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Over Celtic tunes written for fiddle and guitar. And a wonderful way to introduce Irish and Scottish music. Also of interest: Celtic Session Jigs Ukelele Heaven.
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During the 19th-century, song-smiths in southern Appalachia, who had absorbed African rhythms from local slave populations, began fusing these rhythms with elements of celtic folk music, thus forming the basis of the country music genre. The influence of Celtic folk music in the South began before the start of the American Revolution. As early as , waves of Scots-Irish immigrants were pouring into North America. By , 3 million of these immigrants called America home. Separate waves of Scottish immigration to North America occurred starting in as a result of the Highland Clearances , while Irish Catholics would not arrive on the scene in great numbers until Despite their ideological differences, these Scottish and Irish immigrants shared a Celtic musical tradition, which employed many of the same techniques for playing, composing and arranging music.

This strategy helps stress the importance and increase the forcefulness of the choruses while also separating them sound-wise from the verses. In eastern Ontario between Picton and Gananoque, and also in some places in southwestern Ontario, the Scottish spirit is strong! Highland clearances or not! Add to that the Irish Protestants and later, Irish Catholics….

Dick Rees (Author of Traditional Session Tunes for Fiddle & Guitar)

Cape Breton even has a Gaelic College with a piping school and fiddle corps. Gaelic hanging on…but likely on its last legs father-to-son…for daily use, anyway! Put away like family silver, barely used! And of course Quebec inherited not only the Irish and Scottish but also the Breton songs! For those interested in this, I can thoroughly recommend the work of David Wilkie and his band, Cowboy Celtic, who won the cowboy album of the year in Nashville some years ago. The follow-up album was The Drover Road, which followed the links between the drove roads of Scotland and the cowboy trails in North America.

I was pleased to see on that album they included The Baron of Brackley, which they learned from myself.

It tells of a cattle raid in Deeside in What are the roots of country and folk music? Go across the Atlantic to Africa and the British Isles. Many of the first country musicians were black and took influences from West Africa and made something new.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Dedicated to promoting the ongoing enjoyment and preservation of traditional and contemporary folk music, dance, crafts and lore in the Carolinas Piedmont, since Sessions are held in the homes of players. This page has been updated with the new tune list music resources! Session Members occasionally play at museums, events and festivals. Follow this link for a pdf of an Alphabetical list of tunes we play!

Irish Music - Celtic Cats Tunebook #2

Courtesy Tom Walsh Tom has also created an extensive Session Tune Memory Jogger consisting of the first four bars of each part of all our tunes for those who do not wish to lug around a full notebook of music! Please send web comments or suggestions to Webmaster. Get on our Email Notifications Lists! CDs, Instruments For Sale. Hire Us For Events. Our Instrument Lending Library. Steve Kaufman's Tune of the Month. Click here to download our Session Tune List click on a tune below for sheet music. Mari posts pictures from our own Vashon Ceili every month.

Chiff and Fipple An excellent resource for whistle players. Plus, it's just fun to say. Alan Ng's site This has a lot of information about Irish tunes, including tune analysis, tune search, discography, etc. You're in a "virtual session" with some pretty good players in a pub. You get to pick which 3-tune set you'll play, and you can play along with them.

A Note on the Chords

It goes at a moderate pace, not too fast, not too slow. It even shows the sheet music for whichever tune you're on.

Celtic Fiddle Music - 2-Hours of Celtic Music Online

Breton Music A source for Breton music Brittany. This site also has Irish, Scottish, etc. A Collection of Collections Mickey Koth's site is a large collection of other tune collections like this one.

A Note on the Sources

Musician's Corner This section contains more technical issues, aimed at the musician who wants to play these tunes well as opposed to sites containing tune collections. It's unashamedly focused more on the Celtic dance tune style, but I'm sure there will be a bit of other styles showing up from time to time. Feel free to send more links that you find interesting. Link Description TradLessons These are some great online tutorials on whistle and flute and some guitar. He does a great job of slowing down the ornaments, and still does a good job of playing them clearly.

Music Theory I love this site. It's maintained by Dolmetsch, a company known most for its fine recorders the "whistle" kind of recorder, not a recording device.

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This is a link to their music theory section.