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"Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work." -- Seth He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." --Ronald . It is about one life influencing another." --John C. . After Slapping Google and Apple With Major Fines, the EU Is Now Investigating Amazon.
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In the transformational leadership model, leaders set direction and help themselves and others to do the right thing to move forward. To do this they create an inspiring vision, and then motivate and inspire others to reach that vision. They also manage delivery of the vision, either directly or indirectly, and build and coach their teams to make them ever stronger.

This site teaches you the skills you need for a happy and successful career; and this is just one of many tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools. Subscribe to our free newsletter , or join the Mind Tools Club and really supercharge your career! Mind Tools for Your Organization. View our Corporate Solutions. From Technical Expert to Manager Are you in a management role because of your technical ability? By the Mind Tools Content Team. Read our Privacy Policy. Key Points Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people.

Effective leadership is about all of this — and it's exciting to be part of this journey! Add this article to My Learning Plan. Mark article as Complete. Show Ratings Hide Ratings. Comments This month BillT wrote.

Just One Damned Thing After Another

Hi drjava, Welcome to the Club. My role is to help you here and in the Forums. If you have any questions, I will try to help you find the answers. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. We look forward to hearing your voice in the Forums as well. BillT Mind Tools Team. This month drjava wrote. Well Leadership and management can seems very confusing especially in where i come from. Most people that call themselves leaders are actually managers. To be a leader i need to have a vision. Over a month ago BillT wrote. Many of the deaths are sudden and meaningless.

I'm a little nervous at what that means for characters in future installments, but for now I'm happy that the ones I actually cared about made it. The book was not without issues, but I found them easy to overlook and just went along for the ride. For example, there is a period of four years that pass at one I really enjoyed this time travel adventure, and that's in spite of the high body count. For example, there is a period of four years that pass at one point, and it wasn't completely clear at first that so much time had gone by since Maxwell's training. That means character and relationship development during those four years were skipped and just told about later on.

I missed getting a real feel for the dynamics that developed over time. It also made it difficult to understand why some characters acted the way they did. But, as I said, I didn't really have a problem with this while reading because I was swept along by the action. It was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the next book with some trepidation. Jan 28, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it Shelves: So Max is this disaster of a historian the historian part is fine it is just the woman that is a walking talking disaster but in a fun way that finds out she could actually join an organization that travels through time observing various historical events.

Max is funny and I love the humor in the book. Since you are jumping all over time there is never quite a feeling of linearity to the story. But if you are a history buff then jumping around to various events in history is probably a lot of fun. This was a super solid Due to that and the thrown in Muse of History at the end we end up at a 3 star rating.

Still it was a lot of fun for the most part and Max can be a hoot in her narrative. I do love how she is able to make fun of herself it makes her all the more likeable. The downplayed romance was just enough for me and added a lot to my enjoyment of the story. Plus there is an entire section with Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs I tell you. You put dinosaurs and people together, you always get screaming. View all 5 comments. Fans of time travel light. We get to know the setting together with the main protagonist, Max. A lot of names and character descriptions are dumped on the reader in the first chapter.

By page eight I was hopelessly confused about who was who and looked how. A quarter into the book our main character had learned her new job cheating and avoiding jobs you don't like are apparently acceptable behavior and was on her first real assignment. I was mildly bored. The story unfolded through the eyes of Ma First person narrative. The story unfolded through the eyes of Max, but unfortunately we didn't get to experience anything directly.

Being told "We did this and then we did that And then we somehow jumped a few years and things were mentioned that meant nothing to me. As I had been skimming quite a bit due to the aforementioned boredom, I thought at first that it was me. But the story continued in that vein, even when I didn't skim.

The plot had more holes than a Swiss cheese! I did continue and finish the book, but I rolled my eyes a lot, skimmed a bit more and, granted, also laughed out loud a few time. Nice snark, some funny one-liners, some good ideas and even some good fight and action scenes. But the book felt very uneven to me. Mostly very lighthearted reading with some jokes, then all of a sudden serious tones crept up and then it was back to being silly. I also didn't like Max particularly much.

It took me to chapter 8 to feel better about this book and to mostly stop skimming. Very rough read for me. And in need of some serious editing?


The story was allover the place in some chapters. Ending every single chapter with an ominous and foreboding sentence of bad things to come I've met that particular gimmick in other books and did not like it there either. As a tool to create tension and suspense it is pretty lame. Minimal world building and character development. Plenty of amusing one-liners, though. Normally I would give a book that annoyed me this much only two stars. But there were some entertaining bits as well and the general storyline with the setting of St.

Mary's has a lot of potential. So I guess three stars it is. I might even pick up book two at some point, if I happen to come by it cheaply. Jan 18, BrokenTune rated it liked it Shelves: He was calm and soothing and had a reasonable explanation for everything. No woman should have to put up with that. How did she get free in the first place? He took a step backwards. People were edging out of the pod. I had to content myself with sipping my drink in a disbelieving manner. This is not going to be an in-depth review, this is going to be short: I still maintain that it is the perfect example of what would happen if you mixed The Eyre Affair with Indiana Jones and based it in Hogwarts - in other words, there seemed to be a bit pastiche at work in the creation of the story.

