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I finished the story overflowing with happiness and I sat there for the longest time just absorbing the story, reliving every moment from the beginning in Becoming Calder to the breathtaking conclusion in Finding Eden. Looking back on the entire story, I realize just how carefully planned it truly was. Everything -- every last detail -- happened for a reason. Every single piece of their journey had a purpose and it all came together to create one of the most powerful and captivating stories you can imagine.

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Mia Sheridan's writing is exquisite. Even though I have loved all her books, there's no doubt for me that this is her best story yet. I couldn't put it down even for a minute. I have quotes highlighted on nearly every page and the emotional hangover of the century. Her words build you up, they break you down, and then put you back together better than you ever were to begin with.

I know the tenderness of your heart, and I know all that was taken from you. I know all the dreadful sorrow inside of you. I live it, too. But I also believe we are going to be okay -- we are going to love so hard and with so much intensity, that it's going to melt away all the pain. Everything about it -- from the writing, to the story, to the emotions, to the message -- was EPIC. But looking back on the complete story from both books with the perspective and experience of having read Finding Eden , there's no doubt in my mind that together, this is worthy of 6 STARS.

It just went above and beyond. There is literally nothing else like this out there. It's easily the best series of the year in every possible way. Everyone should read it!!! Calder and Eden's powerful, captivating, and epic love story is forever imprinted on my heart. It's a story I know I'll re-read many times over and still never get enough of it.

Both books are now live. View all 33 comments. May 03, Dana Ilie rated it it was amazing Shelves: This author has captivated me with her writing, her story telling and her characters that even after you finish the book, stays with you in your heart and in your head. Her writing is stunning. View all 10 comments. Aug 01, Christy rated it it was amazing. These two books have really been something special. Mia Sheridan has outdone her self. The story itself is epic. The characters- completely and utterly unforgettable.

Becoming Calder and Finding Eden are two books you will not want to miss out on. Last we 5 Stars! Last we saw them, their futures were so uncertain. Both of these characters have unwavering strength. There is so much I want to say about this story. While reading this beautiful and completely unique book, my emotions were all over the place. I actually laughed out loud a few times. Moments my heart was crushed, my jaw had dropped to the floor. There were tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Parts were I was beyond frustrated, and then parts where I felt so whole and complete just by reading.

So many quotes that just hit a cord with me. I highlighted so much. Or was that the very thing that defined real beauty- light after darkness? And maybe that was the whole point. To put it simply- I fell in love with this book and I fell in love with the characters. The writing was incredible and painfully beautiful. This is a series that will stay with you.

You'll be thinking about it for days after you read. I would highly recommend these to all readers. Because people defined by bitterness end up destroying themselves from the inside out, and eventually the destroy everyone who tries to love them, too. View all 64 comments. Finding Eden picks up just after the shocking ending to Becoming Calder and we see how Calder and Eden are now having to face living in a world that they never imagined existed, struggling with loss and heartache and pain and what they have to face before being reunited again.

The story is told through dual POV so we are able to look into both their thoughts and feelings as they journey to finding each other. The eventual reunion is amazing This story made me think about a lot of things in life The writing is beautiful and the author transported me into the story from the very beginning.

She made me feel what the characters felt The quote below just flipping blew me away And you listen to the voice that comes to you when you close your eyes. You'll know it because it will be something between a feeling and a whisper. Jack, if your heart is good like yours is, that voice never, ever lies. One of my favorite reads this year.

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Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

View all 16 comments. I'm not going to give any specific details regarding the story for fear of spoiling the way in which this two book series deserves to be uncovered. What I wish to convey is how this enchanting story made me feel, and the quality of the writing. I wish to offer a glimpse of the wonder that is Finding Eden. We learn the reasons and motivations for everything…. It's compassionate and sensitively written with complex layers of emotions, thoughts and feelings.

So much attention and care is given as to how our beloved characters find themselves in their given situations. We learn the extent of Hectors wrong doings. The way time moved, hurt my heart. Finding Eden has page upon page of beautiful words packed with meaningful and thought provoking content. I was so entranced and involved in the happenings that the mere mention of a past event, the simple thought in a characters mind could set my emotions off. It felt real, tangible, never sensationalized I saw pictures in the writing, I felt a real sense of time, placement and human feeling.

So many emotions are explored and all of them are truthful and honest. There's beauty and love even in the darkest places There is one point in the book and I literally could not read it or turn the page quick enough through my tears of heartache, joy and hope. The anticipation of what was happening, and what I hoped was about to happen, was immense.

