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The best solution to potty train your dog and . New Dog Training Ideas - CLICK THE IMAGE for Various Dog Care and the Rottweiler, a German dog breed, had already tasted what it is like to be the .. The most basic training tips and tricks are meant to. . "Here's what the book says but I like my GSD just the way she is!.
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It happens to be a truth whether you believe it or not. And there is a science to learning. The quardants of operant conditioing apply to all animals and learning. You and your dogs included. Meira Frankl May 3, 8: Im fighting back storming into bad language here. As a police K9 handler and Military handler before becoming a trainer with 20 years experience let me begin with saying simply that this is total bull shit.

It has been my experience that earning the respect and love of the dog first is the key They are great at reading people and respond very favorably to a kind and gentle approach. My husband uses a stern voice and implied intimidation to make our dog listen. It takes him about three tries of giving a command before the dog will comply. I whisper and the dog listens to me immediately.

Author: Geoffrey Keating

In your home, you and your family become your dog's pack, as do any other dogs you may have. It is your responsibility to establish yourself in the alpha position. If you fail to do this, your dog will do it as a natural behavior. Many people assume that they are automatically in charge just because humans are superior to animals. But are you really the pack leader? Does your dog know it? Being the pack leader does not mean you have to be big and aggressive. Nor does it mean that there has to be a battle of wills after which you are the victor.

Anyone can be the pack leader. It is an attitude an air of authority. It is the basis for mutual respect, and provides the building blocks of communication between the two of you. Leadership exercises can confirm humans as the heads of the family pack. Once you establish this relationship, your dog will seek you out. He will want to be with you and will treat you with respect and affection. After he learns to submit to handling, all other tasks such as grooming, nail clipping, cleaning ears, and medicating will be easier to accomplish.

But first he must learn that you have the power to handle him, and that handling will not lead to any harm. He must come to trust you entirely. This is important to the health and well being of a dog. You must be able to take care of her medical needs without a struggle. I learned this the hard way when caring for my dog with Renal failure. Ganuff February 8, 4: You cannot have a meaningful relationship with a dog when they are always "put in their place" or when they are forced to always be submissive to you and often every other human.

It's a disgusting attitude to have. If you do something "mean" such as try and take away a dog's bone from his possession, or rudely wake him up and push him off the couch, he has every right to show anger at you and even snap at you. Those are terrible things to do to a dog, you wouldn't do them to a human without getting into an argument with them over it and yet people think they can get away with doing those things because they're to a dog.

Similarly, you wouldn't just let a stranger come up and molest you, so why should people in the street have that ability? And then when you try to defend yourself against their advances, your own owner comes in and punishes you? Ironically it's the ugly HUMAN desire to be number one and show their superiority that is all that is showing here.

The dog just wants a bit of respect sometimes, not to be messed around. The alpha male gets the girls in the wild that's true, but they are all part of the pack and all buddies on the very same team sticking up for each other etc.. It's really a cruel joke on dogs to take this willfull superiority complex out on them. If you can't treat a dog as your complete equal you don't deserve to own a dog at all.

True, you don't want a big and very dangerous breed the ability to become snappy, however if you can't manage it without punishing them into submission from a young age then don't own those breeds at all.

How UEM (and Intune) fits into the EMM market

SuperInfinity August 11, 1: I want to start off by saying what an awesome article this is. Now, I want to talk about Cesers way. If you think he does not use any harsh methods, please re-watch his episode with Shadow, the Wolfdog. He HUNG the dog off of the ground and caused asphyxiation.

He scruffs dogs and shakes them He fights dogs into "Calm Submission" even if the dog is protecting themselves Biting him and finally gives up.

Debunking the "Alpha Dog" Theory

He teaches Learned Helplessness. He does not teach Calm Submissive State. The Alpha Role is very destructive to the dog as a rush of stress hormones fill the dog and they do what is called Shut Down. Do this enough times, the dog learns it's not OK to be afraid. Remember Shadow as mention earlier? He has been taken back from the Sanctuary the owner adopted him from and has since been euthanized.

There are so many people who were a part of the show that is starting to talk out. SO many dogs from the show have had behavioral issues afterwards, or have gotten worse to the point where they were euthanized because of the methods Cesar uses. He does nothing but suppress behaviors.

He doesn't even TRY to solve what is actually happening. He floods dogs Putting them in a situation for so long, they stop reacting, another form of Learned Helplessness. Positive Reinforcement is not Purely Positive. We do use discipline. We focus on the good, and redirect from the bad. As for the couch comment, you can condition your dog to love his mat by putting a bone there, and he can only have it there. You can treat him there and he gets nothing on the couch. A VERY simple redirection that works within seconds literally. Yelling, Stares, Standing in a position that typically makes your dog cower, swatting, is all abusive mentally and physically as it's forcing your dog to do what you want instead of what the dog wants.

