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Lyrics to 'I Got You Babe' by Sonny & Cher: They say we're young and we don't know We won't find out until we're grown Well I don't know if all that's true.
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He always came across as very chatty.

I Got You Babe Lyrics

This was part of his "get to know us" philosophy, not unlike the philosophy that inspired IGUB. We are average, simple people just like our fans. We are very straightforward and here is the song that explains our very straightforward, elemental love. Everybody, come on in. This open door policy of Sonny's was essential to his theory of stardom and longevity in the business.

I Got You Babe

That his signature song laid bare their relationship or appeared to lay bare their relationship is not a coincidence. I prefer to think that the song was a genuine sentiment, but also a sidebar message that they were just like the kids who bought the record. Sonny always spoke of being an advocate for the kids every step of the way. Years later, Sonny let his strategy slip out to Rona Barrett in , despite the risk of showing the audience how the show-biz trick worked: The public feels that it knows the performer.

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I think that's how you can solidify a career. And that's all we're out to do. I like to call them friends. When we're not busy, they come in the house. During the summer they come more often, sometimes—we have a buzzer outside our gate—sometimes they hit it at 2: We don't try to hid it because I don't try to hide from the kids or the people. Dangerous because it worked too well. We saw them rise and fall, bicker and coo.

Sonny & Cher - I Got You Babe Lyrics

We watched their child grow up. We were invited into pseudo moments of the TV-show home, variety mock-ups, home movies, personal stories in monologues and interviews. When you put your life in a pop song, your life then becomes entertainment for other people.

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What is real and what isn't? We usually can't tell the difference. Sonny's very charismatic philosophy pulled us in and we became, for better or worse, attached. The tonal difference in the dialogues from one to the other is sadly unmistakable. This time, we get the sense that Sonny is alone on stage and his voice has a twinge of melancholy. IGUB has turned from a universal love letter love may not pay the rent, but love is all we need to a signature song heavy with residuals.

Sonny rambles much longer through the story this time as if trying to hang on to the mythology of it for as long as he can.

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  7. It is rumored that Cher still has that piece of cleaners cardboard where Sonny scratched the beginnings of IGUB and the philosophy that started it all. We can only hope she never lets the people near it. Share your treasures with the world and the world will taketh away. Bono's second wife, Mary, succeeded him to the same House seat in a special election, and in the general election in Then He Kissed Me.

    Sing C'est la Vie. Let It Be Me. You Don't Love Me. I Got You Babe. The Beat Goes On. The Two of Us.

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