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It wasn't the prospect of being alone that was the problem. If I had been able to . What I hadn't expected was how much divorce would undermine the past. ' Impeachment is hell': Manafort deal increases pressure on Trump.
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But by the time you are done you might not even care, because you just want the nightmare to end so badly. If you have kids I lost my moral compass and started doing all sorts of terrible things to good people. I was taking it out on everyone while pushing everyone away.

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I hope to never go through something like this again. I was broken by the divorce for a long time. I lost not only my wife, I lost my lover, my best friend, my teammate, and my 'family. I had lost the one person who I felt I was allowed to confide in. You've let the commitment completely envelop you. And then the rug, and the earth beneath it, get yanked from under you.

We are brought up in society to believe that marriage is good and divorce is bad. We're taught that we should try and try and try and try again to make our marriages work. When we can't make it work, all this societal pressure to remain married makes you feel like a total failure, even if you absolutely know you're doing the right thing. Divorce is a GOOD thing. It allows unhappy people the chance to become happy again. Sign up for our newsletter here.

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How I picked myself up after divorce

The report, titled "Marriage: Go to mobile site. My mother, away in the country, wanted us to come to her. It was so tempting. She offered warm Anglo-Scottish hospitality, great food and a whole infrastructure of Christmas cheer. The whole package looked great. But there was a little voice that told me I had to resist all that. Not only should I avoid the seduction of going back to live near my mother, which would feel for me, perhaps irrationally, like a regressive step - instead I should stick my neck out and make that first Christmas work completely on my own.

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I would prove to the boys and to myself that we were a family, the three of us; that we could have fun and be happy together even without anyone else. Somehow, that push to make our first post-break-up Christmas great for the boys got me out of my damp chain-smoking hell of self-pity and back in the game. Even if you feel destroyed, even if you want to cry all the time, I challenge you to dance around your sitting room with two toddlers eating chocolate money and singing your heart out to Fairytale of New York without feeling instantly better.

Looking at that video, we were all smiling, we were giggling, we were just so happy together.

How Can I Survive the Pain of Divorce?

That was the watershed for me — that was when I knew I was going to make it through the dark times. Just doing Christmas myself, making it work, made me feel so much stronger and so much less afraid of being alone. Ayesha Vardag and her new husband. It might be a morning in the pub with friends, cocktails on a beach or hiking through the rainforest.

You find the things that will work for you and yours. I remember talking to the boys around the time they were first going to school, and telling them that yes, my heart had broken when I split up with their Dad, but that they, and they alone, had mended it with their love. They've always remembered that and have sometimes quoted it back to me, and, Polyanna-ish as it may be, it feels so, so true. And that Christmas morning was when it started.

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But I still look back on that old video, where I was alone with my babies on Christmas day in the midst of devastation, and I remember it as a golden moment. Because it was the day I realised that I was enough. And that I could make new dreams, for myself and my loved ones.

Why is divorce after 50 different?

Just knowing that changed everything. Find your perfect match.