However, with that being said, you can get the dog to enjoy what you want and award him with the things he wants to do as a reward if it's unsafe then obviously not You do NOT have to use Dominant Methods to get what you want. Ariel H July 20, 6: Cesar's techniques have totally been misconstrued here If people claim that his techniques are so far off, I'd have to see proof that it's being done better. If there's a more perfect dog trainer out there who has never once made a mistake, I'd love to hear about them.

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I just finished my registration just so i can write my comment. The article is someones point of view and weather i agree or not its not the issue but i keep reading all the comments about dominance and submission and the horror stories to go along with the comments and i have no idea where people get violence or even punishment from being dominant with your dog.

The Alpha Dog Theory | Whole Dog Journal

Its obvious that you are not familiar with the training or simply misunderstood the point. The idea is to provide your dog with stability and security of a "pack leader" or role model or protector that simply teaches the dog rules and boundaries. No punishment just corrections. On a personal note i have used this type of training on a hyper dog who ran the household for 6 years and my parents labeled him the devil.

After two month of training he walks without the leash in heal position with no command couldn't even take him out on a leash before he greats guests politely, without jumping and you don't have to squeeze through the door to get the package delivered, he doesn't just dash from the front door. All it took is proper walking and lots of it yes with some corrections in the beginning but after a while verbal "shh" is enough and lots of behavior modification for me not really the dog.

As soon as i provided consistent exercise, rules and discipline and acted as a leader for my dog he gladly followed. And yes thank you Cesar for sharing your wisdom! The Bond that me and my dog had developed during training is unbelievable. He is my perfect companion, friend and yes my little baby. No abuse no punishment! Its easy to use corrections and get carried away but if you really listen to Milan you will see that he talks more about changing yourself and the change in your dog will follow, i cant remember him telling people to beet the submission out of their dogs, or fight for it.

Must have missed that episode. But i do use positive training with lots of treats and praises to teach my dog tricks. However in my mind those are just fun and for his psychological development. I have been traing dogs professionally since the late 's and have always debunked the alpha dog, dominance theory. I first got a BA in experimaental psychology. I have always used reward training. You just caught up to me.

Cesar Millan is so good at reading body language that recently he got nailed by Holly a resource guarder. His comment I never saw that coming. Watching the video most competent trainers saw it coming ages before the dog nailed him. If his ability to read body language is so good why did he not see it coming? TrueBlue May 5, Hi, I work with rescued dogs and pet sit. I also practice Reiki Spiritual Energy used for healing.

So I use my gut intuition to find the answers to many things with research as well. I knew in my heart that I should not dominate my dogs although I hear it over and over. One is a foster dog. Thanks for this article confirming it. I do have a question about pinch or choke collars I am totally against. I told on FB to a trainer that I am against this. Her response was I train service and police dogs. I am not a professional trainer. What are your thoughts on this? Is it ever OK to use these methods on certain kinds of training? Unknown March 5, 9: RuffCustomers, You mean like when a mother tells a child to hush and puts her hand over their mouth?

I think I was treated in just the manner you mention, though it was apparently so traumatic that I can't even remember it To add to the sarcasm I could also mention that when I was a kid my mom once put a leash on me no joke after one of her friend's told her she thought it was a good idea.

However, I still remember that and how horrible it was. So the moral of this story must be that I have no problem with praising an animal for doing something right - and despite the complete mischaracterization in this article, neither do the Monks of New Skete. However, I do have a problem with people - in general - who believe that no form of physical correction is ever merited. That is simply wrong at so many levels. If you think a leash pop or a shake on the scruff is terrible then I would suggest that you are either dealing with the most well behaved dogs on earth, or you are willing to tolerate behavior that is neurotic and unbecoming both of inter-dog relationships and human-dog relationships.

You admit that, "There are many forms of punishment which do not require 'a small leash correction or scruff shake' to get the point across," which acknowledges that the need to punish does arise. Yet you defend someone who says "Figure out how to prevent him from being reinforced for the behaviors you don't want, and reinforce him liberally for the ones you do The latter implies nothing but positive reinforcement; the former implies some form of positive and negative reinforcement.

Preventing a reinforcement that you don't want is not a punishment any more than ignoring the fact that your child just hit another child would constitute punishment. What I don't understand is why people believe there's a difference between commands like "sit", "stay", and "come" and ones such as "no. Dogs understand and learn from both types just like humans do.

Frankly, I did not enjoy my spankings or time outs as a kid, but they sure were effective at teaching me. Dogs definitely aren't humans for example, I hope you don't make a parallel between my never wearing a leash again and your dog never wearing a leash again as that would be very unsafe , but dogs sure do understand many of the same concepts that we do.

