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What if you knew all the moments of my past that I am not proud of? but it's good because she is so authentic & real with her failures, how she perceives them.
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So try to imagine what your reaction would be if your employee, co-founder, friend, or partner had done what you did. How long would you stay angry? Would you be angry at all, or would you understand? If you would readily forgive another person for the same mistake you made, why are you having a hard time forgiving yourself? Don't you deserve the same as everyone else? Sometimes we think of ourselves as spoiled children--if we treat ourselves with love and compassion, then we'll stop making the effort to achieve and be successful.

I've fallen into that thought process many times myself, but it's wrong. Treat yourself with love, and you'll be more successful, not less. If that isn't true, then stop reading this column immediately and go finish doing what you can to mitigate your mistake without putting yourself, your company, or anyone else at unnecessary risk. Doing whatever you can to repair the harm you've done as quickly as you can is an important step in getting past a mistake. Once you've done what you can, whatever that is, then it's time to declare the mistake officially over, even if you'll have to continue dealing with the consequences for a while.

Time to look to the next thing. This is the first thing I say to myself when I realize that I've screwed up, and it always makes me feel better. Because-- of course-- whatever I did wrong won't be the worst mistake I ever make.

1. It wasn't on purpose.

Probably not even in the top ten. I'm going to goof things up a lot, that's a given. Expecting ourselves to be infallible can only get us in trouble, but so many of us, myself included, do exactly that. In my case, many years ago, I married a compulsive liar and didn't realize until after the wedding that nothing I thought I knew about him was true.

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  • 2. If someone else had done this, I would forgive them.?
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That's setting the bar pretty high for any subsequent mistakes I ever make. But even that mistake didn't ruin my life forever.

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It took a long time but I built a new life with a second, much happier marriage , and even managed to forgive myself. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't make that mistake again. And yet, I learned a lot from the experience. And that bad first marriage led indirectly to the life I have now, which I wouldn't trade for anything.

What I actually say to myself is: There's always a next time.

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