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The director portrait the conflict in a humorous tone but also sheds light on dilemmas such as fear of solitude, loss of moral values, selfishness and family desintegration. Mario, su padre adoptivo sufre una enfermedad que le impide hablar. Many years have passed since he was driven out of his home, however, things have now changed with his family. Mario, his adopted father, suffers from a disease and cannot speak. Ana, with whom he shared his childhood and who was his first love, is now a single mother of a nine years-old child.

Cortometraje Txotx 40 ezetz Asedio. Koldobika Jauregi Taxi? He abandoned his studies to direct his first feature film in From the tent up in Regina, Violeta Parra is visited by dreams, experiences and dreams. It is alive, but perhaps she is dead, that opens up a great expectation in which we will gradually be informed of their secrets, fears, frustrations and joys. Nuestra historia narra la vida de estas prisioneras: General Franco and his army have seized power. The winners are not satisfied with their victory; they want to exterminate their enemy.

Every man and woman who was part of, or supported, the Resistance, or who is just suspected of it, will be hunted down and eradicated without mercy. Repression has become part of life. All of Spain is a prison. Women who fought for freedom were now suffering repression, torture and death. Our story deals with the life of these prisoners. A group of women sharing a terrible story. Director de cine, productor y guionista. Film director, producer and screenwriter.

Benito Zambrano started his artistic career at a local theatre company in Lebrija and moved on to studying Dramatic Arts at the Theatre Institute of Sevilla. Across from the railroad tracks, priest Alejandro Solalinde established a shelter in Ixtepec, Oaxaca to provide refuge, sustenance and spiritual support to Central American migrants. Buscando a Larisa surfaces from over 2 thousand feet of family video footage in Super-8 film, shot between and Thirty years later, Andres Pardo purchases these reels at a flea market in Mexico. At the time of screening, he stumbled onto the history of a family that somehow parted from their memories.

Without understanding how anyone could renounce their heritage; the filmmaker decides along with his friend and photographer Santiago Cassarino, to film a documentary in search for answers and ultimately Larisa. Miembro del Sistema Nacional de Creadores. Alternates between making documentaries and teaching, and since promotes documentaries through the Festival of Memory in Morelos.

Member of the National System of Creators. Es montajista, postproductor y realizador. He works as film editor, post producer and filmmaker. Collects horror movies and B-class films, family movies on Super-8 and 16mm. He is a lover of small format films, black and white films, and Soviet film cameras. In small corner of the forest of Veracruz, the clay shapes into life and wisdom becomes flight.

He worked in radio for 12 years as chief executive of Radioactivo The inhabitants of Cuates de Australia, a communal land located in Coahuila northeastern Mexico , hold an annual exodus in search for water during the dry season. In aforesaid exile, men, women, children and elderly await the arrival of the first drops of rain to return to their land; metaphor for a town that by wandering, in turn hide from death. The documentary is the creation of a character that concurrently portrays himself.

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Actualmente codirige Bordocs Tijuana, Foro Documental. His subsequent work was Los ladrones viejos and El cielo abierto, both have won awards and honorable mentions. FONCA grant holder in three instances. Currently co-directs Bordocs Tijuana, Documentary Forum. Four months later, the army assaulted the house with rifles and grenades. El grupo genera su propia electricidad en los conciertos con las bicicletas.

The documentary recounts the one-and-only tour in the history of a band, treading Mexico from the United States by bicycle. The members of Los Ginger Ninjas carry their musical instruments on their bikes over 8 thousand kilometers. The group generates its own electricity for the concerts with the bicycles. The documentary illustrates the transformations and conflicts of those characters influenced by the physical and emotional demands of this aforesaid adventure. Inicia su vida profesional en en el cine independiente.

She began her career in in independent film. Since , she has worked as a journalist and producer for public television in Mexico. She produces, directs, edits and writes for a variety of media and feature documentary films for television. Sergio Morkin, Argentinean documentary filmmaker, concludes Oscar in the year Wherein, he performed as director, writer and cameraman. This earned him international awards and rave reviews from the press. He lives in Mexico.

A life poised almost at the border of fiction. It is the story of a man who lived inside a shoe, and the woman who accompanied him. It is a moment in contemporary history told from the experiences of the defeated opposing political group. This story lacks scandal or corruption. It shows how politics takes place in the highest levels in Mexico and shows the human side of a popular leader. Ha ganado varios reconocimientos, entre ellos, el primer lugar en el Best Art Practice Award. Es fellow senior de la red de conferencias TED.

