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Center crease from horizontal fold. Of Texas Rio Grande, Univ. Extremely early report on the Warsaw Ghetto and its Uprising, published in a recently liberated Paris.


Holocaust, Jewish - Poland - Warsaw. Jewish ghettos - Poland - Warsaw.

‎Hebraic literature‎

Jews - Poland - Warsaw. World War, - Atrocities. Juifs - Extermination - Pologne - Varsovie Pologne - Insurrection du ghetto. OCLC lists 10 copies. Wraps lightly soiled, lightly aged, otherwise clean and fresh. Nazi-era French pamphlet countering anti-Semitic propaganda about Jews and Bolshevism. Pamphlet gives a short history of Bolshevism and its non-Jewish precursors German philosophy and social democracy, French utopian socialists, Russian populists and anarchists , the general opposition of Jews to Bolshevism on moral and political grounds, Ludendorf's Lenin convoy, the immense reciprocal engagement of Russian Bolshevism and German social democracy and the failed German revolutions, Jews in the anti-communist party, Jewish religious opposition to communism, the red army's pogroms, the small number of Jews in the communist party, etc.

Jews - Soviet Union. OCLC lists 9 copies. Wraps soiled, small tear to corner of title page, pages lightly aged, otherwise clean and fresh. A Monthly Magazine for Literature and Art. In gang, published between and , gave space to personal stories of refugees, to poems and stories written by the DPs themselves, to reviews about the shows staged in the refugee camps, historical insights, sociological reflections, book reviews and introductions to new artists. The press and the bulletins produced by the Jewish DPs themselves circulated among the refugee camps in Italy. Many DP camps were equipped with libraries and reading rooms, where magazines and books were available to the readers in a number of languages Hebrew, Yiddish, English, German, Polish, etc.

Holocaust survivors -- Italy -- Periodicals. Minor wear to spine.

Orden für Feldmarschall Hering

Damp stains to back wrapper. In Aramaic and Hebrew. Following the end of the Second World War, the Vaad's activities, centered in Germany and France, consisted of distributing funds and shipments of food and religious books to Displaced Persons camps in Germany and newly established yeshivot.

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It provided spiritual rehabilitation to remnants of Jewish communities destroyed during the Holocaust. Reprint by the Vaad Hatzala of edition from? Im Rom, [ or ]. OCLC lists 8 copies of this volume. Very Good Condition with only light edge wear.

The German Conception of History - Georg G. Iggers - pocket () | Adlibris Bokhandel

OCLC lists 10 copies of this volume. Blind stamp, Very Good Condition. Exemplaire en parfaite condition. Full colour facsimile edition. History of the Bethshan plain, from ancient Judea through Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times, to the s, with much of the land area in the plain of Bethshan owned by the Jewish National Fund, and with several Jewish settlements in the area.

Highlights the several Jewish settlements in the plain. Contains 6 black and white photograph illustrations and one map. Printed in Palestine at the Jerusalem Press, Ltd. Bet Shean Israel - History.

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Israel - Bet Shean. OCLC lists 18 copies. Light wear to wraps, otherwise clean.

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Among Piazza's most popular work in this vein were 'l'Ebrea, istoria galante scrita da lei medessima' The Jewish Woman, A gallant story written by herself - notable for the realistic endering of its social milieu and the swift pace of the narration of it's heroine's calamities" Bondanella, The Cambridge Companion to the Italien Novel. Marchesi, Romanzieri e romanzi italiani del Settecento Bergamo, Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, , p. Postface de Alfred Grosser.

Hardcover, contemporary cloth-backed marbled boards. Old institutional stamps, shelf label; light foxing. Crisp, practically unused copy. A highly anti-Semitic treatise which aims to prove the connection between the Talmud and the practice of ritual murder among the Jews. It uses the murder of the 14 year old Hungarian girl Esther Solymossy as its point of departure. The trial evoked much agitation throughout Europe and a dramatic rise in antisemitism. The original work was written in Greek. It later appeared in Italian, and from this version translated into Dutch by F.

The work is believed to be the testimony of an 'insider', the convert Neofitus Moldavisch, a Jewish Rabbi turned Greek Orthodox Priest. Poelhekke, Chaplain in Leiden and Haarlem, who preferred to call himself 'the writer of 'Laster of Misdaad? Onthullingen van den ex-Rabbijn Neofitus. Iets uit en over de verderfelijke geloofspunten en praktijken van het Jodendom.

Errata slip, which was not attached to this copy upon binding, is added herewith in facsimile. Hardcover, contemporary quarter calf and marbled boards, spine gilt, bit rubbed, contemporary shelf-label, vellum corners, marbled edges; old institutional stamps. In about fine condition. Overall an excellent copy.

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The German national tradition of historiography had its beginnings in the reaction against the Enlightenment and the French Revolution of This historiography rejected the rationalistic theory of natural law as universally valid and held that all human values must be understood within the context of the historical flux. But it maintained at the same time the Lutheran doctrine that existing political institutions had a rational basis in the will of God, though only a few of these historians were unqualified conservatives.

Most argued for liberal institutions within the authoritarian state, but considered that constitutional liberties had to be subordinated to foreign policy - a subordination that was to have tragic results. Iggers first defines Historismus or historicism and analyzes its origins. Then he traces the transformation of German historical thought from Herder's cosmopolitan culture-oriented nationalism to exclusive state-centered nationalism of the War of Liberation and of national unification. He considers the development of historicism in the writings of such thinkers as von Humboldt, Ranke, Dilthey, Max Weber, Troeltsch, and Meinecke; and he discusses the radicalization and ultimate disintegration of the historicist position, showing how its inadequacies contributed to the political debacle of the Weimar Republic and the rise of National Socialism.

No one who wants to fully understand the political development of national Germany can neglect this study.