So sorry, but I think this training philosophy is more an extension of the misguided ideas about child rearing coming out of psychology departments than it is about actually teaching animals to be responsible members of your family - which for me is the ultimate goal.

I just wrote to Dr. He states that he "knows very little about dogs or dog training, and I have published nothing about dogs. MelissaBerryman January 9, I've read all the comments and noticed that an important evidence-based result of punishment was not mentioned. It has all of the addictive qualities of the most notorious narcotics The fact that these sensations are of a transient nature, make the use of punishment all the more addictive and more frequent.

It is the "poster child" for unintended consequences--it encourages those observing it to imitate the punisher. Think of all the children who have been physically punished, or in the worse case abused, who grow up to be abusers, adults who deal with their frustrations through force and bullying. Would you really want oyur chuild to watch you physically abuse an animal?

Count on them imitating you and applying it not only to pets, but also to smaller weaker children. Danielle T December 22, 7: This is an excellent article. For those of you who don't understand what punishment means and how bad and ineffective in the long term it is, get the book by Murray Sidman, PhD called "Coercion And Its Fallout". It is not a dog book, it is a behavior book.

But behavior is behavior is behavior. It doesn't matter much whether the punishment is from the extreme of abuse to the other end called coercion, what we need to understand is how behavior works, not to mention between 2 different species who don't speak a common language. This article is not just right on with a "pleasant" message, but it contains the most up-to-date information we have from behaviorists and dog trainers and veterinarians on how BEST to train and work with your dog.

Tamara D December 21, 5: This is as bad as not spanking your children. There is a difference between correction and abuse. That's why there are so many bad dogs because of bad owners who refuse to correct there dog. Cesar does not use punishment. Why was he included as using punishment. His methods make the most common sense and has helped more people with problems. I live with neighbors who don't correct their dogs behavior and it drives me crazy. From being kept awake at night to being jumped on and mouthed all over.

Gidget December 14, 3: I forwarded this article to a relative who has had dogs, mostly Labs, for decades. The first Comment section had a great review where they point out the difference and emphasized the "timing" of the correction that sometimes may simply be a well timed stern look or stare.

Since this article attempts to debunk the alpha dog theory without going into detail about how using only positive reinforcement it left me completely confused. Everyone who loves their dog would live to use patience and only positive reinforcement. However, and using the example of owning a dog who lives to climb up on the couch, I don't know how you could replace the comfort of the couch by gently asking your dog to hop off and sit on his doggie mat. The doggie mat is not a better replacement as the author suggests. You should never beat your dog, but this article has not convinced me that you could be successful in training a strong willed dog, or a child for that matter, with only positive reinforcement.

Even a glutton like a Lab will lose interest in food if given enough treats as a reward. I would certainly like to evaluate the success of a dog behaviorist that uses only love and communication with a dog like my Lab. Grace S December 13, 3: Why are Americans so extreme. I believe each dog responds differently to different methods. I did nothing cruel to her and didn't have to have treats on hand for everything she did, it was enthusiastic praise for a good behavior, and a stern verbal correction for undesireable behaviors.

Intune is widely available, rarely used

Why not take the good from both methods, there is evidence that they both work. I had to be a bit firmer with my adult rescue, who was extremely dominant and bold and she also became a wonderful dog. However, I now have a "scaredy dog", who I know needs an "all positive" approach to training and that's what I'm doing with her. I think Cesar Milan is wonderful at what he does. It's people that cannot read a dogs body language that gets them in trouble. By all means, drowning a dog or shaking it by its jowels are not acceptable. Cesar does not use physically harsh signals.

He's just trying to help the owner out that has let a behavior get out of control. Cesar is an exception to the rule. MOST people cannot correct a dog at the proper time or in the proper way. Most people would benefit from positive training, it works for some few like Cesar who are really good at reading body language and can time their corrections right. The definition of 'alpha" is questionable - "to use force and intimidation to overpower your dog into submission.

The definition of alpha is: My understanding of being alpha with your dog is you are leading the way and looking out for your dog's best interests so they can follow.

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KCushing December 3, 9: Thank you Pat for this great post. I am also a positive professional dog trainer. I have a little story to share with your audience as far as the whole dominance myth and how it can literalyl come back to bite us. As I was talking to them about this dog and their son they told me that they were huge Cesar Milan fans and the whole Alpha roll calm submissive behavior crap.

They told their son that every time the dog did not respond to his commands he was to Alpha roll this poor dog on her back. While I was there he had done this at least ten times. I gave them my card in the hopes that they would call me and get thehelp this dog and young kid needed as well as the whole family. I was really concerned for the safety of thei kid because this had been done to this dog since she was a puppy and she was now over a year old and a very poewrful 60lb dog. A couple of weeks went by and i ran into some others at the park that knew the family.