Participa de competencias en diversos festivales y muestras de cine mexicano. She has won several awards, including first place in the Best Art Practice Award. She also partakes as a TED Senior fellow. He wrote three feature films and three short films for various directors; wrote and directed seven short films.

Participates in festivals and competitions in various screenings of Mexican cinema. Galileo Galaz, Pablo M. This is the story of a village facing a landscape transformation. At the brink of the eminent panorama surrounding it, witnessing the horror feared by generations of its inhabitants, the village rooted in the outmost region survived the test of time while the children grew to live and the elderly died to stay.

He was sentenced to 23 years of oblivion and was forgotten in a Psiquiatric Hospital. Nowadays, the failed murderer is a homeless who walks Mexico City streets. She has a degree in directing and screenwriting for documentary film and in directing film photography for digital cinema by the Film Institute in Madrid. Here in Lake Managua, reside the dissolved ashes of Sandino. Will the contents change the container? I am like this lake that - like Nicaragua — is not like a flowing river always renovating itself, for I hoard and save.

A tradition that goes back in the region for over years. All family members get involved in the Matanza and the goat meat preparation. The film is a reflection about life and death at the Mixteca. What do goats dream? Also of her creation, La sirena y el buzo was premiered at the Berlinale International Forum of New Cinema, and made its way into several international festivals. Magic Words Breaking a Spell is her latest film. Realizador, productor y documentalista. Director, producer and filmmaker.

He has participated in many projects both in film and television, has been primarily devoted to documentary. He has worked for major cultural channels in production focusing on art, history and Mexico. Un mundo que ya no existe y un hombre que intenta rescatarlo. One morning Nicolas Rubio begins a painting of his childhood home in France, but he cannot remember it. From Buenos Aires, he evokes the childhood memories to end this lapse. It is during the reconstruction process Nicholas undertakes that we discover a man and his world.

A world that no longer exists and a man still trying to rescue it. Cannes bodyguard who abandoned his family, robbed a Miami mobster, hid out in Central America and at the age of 38 overcame addictions through an extraordinary metamorphosis in which he began to paint. That was seven years ago. Now his intricate paintings sell for five figures, but he remains desperate to reconcile with the son he left behind. Vive y trabaja en Barcelona.

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Studied film at Buenos Aires and Barcelona. His short film No es mucho lo que heredamos de nuestro abuelo participated in over fifteen international festivals and won awards. In , he completed his debut 75 habitantes, 20 casas, vacas. Having trained in the production and post-production of feature films, television and advertising in the UK, he rose in the s to become an award-winning documentary director, making films around the world such as: He now lives and works out of Barcelona. El documental Leontina nos presenta la vida cotidiana de una mujer nacida y criada en las aisladas tierras del sur de Chile.

Nos vemos a nosotros mismos en el espejo de la vida. Este es un tributo de un nieto a su abuela, una carta de amor al significado de la vejez. The documentary presents the daily life of a woman born and raised in the isolated lands of southern Chile. Alone, away from an absent family and out of touch with modernity, she takes refuge in her own world. We approach to accompany her in privacy and discover a secret that links her with the past: Through Leontina we discover the power of love and the traces of time. We see ourselves in the mirror of life.

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This is a tribute from a grandchild to his grandmother, a love letter to the meaning of growing old. Y de fondo queda una pregunta: The eviction of a house empty of all its memory, some brokers, a conference on business leadership, a seller of treasured memories trail who refuses to sell, the whole city as a virtual space of a real estate fair. The camera takes a peek inside these places and characters as it tries to capture some features of the newfound world.

Only one question remains: En , obtuvo los fondos para realizar su largometraje documental Leontina. In he finished his second short film, Inocente, winner at the Valdivia International Film Festival in Partook in a film director internship in Guadalajara.

This is where he shot his third short film, Ana. In , he obtained the funds to complete his feature-length documentary Leontina. Large-format feature film concerning Enrique Morente and the impressive musical production based on texts by Pablo Picasso and traditional flamenco singers. This is the last work in the life of Enrique Morente, and as such, has been constituted as musical legacy.

Concerns a search for an identity, and a cultural combination of Japanese immigration to Latin America: Hija de padre venezolano y madre japonesa. Es escritor y director de cine, especializado en documentales. He is a writer and filmmaker specializing in documentaries. He has directed documentaries for cinema and television. The daughter of a Venezuelan father and Japanese mother. Focuses on human rights issues, popular culture, indigenous people and identity.

Colombian Gold is a journey throught the music of the Colombian Caribean from to our times. Its an anthology of artists who with their music changed the country and the continent. In this documentary, the development of cumbia, salsa, folk music, champeta and vallenato are a testament of how national talent left a mark in the world. Ivan Higa Venezuela Ha dirigido una docena de documentales.

