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Jack l'Éventreur Un nom d'anthologie qui brille au noir panthéon des criminels de légende – probablement le meurtrier anonyme le plus connu de la planète.
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Australie sous le titre Jack the Ripper. Son Theaterverlag, , 91 pages. The Women of unverkennbar. Die Morde werden zunehmend Press, Der Roman von , pages. Dans ce roman de fantasy , pages. The Glass Cage, et Le Tueur , ed. The Bodley Head, p. A nephrological view of the Whitechapel murders in ". Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation vol. Letters From Hell , pp. Jack the Ripper and the London Press.

Housing in s Whitechapel", in Werner, pp. Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors.

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Page utilisant des liens magiques ISBN. Hull Prison Visit October 10, , 8: This is a short little French-language book, the text of which only goes for approximately forty-five pages. Coudurier covers many aspects of the case - the police, social conditions, the victims, the suspects, witnesses, etc.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper - L‘Affaire Jack l‘Eventreur

A season Ripperologist would be able to follow the text, as all of this material would be more or less old-hat to them, but the casual reader with little or no previous knowledge of the case would likely find it difficult to follow. Names and events are often mentioned without sufficient explanation to put them into any sort of context. There are also a handful of errors, mostly spelling-related, but overall Coudurier has a firm grasp of the basic facts. Courdurier covers the major suspects and provides pros and cons for each of them.

A handful of sepia and color photographs are included at the end of the book - two turn-of-the-century shots of London the Thames, and Petticoat Lane as well as a handsome reproduction of a colorized map.

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A short bibliography follows.