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26 juil. En Centre Bretagne, le festival L'art dans les chapelles explore tous les étés Éric Suchère propose une programmation qui marque une nouvelle . Un poème, entre comptine et philosophie, est tracé à la main, en noir, sur le mur nord. . use of tracking technologies necessary for their proper functioning.
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Salle I, 19 heures Sur invitation, dans la limite des places disponibles: Salle I, 19 heures Sur enregistrement en ligne: Salle I, 18 h 30 Sur enregistrement en ligne: Salle I, 19 h 30 Sur invitation, dans la limite des places disponibles: Salles I et IV Informations et invitations: Salle I, 17 heures Sur invitation: Salle IX, 19 h 30 Sur inscription en ligne: Salle IX, 18 heures Sur inscription par courriel, dans la limite des places disponibles: Salle IV, 17 h30 Sur invitation, dans la limite des places disponibles: Mardi 15 septembre Projection de film et table ronde Culture et patrimoine en danger: Salle I, de 15 heures Sur inscription en ligne: Sur invitation, dans la limite des places disponibles: Salle XI, 18 h 30 Sur invitation, dans la limite des places disponibles: Sur enregistrement en ligne: Salle I, 19 heures Sur inscription, dans la limite des places disponibles: Salle I, 20 heures Sur invitation, dans la limite des places disponibles: In she moved to Paris to resume her studies in new media and to begin training in stereoscopic filmmaking before commencing a residency at Le Fresnoy.

Her work has been presented in more than 10 countries on four different continents. Her work, primarily photograph and photograms, questions notions linked to abstraction, time and the trace. The interconnectedness of these various dimensions, tools and networks allow for the establishment of a decentralized and hitherto unseen diffusion structure, where each of the network's nodes serve to both receive and diffuse information.

Such a structure creates a break with the classic one-way Radio format, substituting it with a horizontal peer-to-peer model that creates room to play with new potentials for multi-diffusion and superposition, as well as room to rethink the Radio network's topology. As in the Lettres de non-motivation Letters of Non-Application that he has been sending out to employers regularly since — in which he responds to newspaper advertisements and details his reasons for not applying for the jobs in question — his work often appropriates the vocabulary, mechanisms and modus operandi of the sectors by which it is informed, the better to highlight their dogmas, excesses and, when all is said and done, their vacuousness.

Lives and works in Paris. Each work is presented as one of many ways of envisaging the idea of transmission while at the same time dealing with questions of form and figures of withdrawal.

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He is a specialist of the historical avant-gardes and the origins of abstraction, as well as on the links between the imaginary, science and technology in contemporary culture 20th and 21st centuries. As a curator, he has organized Robert Delaunay.

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  • Doctorat en littérature et arts de la scène et de l'écran (Ph. D.) | Université Laval!
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He is currently preparing Cosa Mentale, an exhibition on the links between art and psychic cultures in the 20th century Centre Pompidou, Metz, Their projects refer as well to the codified systems of the artistic representation aesthetic, painting, architecture, avant-garde, music as to the socio-politic and physical phenomenons, exploring various fields such as economics, data mass analysis, perverted artificial intelligence, disrupting auto-learning, language and syntaxes, sensory perception and cognitive systems.

As a graphic designer, he specializes in exhibition catalogues and books by artists.

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His work is engaged principally with moving images and sound. He also conducts the Orcheste Inharmonique de Nice Loin , an orchestra for improvised music with a rotating membership and which will play with the participation of Lee Ranaldo in Nice in April. His current research and film projects examine the history of recorded sound from the perspective of the moving image. Utilising various media, including video, the internet, interactive technologies, photography, drawing and watercolour, Treister has evolved a large body of work which engages with eccentric narratives and unconventional bodies of research to reveal structures that bind power, identity and knowledge.

Often spanning several years, her projects comprise fantastic reinterpretations of given taxonomies and histories that examine the existence of covert, unseen forces at work in the world, whether corporate, military or paranormal.

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He is a founding member of the artist group Et al. His work combines various contemporary practices -- social organization, technological development, narrative histories, the iconography of forms such as the history of the light bulb , and the role of the artist as a kind of trickster or "situation inventor", altering contexts in order to provoke different orders of thought. She received a PhD on the Utopias of Interctive cinema. Her research is focused on the mechanics of observation and surveillance and the way in which these devices are redeployed in artistic, literary and cinematographic productions since the s.

Her current focus is on artists who devise "counter-observations" in regards to state surveillance and the behavior produced by this reversal in the observational relation.

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Jean-Philippe Antoine teaches aesthetics and the theory of contemporary art at the University of Paris 8. Born in , lives and works in Paris.

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Jean-Louis Boissier is emeritus professor of art and aesthetics and director of research at the University of Paris 8. Mais ce n'est pas toujours possible! On recourt alors aux ordinateurs. Il tient compte des erreurs de mesure. Un milliard de flops.

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Une grille se compose de ressources informatiques: Il y a souvent confusion entre les geeks, les nolifes, et les nerds. Cela signifie qu'ils fonctionnent au rythme d'un signal de synchronisation. Au fait, comment dites-vous "bon anniversaire" en tahitien? C'est donc un faux-ami.


Le principe est donc assez proche de celui d'une imprimante 2D classique: Les applications vont de l'industrie - la production de voitures, d'avions, de bien de consommation, etc. Elle peut concerner tous les domaines de la recherche. Chaque individu est en relation avec un ou plusieurs autres individus du groupe. Les attractions du Futuroscope de Poitiers ou le pilotage des drones par immersion dans un cockpit virtuel, en sont des exemples. De quoi rendre votre mission Ces plates-formes sont variables, et sont aussi bien de gros ordinateurs, que de petits appareils portables.