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Only Human is the debut studio album, written and conducted by British singer/ songwriter Calum Scott, released on 9 March through Capitol Records.
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It's one of the best Sci-Fi I have read. Must give it a chance. When trouble come, it is family that support you. View all 10 comments. May 20, Imane rated it liked it Shelves: A bittersweet and kind of disappointing ending to one of my favorite series. Oct 01, Philip rated it really liked it Shelves: After the cliffhanger ending of book 2, Waking Gods , I was expecting this book to pick up right after the last one ended.

When I read the synopsis: Why end on a cliffhanger, then?! Luckily, that 10 year gap is given plenty of detail as the book's 3. Luckily, that 10 year gap is given plenty of detail as the book's timeline alternates between those 10 years and the current timeline. Although, still, why end on a cliffhanger if you don't plan on coming immediately back to the cliff to resolve it?! This is my least favorite of the three in the series, although I still enjoyed it. Lots of social commentary keep it relevant and thought-provoking. The ending is predictably sappy, although gratifyingly so?

The last giant alien robot battle saves it from being kind of boring. Lots of action and daddy issues combine to make a satisfying final conflict. It's just too bad it took the entire book to get there, whereas Waking Gods was battle after battle of awesomeness.

The audio is good as always, particularly Charlie Anson's performance as Vincent Couture he's British but puts on a very convincing Quebecois accent , and William Hope's as both Eugene Govender and Mr. But, yokits, what was up with Eva's narration? Where'd she pick up that awful Jersey accent all of a sudden? View all 7 comments. Jun 08, Trina Between Chapters rated it liked it Shelves: Because this was the end of the trilogy "for now," as Neuvel says in his acknowledgements it definitely felt like an ending.

Without that, I didn't come out of this book with the frenzied excitement that I did with the others. Additionally, some of my favorite characters were no longer around so this lacked the attachment I had before. And there was no longer the air of mystery surrounding Themis that had sucked me in from the start. We basically know everything at this point and it's just wrapping up how things might play out. I listened to the audiobook and I definitely recommend this format if you're able to listen to them.

The full cast is always impressive. However, with the characters we have in this book, I was not a fan of some of the accent and voicing choices, which always has an impact on my enjoyment of an audiobook. So, this was a solid ending, a fun audio experience as always, but I just wasn't as into it. Neuvel says he's working on other things but may one day return to this universe and I will most definitely be here waiting if he ever does!

Feb 18, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: The final book in the trilogy! This one's a hard one to review only because it bucks expectations. Maybe only mine, but still. Did I want answers and a big robot battle? Did I get answers and a big robot battle? The direction of the storytelling will probably take you for a wild loop, however. It did for me.

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The cliffhanger had all my sights on the alien homeworld or it's war-staging area and I'm totally into the epistolary nature of these novels, so now I've got to reconcile mys The final book in the trilogy! Fast forward another 10 years. The aliens don't have their crap together. Haven't for a while. Oh, sure, they're technologically advanced and can still vaporize cities and teleport and do these nifty perfect atomic clones, but they're a pretty damn good mirror to our own messed-up selves. Purebloods and democracy skewed in favor of said Purebloods. Like I said, very familiar.

And our MCs live in this world for a decade, feeling the weight of the aliens' guilt and embarrassment until it all goes pear-shaped and we spend the rest of the novel back on Earth. The characters really carry this novel, as they did the previous ones. Our fantastic rock-em-sock-em robot bash and the two battlers turned the scene into some really really tragic, heartwarming and rage-filled. I may have shed a few tears. The buildup was intense.

I really want to talk about the end but that's a spoiler too much. Suffice to say, I'm both conflicted and satisfied at the same time. Some pretty awesome humor and a lot of shame for being a member of this human race. But then, what should we expect with a title that evokes a shrug? Oh, we're Only Human.

Well, no excuses are going to cut this. I'm already getting nostalgic. Action and pathos for the win. I'm really happy with this. It was not a perfect book for me - neither were the other two - but I had fun. I think the series would've been better if it wasn't written in interviews and files and stuff.

I just loved the story but sometimes I couldn't empathize with the characters that much due to the writing style. I'd still recommend this trilogy to everyone who likes stories about aliens. I had a really good time reading these books. Ahmed Ejaz The only character I loved was that mysterious guy.

I loved this series, by the way. Sep 11, May 03, J. I finished Only Human a day after it came out and have to say I'm quite disappointed with the book. I've read all three of the series of course , and I truly liked the first two, but I would not recommend anyone else to waste money on this volume.

Only Human

Better leave it at two, even if it's a cliffhanger. The setup in book one and two was great. They were well organized and I tore through them in a day each at work. I pre-ordered Only Human immediately after finishing the first and the second book. Onl I finished Only Human a day after it came out and have to say I'm quite disappointed with the book. Only Human, however, turned out to be a great and uninspired mess. It turned its back on all the great first-contact themes the previous volumes promised and turned into a long moral rant that ended in a somewhat deus-ex-machina climax.