I asked how they were doing. I have to say I was not surprised by what they told me but was very sad and just wanted to scream tot he world "thank you Cesar Milan for destroying another dog and family. I was told that the dog had finally had enough and literally bit half the kids face off and he was in the hospital with major injuries to his face and neck. Ofcourse they put the dog down for this.

I am asking others that have posted comments that say using violence against dogs is the way to go i hope you think of this story when you use violence against your dog. This could have easily been prevented with compassionate positive training but this was not the case with this family and with many others out there that subscribe to the Dominace based theory that dogs have to be what we want them to be.

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Training dogs should be about choice for both humans and dogs. No one is saying you should ignore growling, not even in this article. As businesses look for ways to give employees flexible work environments, whether on desktops or mobile devices, in the office or out in the field, IT shops have had to scramble to consolidate the management of hardware platforms using a single console. With that IT goal in mind, Microsoft in launched its Intune cloud service to address the emerging enterprise mobility management EMM needs of the workplace. Intune is designed to give IT admins an easy way to manage a variety of devices — whether corporate or personal — in a way that protects corporate data while still allowing employees to get their jobs done.

It combines mobile device management MDM capabiltiies with mobile application management MAM features and puts them all in a single console. Though obviously tied to Windows 10 and other Microsoft products, it is designed to manage hardware running other operating systems.

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  6. Intune's arrival seven years ago came as companies were being forced to manage a sudden onslaught of devices accessing corporate data and networks — fallout from the bring-your-own-device BYOD trend that took off after the release of Apple's iPhone in Driven by corporate BYOD programs, hardware management is shifting away from a Windows-dominant world to one that is increasingly diverse and includes iOS, Android and Apple devices. That should help companies boost operational efficiency. The difficult part for many will be choosing whether to use something like Intune, or cobble together a management ecosystm built on software from a number of third-party vendors.

    To be successful, any comprehensive UEM product, according to Gartner, will need to integrate with client management tools and meet the following objectives: The latter envisions managing desktop hardware as easily as mobile devices. Enterprise Mobility Management explained ]. These organizations believe technology is a strategic differentiator. They currently use a mix of technology approaches and only a small number are actively moving into UEM this year; the majority continue to maintain separate PC management tools and processes, Gartner said.

    But for most organizations we're not going to see earnest efforts to start moving significant portions of their Windows and Mac to a modern management paradigm [UEM] for another two to three years," Taylor said. Intune's adoption rate, however, has been going "gangbusters," he said, mostly because it comes with Microsoft's Enterprise Agreement EA — the company's volume licensing package for organizations with or more users.

    Adoption is also being driven by the overwhelming popularity of Microsoft's subscription-based software suite, Office , which also requires Azure AD to work. Not surprisingly, Intune has evolved quickly over the past year as Microsoft has moved to address many of its shortcomings; the Microsoft team seems to have gotten "religion" around the speed of mobile and has begun keeping up with the advances of other leader UEM vendors such as AirWatch and MobileIron, Taylor said. Through Intune's console, IT administrators can execute a UEM strategy where end users can be onboarded through any hardware platform, and rules can be applied governing which applications and what data they can access.

    In theory, at least, UEM enables IT to remotely provision, control and secure everything from smart phones to tablets, laptops, desktops and now , Internet of Things IoT devices from a single management console. Some UEM products also allow mobile application management MAM , letting IT admins control access to specific business apps — and the content associated with them — without controlling the entire physical device.

    Many of the basic application and system provisioning functions required for business laptops and PCs running Windows 10 can now be done through that OS's EMM control consoles, which are enabled by Microsoft's Intune protocol. That means organizations with more recent Windows PC deployments can use consolidated management tools and unified policy and configuration platforms via UEM. And Intune's integration with Azure Data Protection lets admins include watermarks on any images taken with a mobile device, whether company-issued or used via a BYOD corporate policy.

    Zodiac maps were included because ancient and medieval doctors believed that certain cures worked better under specific astrological signs. Gibbs even identified one image—copied, of course, from another manuscript—of women holding donut-shaped magnets in baths. Even back then, people believed in the pseudoscience of magnets. The women's pseudoscience health website Goop would fit right in during the 15th century.

    Once people could just reproduce several copies of the original Trotula or De Balneis Puteolanis on a printing press, there would have been no need for scribes to painstakingly collate its information into a new, handwritten volume. Gibbs concluded that it's likely the Voynich Manuscript was a customized book, possibly created for one person, devoted mostly to women's medicine.

    How 100 Years Of Breeding Changed These Popular Dog Breeds

    Other medieval Latin scholars will certainly want to weigh in, but the sheer mundanity of Gibbs' discovery makes it sound plausible. You can look at pages from the Voynich Manuscript here. You must login or create an account to comment. Here you can see a woman doing just that.