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But he is named in the grand jury report specifically for his role moving some of the pervert priests to new parishes when he was a bishop.
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Father Jude Thomas Sivcoski was convicted of being a pedophile priest.

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Judge apologises to pervert priest's victims over long wait for justice | Daily Echo

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Detroit Priest Muzzled for Homily on Suicide. Chinese Catholics Under Siege. The adviser chaired the meeting. Parents expressed their reservations about this year's confirmation service in light of the revelations of the Spotlight Programme.

Continues to cover for publicly disgraced Fr. Peter Miqueli

The bishop made it clear that he understood their position and that he would not be an obstacle to their wishes when the time came. That remains his position. Dr McAreavey officiated over Fr Finnegan's requiem Mass in early , despite being aware of abuse allegations. Later that year he met one of the clergyman's victims, and said it was this meeting that made him realise his part in the funeral was "simply a mistake". He insisted he hadn't intended to "honour" the paedophile by speaking at the Mass.

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  2. Un Rêve Sauvage (French Edition).
  3. Cuentan los sabios (Spanish Edition).
  4. One-time N.Y. pedophile priest cited by Pennsylvania grand jury as epitome of church failures.

Earlier this week the bishop said he felt "conflicted" over his role, adding: Dr McAreavey told the Newry Reporter that sex abuse scandals in the church had "challenged his faith" and revealed that three more victims of Fr Finnegan had come forward since a BBC Spotlight programme was screened earlier this month. Previously the bishop said the first allegation against Finnegan, who worked at St Colman's College in Newry from until , emerged in He was moved to Clonduff parish in Dr McAreavey, who took the reins in the Diocese of Dromore in , said his predecessor's failure to make a public statement on Finnegan's abuse was a "gross error", and admitted that when he took up the position he allowed those arrangements to stand.

Judge apologises to pervert priest's victims over long wait for justice

He said he had been "on the point" of naming the priest "several times" but said he had received no guidance from the Church on how to deal with the matter. A total of 12 allegations were made against Fr Finnegan.

Pervert priest raped girls 'in the name of God'

The Diocese of Dromore reached a financial settlement with victims in October but details only emerged this month. Dr McAreavey was not able to confirm an "exact figure" paid out in compensation, and disputed claims that a further 12 cases were pending.

Mercy-I'm Your Pervert Priest

He said the number was "much smaller". Finnegan, who was president of St Colman's College for 11 years, was not defrocked before his death because he started to suffer the onset of dementia from , Dr McAreavey said.