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Their mentor is the late Ludwig von Mises, born in Austria, and founder of "the Austrian School of Economics", who taught at New York University from until his death. Vienna was dominated by the House of Rothschild, which had controlled the national debt of Austria since the Congress of Vienna in Austria's Tyrol silver mines were owned by the Rothschilds, as were her railways. Mahler's studies with Wagner were funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild.

Coudenhove-Kalergi's father was a close friend of Theordor Herzl, founder of Zionism. Coudenhove-Kalergi writes in his "Memoirs" Laurence Laughlin, spokesman for the Cobden Club's "free trade" program in England. Laughlin later became Paul Warburg's chief propagandist to stump for the passing of the Federal Reserve Act John Dewey became head of the Sociology Dept.

In , they moved to Columbia University. They were later hired by Baruch at the War Industries Board, and prepared all the statistics for American representatives at the Versailles Peace Conference Ambassador to West Germany. Fabians stressed evolution not revolution. Their strategy can be understood by their "doctrine of inevitability of gradualism," which is clarified by G.

Shaw, who wrote that the methods of the Society were "stealth, intrigue, subversion, and the deception of never calling socialism by its right name" SpartacusEducational George Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb , Merahaza LSE One of the primary institutions that received patronage from some of the largest financial interests was — and is — the London School of Economics LSE.

Other funding came from the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, the quintessential international capitalists. Paton of London School of Economics Born and raised in Prussia, he moved to Britain at the age of Cassel was born in Cologne, in what is now Germany, his family were Ashkenazi Jews Asquith and Winston Churchill. But apart from that the quotation is widely propagated in the internet, The following excerpts are from The Diaries of Theodor Herzl The papers were released by a Jewish publisher Theodor Herzl is speaking to an assembly of Zionists.

Without you no wars can be waged, and if peace is to be concluded, people are all the more dependent on you. British banker Otto Kahn joined Kuhn Loeb. Ernst Cassell arranged, in London, to finance the purchase of the bankrupt Union Pacific railroad, which was given to Wall Street broker E. Harriman; Otto Kahn handled the details for Cassell. Thus Harriman became a power as the prince's nominee, with the Harriman, Kuhn Loeb, and Warburg interests completely interlocked.

Kuhn Loeb functioned also in a triangular team with the British house of Baring, and Canadian banking and political boss Lord Strathcona. He was one of the early members of the Fabian Society in , along with George Bernard Shaw they joined three months after its inception. American and German interests were obstacles to system of exploiting cheap raw materials from colonized backward countries Following the stipulations of Rhodes' Will, his collaborators sparked World War I to dismantle a hated and threatening Germany, and to carve up Europe. They sought to secure and expand their colonial holdings by acquiring much of the Ottoman Empire, which would give them its oil holdings, as well as secure Palestine as a military buffer to the Suez Canal.

In order to accomplish these goals, they also worked non-stop to trap the United States into collaborating with their warring schemes, and sought to diminish America's industrial economy from within. The most influential theory within the Department of Economics was that of Keynes.

Keynes' socialism advocates strict control of the means of production through the supply of credit and money rather than ownership advocated by Marx. This way the Fabian goal could change everything while maintaining the outward appearance of the sheepskin. Schiff and Cyrus L. Sulzberger, but there is much evidence to indicate that its creation was prompted by other considerations.

He played a role in the events rolling out from the Balfour Declaration of , a Declaration sponsored by Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild that made the British government herself the official overseer of Zionism. Kook was known for making alliances with secular Jews, the latter known as the "Maskilim" "Enlightened Ones". The other was Randolph Churchill- the father of Winston Churchill. To say that Randolph had a close relationship to Nathaniel Rothschild, the head of the London house, is really somewhat of an understatement.

