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There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to capture someone's true essence, and record it forever. The thought that a fraction of a second will endure forever is what I love most. Once in a lifetime moments. The tears of a bride as she stands in front of the mirror in her dress, finally realizing that her wedding day has arrived.

Her smile as she holds her bridal bouquet for the first time.

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A nervous groom unable to tie his own tie. The look on a fathers face when he realizes his daughter is all grown up and beginning a new chapter in her life. The all-important "first kiss" that begins their new life together.

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This is what wedding photography is about. The beef was cooked a perfect medium which brought together and enhanced the different flavors of cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo.

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This is a burger place I will be bringing my family to many times in the foreseeable future. The blue cheese was not overpowering, and the splash of hot sauce brought out all the flavors. Be it the combination of Swiss and Chipotle cheeses, the grilled ham and pork, the hot honey mustard, the Chipotle mayo, or undoubtedly all of the above, this burger makes a strong case as to why it deserved to be crowned the winner of the Meat From first bite to last, the flavors just melded together the likes of which would make a Vulcan jealous.

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The beef was deliciously seasoned and cooked to the perfect temperature. Essentially, it is as it sounds: This was an experience of its own. It looked perfect and tasted even better! Ron also slipped me a sample of the house made sriracha-maple syrup which I will endear for the rest of my life! I ordered mine on a bun, you can also opt for fresh-made French toast , and it held up very well for the generous portion of toppings — including a fried egg.

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If you already love burgers, get ready for a slice of heaven! Ron Dillon is a true burger genius! Keep reading the Valley food section each Wednesday for the best food the Valley has to offer. We still have a number of burgers to try, but if you know of a place we should check out, drop us a line at BurgerGuyz hotmail.

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By using this site, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use. Big on flavor, big on burgers Big D's has it all. August 30, at Noon - 5 pm; Menu: More like this from vindy. Don't Miss a Story Sign up for our newsletter to receive daily news directly in your inbox.