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In the Bleak Midwinter: A Special Agent Constance Mandalay Novel [M. R. Sellars] was ground zero in a frantic search for 10 year-old Merrie Frances Callahan. IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER is based on MERRIE AXEMAS: A Killer Holiday.
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When I finally took it out of the box and screwed it into the metaphorical socket — that is, pitched it to my publisher — I actually received an OOH and an AHH from my editor. Then, like a damned crazy fool, I convinced both her and those folks who make the decisions that I could make this happen in a matter of two weeks, instead of leisurely poking away at it, and then waiting an entire year for the release. At first, it didn't seem to be an issue. Of course, my nightmares being what they are, it grew Unfortunately, time didn't grow.

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Even so, I pulled it off. And this is where I must add a caveat If you find a typo, feel free to report it, but please don't complain.

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My editor took time out of her busy schedule for this piece, but because of the rush she was unable to spend as much time with it as she normally would have — my fault entirely, because I pushed for this to be released so quickly.