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Growth Dynamics: The Myth of Economic Recovery. By Valerie Cerra and Sweta Chaman Saxena*. * Cerra: International Monetary Fund,
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She has broken the rule of darkness, and is banished from the castle. Amour says he can never see her again. Psyche finds herself lost in a wilderness. In despair she pleads to the gods for help. Psyche manages to accomplish these one by one, with the aid of natural and supernatural help. At the end of these she is exhausted and collapses. Amour flies down from heaven, revives her and gives her the gift of immortality.

They can now be married and have the divine love that began on Earth, in the light of heaven for all time. We could say that Psyche in the earlier stage of the story is an idealized, not-yet-initiated aspect of the Soul. It is hard to find a functional love relationship at this stage. First we must undergo a death ritual, a dying to innocence.

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We are in a gripping unconscious situation. When the time comes to shed the light of consciousness on our relationship, all sorts of disasters occur. The God of Love disappears from us. The Goddess of Love sets out impossible tasks for us to achieve in order to reclaim love. Each of the tasks requires the aid of natural and supernatural, miraculous, helpers.

Just when we have given up in exhaustion, Love returns.

Growth Dynamics : The Myth of Economic Recovery

We become immortal and mortal at the same time, an initiated human in relationship to divine powers. In one she is confronted with a huge mound of a wide variety of seeds, which she is told to sort into separate piles before dawn. It is an impossible task, until an army of ants comes to assist her with the sorting.

Magically, the task is accomplished. It can be necessary to sort it all out very quickly in order to salvage the relationship but if one persists, seemingly magical assistance occurs. In another task Psyche must steal golden wool from violent sheep.

Psyche and Eros: A Myth Revealing Psychological Dynamics of Love and Relationship

She is sure to be killed by them, but a reed gives her good advice. She is able to gather the wool stuck in briars at the end of the day rather than be exposed to the danger directly. This advice from nature can be life saving at a psychological level. While learning to navigate the relationships in our lives—whether romantic, familial, friendships, colleagues—all of these stories from the myth may come into play. There will be a loss of innocence required as a relationship matures. Psychological separations, tasks, challenges, and helpers arrive. Receiving guidance from the symbolic and mythic dimensions of the psyche can be salvational.

Marie and I have developed Dreams and Mandala workshops that greatly assist participants in developing communication with these soulful dimensions lying just behind the veil of more rational or conscious thought. Dreams of the night are always speaking to us from this realm, offering timely, healing, personal, and wise guidance.

In these workshops we learn the language of the dream together. I have been studying dreams for 40 years now. They may seem like an undecipherable mixture of random characters, events and images, but a trained ear can locate their system of logic, which is invariably a strong medicine for the heart and spirit. We work through fixities, see our patterns and figure out ways to develop new skills in relationship to the issues. The alchemical mandala is a different approach from making Eastern mandalas.

The structure places pictures that represent different internal thought patterns, creating an objective way of looking at the Self and areas of life where we may feel stuck. A rare kind of community is formed.

Growth Dynamics: The Myth of Economic Recovery

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