So too would the word intimate. It was said that Randolph Churchill had an "excessive intimacy" with the Rothschilds, specifically with "Natty". The book points out that before the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky born Lev Bronstein used to play chess with Baron Rothschild of the famous Rothschild banking family. Further, Raymond Robins was cited by the French government for organizing Russian Bolsheviks for the German revolution. Finally, we find that Robert Minor, one of the revolutionary propagandists used in Thompson's program, was released under circumstances suggesting intervention from the highest levels of the U.

However, it is much more deadly because it is much more clever and subtle. The philosophy of the Fabian Society was written in and included the statement: The Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism and the abolition of private property etc. Of course, this does not apply to the elect oligarchy at the top, who end up owning the lot. Sidney and Beatrice Webb published a book of pages in defence of Bolshevism. It was entitled, Soviet Communism: They are resident in all Parties and sit on all important select Committees, Commissions and organisations allied to the Government.

During the last century, members of the British Fabian Society, dynastic banking families in the City of London, financed the Communist takeover of Russia [ Antony Sutton, a very perceptive historian of Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution would not agree. By , the major subsidies and funding for the Bolshevik Revolution, were co-ordinated and arranged by Sir George Buchanan [ A good man it seems - Ed.

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Meyer , Nicholas Kollerstrom And in the s, the British intentionally bombed rebel villages in Somalia and Yemen and undertook an extended bombardment campaign against civilian populations in rebel areas in British-controlled Iraq for several years. The death toll from Germans bombing Guernica in was, according to David Irving, around ninety-eight.

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All twentieth century Jewish intellectual and political movements stem from the deep involvement of Jews with the left. However, beginning in the late s, when the followers of Leon Trotsky broke off from the mainstream communist movement, the Jewish left has not been unified. It quickly became known as the "Freud Hilton," due to the fact that Dr. Sigmund Freud's daughter, Dr. Anna Freud, became a leading figure there. In , the clinic was taken over by Dr. John Rawlings Rees, a key figure in British Army intelligence. During World War II, then-Brigadier-General Rees was the top psychiatric warfare specialist of the British military command; Tavistock became the psychological warfare arm of the British military and intelligence services generally.

Committee of , Only three hundred men, each of whom knows all others, govern the fate of Europe. They select their successors from their own entourage. These men have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of State, which they find unreasonable. Major John Rawlings Reese, a British Army technician, was instructed to set up the largest brainwashing facility in the world at the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations as a part of Sussex University.

The initial idea of an independently founded institute was conceived to provide for studies on the labor movement and the origins of anti-Semitism, which at the time were being ignored in German intellectual and academic life Not long after its inception, the Institute for Social Research was formally recognized by the Ministry of Education as an entity attached to Frankfurt University.

Ernest Elmhurst, widow of Willard Straight who was partner of J. This Keynes work was not only enthusiastically embraced by Fascism but was listed as required reading by the League for Industrial Democracy and the Rand School of Social Science in the United States both Fabian socialist. Harvard economic and sociological courses have repeatedly used the End of Laissez-Faire as required reading for undergraduates. We will take this conspiracy apart step-by-step from its small beginnings with Huxley in California to the victimization of 15 million Americans today.

Huxley, a founder of the Rhodes Roundtable group and a lifelong collaborator of Arnold Toynbee. It must have backfired, for the 'hippies' were instrumental in ending the Vietnam War? In Eichmann had visited Palestine on the formal invitation of a Zionist official. But he had scarcely arrived in the territory whereupon he was deported to Egypt by the British authorities. In Cairo, he was visited by a representative of one of the Jewish terrorist organizations Hagannah. The Nazis even agreed to set up agricultural schools for the would-be emigrants in Austria.

The Dukes of Bedford was the title inherited by the influential Russell family, one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Britain who came to power and the peerage with the rise of the Tudor dynasty. Lindemann, later Lord Cherwell, suggested the bombing of German cities and that working class civilian areas were legitimate targets, and from then onwards the last vestiges of civilised decency in warfare were abandoned. These bombings began on 10 August with the bombing of the small open town of Freiburg on the Swiss frontier. Fifty-three civilians were killed, including twenty children playing in the park.

