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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 18 regions of France. It is located .. After the collapse of France to the German Wehrmacht in , Corsica came under the rule of the Vichy French Ajaccio: Editions Albiana.
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Seeing that attempts to dislodge Paoli were futile, in by secret treaty Genoa sold Corsica to the Duc de Choiseul , then minister of the French Navy, who bought it on behalf of the crown. On the quiet, French troops gradually replaced Genoese in the citadels. In , after preparations had been made, an open treaty with Genoa ceded Corsica to France in perpetuity with no possibility of retraction and the Duc appointed a Corsican supporter, Buttafuoco, as administrator.

The island rose in revolt. Paoli fought a guerrilla war against fresh French troops under their commander, Comte de Marbeuf, but was defeated in the Battle of Ponte Novu and had to go into exile in Vienna and then London. The French move into Corsica triggered the Corsican Crisis in Britain, where debate raged over the question of British intervention. In Marbeuf publicly announced the annexation of Corsica and appointed a governor. After the French revolution, Corsican leader Pasquale Paoli, who had been exiled under the monarchy, became something of an idol of liberty and democracy.

In he was invited to Paris by the National Constituent Assembly and was celebrated as a hero in front of the assembly. He was afterwards sent back to Corsica having been given the rank of lieutenant-general. After proclaiming the independence of Corsica, a constitution was adopted that made Corsica a kingdom in personal union with Great Britain, represented by a viceroy.

The constitution was considered quite democratic for its time, with an elected Parliament and a Council. Sir Gilbert Elliot served as viceroy whereas Carlo Andrea Pozzo di Borgo served as head of government effectively a prime minister. The island returned to French rule in The line ran south along the east coast, partly on land, partly on sea, from Cap Corse to Ajaccio , where a second cable crossed the Strait of Bonifacio.

Brett's intended links across Sardinia and through the deeps to Bona , Algeria , failed because of decimation of the crews by malaria and the technical difficulties of laying cable in deep waters. By Paris could communicate with Algeria by telegraph through Corsica. In World War I Corsica responded to the call to arms more intensely than any other allied region.

Out of a population estimated by a diplomat of the times to have been about ,, some 50, Corsican men were under arms: The civilian population was correspondingly pro-allied. Prisoners of war were sent to Corsica. There they occupied every available space from rooms in monasteries to cells in citadels.

Stone sheds were converted for their use. When all else failed, wooden barracks were constructed on the mountainsides. The prisoners were put to work in agriculture and forestry. Corsica was also turned into a hospital for the wounded. Most of the allies sent medical units or volunteers. The island was so useful as a base that the sea lanes leading to it were under constant surveillance and attack by U-boats. Corsican poilus fought loyally and with valor.

As a result, the survivors became established in the upper echelons of the French military and police. Corsicans of means became colonizers during this period, the descendants of the former signori starting agricultural enterprises in Vietnam , Algeria and Puerto Rico. After the Allied defeat of , Corsica became part of the Southern zone of Vichy France , and was thus not directly occupied by Axis forces, but fell under ultimate military control of Nazi Germany.

A campaign of rhetoric by Benito Mussolini asserting that Corsica belonged to Italy was reinforced by the irredentist movement of Italian-speaking Corsicans such as Petru Giovacchini who advocated the unification of the island with Italy. In November , as part of its invasion of the southern zone , Germany arranged for fascist Italy to occupy Corsica as well as some parts of France up to the Rhone river. The Italian occupation force in Corsica grew to over 85, troops, later reinforced by 12, German troops — a huge occupation force relative to the size of the local population of , The French Resistance soon began developing under the impetus of loyal local inhabitants the Maquis named after the 18th-century partisans of Pasquale Paoli , [18] and of Free French leaders starting in December , with Charles de Gaulle eventually sending Paulin Colonna d'Istria from Algeria to unite the movements.

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Boosted via six visits by the Free French submarine Casabianca , and further armed by Allied airdrops, the strengthened Resistance was met with fierce repression by the OVRA Italian fascist police and the fascist Black Shirts paramilitary groups but gained strength, especially in the countryside.

In July , following the imprisonment of Mussolini, 12, German troops came to Corsica. They formally took over the occupation on 9 September , the day after the armistice between Italy and the Allies. Following the Allied landings in Sicily and the Italian surrender, these German troops were joined by the remnants of the Africa Division of the German army, reconstituted as the 90th Panzergrenadier Division with about 40, men, [21] which crossed over from Sardinia. They were accompanied by some Italian forces. They faced Resistance forces which had been asked to occupy the mountains to prevent Axis troop movements between the Corsican coasts, as well as a subset of Italian troops that allied with them but whose contribution was hampered as their leadership was ambivalent.