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Sanjay Agarwal was born in the Netherlands Antilles. Earned a college degree in Development by the International centre of social science education and research in The Hague. This documentary derives from his fondness of Colombian music. He is a musician, music producer and sound engineer. He directed a dozen of documentary films. Graduated in Design, he has a master degree in Communication and has been Secretary of Audiovisual in the Ministry of Culture. En Pulsaciones, la realizadora investiga lo que inspira y motiva nuestras vidas. A partir de encuentros con su familia y amigos, el documental construye una delicada narrativa sobre el sentido de estar vivo.

Cada encuentro teje una mirada sobre las decisiones que tomamos, el destino, la memoria, el paso del tiempo. Al final, la vida se muestra cruda. The director investigates what inspires and motivates our lives. From meetings with family and friends, the documentary builds a delicate sense of being alive. The relationship with the grandmother is tender and displays the generation gap between the two. His mother reflects on her life, marked by a family tragedy involving the father of the filmmaker. The search grows with the presence of friends. Each encounter weaves a look at the choices we make, fate, memory, the passage of time.

In the end, life seems harsh. One day, she just finishes. Mauricio es un salvavidas que evita meterse al agua porque cree que un buen profesional es quien aplica medidas preventivas. Esto lo lleva a odiar a Jean Pierre, el salvavidas de la torre vecina, que es flojo y desordenado. Mauricio is a lifeline to avoid entering the water because they believe that a good professional is one who applies preventive measures. This leads to hate Jean Pierre, the lifeguard next door, who is lazy and sloppy.

Despite ongoing discussions, his partner does not change, and keeps running late and reading the newspaper instead of being attentive. Mauricio does everything according to the rules. The problem is that those who come to the beach just want to forget what brought them there.

All doors are open, staring openly, watching shows and tragedies that happen on the beach. Pulsaciones es su primer largometraje documental. Actualmente desarrolla su segundo largometraje La once. Pulsaciones is her first feature-length documentary. Director of short film, Las peluqueras and documentary film Los trapecistas, both winners at prestigious film festivals.

Currently developing his second feature film La once. Long Live the Antipodes! The truth was revealed when Moreno, at 95 years, decided to share with the children the burden and find the last living relatives, including his first child. What would be the shortest way to get from the life raft San Justo in Entre Rios to the huge city of Shanghai in China? A straight line piercing the earth, as these two places are diametrically opposed to each other. During his visit to eight antipodes, the director Victor Kossakovsky captured images that allow us to change our way of seeing the world.

His short film El invasor marciano was the first film of that institution to receive an international award. The idea originated also the feature film El cayo de la muerte. His films have received numerous awards in Brazil and abroad. His films received more than one hundred awards of the most prestigious film festivals around the world.

Documentary about the music, the performers and the followers of Brazilian romantic music, genre called Brega cheesy by music critics, but omnipresent in the interior of the country and loved by lower classes. Using the music as a catalyst, the documentary shows the sentiments, suffering and sexuality of the fans and their idols, revealing their practices and desires. The themes of the songs are very close to the romantic dramas and experiences of real people, and the film faces the challenge of showing them in real situations talking about their lives.

Ana ha trabajado en medios audiovisuales desde She is a documentary filmmaker, with a master degree on Development and Environment, graduated in Geography and Anthropology at the Fluminense Federal University, where she also studied Cinema. Ana has been working with audiovisual since Yakuaya is a nonverbal documentary film dealing with the trickling down of water and life. The documentary follows the journey of a drop of water from birth on a glacier until it reaches the sea. Along the way, the water affects the life of a peasant, is contained in the rhythm of a water bottling plant, people conglomerate in the city, transforming the life of a woman, guides a river navigator, awakens hope in a desert and welcoms the innocence of two children at sea.

He has worked independently as film director and still photographer for nine years, during which, he directed a myriad of short films and photography series. In addition to his work in the audiovisual field, he has conducted several projects on social and community life. Entre la abundancia y la necesidad. Pasa el tiempo vigilando a los humanos desde lo alto de su casa. In Haiti, there are only 15 meters between wealth and poverty. Between abundance and need. There are only 15 meters between two worlds. He fritters away watching the humans from atop his home.

The love of a human woman is his downfall. He is a career diplomat, which has led him to live in countries such as England, Panama, Haiti and Italy. His films are of high social content and display a multicultural vision of the world. Fan of horror and fantasy films. Filmmaker emergent from the University of Guadalajara; worked as editor of short films until his own directorial debut of short film Venta a domicilio, which found a niche in various film festivals around the world.