Here are some of the issues I have with this last installment: They deteriorated heavily after the last second book. There's Rose, who basically turned into a whiny emo and blamed everything on herself but at the same time on everyone else too, and her solution to the whole plot was basically 'you aliens did this, you have to solve it'.

only human- ost one litre of tears

There's no theme or character growth or anything that connects this book's Rose with the other two volumes. Basically, in her view, it's all the aliens' fault, and while that might theoretically be true, the resolution of the series was very anti-climactic and disappointing. Then there's Eva, who's just an insufferable brat, and not at all strong like Kara. All she does, too, is whine and do nothing to support the plot. In the second book, when the reader is introduced to Eva, it seems as if she has a huge part to play, and her character is built up very well, with the mystery surrounding her visions and so on, and even the ending of the book promises in some way that the next one will be even better and Eva will be very important.

She's ignorant, she's angry, and she's quite a pest. She is not likeable at all, and I didn't find her very intelligent either. I don't have much to say about Vincent. The other big issue is that there was hardly any plot and the resolution of this pseudo-plot was so far from anything the series promised it was sad to see it. It reads very much as if Sylvain Neuvel simply ran out of things to say and original content to put into this book.

I really really enjoyed the first two, because there was life to them, and mystery, and everything made inherent sense well not everything, but you get what I mean , but in this last installment Neuvel seems to have run completely out of steam. The themes are redundant and often whole conversations are repeated to put a more emo spin on them, and morals are discussed when there's no reason at all these characters should be thinking about such things.

First a scene from this character's view, then the exact same scene or event from another's, and nothing really happens. This, unfortunately, drags through the whole book, and nothing much happens throughout the rest of it. I'm not sure what I expected, but I had high hopes considering the series had such a great great start. However, Only Human was a complete waste of paper and money. View all 6 comments. Apr 02, Faith rated it liked it Shelves: This is the final book of the Themis trilogy and I don't think it would work as a standalone.

The giant robots that visited Earth in the last book have returned to their home planet, Esat Ekt. The Council refused to return their accidental visit This is the final book of the Themis trilogy and I don't think it would work as a standalone. The Council refused to return their accidental visitors to Earth, but after 10 years they are finally back. The book is a combination of flashbacks to their time on Esat Ekt and their lives after their return.

Earth has undergone a lot of political changes during those 10 years. As in the first two books, the story is told entirely in the form of journal or log entries and transcribed interviews. It's not my favorite writing style and I really missed the unnamed interviewer from the first two books.

His replacement is Russian intelligence officer Katherine Lebedev. I thought that her dialogue was very jokey and awkward. I loved the first two books, but I wasn't that crazy about this one. It had none of the charm or imagination of the prior books. I found it to be preachy and there was too much politics on both Earth and Esat Ekt and not enough science or robots.

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Even though I agree with the author's point of view, I don't really want to be preached to in my scifi. There are internment camps on Earth for those people who have the most alien DNA. Muslims are particularly singled out for internment. Really, the author is pretty ham-handed with his social commentary throughout this book. The planet was not thoroughly described but what description there was made it sound too much like Earth. The Ekt had very similar names and were given no personalities so it was difficult to tell them apart.

Eva was an annoying, self centered teenager. Finally, the interviews and log records kept going around in circles rehashing the same arguments over and over again. Although I was disappointed by this conclusion to the trilogy, I wouldn't mind reading more about Themis. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. Feb 07, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing. What an amazing, entertaining, creative and brilliantly written trilogy. So Only Human completes the tale, here we find some of our friends living on an alien planet until OOPS nope they are home.

But what the heck have they arrived back into? The world is in turmoil, we have all gone mad and goodness knows whether or not there is any way back for the human race. Because she was funny and dangerous and brought some new life to our eclectic and highly captivating cast. In fact this may be one of the best yet for those hilariously ironic and clever little dialogue pieces that just make you smile.

Only Human - Good Humans Doing Good Things For Good Causes

In a great reading way. Plus damn fine plotting, damn fine characters and a damn fine finish. A trilogy to die for. View all 4 comments. Apr 01, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Neuvel rocked it once again with his series finale to the Themis Files.

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Rose Franklin, and the General had been whisked off to the aliens' planet of Esat Ekt as the 4 were celebrating their victory while inside Themis. Once again, the story is told in interviews, personal logs, and transcriptions and this time bounces betwee Ohmygosh Once again, the story is told in interviews, personal logs, and transcriptions and this time bounces between being back on Earth and those years spent on Esat Ekt.

And once again, I was glued to my ereader throughout! I did miss Kara and the nameless interviewer throughout this entire book. Russian Katherine just didn't appeal to me at all. If she was meant to take the nameless interviewer's place, it didn't work for me. I still enjoyed the heck out of everyone else though! Although there wasn't as much action as the first 2 books, I still thought it was an amazing ending to the series. My favorite of the series will always be Waking Gods! Jul 13, Holly rated it it was ok Shelves: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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