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FREE Butterfly, Flower, Ladybird and Bonnet Edging Crochet Chart Pattern CROCHET edging & Braid (II) Asahi - Fien Harini - Picasa Web Albums click .
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Safety eyes I used both 9 and 10 mm ; Black crochet thread for mouth and eyebrows; Stuffing ; Tapestry needle Reading this Pattern: Stitches and Special Terms: Work 2 sc in the same st. Work a regular sc decrease. Hdc — Half double crochet Dc — Double crochet Cluster st — [Yarn over, insert hook into st, YO, pull through st, YO, pull through two loops], repeat [ ] three more times 5 loops on hook , YO, pull through all 5 loops, ch 1.

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Body make 2 panels with 3. Ch 4, sc across 3 sts Row 2: Inc, sc 1, inc 5 sts Row 3: Inc, sc 3, inc 7 sts Row 4: Inc, sc 5, inc 9 sts Rows Sc across 9 sts Row 9: Dec, sc 5, dec 7 sts Rows Sc across 7 sts Row Dec, sc 3, dec 5 sts Rows Sc across 5 sts Now we will start the head.

How to Crochet the Butterfly Edging

Ch 3, sc 2 along chs, then continue across row, sc 5 7 sts Row Ch 3, inc twice across chs, then continue across row, sc 5, inc twice 13 sts Row Inc, sc 11, inc 15 sts Row Inc, sc 13, inc 17 sts Row Inc, sc 15, inc 19 sts Rows Sc across 19 sts Row Dec, sc 15, dec 17 sts Row Dec, sc 13, dec 15 sts Row Sc across 15 sts Row Dec, sc 11, dec 13 sts Row Dec, sc, hdc 2, dc 3, hdc 2, sc, dec 11 sts Tie off.

Repeat for second panel. Set panels aside for assembly later. Wings make 4 panels in twos as explained below with 3. Ch 5, sc across 4 sts Row 2: Inc twice, sc 1, inc 7 sts Row 3: Sc 5, inc twice 9 sts Row 4: Inc, sc 7, inc 11 sts Row 5: Sc across 11 sts Row 6: Sc 10, inc 12 sts Rows Sc across 12 sts Row Dec, sc 10 11 sts Row Sc across 11 sts Switch to main body colour.

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Sc across 11 sts Row I will have to share a picture of the blanket on your Facebook page. I also used one of the alphabet patterns you posted a while back to make a K for her first initial! Thank you for this post — some of these are incredible … love, love, love it!!!! Love the flutterby, hens and the cute little hearts — will be saving these for future reference!!!

It must have been down temporarily, or maybe overwhelmed with clicks — it seems to be working just fine now! Just love all your posts. And to think I used to be a knitting snob.

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You have such a wonderful enthusiasm that has me constantly adding to my lists of projects! I am making a crochet ruffle for a receiving blanket, but i am not sure how long the ruffle should be. Bonjour, here is the new link for number 9: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is so fun and eye-catching! A great looking border for any granny blanket! Cathedral Edging by Leonie Morgan, on Ravelry: A vintage pattern that looks good as new! Church laces, made by loving hands, give a special significance to the decoration of your House of Worship.

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Usually, final touches are purely decorative. The frosting on a cake, the feather in a hat, the flowers in a room — all are meant simply to add eye-appeal. These edgings, however, in addition to their attractive appearance, have another virtue — they give pleasure in the making. The sense of creative accomplishment in itself is a joyful thing, and of course your completed edging, applied on the article of your choice, will surely add a final touch of charm and delicacy.

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