Rocco has spent most of his life in prison. When reminded that freedom waits, as direct benefit from an amnesty, his world begins to crumble. The arrival of a new cellmate gives him the opportunity to remain as human in captivity. Carlos despierta de una pesadilla donde la muerte lo acecha. Algo le queda claro: Carlos wakes up from a nightmare where he lurks death. Accepting the dream as a premonition, he decides to change the route. But fate deceive means to be brutal and ruthless. Seleccionado en Cannes Residence Selected for Cannes Residence in Ha dirigido tres cortometrajes, cinco documentales, videoclips, spots publicitarios y videoarte.

Ha sido premiado como cineasta y escritor. He has lived in Mexico for the last 18 years. He is a filmmaker, writer and author of screenplays. He has directed three short films, five documentaries, videoclips, commercials, and video art. He has been awarded as a filmmaker and writer. Rodrigo atraviesa por las crisis de la edad y de un divorcio al mismo tiempo. Rodrigo is going through a divorce and a midlife crisis at the same time.

Late one night, he craves a bowl of rice; he searches his entire apartment for some rice with no luck, until it begins to appear in the most unexpected places, causing him great confusion and frustration. Don Jaime, an old tailor in a typical Mexican town, begins his daily routine after bidding farewell to his ailing wife, to once again struggle for day-to-day survival. Tired, he decides to shake things up and allows himself to rediscover the trivial details life has to offer, in order to go back home and share his experience with his wife.

By , he starts the production company Matruska Films. He has directed numerous music videos and television commercials. Four of his short films have been selected to screen in international festivals; winning in the Imcine Creator Stimulus with his work Desolados, upcoming feature film. El extracto de un mito en un contexto tropical.

La exuberancia y belleza como entorno. Clarissa muere en un balneario. Clarissa dies in a spa. Her spirit wanders the place only to be reconciled with her true destiny after 42 years. The extraction of a myth in a tropical context. The exuberance and beauty as surrounding all. Two twin brothers with just 6 years of age who portray a biblical story of fraternal envy that is valid to this day.

Actualmente prepara su primer largometraje. His projects have been selected in renowned international film festivals. He received an award from the Republic Presidency and Senate for his career and accomplishments. Adolfo y Azucena duermen. Adolfo no quiere arriesgarse ya que no los conoce. Adolfo and Azucena are sleeping. It is the disheveled neighbor pleading Adolfo to act in favor of the upstairs tenant who is being beaten up by her husband. Adolfo, who barely knows them, weighing the risk, declines. He has written eight scripts for feature films and more than a dozen for short films.

Three of his feature films are in a preproduction stage. Cecilia es una joven. Ambos son amigos y trabajan en el Metro. Cecilia is a young girl. Mateo is a boy. They are both friends and work in the subway. Needing money, Cecilia is offered a business opportunity by a cop. After initially doubting, she accepts, making the most devastating decision in her life. The injuries in Frida are serious and the only option is to sacrifice the dog. She began in as a location and production assistant in short and feature films.

Later she worked in advertisement. Stuck in a pit a young man jumps into the void. Alongside him, a young couple amidst caresses and smiles manages to escape the curse of time in a moment of ecstasy. Juan and Mateo have a mission, like many others, throughout their career as angels who collect the souls of those unfortunate enough to die. He directed the short film Vivos los llevaron, vivos los queremos, which has participated in various festivals.

Subsequently, he became one of the coordinators of art films, Metro Cinema. At the same time, he began working as a freelance production and art assistant for various productions. Upon his return to Mexico, he started a film course at Escuela Arte 7. Genaro attempts to keep his books, pictures and other objects in his library, however, his friend Abelardo takes a large sum of these in a wooden box. Tired of arguing, Genaro allows Abelardo to seize everything contained in the box.

When Abelardo takes a closer look, he realizes it is not a library, but a wake; a seemingly parable of the detachment of memories after the death of his friend Abelardo. At the market, eight-year-old Alex is faced with the dilemma of which toy to buy: In his imagination, both characters enter a close fight in the ring. After the fight, the child chooses the winning character, what he does not know is, the fight has just begun.

Ha dirigido spots televisivos, videoclips y cortometrajes. Es estudiante de Cine de la Universidad de Guadalajara, este proyecto representa su tesis para graduarse. Ha trabajado como escritor para numerosos proyectos. He has directed television commercials, music videos and short films. Presently studying film at the University of Guadalajara, this project represents his graduate thesis.

