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Massages are a favorite in our family. They help rejuvenate the cells and relax muscles, and body and head massages are wonderful for the skin and scalp. Massage times are a special time for my girls — I think that besides a healthy diet, the massages have been the reason for their healthy, problem-free skin and hair. In our home, we use pure olive oil to massage the skin and coconut oil to massage the scalp. We are so wired with technology and online access all the time.

As a family, we practice device-free dinners and short vacations — they are incredibly refreshing for the mind.

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Most importantly, unplugging gives our kids an example of how to deal with their overwhelmingly device-filled lives, and to connect more with nature and the people around them. In fact, I think unplugging might be one major way to reduce a number of stress-related problems we see these days. Water is such an important component to maintain good overall health — skin, digestive system, a healthy weight and overall energy.

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  4. Drink a long glass of water as soon as you wake up. I have had a warm glass with lime and honey for years, and I think it might be my one of my tools for maintaining a healthy body weight. If you have chronic issues, explore some natural remedies before jumping off into strong medicines. Sinus issues are often resolved with the neti pot , and migraines can often be controlled by a combination of reduced stress and diet.

    We use honey the minute we notice our kids having throat issues. A little while ago, I did a post on natural remedies. See what natural remedies work for you, and stick with those.

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    What are some habits that help you live a natural everyday life now, and hopefully for the future? My favorite gift ideas from Amazon Imperfection. Just reading this post makes me feel relaxed! This is because I feel the morning is my most productive time and it would be a sin not to make us of it. What I like about articles like this is that they challenge my routines and remind me to reflect on my lifestyle. The massage and morning walk tips are my favorite, because they allow you to connect with the people you love in an emotional and physical way.

    I would be interested in getting some recommendations from folks regarding yoga DVDs — for use at home, for use while traveling, and for use with kids. I appreciate any suggestions that you all can offer! I used to be a morning person before I had two kids with sleep issues! I could really use a better start to my days.

    I like the idea of taking a drink of water, going for a walk, then journaling and sketching, all the while being unplugged. And having a massage before bed. And so important to living a whole and balanced life to take time to take care of ourselves in this way. One thing that really helps keep the stress down in my day is my pray of gratitude. I try to take 15 minutes each day sometimes its in the morning, sometimes its when my kids nap to be grateful for all that is in my life and all that is coming into my life. Really enjoyed this post and intend to adopt these suggestions. The first picture of the mountains and valleys is inspiring- can anyone tell me where it was taken?

    This is the photo stream source — http: I mainly journal online right now. I put several of these into practice this morning! Drinking water, taking a walk, and being unplugged. My favorite way to start the day is to check on my garden, and then sit and observe my own natural habitat. When finished being at one with the garden I give thanks for the day and pick some greens for my morning smoothie. I find a green smoothie or two a day has given me tons of energy and I have lost my sweet tooth. Thanks for the reminder to slow down, now if only I could unplugged the computer more often.

    What a great post!

    A Natural Life

    As for natural remedies, we use tea tree oil for everything — mixed with water in a spray bottle with flannel squares instead of baby wipes, on any infected sores or bug bites. Can anyone recommend a good resource for getting started… like a good basic book on amateur massage? Molly — any basic massage book will give you basic movements. I learned by following them and practicing on myself to make sure it does not hurt and such. Massaging with some sort of oil is always good to help fingers move. What a great list of ideas, Maya. I love every single item on this list! I love your approach to a more natural lifestyle — start from within.

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    It resonates very well with me. I love the concept of going green but do struggle with implementing the steps. I love the sketchbook idea! I love this list and I just recently wrote a similar one at my blog! It is interesting though, that I am writing from a different perspective as I just recently basically had a mental meltdown and now I am trying to rebuild and renew and keep from ending up in the same place again! I have done several of the things you mention, one of which is yoga.

    I am not very good, not very strong, and I am not really enjoying it yet, but I am beginning to feel a difference in my body and in my soul. I am also going on a personal retreat for a week this Saturday, and will be having a massage, walking and sitting by the beach, journaling, and I will either find a yoga class in the locale, or will do something online. Looking forward to it!

    I am blogging about my journey and other issues that women over 40 face, love to have you visit! At my house, we take Sundays off as much as possible. We do go to church, but after that, we veg out or take a nap or snuggle on the couch with a movie and a cup of tea. No chores, no major cooking, no business. Sometimes I go so far as to shut down my phone and computer altogether, depending on how the week has been.

    This weekly day off helps us stay sane. And we consider it invaluable to our health — mental, physical, emotional. This post offers an important reminder of what great things nature can do for your mind, body and soul. I am also inspired to add sketching to my journaling. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The participle made famous by Elvis. You might've seen this one before. The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary.

    How we chose 'feminism'. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

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