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der kristall der kraft band 1 die comtesse german edition Ebook and lots of other die in euch schlummern German Edition and like Der Kuss im Kristall. Historical German Edition and like Kristall der Tr ume Roman German Edition and like.
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Serrano attempted a tour in the United States, but her German repertoire was not popular. She appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in , but little came of the publicity.

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In , she went to West Germany to take part in the film Schwarze Augen Dark Eyes , in which she played a Cuban singer, and the next year she sang in the film Saison in Salzburg. Beyond these appearances, she saw little success in Germany, ending with a poorly received tour with Kurt Hohenberger in In her native Chile, where she spent the last years of her life, the public never forgave her for performing in Nazi Germany. She died in poverty in Santiago on 6 April I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

I do not claim copyright or ownership of the song played in this video. All copyrighted content remains property of their respective owners. The disquiet, emotive Henry Gold's violin adds to this beguiling performance. Ofcourse, the only visual equivalent, worthy of such music, must be the photograms of masters of prewar Polish photography: Barnabas von Geczy was truly, a master in artistic tango playing. His "magic violin" - as they called it in the Electrola ads in the s - made the simplest tunes - nearly a lyric poem.

Also today, listening to the sophisticated, elegant arrangements of that Budapest-born bandleader and composer, provides many of us with lots of emotion and satisfaction. That highest level of artistry was probably the reason why after most of his recordings were still re-pressed and distribuited throughout the world by international record companies, including His Master's Voice in UK and France - despite totally untamed collaboration of Barnabas von Geczy with the nazi radio and all possible record companies and film productions in the Third Reich.

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It's been said, that Barnabas v. Geczy's was Adolf Hitler's favourite band. Schmidt was born in Davideny, Buchavina, Rumania, to a Jewish family. From a very young age he sang in his Shul choir and he displayed a natural talent for singing. He was keen to pursue a musical career, but sympathetic as his mother was to his ideas, so was his father against it.

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During the First World War he moved with his parents to Czernowitz where, at the age of 20, Joseph gave his first public performance as a concert singer. His uncle, Leo Engel, a crafty manager, took him to Berlin in It was unfortunate that a tenor voice of such brilliance and quality emanated from a frame that was less than five feet tall. Although his stature effectively barred him from opera, there were other outlets for his outstanding talents.

He appeared in a number of films, he made records and he made countless appearances on the radio. He travelled in Europe, giving numerous concerts and recording sessions in Vienna, Paris and Londyn. As a Jew, he was by a miracle saved from the sad emigrants fate merely because of, as it is sometimes claimed in the sources, the nazi Minister of Propaganda, Jospeh Goebbels personal admiration for his talent. Nevertheless, the Jewish fate knocked to his door when the Second World War broke out. Joseph managed to make his way to France where he settled in the unoccupied zone.

When France was defeated he made his way to Switzerland, where he arrived virtually penniless. He was never a very strong man and, sadly his health deteriorated while in the camp, and owing to a lack of proper medical attention as a Jew he was denied a proper diagnose and a hospital observation in a Zurich clinic and sent back to his camp in spite of increasing pains in his chest he died on November 16, in Gierenbad Camp, near Hindwhill.

He was buried in the Friezenberg Cemetery, near Zurich and it's reported that all the inmates of the camp attended his funeral, in defiance of authority. Here are the 's. I was hoping to get this done yesterday, but saving a HD video takes forever. White Christmas - Bing Crosby 2. Star Dust - Artie Shaw 3. Paper Doll - The Mills Brothers 5. Body and Soul - Coleman Hawkins 6.

Frenesi - Artie Shaw The Gypsy - The Ink Spots Heartaches - Ted Weems with Elmo Tanner Juni , verstorben in Santiago de Chile am 6. Cantante e attrice cilena, ebbe il suo magggior successo nella decade degli anni '30 in Germania, dove era conosciuta con il nome d'arte di" Die chilenische Nachtigall" L'usignolo cileno. Norma Bruni con Orch.

La Mar - Si voglio vivere ancor! She was one of the most intriguing Italian female singers of late and s and one of the most well-known voices on the Italian radio of the time of the 2nd WW.

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Pippo Barzizza, leader of one of the most popular dance bands in Italy, noticed her among the finalists and immediately proposed her engagement to make recordings for Parlophon. Equipped with a contralto voice she charmed audiences on the radio and when the war broke out, she became the most loved female voice by Italian soldiers on all fronts of the 2nd world war. Her popularity reached climax, when she started participating in the concerts arranged especially for the wounded Italian soldiers.

After recording sessions for Parlophon, she also cut sides for Cetra Records, yet alltogether Bruni's recording balance counts merely 41 sides between , plus several more after , when she unsuccessfully tried to return into favor of the post-war Italian audience. The "Chilean nightingale" Rosita Serrano is the original singer of this famous song by Theo Mackeben. It is from the musical play "Anita und der Teufel" Anita and the devil.