He has worked as a writer for numerous projects. Lucy, a seven-year-old girl, is curious to know if the voice of a person can expire and if so, could that be the reason why her grandfather does not speak. To find the answer, she decides to undertake a risky experiment, defying the strict rules of aunt Rosa.

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A man emerges from a psychiatric hospital with his sister. Back at home where they grew up, they start a new phase in their relationship. Participated in the screenwriting competition in the Guanajuato International Film Festival and won a scholarship for the Vancouver Film School where she graduated with honors. At age 12 he began making short films with a Hi8 format camera.

In he joined the visual arts career and participated in over 20 short films and commercials. In he graduated from aforementioned degree. Jorge and Nora dream each other, living an oniric romance. But Jorge has decided to break rules, the blue dog. Patrick, eight years of age, in his eagerness to collect liquid bottles, discovers a recompilation of beautiful sonorous moments. He has experience in other visual techniques such as painting and still photography. Procures political activism through the arts.

natural science. Astronomy

Una historia de tres generaciones que andan tiricientas: Ita, Justa y Alicia -abuela, madre e hija-, que en diferentes tiempos han padecido, tolerado y permitido el abuso, arrastrando con ello la enfermedad. On a beat-up, old and gray bus travels a man in a melancholy state by the candor that he lost at some point in his life. In his world-weariness, he finds a ray of magic in the joyous smile and playfulness of a girl. The tiricia is an illness of the soul when the heart is saddened.

A story of three generations afflicted with being tiricientas: Ita, Justa and Alicia — grandmother, mother and daughter — who have at different times suffered, tolerated and allowed abuse, dragging on the disease. Alicia decides to break the cycle, eradicating it for future generations. Ha sido seleccionada en varias ocasiones para becas y apoyos nacionales y estatales.

She worked as producer at the DiPA. She has been repeatedly chosen for scholarships both state and nation wide. She has been part of the selection committee of the counterpart section in Berlin. She has worked as an actress in theater and film for over 15 years, was nominated for Best Actress by the Swedish Academy in for her role in La hija del puma, and has been nominated for an Ariel with Rito terminal.

The Doldrums or How to Cure Sadness is her first short film as director and screenwriter. The transfer of authority ceremony of an Indian village, where a council of elders passes on the command to a new council made up of younger men, publicly tallies all the money contained in the communal chest. The next day the chest is empty: Who stole the money? Fue docente de cine en la Universidad de Utrecht, Holanda. She studied directing at the Academy of Film and Television in Amsterdam. Partook as film professor at the Utrecht University, Holland.

He earned a specialty in film directing and sound at the CCC, grant holder of the State Fund for Culture and Arts of Aguascalientes in the category of Young Creators and has been selected for the second edition of Talent Campus Guadalajara After the death of his son, Luis must travel the arduous road of grief.

In the end he must make a decision about the purpose of his life. She remember the end of a relationship, he is come back from the sea, the time never stop and they are still there. Dreams are the only truth of who we say to be. Vladivostok is stay inside a dream. Ha realizado producciones seleccionadas en reconocidos festivales nacionales e internacionales. Es egresada de la licenciatura en Artes Audiovisuales de la Universidad de Guadalajara.

Actualmente trabaja en TV Abierta Canal 44 de la misma universidad. Currently working on public television Canal 44 at the same university. Is a director student in CCC. He made productions selected in prestigious national and international film festivals. Now is in the pre-production of his feature film debut Plastic as final work at CCC. Disillusionment helps the feet enter the cold water. Disillusionment makes these people beg to heaven what they cannot achieve on earth.

How many are the dreams they dare not dream? Alto Sauce crea un juego de espejos entre el pasado, el presente y la mentira que nunca se ha esfumado. A crime happened in the village of Alto Sauce twenty years ago. Today the case has been reopened and the members of the community of Alto Sauce will have to face their own statements.

Alto Sauce plays a game of mirrors between the past and the present and the lie that has never disappeared. Es reportero independiente desde Pedro Neves graduated in Communication Science, did a master in Culture and Communications, specializing in Documentary. He is a free-lance journalist since Alto Sauce es su primer cortometraje como director. He studied at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya, and specialized in film montage. Short film, Alto Sauce is his directorial debut.

An unusual celebration takes place every year in a small brazilian city called Capela. Mud, tree and fire are mixed up in a very intense and visually powerful ritual. An astronaut returns to Earth after a fatal accident on a distant planet. When he discovers he has been the victim of a sinister plot, he decides to take vengeance on those responsible for the death of his family.

