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A: This is my first book, Beneath the Silver Lining Trilogy(Secrets of the Black Box) My husband and I were talking and I was telling him that I should write a book.
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Praise for the Mrs. Murphy mysteries are fun, sweet, and beautifully adventurous. Murphy and Pewter, and ever-faithful Tee Tucker the corgi. But beneath the cloak of conviviality lurks a sinister specter from the distant past that threatens to put all their lives in jeopardy.

When Professor McConnell is found murdered on the golf course the next day—gunned down in broad daylight by an unseen killer—no one can fathom a motive, let alone find a suspect. Just as Harry and her furry cohorts begin nosing into the case, however, a homeless UVA alum confesses to the crime. Trouble is, no one believes that the besotted former All-American could have done the foul deed—especially after Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker make another gruesome discovery. The professor was something of a sleuth himself, it seems, and the centuries-old mystery he was unraveling may well have put a target on his back.

As Harry edges closer to identifying an elusive killer, her animal companions sense danger—and rally to find a way to keep Harry from disappearing into history. Nine Lives to Die. Murphy and Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the ever-faithful crime-solving corgi. This time around, Harry and her animal friends track a killer whose trail has gone as cold as the weather in December. Harry and her husband, Fair, are hip deep in their usual end-of-the-year activities: Two Silver Linings mentors have been found dead in suspicious circumstances.

The truth will be revealed. A cold case will be solved. And a twenty-five-year-old love triangle is about to get untangled. The weather outside may be frightful, but Harry and her four-legged friends refuse to be spooked off the case. Sneaky Pie, have made Harry Harristeen and her feline companion, Mrs. The Litter of the Law. Murphy and Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the valiant crime-solving corgi. Halloween arrives early this year to rural central Virginia, when a twisted killer will stop at nothing to protect a multimillion-dollar scheme. Praise for The Litter of the Law and the Mrs.

This is a strong addition to the popular series. Sneaky Pie for President.

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Ask not what your cat can do for you—ask what you can do for your cat. Tired of politics as usual? With help from her friends—the irascible gray cat Pewter, the wise Corgi Tee Tucker, and Tally, the exuberant Jack Russell—Sneaky crisscrosses her home state of Virginia hoping to go where no cat since Socks Clinton has gone: After all, who better to get the economy purring again than an honest tabby with authentic political stripes?

Sneaky has an animal-friendly agenda to unify all Americans—regardless of whether they walk on two or four feet or even if they fly.

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Human candidates have had their chance in Washington, and nowhere does it say in the Constitution that the next president cannot be a cat. Murphy mystery, The Litter of the Law. The Big Cat Nap. But these vehicular mishaps are nothing compared to the much more distressing state of a mechanic discovered by Harry in a local repair shop: Despite numerous warnings from her much-loved coterie of friends, human and otherwise, Harry quickly surmises that the time has come to pop the hood and conduct her own investigation. Her animal companions see disaster fast approaching but can do little except try their best to protect their foolishly intrepid human.

But the season can also bring out the first blossoms of murder. Surviving this journey will be tough, but Harry has her animal friends—and her ever-helpful husband, Fair—to support her.

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Others are considerably less fortunate: Then another hospital employee, who had seemed in perfect health, is also found dead. Cat of the Century. Does the key lie in a forty-year-old unsolved death? If so, Harry and her four-legged friends better find it or—even at a hundred years old—Aunt Tally may outlive them all. The tree farm is run by the Brothers of Love, a semimonastic organization whose members live atop the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Now, as the season grows merrier, a murderer is growing bolder. One by one, prominent men of Crozet are being crossed off Christmas shopping lists and added to the morgue.

From the start, the project—and Mrs. Paulson—are a major headache for all involved. But no one could foresee that it would end with Mrs. Now Harry must solve what seems to everyone else an open-and-shut case. Her four-legged partners —sleuthing cats Mrs. But will they have to choose between catching the purrfect killer and saving Harry? Instead of a proper second honeymoon, the newly remarried Harry and Fair Haristeen leave cozy Crozet, Virginia, for Shelbyville, Kentucky, site of the famous saddlebred horse show.

Russell had originally planned to work with Bradley Cooper on an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies , having been impressed with Cooper's performance in Wedding Crashers , citing his "good bad-guy energy" and unpredictability as justification for casting. Russell was excited that Cooper would bring those qualities to Pat Solitano. Anne Hathaway was cast as Tiffany Maxwell, but due to scheduling conflicts with The Dark Knight Rises and creative differences with Russell, she dropped out.

Initially, Russell did not believe Lawrence's age was suitable for the role. She was initially meant to be a goth.

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Lawrence dyed her hair black and did test shoots in heavy goth makeup, but Weinstein disapproved. The final version of her character remained messed-up yet confident, with small goth touches such as the dark hair and a cross. According to Entertainment Weekly , Lawrence said she didn't have a handle on Tiffany at first, which was what excited her about the role. She's like, 'I'm messed up, I'm not like everybody else, I've got issues. Take it or leave it because I like myself. Lawrence and Cooper had no previous dance experience.

Moore describes Cooper as having "some real natural dancing ability". I'm a terrible dancer, so I would never have been able to do any of that. When it finally came together, that scene really was just as fun as it feels. The Weinstein Company initially planned an unusually wide release for Silver Linings Playbook , going nationwide on an estimated 2, screens.

They were encouraged by positive reviews and hoping to capitalize on Thanksgiving to do more business. Instead, they took a more slow-burn approach, opening in fewer theaters, expanding gradually, in a strategy to build up word-of-mouth support. The website's critical consensus reads, " Silver Linings Playbook walks a tricky thematic tightrope, but David O.

Russell's sensitive direction and some sharp work from a talented cast gives it true balance. Cooper and Lawrence were lauded for their performances. Rooney also complimented the "invigorating messiness" and "nervous energy" of the choreography. Russell's direction was also widely acclaimed, with Justin Chang of Variety writing: Russell tackles mental illness, marital failure and the curative powers of football with bracingly sharp and satisfying results.

Roger Ebert gave the film three and a half out of four stars, saying that the film was "so good, it could almost be a terrific old classic" and described Russell's screenplay as "ingenious" for the way the major concerns of both the father and son pivot on the final bet. Negative reviews of the film came from The New Yorker , whose critic David Denby called it "a miscalculation from beginning to end" and found Cooper's character "tiresome", [64] while Richard Brody found Linings perhaps to "be the year's most artificial movie" and "the plot [ Both critics found Lawrence's Oscar-winning performance "unconvincing.

Robbie Collin of The Daily Telegraph wrote that there's a "tiring fruitlessness to the mayhem", describing the lead character as a "rambling headcase", though noting Lawrence as the film's "only silver lining". Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a soundtrack to the film of the same name, released in the United States by Sony Music Entertainment on November 16, for digital download.

Danny Elfman 's score for the film was released on digital download by Sony Music Entertainment simultaneously with the song album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Silver Linings Playbook Theatrical release poster. Jay Cassidy Crispin Struthers. List of accolades received by Silver Linings Playbook. Film in the United States portal Philadelphia portal.

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Beneath the Silver Lining Trilogy

New York Daily News. Crazy in love with this rom-com". The Silver Linings Playbook — cute and disturbing Oscar bait". Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. Russell's Funniest Film to Date". Silver Linings Playbook is irresistibly eccentric". A pleasure looking for those "Silver Linings " ".

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The Globe and Mail. Retrieved December 11, Retrieved November 28, Archived from the original on November 28, Silver Linings Playbook Films directed by David O.