I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes a lot. But I may even read the sequel at some point because the cliffhanger ending yes, I hated that too promised another romp with a pertinent question at heart: Was it really Mary Stuart who was executed or was it, in fact, Elizabeth? Jul 17, Allie rated it it was amazing.

Very much enjoyed that. I knew straight away that I loved Jodi Taylor's sense of humour. At first I was convinced that she was Australian I love Australian humour! Besides referring to the family as an invention of the devil come on, that's hilarious! I know that's not very many examples, but this was full of quips like that that had me coming back for more, as often as possible.

I'd definitely recommend it.

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View all 3 comments. Jan 20, Maria Dimitrova rated it liked it Shelves: Usually I stay away from time travel. I've had some bad experiences with it and I tend to find it tedious. This wasn't the case with The Chronicles of St Mary's. In fact for most of the book it was a 4 star read.

I liked the setting, the characters and the general idea. What brought it down a star was the ending. Partridge I'm not sure about the spelling as I got this through Audible being the Muse of Time hide spoiler ] felt like laziness on the author's part. Maybe it's Usually I stay away from time travel. Maybe it's just me but that robbed the story of a bit of its weight. Up until that moment it felt as if what Max does has meaning but after that it felt diminished.

But don't let that discourage you from giving St Mary a try. It was definitely a great ride with more downs than up but hey even the title warns you that things won't be going well for the good guys! Well, I'm going to spend a bit of time doing one of the things that "shouldn't" be done in talking about a book: Of course it doesn't matter in the slightest how this book is or isn't like To Say Nothing of the Dog - all anyone will be looking for in this review is whether or not I think the book worked and why or why not.

On the other hand, so many of my friends here have read and loved To Say Nothing of the Dog that when they see a blurb describing a Well, I'm going to spend a bit of time doing one of the things that "shouldn't" be done in talking about a book: On the other hand, so many of my friends here have read and loved To Say Nothing of the Dog that when they see a blurb describing a book about time-travelling British historians, which has clearly a comic tone, can thoughts of Willis really not occur? Bringing these expectations into the book doesn't help much, so in getting to what worked for me, I'll go through some of the reasons This Book Isn't That Book.

They often die unexpectedly, and in fact die unexpectedly often. Also, Mr Dunworthy wouldn't let his historians go into such obviously bloody dangerous episodes of history I was about to call them 'drops' , although the Boss does have -- well, some excuse. I didn't mind, but the first few 'fuck's did come as a bit of a surprise.

Connie Willis's characters don't have not-un-explicit sex! Was only one scene, but I was still somewhat shocked, just because my brain only let go of the Willis mode very slowly. It wasn't just a shock, in fact, it made me wonder how these horrors had managed to go looking like reasonably normal people for so long.

Or at least not so awful. So - what both was Willis-like, and what worked very well for me, was the sheer fervour of these historians for experiencing the past, for discovering its secrets, and for just being there. Our heroine reminds me a bit of a grown-up Colin with all his wild "I want to go to the Crusades!

She apparently impresses even the Boss who has already lost quite a few historians by the time she interviews for the place with her utter lack of concern about the obvious dangers of time-travel, and I loved it. I loved her, actually, and her voice, and her closed-off-ness, and her loyalty -- and love of tea. They all love tea. It's possibly obvious that I also love tea, right? Really terrible stuff happens to her, and then it gets worse, but without diminishing the losses she and others have suffered, there's some great retribution served up, and there's more humour at the end.

I didn't feel that deeply invested in the romance, though I could buy the pair of them being quite into it, and when they each make a big, horrible mistake it seemed in keeping with their pasts, and I could also see them forgiving the other. There's a LOT going on by the end, and I kept being really surprised by the direction things went. The previous sentence isn't a complete change in direction of my paragraph, BTW, as part of what explains the mistakes is that they're made while things are hellish.

It's likely that some readers would find the science-fictional aspects less than solid, but things generally worked well enough to keep me happy enough to brush aside the questionable aspects.

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That previous sentence may be more of a zig-zag, but it links to some of the book's direction-changes mentioned above, honestly! As nobody I know has read this yet, I'm avoiding spoilers, but I'm dying to discuss it, so hope others will read it. And less selfishly, I do think it's very well worth reading, as long as you don't expect it to be at the level of Willis at her best. Or 'best' comic mode?

Willis being brilliant, anyway! One last thing is that the book is poorly edited. It didn't bother me much because it was mistakes like missing full stops or commas, not confusing of "their" and "there", or "I" where it should be "me". Much easier to read a typo than incorrect grammar! I'm so glad it didn't throw me out, as I was so thoroughly, utterly in the story throughout. Can't wait for the next. Jun 30, Kaitlin rated it really liked it. I honestly think that this story is wacky, odd, funny and bizarre, and pretty much everything I hoped it would be and more! We follow a young lady, Miss Maxwell a.