Desde entonces ha dirigido varios documentales, audiovisuales para museos y filmes experimentales. Su primer cortometraje fue Die Schneider Krankheit. He studied Audiovisual Communication. He works as editor. His first short film was Die Schneider Krankheit. He graduate as an architect. In , while living in Rio de Janeiro, he started working with video. Since then, he has directed several documentaries, audiovisual media for museums and experimental films.

Gustavo Rosa de Moura. La muerte de una mujer complica el negocio clandestino de un conserje de motel con mala fama. A man very fussy about order punishes his cat in a very exaggerated manner. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts. Tenesor Cruz is completing the same career, although he has worked in animation for El club de Archi, Canary TV series; collaborating in various jobs for the animation studio La Casa Animada. Metruti, el hijo de Lindalva se rasura y se pone ropa limpia para recibir a su madre.

Javi quiere tener una novia, pero no encuentra a la chica indicada. Javi wants to have a girlfriend, but he do not find the right girl. One day he finds a planner, and he realizes that her owner could be the woman he is looking for. Lindalva prepares food to take it to her son who is in jail. Today is a very special day and he really needs to make a phone call. In he moved from Bahia to Sao Paulo, and currently lives in Chicago. He is a partner at the independent production company Audiovisual Graph.

In a militarized, post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by an infection that turns people into beasts, one child defies all obstacles to find his mother. He has one question to ask in the midst of all this doom: Fine Arts student at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He graduated from film school at the University of Los Andes, has worked as an editor and post-production director for advertising and film.

Claudia, a ten-year-old girl, spends the weekend out of town with her parents. During the car ride, they decide to make a rest stop in an abandoned gas station. La primera experiencia de Fujinaga como directora fue en con su cortometraje de tesis. Leyenda es su primer cortometraje. His first directing experience was in with her graduate short film.

Besides her personal projects, Thais has been working in several films of other young filmmakers who are also looking for experience and opportunities to develop themselves artistically. He graduated from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya in , specializing in documentary. He has since worked as an assistant and second assistant director in film productions. Leyenda is his first short film.

Having turned 60, Adela is living a life she never wanted. She has no children, a husband who walks all over her and, worst of all, nothing to look forward to. Then one day she has the chance to win , euros and leave her old life behind. All she has to do to get it is kick a ball into an open goal from the halfway line at half-time in a Spanish league match. Accepting the challenge, Adela starts training for the big day. Together they start a journey. Es productor asociado del largometraje El cosmonauta. Fue productor del documental Morarte. In film, he has produced the documentary Morarte.

His latest work has been accepted in numerous international film festivals. In California, the state with the largest Latino immigrant population in the United States, there is a cuisine that has a deeper meaning. Rafael is going blind. With us, he goes through the images that his father, a passionate photographer, has collected over the past 50 years.

Each image represents a particular memory, but, what happens to them when losing sight? Do they disintegrate together with the visible world or do they become clearer when being unable to generate new ones? Actualmente trabaja en una agencia de publicidad en San Francisco y es professor en la Universidad Academia de Arte. Sus dos cortometrajes, Yo deseo y Mexican Cuisine han sido presentados y galardonados en docenas de festivales internacionales de cine.

Her recent work, Guiding Sights, received the Chilean Audiovisual Fund for its medium-length version. He currently works at an advertising agency in San Francisco and teaches at the Academy of Art University. His two short films, I Wish and Mexican Cuisine, have been screened and awarded at dozens of international film festivals.

An old woman who lives alone resigns herself to waiting for death, convinced that it will come knocking on her door as soon as she has spent the last minute of a cellphone airtime. El protagonista es un joven estadounidense de origen camboyano que busca su lugar en el juego. A gambit is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices a pawn with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position. The protagonist is a Cambodian American guy looking for his place in the game. Studied Cinematography as a Fulbright scholar.

His work has won more than 70 awards and has been screened in over festivals in 40 countries. The accident leads a group of young boys from the high roofs of their neighborhood, passing through its destruction, to the deepest of the earth. In the middle of an economic depression, Alice helps out repairing worn out clothes that are delivered to poor people.

A friendship will born among them, despite social differences and the political tension of the previous days to the instalation of the Socialist Republic. Peter McPhee vive en Santiago, Chile. Peter McPhee, lives in Santiago, Chile. As a student he has developed various short films, both fiction and documentary, for La Elefanta Producciones.