She came to Germany in and quickly became a very popular singer until she left abruptly for Sweden in , most probably for political reasons see Wikipedia. She returned in but never regained her former popularity In Chile she was often attacked for having become a star in nazi-Germany In the song she recalls how beautiful life was with the love of her life before she lost him I decided to include a slidehow of the tragic actress Sybille Schmitz , perhaps the most unusual actress of German film She had haunting dark eyes and even when she smiled, there was an aura of sadness around her She starred in such legendary movies as "Tagebuch einer Verlorenen" , "Vampyr" and "FP1 antwortet nicht" both Ill at ease in nazi-Germany she continued her career but not without diffculty.

There were rumours about her being on Goebbels' blacklist Other movies followed, most famously "Titanic", banned by Goebbels in After the war she returned in front of the cameras in "Zwischen gestern und morgen" in which she plays the doomed Nelly Dreyfuss and gave an impressive performance.

However her type of woman seemed out of place in the post-war years Uncreasingly unsure of herself, her career nosedived and Sybille Schmitz divorced, began to drink and use drugs After an illness she became addicted to painkillers and came under the influence of a shady doctor in Munich She commited suicide in If you would like to know more about her: All pictures images from personal collection For a French version of "Bei Dir The nightingale from Chile with one of the most popular rhumbas.

Adalbert Lutter Tanz Orch. From on, his band played in Berlin in the prestigeous restaurant-variete "Wilhelmshallen" as well as "Europa-Pavilion" and the Roof Garden of the "Cafe Berlin". The orchester made innumerable recordings, mostly for Telefunken Lutter was a guest conductor at Telefunken.

In Lutter gave up his activity in the communist East Germany - just like many other conductors e. Otto Dobrindt, who was supposed to become the director of the House Orchestra of the city of Berlin East Broadcasts or Bruno Sangster - head of the orchestra of radio of so called German Democratic Republic. Da un cinegiornale italiano, Rosita Serrano esegue una canzone popolare cilena al Winter garten, il novembre Georges Boulanger mit seinen Tanz-Orchester: Ludwig Schmidsaeder, Tango und Czardas a.

Melodie der Nacht, Odeon 2. Rote Rosen, Tango H. Ritter Odeon, 3. Born in Tulcea, Romania from a Gypsy-Romanian family with a long tradition in music six generations of musicians. Georges learned to play the violin as a child from his father, and at the age of 12 he got a scholarship to study at the Conservatory in Bucharest. Three years later he was heard by the famous Hungarian violinist Leopold Auer who took him to Dresden, where he studied with him for the next two years.

The musical studies were finished when Georges was 17 years old and he received from his master a violin as a going away present. Boulanger played on this violin until his death. When the Bolshevic revolution started in , Georges Boulanger returned to Romania, where he served in the Armed Forces.

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Simultaneously, he taught music and wrote compositions. He played in Berlin and in other European cities, where his fame grew and the most renowned hotels and night clubs willingly invited him to perform. He recorded extensively until he waxed almost sides for Odeon, Telefunken, Kristall and Vox and in , his tune Avant de mourir which would later be called "My Prayer" and a text by Jimmy Kennedy would be added became a hit throughout the world. During the nazi times in Third Reich, Georges Boulanger was asked by the officials to present the proof that was not a Jew.

After the war, Boulanger — who lost most of his family in the Gypsy Holocaust in Europe, left Germany and traveled to Rio de Janeiro and to Argentina, where he remained active for the rest of his days. Three tunes selected for this film are illustrated by the scenes from the Gypsy life in Europe 1. Please activate the HD function p before watching the video or watch it with a larger type player in p!

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This in order to avoid serious sound distortion as YT continues to reduce sound quality and does not activate HD or HQ playback automatically. Rosita Serrano, the nightingale from Chile who achieved her greatest succes in Germany in the late s and early s returns with a great American song from Yours and Mine from the musical "Broadway Melody of ". Translated the song became "Mein und Dein" More information about Rosita Serrano can be found here: One minor remark regarding this otherwise beautiful record: Released as flip side to a big hit for her: The video features images from Hollywood as well as magazine covers from popular Hollywood actresses Otto Stenzel Tanz-Orchester, Refraingesang: Wilfried Sommer — Tango Marina, a.

He was also a prolific film music composer and his band recorded for various labels, including Odeon, Tempo, Brilliant, Kristall, Gloria and Electrola. The refrain singer is Wilfried Sommer, a popular German crooner, who was also a member of Metropol-Vokalisten: Fox-Canzone dal Film "Vivere! Italian singer Daniele Serra was, alas, an outspoken supporter of fascism, yet at the same time he was a magnificent singer with a great voice. Epub electronic brief summary of the book full ebook review report by amazon ebay selections Der Kuss des Kjer by Lynn Raven. For android or cellular Der Kuss des Kjer by Lynn Raven for iphone , ipad txt format complete version, report with web site quantities theory, art, torrent.

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