Finding Eden is sensually HOT! Calder and Eden have grown up and it shows. I felt their closeness and intense connection deep inside my book heart. I smiled, laughed and cried with them, I felt like I was part of their inner circle Finding Eden is truly exquisite and left me with that perfect, contented book feeling. Finding Eden is the second part in a two book series in which we're given a dual point of view. It's essential to read Becoming Calder first. View all 62 comments. Calder and Eden are free from Acadia but are haunted by the memories of it.

They'll be separated for a good amount of time, each thinking the other died during the flood. They're trying to get on with their lives but finding it hard because their other half is gone. Eden meets a very generous man who takes her in and hires her as his grand daughter's piano teacher.

He grows fond of her and in the end helps her to find her real mother. She and Calder run into each other at an art gallery exhibit where his paintings are being sold. All the paintings are of their Spring from Acadia and of her silhouette. I just about cried my eyes out during their reunion. The way the author describes the scene, it was so very easy to visualize the joy and the pain these two were feeling. It was one of my favorite parts of the story. There are a few minor conflicts that come up but they manage to face them head on and prove that nothing can ever tear them apart.

Calder and Eden will uncover the truth about Acadia and Hector's past. What inspired him to create Acadia and what eventually drove him to madness. Calder will also find out his true identity. I loved how everything comes full circle at the end and that these two beautiful people end up with the HEA they so justly deserved!

View all 51 comments. Oct 08, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this author's work. I can always count on her to give me unique plots and one-of-a-kind characters. View all 42 comments. Aug 01, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it really liked it Shelves: This story was all about dealing with the aftermath of the events in book 1 and very much a journey of self-discovery for both Eden and Calder as individuals as opposed to a couple.

Calder needed to find a way to cope with all the guilt he harbors and Eden has to combat the loneliness and sorrow within her in order for both of them to move on. There are several heartfelt and touching moments sprinkled in the story, enough to induce tears. But sadly, I was unfazed by most of their poignant moments and even got a little tired of their dialogues professing eternal love for one another I get it, they love each other. If I am to be completely honest with you, no one but myself is to blame for me not feeling the story.

I picked this book up while I was in the middle of the Mortal Instrument series and my heart was with that book couple the entire time. These two books tell a story of an enduring and unconditional love between two beautiful characters and revealed depths about the beauty of forgiveness and second chances. View all 79 comments. This is the continuation of Becoming Calder. While BC made me cry at every turn this one just made me swoon and filled me with so much sugar that will probably last me a lifetime Oh Well!

I will be consuming sugar like a maniac probably tomorrow.. In other circumstances, I would have hated so much fluff and "Love Explosion" but here, I lapped it up. Because Calder and Eden deserved every single moment of their happiness after what they ha 5 "Hearts and Flowers" Stars!!!! Because Calder and Eden deserved every single moment of their happiness after what they had gone through in the previous book.

It picks up right after where it ended in BC but then going forward we see a time gap. Now, I am not such a huge fan of time gaps. As a reader, I feel cheated because I miss so many years of a character's life but I went with it here because I just wanted C and E together, however I could get them. Some parts were heart breaking but then everything slowly turned into a giant pile of love and feelings. So for me it was easier to handle. Those two characters have consumed my heart and my thoughts for the past 3 days.

All I could think about was them and their HEA. And I can't believe it's over.

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BC was just something magical and miraculous and I am head over heals for that book. The part that made me give this a 5 star was the Epilogue That part brought back the magic for me. I was laughing and crying and swooning all at the same time. It was the most memorable epilogue of all time for me. I am thoroughly satisfied with it. Will I recommend this book? A big and a loud YES!! If you loved the first book but at the same time that book made you mad and angry, then read this book because this book is a like a soothing balm.

View all 58 comments. Sep 20, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Finding Eden continues on where Becoming Calder left off. Even though their circumstances are unfavorable these two continue to be some of the strongest characters I've read in a long time. Eden remains her genuine gentle spirit that we met in the first book.

She has a quiet strength about her that endears others to her. Calder is a beautiful, tortured man. Although, he is free from his past he is still left feeling trapped and worthless. Their unwavering love is endearing and their story is captivating. I devoured this book in one sitting. The plot is so unforgettably unique. Even though, I've finished I still sometimes find myself daydreaming about these two books.

Both books made me an emotional, jumbled-up mess. I went from smiling and laughing to crying and wanting to smash my kindle and then back to smiling. The jaw dropping moments made my heart clench and had tears spilling from my eyes. View all 49 comments. Oct 06, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: The continuation of Calder and Eden's story is full of emotion and revelations. Page after page, this book was filled with such raw, powerful, all-encompassing feelings, it truly was a heart pounding experience.

