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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe is an internationally known Bible Be Available (Judges): Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy (Be Series: Ot Commentary) 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition. by.
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Disregard for moral absolutes.

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Even God's people can't seem to work together. But Warren Wiersbe reminds us through this study that here and there God is raising up men and women who believe Him, confront the enemy, and win the victory. The challenge of the Book of Judges is: No matter how dark the day, God can still work through people who will trust His word, yield to His spirit, and do His bidding. Wiersbe is best known as an author, pastor, and radio Bible teacher.

To review this book, please Login or Register. Book Information "In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Love and obey Jehovah as the only true God vv.

Be Available (Judges): Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy by Warren W. Wiersbe

Unfortunately, the new generation failed in each of those responsibilities. As a result, Israel plunged into moral, spiritual, and political disaster. One of two things was true: The book of Judges begins with a series of victories and defeats that took place after the death of Joshua. The boundary lines for the twelve tribes had been determined years before Josh. The victories of Judah vv. Perhaps God told Judah to go first because Judah was the kingly tribe Gen. Since Leah had given birth to Judah and Simeon, these tribes were blood brothers Gen.

Incidentally, Simeon actually had its inheritance within the tribe of Judah Josh. When God needed someone to deliver His people, He called that person out of one of the tribes and told him or her what to do. These circumstances somewhat parallel the situation of the church in the world today. Those seventy kings illustrate the sad plight of anybody who has given in to the enemy: What a difference it makes when you live by faith and reign in life through Jesus Christ Rom.

Judah and Benjamin were neighboring tribes, and since the city was located on their border, both tribes were involved in attacking it. They next attacked the area south and west of Jerusalem, which included Hebron Judg. This meant fighting in the hill country, the south Negev , and the foothills. Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai were descendants of the giant Anak whose people had frightened ten of the twelve Jewish spies who first explored the land Num.

Since water was a precious commodity, and land was almost useless without it, Achsah urged her husband to ask her father to give them the land containing the springs that they needed. Apparently Othniel was better at capturing cities than he was at asking favors from his father-in-law, so Achsah had to do it herself. Her father then gave her the upper and lower springs. Perhaps this extra gift was related in some way to her dowry. The city of palms was Jericho, a deserted and condemned city Josh. After Judah and Simeon destroyed Hormah Judg.

The victory of Joseph vv. This city was important to the Jews because of its connection with the patriarchs Gen. How foolish of this rescued people not to stay with the Israelites, where they were safe and could learn about the true and living God. Benjamin, Ephraim, Manasseh, Zebulun, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan all failed to overcome the enemy and had to allow these godless nations to continue living in their tribal territories.

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The enemy even chased the tribe of Dan out of the plains into the mountains! The Jebusites remained in Jerusalem v.

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Eventually Solomon conscripted these Canaanite peoples to build the temple 1 Kings. This series of tribal defeats was the first indication that Israel was no longer walking by faith and trusting God to give them victory. The priests possessed a copy of the book of Deuteronomy and were commanded to read it publicly to the nation every sabbatical year during the Feast of Tabernacles Deut. Had they been faithful to do their job, the spiritual leaders would have read Deuteronomy 7 and warned the Israelites not to spare their pagan neighbors.

Be Available (Judges): Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy

It was by receiving and obeying the book of the law that Joshua had grown in faith and courage Josh. The first step the new generation took toward defeat and slavery was neglecting the Word of God, and generations ever since have made that same mistake. I fear that too many believers today are trying to live on religious fast food dispensed for easy consumption no chewing necessary by entertaining teachers who give people what they want, not what they need. Not in the least! To begin with, He had been patient with these nations for centuries and had mercifully withheld His judgment Gen.

Their society, and especially their religion, was unspeakably wicked Rom. Something else is true: These nations had been warned by the judgments God had inflicted on others, especially on Egypt and the nations east of the Jordan Josh. Rahab and her family had sufficient information to be able to repent and believe, and God saved them Josh. Therefore, we have every right to conclude that God would have saved anybody who had turned to Him. Israel would give the world the knowledge of the true God, the Holy Scriptures, and the Savior.

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The main deity in Canaan was Baal, god of rainfall6 and fertility, and Ashtoreth was his spouse. If you wanted to have fruitful orchards and vineyards, flourishing crops, and increasing flocks and herds, you worshipped Baal by visiting a temple prostitute. This combination of idolatry, immorality, and agricultural success was difficult for men to resist, which explains why God told Israel to wipe out the Canaanite religion completely Num.

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In a democracy, the law gives people the freedom to worship as they please, and I must exercise patience and tolerance with those who believe and practice things that I feel God has condemned in His Word. The Jews then became interested in how their neighbors worshipped, until finally Israel started to live like their enemies and imitate their ways.

The fact that God Himself came to give the message shows how serious things had become in Israel. The tabernacle was originally located at Gilgal Josh. It was also there that the Lord appeared to Joshua and assured him of victory as he began his campaign to conquer Canaan Josh.

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  • To Joshua, the angel of the Lord brought a message of encouragement; but to the new generation described in the book of Judges, He brought a message of punishment. He had asked them to keep their covenant with Him by obeying His law and destroying the Canaanite religious system—their altars, temples, and idols.

    In His covenant, God promised to bless Israel if the people obeyed Him and to discipline them if they disobeyed Him Deut. God is always faithful to His Word, whether in blessing us or chastening us, for in both He displays His integrity and His love Heb. By their disobedience, the nation of Israel made it clear that they wanted the Canaanites to remain in the land.

    God let them have their way Ps. The nations in the land of Canaan would become thorns that would afflict Israel and traps that would ensnare them.