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It is therefore extremely important to understand the meanings of flowers to the Japanese people, in order to be able to gift flowers confidently and without.
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In fact, it may help you express a sentiment better than you could with words. The most important flower is the cherry blossom, the national symbol of Japan.

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Called sakura, it is an embodiment of wabi-sabi , the Japanese philosophy of accepting, and even finding beauty in, imperfection. The cherry blossom is especially important in the Shinto religion, where it symbolizes renewal and the temporary nature of life. After all, cherry trees only blossom for a short time between March and May. The chrysanthemum flower in Japan is called kiku.

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  • Associated with the imperial family, it features on the Imperial Seal of Japan , the yen coin, and Japanese passports. A longstanding tradition has been to make kiku flowers into dolls representing historical figures.

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    • Kiku blooms with vibrant red and purple flowers as well as with white flowers, which mean death. The flowers are also edible and brewed into tea to promote a long life. The lotus is an important flower because, although it is rooted in the mud, it grows a long stalk to reach the top of the water, where it appears to float. Its ability to do this symbolizes enlightenment and purity in Buddhism.

      17 Japanese Flower Meanings

      To add to the meaning, there is the fact that drops of water are unable to penetrate the flower; instead, they slide off the petals, signifying detachment. Also called Japanese plum or ume, Japanese apricot trees are some of the first to bloom, right at the end of winter. With their flowers, you can express faithfulness and a pure heart. The blossoms also mean elegance. Another late-winter flower, you may recognize the pink, red, and white blossoms of the camellia — they appear on traditional Japanese patterns. Called tsubaki in Japanese, the flowers symbolize humility, admiration, and discretion.

      They feature more in art than as gifts due to the delicateness of the flowers. ArtGreen President Yutaka Tanaka, who founded the company as a way to hit back after being bullied at school, says he owes his success to the custom and the flower itself.

      2. Carnation (Kaneshon, カーネーション)

      Pricier versions can feature company logos or designs spray-painted onto the white petals using specially developed powder. Tanaka founded ArtGreen when he was 25 after noticing in a handbook on Japanese business leaders that one of their most popular hobbies was gardening. He says he was bullied and called nicknames from elementary school on and wanted to become a company chief executive officer so that he could go back and flaunt his success at class reunions.

      The number of potted orchid arrangements sold annually in auctions tracked by the Japanese Flower Auction Association stood at 1. On price, the numbers are more positive. The wholesale price of a potted arrangement of orchids has risen more than 40 percent over two decades, with increases accelerating under Abe, climbing 14 percent in the three years through Takumori has his own alternative indicator for the economy: When ArtGreen listed its shares it got lots of orchids as presents.

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