For fear of revealing too much, all I will say is, Finding Eden was everything thing I hoped it to be. All my questions were answered and I was left with an overwhelming feeling of happiness for these two characters who have endured so much. View all 37 comments. Finding Eden is a beautiful story of second chance romance, the incredible journey of two broken soul to rediscover oneself and their path of healing.

FE is everything I want in romance novel-pure perfection of powerful love, dynamic display of emotions and two amazing heart with enormous amount of love, strength and innocence. And I knew I love Finding Eden is a beautiful story of second chance romance, the incredible journey of two broken soul to rediscover oneself and their path of healing. And I knew I loved her in a way I'd never, ever recover from.

I knew I loved her to the very core of myself. And I knew she loved me back. The story picks up pretty much after the horrific ending of BC. Even with the epic reunion of Eden and Calder, they still deal with the ghosts of their past and threat of unpredictable future. With new found family they learn to accept the second chance at life, with each other they learn to comfort and support in their struggle with the new world and to move on from their tragic loss.

This story also unravels mysteries of their disappearance and their cult leader Hector. All in all it was an Epic conclusion to a wonderful love story and I loved it! You have the most beautiful heart of anyone I've ever met. And maybe you feel like a mess sometimes, and life is a mess sometimes, but the way I see it, you're the beauty that came from the mess. View all 44 comments.

Finding Mia

Sep 08, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing. Mia Sheridan skillfully brought their story to a close as these two were left thinking the other had died in that mass suicide back in Arcadia. They struggle to acclimate to the modern world without the love of their lives. Our couple comes face to face and in fact it was a truly a heart stopping scene. Their love is as strong as ever as is their need to be with together and help heal each other. Am I the only woman you want? I breathed out and then sniffled. During those three years, Calder has finally started painting but all he paints is his girl and their spring and through these paintings our couple unites.

Eden and Calder do a lot of healing not only in the Bed of Healing but facing the truths of their pasts in the public eye while learning who they are now that the horror of Arcadia is over. Overall this was a fabulous ending for a unique story that was very exciting and oh so swoonworthy. I want to thank Mia Sheridan for Calder and Eden. View all 39 comments. Oct 05, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: After the end of the last book things were a little…. And the time passes… until the day destiny reunites them again and one thing they know for sure: This was a beautiful journey of second chances and a love so strong that never died.

So sit down, grab a coffee and get ready for an amazing ride. After the last one I had jump right into this book. I was not disappointed, this was an amazing journey. Mia Sheridan is on her way to become the Jane Austen of our century. Well, I loved them in the first book, I loved them even more in this one. I love how they re-connect with each other. They were a new nice characters but I have on itch: What the hell, Mia?

I get it, I swear I get it. It felt like a betrayal! View all 24 comments. There is nothing more that I love when a story comes back full circle and what an absolutely beautiful ending that Mia Sheridan has delivered here. Tears were pooling in my eyes as I flipped to the last page and everything since Becoming Calder just came back together perfectly.

I can't divulge into the plot of this one as it would give away spoilery details from Becoming Calder. There were so many plot revelations that made me understand better the events in Book 1 and I really appreciated that as some of the events in the prior book left me feeling a little dissatisfied. I would be lying if I said I was not utterly consumed by their unconditional love and every scene was even more powerful than the last.

Admittedly I thought I would get sick of their endless profession of love and be diabetic by the end of it, but surprisingly I wasn't. Mia continued to deliver these flawless lines that made me want to relish every single moment of it. That's our plan because I swear to you, my beautiful, sweet love, everyone deserves a love story that doesn't hurt. But I loved every single moment of it. In fact, I fell in love so hard with this series, these endearing characters and their emotional journey.

I would do it all over again. It's one of those series that you simply just have to read to experience and feel and let it consume you. Mia Sheridan not only just delivered a powerful love story, but a story that speaks volume on the power of healing and forgiveness. We can't keep bitterness attached to our hearts because eventually, it might become part of us—so deeply ingrained we can't work it back out.

I think we have to focus on the beauty we've been given in this life, and make that the thing that defines us. But if you could look past that, then I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a refreshing read from the usual NA contemporaries, doesn't mind sugary sweet and is a complete sucker for forbidden love. View all 70 comments.

Sep 10, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 27 comments. Nov 01, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Mia Sheridan Fans, Romance. The pain and suffering for each of us is personal and real There are experiences we see or read about which defy a calculation or measure as a bystander We have an insider's view of all of this in Finding Eden. This is the completion of Becoming Calder. My review is here https: This book picks up right where the other left off We are with Eden as she tries to make her way in a world she knows so little about. We are with her from the first words on the page This is a story which covers so much; I cannot even begin to approach all of it.