Max who is just graduating and applies for a job at a The University of Thirsk as a historian. Little does Max realise quite what she's walked into. She ends up working at St. Mary's, the local time travel branch, and she realises that there's a lot more action and field-work involved in being a historian than she ever anticipated. What I loved about this book is that it's so truly British the whole way through, both from setting to phrasing and humour.

I really appreciated the crazy fun that these people ended up having, and seeing the various comments about Tea and life-threatening situations alongside one another made me chuckle a lot. This is, as I said, a seriously chock-full book with a lot of action happening. We follow Max through various missions and as she settles in, and we actually end the book a fair few years after the start, so packing all of that in is a feat.

I do think Taylor manages everything very well, creating a light-hearted but highly amusing first book. I for one cannot wait to see more adventures in the future becuase it's just plain enjoyable. I will note that I listened to this on audio and the narrater did a fabulous job which always makes me enjoy books. I will be picking up the next few on audio too I imagine! Jun 16, Jess rated it really liked it.

An incredibly clever start to what seems to be a promising series! I was on the edge of my seat and binge read it through the course of a day. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, all took a back seat to this book. When an inquiry was sent my way as to what was for dinner; I breezily answered we would be getting a pizza. It was that good for me. Madeleine Maxwell, Max, had a troubled childhood. History saved her and launched her into a career into the world of academia.

She int An incredibly clever start to what seems to be a promising series! She interviews for a job at historian at St. After signing an extensive NDA; she joins the world of time travel as an observer historian. She soon learns this isn't a purely academic experience. Darker forces and players are at work here and there is a bigger battle looming.

Highly recommend this one! So what to say of this book. I knew nothing of this book series or the author but I kept on seeing the name and titles appearing in my feeds - I am sure I have even had a few suggestions too but I really didn't know what they were or what to expect. Okay reading the "blurb" you expecting it be comics, rip roaring adventure, full of quick quips and smart replies interspersed with drama and high adventure So what to say of this book.

Okay reading the "blurb" you expecting it be comics, rip roaring adventure, full of quick quips and smart replies interspersed with drama and high adventure. Well I can tell you there is all that in copious amounts. BUT There is also heart stoping dialogue and truely tender moments - when you read a simple throw away line and stop, think you mis-read it and go back and find it really did happen. Now that for a book is a real surprise. Most of us can sort of guess where a book is going, who wins, who loses and so on.

This book in some parts is exactly that - but in others it a total surprise. Now I have no idea where this series will go and since I know next to nothing about it I am sure there will be more events like this to come. As a result I am totally hooked on, so for good or bad I will be reading the next one just as well I have just ordered the entire series. So if you want a book that has fast action and brilliant one liners - if you want a book where you are happy to invest in a character only to see them killed off - or worse turn evil and then killed off - then this is the book for you.

I am sure there are other far better examples of this sort of story telling but you know what I am already keep to see what happens next to Ms Maxwell and all other comments can just go away.

Leading by Example

Jodi Taylor is, and always has been, a complete history nut. It takes vast amounts of chocolate to get her out of bed for anything after And if it's raining, there's no chance. Habitually tongue-tied when asked to talk about herself, she gets round this by describing herself as tall, incredibly beautiful, witty and technically proficient. Other books in the series. The Chronicles of St Mary's 10 books. Books by Jodi Taylor. See All Goodreads Deals…. No trivia or quizzes yet. I could see it both ways - it was annoying to me mostly because I can't slap a fictional character.

Best advice I can give - do what I did: Now, if you're easily offended by language, innuendo, or straight up graphic depictions of natural human functions done alone or in pairs Other than that, I highly recommend this. The fun of fiction is that the reader has to participate in the willing suspension of disbelief. This series tests that to the utmost but, man, what a wild and glorious ride the experience brings!

"That's a Leader"

This is a frolicking, completely non-serious, adventure. If you like the shoe "The Librarians" or possibly even Daniel O'Malley's "The Rook," you will most likely also enjoy this "woman becomes agent in Secret Society, deals with external and internal issues, discovers her own competence, and also encounters fun, fantastical stuff" book. Max, whose specialty is the ancient world, takes a mysterious job with St Mary's affiliated with Thirsk University after a college mentor makes an introduction. The interview is very mysterious, and involves copious amounts of non-disclosure agreement signing as well as progressively more eccentric and crazy personnel.

It culminates in a job offer with time-traveling historical society. But there is evil afoot, as well as some good, old fashioned bureaucratic infighting, not to mention a handsome techie guy. Thus the adventure begins. Some editing and polishing could have smoothed over some of the awkward plot jumps, and maybe cut back some of the overgrown, rampant, educational bureaucracy jokes, as well as made some of the multitude of red-shirt subcast that often gets offed a little more stand out.

Fine for some light reading entertainment. Don't go in with huge expectations of scientific time travel treatment or character development. See all 1, reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 14 days ago. Published 16 days ago. Published 21 days ago. Published 22 days ago.

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