Guide Eliminating Loneliness

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Eliminating loneliness is a lofty goal. And yet it's one that should theoretically be within our grasp. I was really interested to read that Sean.
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If you want to shake that lonely feeling, try spending some time on a big, new project. Ask yourself, "What's something I've been dying to do? Once you figure out your project, write down concrete daily or weekly goals, and dedicate yourself to accomplishing the goals you set. You could also try bringing back an old hobby of yours, like knitting or cooking, to occupy your time.

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All By Yourself? 10 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

Get your emotions in order. Before you can start getting rid of your loneliness, you need to determine what it is exactly that is making you feel lonely. Do you miss a certain person, or a particular place? If you are desirous of more friends or feel isolated, than your solution will more likely be to get out and meet new people. Be as specific as possible. It is a perfectly normal feeling that everyone struggles with at one time or another.

Focus on your health. Before you make any other changes, you should look to your own health for indicators of causes for loneliness. Oftentimes lack of sleep, exercise, and healthy foods can leave you feeling lethargic and depressed, leading to loneliness over time.

If nothing else, doing these things will give you more energy and reduce stress, which overall impact your positive outlook and feelings of happiness. Studies have shown that poor sleep and lack of physical activity are correlated to feelings of loneliness. Certain foods - particularly fruits and vegetables - contain hormones that increase happiness.

Bring an old hobby back to life. Whenever are hit with those pangs of loneliness, make a conscious effort to go spend time on your hobby. Some new hobby ideas might include: Reading regularly Playing a sport Going hiking Taking up knitting or crocheting Learning to cook, or trying new recipes Painting Gardening. Start a big project. On a similar tangent to picking up a hobby, working on a large project can be a great way to distract yourself from present feelings of loneliness, and to help give yourself purpose when all you might want to do is curl up in bed.

For another, it might mean starting a new degree or set of classes through an online university. Some big project ideas might include: Learning a new language Writing your own book Building a large piece of furniture Learning a new instrument Building a car or motorcycle from parts Starting a small business Starting or finishing a degree [1]. Spend more time outside. The great outdoors has been a healing power for millions of people over the years. And while it might sound counter-intuitive to get over your loneliness by going outside alone, your time spent in nature will likely improve your emotional state and banish those feelings of loneliness.

Sunshine helps increase endorphins in your system, making you feel happier and less focused on your loneliness. Plus, exploring new places, getting your blood pumping, and seeing your natural local will all change your focus and balance your mental state. Look for good hikes in your area, or simply explore a new park. Make small plans with friends, often.

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Make big plans so that you have events to look forward to. Take time making a list of possible activities you might want to partake in. Then, spend a few days planning out the event to the fullest extent, so that you are fully prepared and stress-free. Going on a weekend trip to a new place Hosting a big dinner party or bonfire Going to a music festival or other related event. Consider getting a pet. Studies have shown that people who have pets are much less likely to experience depression and loneliness than those who do not.

Eliminating Loneliness

Cats and dogs are generally considered the best pets for fighting loneliness, as they are happy to interact with you and enjoy physical contact for the most part. Pets provide company and a good distraction from any negative feelings that may be bogging you down. Avoid staying at home all the time. Sometimes, a change of scenery is all that is needed to freshen up your life and make you feel a bit happier.

Not only that, but getting out and about exposes to you new opportunities for friends and hobbies. You can conquer your loneliness even if you go out alone, so long as you are doing something you enjoy. Try going to a new cafe for work or studying, or simply visit your favorite part of the city. Becoming dependent on your bed or couch is a fast track to loneliness. Do your best to get out and try new things, even when all you may want to do is binge watch netflix.

Understand that loneliness and isolation are different. Loneliness is the feeling of missing someone or something, or of being left alone. You are your own gatekeeper. Spend your day deliberately creating new friendships when the opportunity arises. The number of new faces you can introduce into your life at any given time is up to you. Helping or volunteering is a natural instinct that fulfills our internal needs.

Being united with one person or a group of people is the key to eliminating loneliness. Dogs can give us unconditional companionship as well. Research has shown that people with pets feel less lonely because pets can provide a sense of social support. Got an interest in painting? Whatever it may be, tons of groups are out there that can pique your interest. What better way to develop a new skill or polish an old one right now and do it with like-minded people who share your enthusiasm. Do your research, and join a club, class, or social group.

Sharing similar interests with others is a great way to forge new friendships. It will then trickle into your mental and physical health and do its damage there. No one knows you better than you, and no one can read your mind. Remember, before someone can help you, you have to address the problem and help yourself first. Make the time and effort, and get in communication with others.

Make that date, that appointment for counseling, or that get-together. Make sure you actively put yourself out there. An amazing human being is suppressed inside of you anxiously waiting to connect with another human being. Lonely man image via Shutterstock. Perry Manzano is on a mission to inspire, motivate, and improve people's lives with practical advice, helpful tips, and clever life hacks.

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Click here to read more. At least in my mind it has. Years ago, I was single and moved out of the city for a new job. Some kind of connection. A feeling like I mattered … to someone, anyone. How can you feel your worth if no one is physically there to share it with? Why bother helping myself when I felt that nobody gave a damn about me in the first place?

Months dragged on, I could barely take it any longer, and then it hit me. Thankfully, there are a few essential steps that can help us succeed: Stop building your own obstacles. Find the root of your loneliness. Reach out when necessary. Schedule a meeting with a counselor or therapist if you have more complex issues.

Adopt a dog from a pet shelter.