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Find drug information fast on our extensive range of databases. Get up-to-date with pharmacy news, articles, and CPD.

FASTtrack: Pharmacology

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you consent to our use of cookies. Click Continue to close this notice or read more about our cookies and how to change them. Pharmacology is a study guide providing an account of drug action, as well as dealing with molecular pharmacology at a more advanced level. New in this edition: Each chapter completely updated to take account of recent changes, and include future drugs Multiple choice tests New chapters on immunopharmacology, oral contraceptives and local anaesthetics Greater use of summary tables.

G-proteins and Their Downstream Signaling Cascades 4. Ion Channels and Transporters 5. Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism 9.

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See also Overview of Pharmacokinetics. Distribution is generally uneven because of differences in blood perfusion, tissue binding eg, because of lipid content , regional pH, and permeability of cell membranes. The entry rate of a drug into a tissue depends on the rate of blood flow to the tissue, tissue mass, and partition characteristics between blood and tissue.

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Distribution equilibrium when entry and exit rates are the same between blood and tissue is reached more rapidly in richly vascularized areas, unless diffusion across cell membranes is the rate-limiting step. After equilibrium, drug concentrations in tissues and in extracellular fluids are reflected by the plasma concentration.

Metabolism and excretion occur simultaneously with distribution, making the process dynamic and complex.

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After a drug has entered tissues, drug distribution to the interstitial fluid is determined primarily by perfusion. For poorly perfused tissues eg, muscle, fat , distribution is very slow, especially if the tissue has a high affinity for the drug. The apparent volume of distribution is the theoretical volume of fluid into which the total drug administered would have to be diluted to produce the concentration in plasma.

Volume of distribution has nothing to do with the actual volume of the body or its fluid compartments but rather involves the distribution of the drug within the body. For a drug that is highly tissue-bound, very little drug remains in the circulation; thus, plasma concentration is low and volume of distribution is high.

Drugs that remain in the circulation tend to have a low volume of distribution. Volume of distribution provides a reference for the plasma concentration expected for a given dose but provides little information about the specific pattern of distribution.

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Each drug is uniquely distributed in the body. Some drugs distribute mostly into fat, others remain in extracellular fluid, and others are bound extensively to specific tissues. Many acidic drugs eg, warfarin , aspirin are highly protein-bound and thus have a small apparent volume of distribution. Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay: There were 39, gun deaths that year, compared with 28, in Stress in the evening may take more of a toll on your body than stress at other times of day, a new study suggests.

Later in the day, the human body releases lower levels of the hormone that helps ease stress, according to researchers from Japan. Lots of Americans will unwrap a scarf or sweater this holiday season. But a growing number will receive a gift that's potentially life-changing: Home DNA testing yields clues to ancestry and, potentially, genetic risk for medical conditions. But there are a number of things you need to know before you use one of these Recently added consumer and prescribing information: If you live with pain on a day to day basis, you will know how much it can take over your life.

You plan your days around your pain, avoiding activities that aggravate it in favor of a more sedentary existence that usually involves the couch. Things that you once enjoyed doing fall by the […]. If you or your child has a serious peanut allergy, you know how stressful it can be. While keeping your home nut-free is reasonably achievable, you have little control over how friends and family keep theirs.

Not to mention the challenges faced by […]. There has not been a new antibiotic class discovered since Which has experts worried. Antibiotic resistance is now recognized as a major threat to public health. And we have got to a point where there is hardly any treatment alternatives left for some bacterial infections.

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