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Your surgeon's practice assistant will give you a list of your required presurgical appointments. In general, you'll need to do the following before hip replacement.
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Preparing for Your Procedure

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10 Tips to Prepare for a Hip Replacement Surgery

Check to see if you can find reviews online and ask lots of questions. What is his or her philosophy about patient care? Will your surgeon communicate with you directly about expected recovery based on your personal health status? It often helps to get a second opinion too, if for no other reason than to confirm the recommendation of a hip replacement.

Preparing for Hip Replacement Surgery

Eat A Healthy Diet Eating poorly can make you feel worse both leading up to and after a major surgery. With any surgery that involves anesthesia, patients often suffer from digestive issues. Your doctor will have specific dietary restrictions in order to minimize these effects, but try to eat light foods like lean proteins, fruits, and veggie and avoid fatty, starchy foods as these can exacerbate digestive issues. In addition, the extra nutrients from a healthy diet can help your body recover faster. The doctors and specialists at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute use the best methods and equipment available to promote a successful total hip replacement recovery ; they will guide you through every step of the recovery process.

Preparing for hip replacement surgery

However, there are steps for a healthy and smooth recovery that have to be taken independently. Continue reading to learn about the measures you can personally take to improve your total hip replacement recovery process. Practicing these five total hip replacement recovery tips can help you to have a smooth and successful recovery.

Recommended activities include gradually increased walking and light household activities sitting, standing, climbing stairs. Movement is essential to a healthy recovery. Excess weight can put stress on your new hip prosthesis and increase wear and the risk of complication. Maintaining a healthy body weight before and after your surgery can help to improve your recovery process and the ultimate lifespan of your prosthesis.