After Corsica was thus liberated from the forces of the Third Reich , the island started functioning as an Allied air base in support of the Mediterranean Theater of Operations in ; in particular, groups of the 57th Bomb Wing were stationed along the east coast from Bastia in the north to Solenzara in the south. In recent decades, Corsica has developed a thriving tourism industry, which has attracted a sizeable number of immigrants to the island in search of employment.

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Various movements, calling for either greater autonomy or complete independence from France, have been launched, some of whom have at times used violent means, like the National Front for the Liberation of Corsica FLNC. In May , the French government granted the island of Corsica limited autonomy, launching a process of devolution in an attempt to end the push for nationalism. Corsica served as the start of the Tour de France , the first time that the event was staged on the island.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Invasion of Corsica French conquest of Corsica. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Trois Etudes sur Paoli. Guy de Maupassant is alternatively proposed; however, the phrase has become in effect proverbial. Erster Teil in German.

The valour and persistency with which that brave people has regained and defended its liberty well deserves that some wise man should teach it how to preserve what it has won. I have a feeling that some day that little island will astonish Europe. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Other cheeses, like casgiu merzu "rotten cheese", the Corsican counterpart of the Sardinian casu marzu , casgiu veghju are made from goat or sheep milk. Chestnuts are the main ingredient in the making of pulenta castagnina and cakes falculelle. The herbs which are part of Maquis Corsican: Corsica has produced a number of known artists: AC Ajaccio and SC Bastia are the two main football teams, which have played the Ligue 1 frequently since the s and contest the Corsica derby.

Unlike the regional councils, the Corsican Assembly has executive powers over the island. However, the issue of Corsican autonomy and greater powers for the Corsican Assembly continues to hold sway over Corsican politics. Tourism plays a big part in the Corsican economy. The island's climate, mountains, and coastlines make it popular among tourists. The island has not had the same level of intensive development as other parts of the Mediterranean and is thus mainly unspoiled.

Tourism is particularly concentrated in the area around Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio in the south of the island and Calvi in the northwest.

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In the Genoese governor ordered all farmers and landowners to plant four trees yearly; a chestnut , olive , fig , and mulberry tree. Many communities owe their origin and former richness to the ensuing chestnut woods. Corsica's main exports are granite and marble, tannic acid, cork, cheese, wine, citrus fruit, olive oil and cigarettes. Budget carriers such as EasyJet and Ryanair offer seasonal connections to different cities in Europe.

The island has kilometres miles of metre gauge railway. For a list of stations, see Railway stations in Corsica. The railroad retains the air of a friendly local railroad and is an excellent way to get around the island, for both the inhabitants and tourists. There is a third line along the east coast that is not in use due to heavy damage during World War II. John Smith and his consortium announced their intention to invest and redevelop in There has been talk of restoration, but no progress has occurred. Corsica is well connected to the European mainland Italy and France by various car ferry lines.

The island's busiest seaport is Bastia , which saw more than 2. Propriano and Porto Vecchio in the south also have smaller ferry docks and are seasonally served from France Marseille , while Bonifacio's harbour is only frequented by smaller car ferries from the neighbouring island of Sardinia.

The island of Corsica

There are several groups and two nationalist parties the autonomist Femu a Corsica and the separatist Corsica Libera active on the island calling for some degree of Corsican autonomy from France or even full independence. Generally speaking, regionalist proposals focus on the promotion of the Corsican language , more power for local governments, and some exemptions from national taxes in addition to those already applying to Corsica.

The French government is opposed to full independence but has at times shown support for some level of autonomy. There is support on the island for proposals for greater autonomy, but polls show that a large majority of Corsicans are opposed to full independence. In , the Italian company Montedison dumped toxic waste off the Corsican coast, creating what looked like red mud in waters around the island with the poisoning of the sea, the most visible effects being cetaceans found dead on the shores. At that time the Corsican people felt that the French government did not support them.

To stop the poisoning, one ship carrying toxic waste from Italy was bombed. Nationalist organisations started to seek money, using tactics similar to those of the Mafia , to fund violence. Some groups that claim to support Corsican independence , such as the National Liberation Front of Corsica , have carried out a violent campaign since the s that includes bombings and assassinations, usually targeting buildings and officials representing the French government or Corsicans themselves for political reasons.

The proposed autonomy for Corsica would have included greater protection for the Corsican language Corsu , the island's traditional language, whose practice and teaching, like other regional or minority languages in France , had been discouraged in the past.

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In addition, legislation granting Corsica a greater degree of autonomy was passed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Corsica disambiguation. For other uses, see Corse disambiguation. Dio vi salvi Regina unofficial. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Storia della Sardegna e della Corsica durante il periodo romano in Italian. Oxford University Press, Vichy, in French. Corsica settembre in Italian. Ufficio Storico Stato maggiore Esercito. Natural and Cultural Approaches.

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Long-Distance and Short Walks. Retrieved 29 April Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

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