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Ryder wakes up to find the girl he spent the previous night with is gone. He had helped her get to a motel after finding her drunk in a bar.
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    They end up having a one night stand, and when Ryder wakes up in the morning Ashley is gone. Leah is damaged psychologically by the aftereffects of a car accident that left her with a large scar on her leg and a divorce from a husband who wanted a physically perfect wife.

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    There are however plenty of starry eyes and flowing hair, which I feel is fairly essential in Harlequin manga. Overall, this was fairly middle of the road for Harlequin manga. The main thing that was missing for me was any element of humor in the story or visual adaptation. This volume also probably suffered a bit from being read right after Cowboys, Babies, and Shotgun Vows , because that manga was so much more fun for me to read.