get Aggressive About Reaping Your Harvest

When Paul tells Timothy to be strong in the grace of Christ, he points specifically toward the hard-working farmer 2 Timothy 2: When he exhorts the Galatian churches toward endurance, he speaks of perennial planting and patient waiting for an inevitable harvest Galatians 6: In my own life, I recognize my need to look to the farmer.

I find myself more often growing weary in doing good as I plant and wait for growth and harvest. My husband and I have been married and in ministry for 16 years. We have parented for 13, with 14 years of intense parenting left to go. I feel like a farmer who has enjoyed a good crop but who is looking at bare fields, preparing to start the planting cycle all over again.

At times, I feel trapped by the everydayness of life and how much work there is yet to do.

I stand with the soil cupped in my hands, wondering if my labor matters or will amount to anything in the end. How do I continue in all God has called me to do without growing weary, especially when the work is demanding and the harvest appears so far into the future? Travis tells me that farming is a way of life, a lifelong commitment. In other words, there is a deep-roots, big picture perspective required. Throughout the Bible, we see praise and thanksgiving associated with a resulting harvest.

Praise God and thank Him in advance for your harvest. Thank Him that the hundredfold return is working all the time. To gather and collect our bountiful harvest, we must put in the sickle. What is a sickle? It is a sharp instrument used for cutting crops during a harvest. Our sickle is the Word of God coming out of our mouths. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow….

We reap our harvest the same way we acquire anything else—by faith. Our words of faith cut down the crops and bring in the harvest. In fact, words are an important part of the entire process of sowing and reaping.

What you say is what you sow. So, be sure your words are calling in your harvest with faith. They are a powerful harvesting tool! When your harvest is ready, it will cry out for its rightful owner. How do you command it to come in?

7 Steps to Calling in Your Harvest

Now, to cry does not mean to whine or act pitiful. It is a cry of faith. It means to proclaim, and demand immediate action with aggressive force and passion. Practice these seven steps to calling in your harvest just as Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and Keith Moore have taught and experienced for decades. Release your faith, and reap your harvest!

A Tale of Two Farmers

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