All I will say, so as not to ruin the journey, is Eden is one of the strongest women I have read. She instinctively has the fortitude to overcome insurmountable odds; the willingness to teach herself and understand the power of knowledge and continue to take control of her life.

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She may not be a biker babe I am not going to ruin this book for you I am going to share, Ms. Sheridan almost gave me a heart attack a couple of times and my vision was blurred during most of my reading I received such a gift We are all damaged one way or another These two books could be a manual for a way through it For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 30 comments.

She meets Mia who takes hold of her heart and a crazy journey begins. I was specially touched by the scripture the author uses to confron Lovely story! I was specially touched by the scripture the author uses to confront Isobel: I read it and had to stop and think about it for a while. It will try, oh, it will! Jul 24, Kathleen Friesen rated it really liked it. A seaside town, an abandoned toddler, and an artist running from her past: This story had been on my to-be-read list from the first time I heard of it.

Wilson did not let me down, as the lead characters, especially tiny Mia, entwined themselves in my heartstrings. Liam remained a bit of a mystery through much of the story, but his actions showed his character. I was given a pdf copy of Finding Mia by the author in exchange for my honest opinion, which is that Finding Mia is an entertaining story and earns four stars.

Apr 21, JoAnn rated it it was amazing. The author has a fantastic writing style and I fell in love with the characters. People often say they could not put the book down, I can truly say this was the case with Finding Mia. I was captured from page one to the conclusion. If you enjoy a good clean suspenseful read this is a book you really want to read.

Wish I could give it more than five stars! I received an ARC for this honest review. I look forward to reading more by this author. My thanks to Pelican Book group. Apr 23, Joyful rated it it was amazing. What an awesome Christian suspense with romance read! Isabel finds herself and God while taking care of an endangered child. I loved this book because of the author's style of writing. Her characters are strong and lovable. This is one of those books you can't put down. I highly recommend this book and this author. Thank you, Pelican Group for giving me this ARC for an honest review, it is diffently worth more than 5 stars.

Jul 30, Marie Pinkham rated it it was amazing. Finding Mia was a delightful, heartwarming story of a woman who goes to the beach to find inspiration and finds so much more. Wilson's way of painting pictures with her words that placed me squarely in the middle of the story. A little suspense, a little romance, and a whole lot of love. I was pleased to read and review this book for the author. Jun 13, Pam Graber rated it it was amazing.

From beginning to end, this book had me engrossed. I stayed up WAY too late finishing it last night well, this morning. Isobel Carter is an artist who hasn't been able to create in nearly 10 years. In search of her muse, she takes her canvas and paints to the beach thinking that painting the sunset would surely jumpstart her creative juices.

Instead what she finds, is a severely sunburned toddler tied to a piece of driftwood. She rescues the little girl, and rushes her to the local ER, where she encounters suspicion, and Dr. Liam is one of the best pediatricians in Scottsburgh, South Africa. When a little girl is brought in, near death, his internal radar for trouble kicks in.

There has been a recent pattern of young, single mothers apparently committing suicide, and their children then disappearing once they are placed with Children's Services. The way this girl was tied to the driftwood suggests a botched pick-up. How can he protect her when the agency tasked with protective custody appears to be anything but protective?

Desperate to save little Mia, Liam takes her to her rescuer, Isobel, and basically forces her to keep her. He has no idea of the demons Isobel fights regarding children in general. All he knows is, as a newcomer to town and a concerned citizen, she is a safe place for Mia while he and his friend, Detective Nass, work to ferret out the child traffickers. As danger stalks Isobel and Mia, can Liam keep them safe? The more time he spends with them, the more he realizes that his heart is just as endangered as the little girl is.

Finding Eden

Will Liam and Isobel be able to keep Mia out of the clutches of those who seek to steal her? I guarantee that once you start this book, you will NOT be able to put it down! Both main characters come into the relationship with damaged hearts, grieving unimaginable losses, but both are willing to do what is needed to protect a little girl. Readers of romantic suspense will find a new author to add to their favorites list. With themes of redemption and Jesus Rescues, this story sucked me in and held me until the very end.

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Oct 20, Barbara rated it it was amazing. This story touched my heart in so many ways. The sorrow and pain that is revealed in the hurts that others have inflicted on the characters are hard to read. But this story is one that deals with events that are really happening in our world. The terrors that many go through are something we need to be aware of and guard against such evil. This is a very good story and I am so glad I read this! Peace A great story about a lady whom life was anguished.

She finds a child on the beach. This child and a dr help her find peace in her life. Oct 20, Norma Munson rated it it was amazing. The story begins slowly and in depressing circumstances. As in life, persevere for a sample of God touching lives,.