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The tidal wave of shattered glass sprayed over 10 feet away in iridescent bits. The dust-like particles that can't be swept stick to the bread.
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Get a broom and dustpan. Once you've picked up the individual shards, you'll need to sweep or vacuum the smaller pieces from the floor. If you don't have any larger pieces, this might be your first step in cleaning up broken glass. Be sure and shake your broom well into a paper bag to release any smaller pieces of glass that might linger.

Consider trying one of the broom-less methods below to clean up your glass if you are wary of using a broom. Be aware that sweeping doesn't remove the small, sharp fragments of glass from most floors. Sweeping can offer the illusion that the glass is gone, when sharp fragments still remain. Continue to keep pets and children out of the area until additional steps are taken to clean the broken glass off the floor.

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Avoid using a vacuum cleaner. Sucking up pieces of glass with a vacuum cleaner may seem tempting, but it may ruin your machine. In addition, if any glass fragments remain in the vacuum hose, they may fall back out when the vacuum is turned off. The air sucking in will collect the glass fragments, and then you can carefully dispose of the glass-covered cloth. Clean up broken glass from a carpet. If you've broken glass onto a carpeted surface, you won't be able to use the methods above. Once you've cleared the area of larger glass fragments, use a small scrubbing brush to agitate the carpet fibers.

This will result in glass pieces rising to the surface of the carpet. You should carefully dispose of the duct tape in a double-wrapped plastic or paper bag. Wipe the area with a potato. Cut a potato in half, and then press the cut tuber against the floor. Any stray pieces of glass will be caught in the potato's flesh, and you can throw the potato away.

The potato also works well to clean up broken glasses inside a dishwasher. Start by shining a flashlight into the dishwasher to see where the broken glass is. When you see the reflective glint of glass against the beam, press a cut potato gently but firmly onto the shiny surface. Throw the potato away when you're finished, and run the dishwasher again to rinse away any stray pieces of glass.

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Use a slice of bread to collect the glass shards. A few pieces of white bread make excellent sponges to collect any stray pieces of glass that might remain after you've cleaned the area of the larger fragments. Take a piece of bread, and press it down on the area where you suspect the broken glass is. The glass will embed itself into the soft bread. When your bread is getting hard to hold safely, throw it away and use another piece. Repeat until you're sure you've covered the entire area. Clean the area with duct tape. To use this method, it's a good idea to tear off about 12 inches of duct tape.

Holding each end of the tape, lay the tape against the surface where the glass fragments are found. Press down on the tape gently, as if you're trying to apply it to the surface. Then, remove the tape. Any glass fragments that had been on the floor will be stuck to the underside of the tape. The width of duct tape also means it will cover the surface area more quickly than other tapes. Fold the tape onto itself, and then throw it away into a plastic or paper bag. Repeat as often as you need to until the whole area is clear of glass. Fold a damp paper towel in half.

If it's a thin towel, consider folding the paper towel in half again so that it's extra thick. Then carefully wipe down the area where the glass fragments might linger, and throw the paper towel away. Disposable "wet wipes" will also work for this method. Consider if you need to replace your window. If your window is only cracked, you can use a small knife to score a small arc just beyond the end of the crack. This will keep the crack from expanding. Simply apply clear fingernail polish or shellac to the area and allow to dry.

For best results, apply several coats. Don't put off replacing or repairing a broken window. A broken window isn't just dangerous because of the glass, but also lets in bugs, rain, cold weather, and water. If the glass is broken, but still intact enough to keep out the elements, you may be able to patch it until you can replace it.

Using super glue to patch a long crack in the glass. Start by cleaning the window with acetone, then apply super glue to cover the crack. Allow the glue to dry, and then apply another layer.

How to Clean Up Broken Glass

Repeat this process until the crack is covered with layers of dried glue. Masking tape makes a good patch for broken glass. Clean your window well with acetone so that the tape will adhere to the glass, then tear off a section of tape the length of the crack. Repeat this process on the other side of the window. Staple a piece of wood or a piece of thick plastic against the broken window.

Double thickness trash bags can also be used to cover the broken pane. As with broken glass inside, you'll need to make sure no children or pets can accidentally come into contact with any shards of glass that may have fallen into the yard, inside the house, or anywhere in the environment. Make sure you're wearing heavy shoes not sandals or flip-flops and safety gloves. Fast sweeping will only create a greater mess.

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The damp paper towel will allow you to get all of those smaller, nearly invisible slivers of glass that are so hard to see and pick up. By dampening the towel, the glass cuts into and clings to the wet paper making it easier to pick up and at the same time ensuring the smallest pieces get picked up. Simply tear off three or four sheets from your roll and loosely crumble it in your hand before you gently run some cold water on the crumbled paper towels. You want the whole towel to be damp but not soggy wet.

The trick is to use just enough water to get it damp but not over wet it but if you get it too wet squeeze it as gently as possible to get it rung out. Work in a circular motion starting from the outside working toward the center as before. I usually catch the glass before it hits the floor, well almost always.

Oh yeah, I remember now, it was a plastic cup. Now I suppose I need to share how to clean up a grape juice spill.

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