He was the only chilean participant at the International gathering of Iberoamerican film schools Ibergente, wich took place in Quito, Ecuador in On the way home from school, things turn complicated and befuddled between the young Javier and Ana Lucia — his future stepmother. Cuatro hombres se encuentran en una encrucijada de violencia y casualidad donde hay que sobrevivir cueste lo que cueste. Land rights, corruption and substance abuse are present in this Argentinean region.

Since he works as director and P. Mercedes deja de caminar y baja la maleta al suelo. Mercedes stops walking and lowers the suitcase to the ground. Surprised, she feels how the amniotic liquid starts flowing between her legs, wetting the ground of the road, in the middle of nowhere. Mercedes cleans the liquid traces, avoiding being seen by her two children. She tries to go back home, but it is pretty far. So, she will have to decide what to do. Following a year-old kid who arrives at the Ethiopian capital after escaping from his home and his misfortunes to integrate into a street children group, The Hidden Smile builds a realistic tale on the values that flourish in a society formed by children.

Es licenciado en Medios audiovisuales. He began theater lessons at 14 years of age and served as actor for five years. He graduated in audiovisual media. In he obtained funding for the completion of short film Soja, which has become well-known both at home and abroad. He graduated from the Catalonia Film and Audiovisual School with a major in screenwriting. Ventura established the production company Nanouk Films. La llave La noria Reality 2. La cita is an animated short that gives life to a 2D animated character in a 3D world.

An old puppet master gathers defective and abandoned dolls from the garbage bins. With great passion and dedication, he turns these characters into charming marionettes that now star in his theatrical performances on the streets, and become again toys cherished and applauded by all the children.

Ha trabajado en reconocidos estudios de arte digital en Jalisco. More than 10 years as professionals in the world of animation, illustration and design worldwide. She has worked in renowned digital art studios in Jalisco. She has worked primarily in the areas of animation and character set up.

Independently works in animation projects. Nicolae is a tree that has led a quiet and routinely life in a park of some big city. Until, on one occasion, his life takes a turn when, for reasons that nature cannot explain, he falls in love with a girl and tries to conquer her, but what does a tree know about picking up women?

She develops experimental animation and has partaken in Animasivo Festival 2 and 3 where he won the First Prize; CutoutFest and where he was awarded the Coachella prize; 9th edition of FICM, among others. Partook in Art studies in Guanajuato. He participated in several commercials as storyboard creator and assistant. He graduated in September Gwydion is a scientist living in a big city perpetually polluted and illuminated at night, which impedes him from doing what he loves; star gazing.

He must find a way to overcome any obstacle to carry out his wildest dream: In a small deserted island, amid the sea, resides a lonely castaway who so desperately tries to save his life by sending bottles out to sea containing messages indicating his whereabouts. Hopefully someone finds one of the bottles and the search rescue begins. Ha dirigido y animado cuatro cortometrajes. He has directed and animated four short films. He has also worked as animator and production designer in feature films, video clips and television.

Entitled to the scholarship awarded by the State Council for Culture and the Arts in Jalisco for the production of his first animated short. El abuelo, en fase terminal, le pide un favor a su nieto. En ese momento le entrega la llave. The grandfather, terminally ill, asks his grandson for a favor. At which point, the key is handed down. Hence, the child is now engaged in a story that will change his life forever. She has participated in several stop motion animation productions both independent and commercial.

It was autumn and as soon as I arrived in Germany I started to miss my family, friends, tacos and the sun of Mexico. I thought that in this exotic country I could distance myself from my country but I was wrong. Drug dealers managed to take me back to Mexico in a ruthless way. Under the beautiful valley of Acapulco, a group of mosquitoes addicted to music tries, desperately, to restore happiness to an old and famous rumba instructor.

Step in one and all and enjoy great musical numbers, talented performances and a lot of flavor! Zapopan, He graduated with a master degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany in the area of Film and currently organizes in Germany and Mexico the Ambulart audiovisual art festival.

He has worked in 2D as an animator, animation director and conceptual director for many projects both commercial and independent. Founded, along with other animators, an animation studio, Llamarada de Petate, where he is able to develop several projects devoted to the cinema and art. De tanto humo y aire insano Elio se rasca los ojos. Sin querer, se saca un ojo y este rueda por el piso. Excess smoke and polluted air causes Elio to scratch his eyes.

Inadvertently, he pokes an eye out, and it rolls onto the floor. Elio saves it from the cat, then looks at it with the one eye he has left and sees an adventure. Como directora obtuvo el premio Ariel en Ha estrenado en numerosos festivales internacionales. A celebrated director, she has premiered at numerous international festivals. In she was awarded an Ariel for her work as director.

In its 27th edition, the Festival has invited as their guests of honor the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the renowned filmmaker Mike Leigh, who was honored with the Mayahuel Prize, which the Festival awards to those artists whose work has achieved extraordinary acclaim in international cinema.

The United Kingdom has had a great influence in the development of cinema through filmmakers committed to quality, technical contributions, and acting talent. It has a rich tradition in theatre since Shakespeare and other Elizabethan authors whose works have been made into film thanks to Lawrence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh. British cinema burst into the Mexican scene with the great productions of Alexander Korda: These films gave the world a benevolent glimpse of the personality of the British during World War II and the difficult post-war years. They currently boast a fresh generation of filmmakers with Mike Leigh leading the way.

This new group brings the challenges that have changed the face of the United Kingdom during the third millennium to the big screen with their unique perspective on their traditions, ideas, and values in an eclectic program that is made up of works from established directors, such as Terence Davis and Phillidia Lloyd. They are joined by young filmmakers, such as Robert Heath, Tinge Krishman, and James Strong who have moved from the realm of television into film with a contrasting and imaginative vision. Behold the Lamb is darkly comic road movie that follows Eddie, a fifty year old overweight and depressed accountant and Liz, a young tearaway as they travel across Northern Ireland to pick up a lamb.

Hester Collyer lleva una vida privilegiada como la hermosa esposa de un juez del Tribunal Supremo, Sir William Collyer. Para asombro de todos los que la rodean, deja a su marido para irse a vivir con el joven ex piloto de la RAF Freddie Page, del cual se ha enamorado apasionadamente. To the amazement of everyone around her, she runs out on her husband in order to live with the young former RAF pilot, Freddie Page, whom she has madly fallen in love with.

The San Sebastian Film Festival honoured him with a retrospective during its 56th edition I Am Slave is shocking to the core, while at the same time is one of the most inspiring stories of our time. Frank es un ex soldado angustiado por su violento pasado. Vive solo y ahoga sus pesadillas en el alcohol. Christine, inteligente y exitosa… al menos superficialmente, sobrelleva su vida de madre soltera y trabajadora sucumbiendo en drogas, fiestas y sexo. Frank is an ex-soldier, haunted by a violent past. He lives alone, drowning his nightmares with alcohol.

Christine - smart and successful Lynette, a young rough sleeper watches Christine stumble out of a club whilst she sits in the cold waiting for loose change to fall on her lap; her luck seems to change when she meets Frank who despite his misgivings, offers her a place to stay. Bush, El asesinato del presidente. Gabriel Range is a British filmmaker, who is probably best known for his fictional political-documentary about the assassination of George W. Bush in Death of a President. He also filmed the documentary The Day Britain Stopped.

After almost 15 years working almost exclusively on short films, Tinge Krishnan has sent the London Film Festival into a lather with her feature film Junkhearts. He is questioned by D. Karn, a witty and psychotic racist, and his violent sidekick D. Both excited about the possibility of the Conservatives stealing the election, they try to get a quick confession. The humiliation soon turns violent, with devastating consequences. Tyrannosaur is the story of Joseph, a man plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction.

Cereal Killer fue su primer cortometraje como escritor y director, en el Robert Heath has worked in the film industry since His other recent work includes award winning documentaries and television promos for The Discovery Channel, Film4 and Channel 4. As a teenager, he studied a drama course at Burton College where he met with now friend and director Shane Meadows.

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He then went on to study photography at Brighton University. Returning from Uni, he worked on short films. The film draws on first-hand interviews with the survivors and their families to tell the inspirational story of a team and community overcoming terrible tragedy. Los secretos de Calcuta son revelados por un detective con sobrepeso y obsesionado por la danza de nombre Rajesh Ji. The secrets of Kolkata are revealed by overweight dance obsessed intrepid detective Rajesh Ji. The social sciences also use such methods, but rely more on qualitative research, so that they are sometimes called "soft science", whereas natural sciences, insofar as they emphasize quantifiable data produced, tested, and confirmed through the scientific method, are sometimes called "hard science".

Galileo, Descartes, Francis Bacon, and Newton debated the benefits of using approaches which were more mathematical and more experimental in a methodical way. Still, philosophical perspectives, conjectures, and presuppositions, often overlooked, remain requisite[clarification needed] in natural science. Astronomy astronomical object atmosphere of earth chemistry chronology of the universe galaxy natural satellite natural science nebula Astronomy At 3, km 2, miles across, Earth's Moon is 0.

Industry Directed Research Project. Astronomy Since the dawn of the Space Age, close observation by space probes has found that Earth and the other planets share char.