It was reported by Mr. This was before the Germans began bombing British cities. Wikipedia has a completely different portrayal of the incident saying that the German Luftwaft bombed Frieburg by accident. While precise documentation is unavailable as to the auspices under which the LSD research was commissioned, it can be safely assumed that British intelligence and its subsidiary U. Office of Strategic Services were directly involved.

How else do you think the Zionists could ensure Jews leave the beautiful European cities in which they live, in order to settle in a desert! German civilian deaths from British and American bombing of German cities have been estimated to have been around ,, and some 61 cities were turned to virtual rubble, while some 60, civilians were killed in the UK. The New Dark Ages Conspiracy Other articles to be posted at this web site, will help explain how British oligarchs, working in cahoots with the Rothschilds, planned the creation of the state of Israel at the end of the 19th century in order to bring about the chaos we see today in the Middle East.

I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called "education. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen. ADL and Hollinger helped created the climate for the Rabin murder. NGO actually a NoGo?

George Bernard Shaw did not marry into the working class, but married the daughter of rich investor Horace Payne-Townshend, who again provided the Fabian Society with additional funds. Later Shaw worked for the multimillionaire William Waldorf Astor. Greenberg Maurice, Hank, AIG has used his connections to covert intelligence, supranational institutions, private bankers and speculators, and his huge global cash inflow, to shape a unique personal empire. Since , Frank G.

Cultural Marxism Timeline

Wisner's father was a founder of the U. Central Intelligence Agency, who killed himself over the scandal from his being duped by British-Soviet master spy Kim Philby. Gershom Scholem, the renowned twentieth-century expert on the Kabbalah, regarded as having founded the academic study of the subject. Scholem, by tracing to the origins of Jewish mysticism from its beginnings in Merkabah and all the way forward to its final culmination in the messianic movement of Sabbatai Zevi, rehabilitated perceptions of the Kabbalah as not a negative example of irrationality or heresy but as supposedly vital to the development of Judaism as a religious and national tradition.

Judaism itself is split into two currents, with one stream dedicated to following the words of Moses Torah and the other half relying on the teachings of the later rabbis, as given in the oral traditions Talmud. Where the true Torah followers are dedicated to accepting their exile from the Holy Land, as ordained by God until Messiah comes [again] and restores all things , the Talmudic Jews especially the atheistic apostates gave birth to a militant ideology, Zionism, which was created in rebellion to God's timing, intending to forcefully restore all things.

Another major part of the "master plan" has been to disguise the true nature of Zionism and the deep roots of Jewish supremacism, from which it sprang. The Zionist's singular goal, "the Their real intention was to force a reversal of world history, all the way back to pre-exile Eretz Yisrael. The plan was to force the fulfillment of "The Birthright," without God's help, creating a kingdom of Jews without God, enthroning themselves at the center of the world.

Zionism is an atheistic movement masquerading as the fulfillment of religious prophecy. America became a tool for digging up the Middle East and rebuilding "Zion. Cabalist Illuminati Jews believe that God's will is expressed through them. Throughout history,this demented ideology took the form of a desire to destroy the world and rebuild it in their own image. Collaboration is a prerequisite for success in the public sphere today.

In recent years there has been a dramatic growth of Jewish fundamentalism in Israel which has manifested itself in vigorous opposition to the peace process and has played a key role, as well, in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the murder of 29 Muslims at prayer by the American-born fundamentalist, Baruch Goldstein. Few outside of Israel have been properly informed about the extent of the fundamentalist movement or the theology upon which it is based.

Common to both the Talmud and Halacha, Orthodox religious law, is a differentiation between Jews and non-Jews. The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews Moreover, even if there is peace, we must instigate wars of liberation in order to conquer it [the land]. The murder of Yitzhak Rabin, the authors show, is one in a long line of murders of Jews who followed a path different from that ordained by rabbinic authorities. The first law commands every Jew to kill or to wound severely any Jew who is perceived as intending to kill another Jew.

His book "Jewish Supremacism" has sold over , copies. The Zionist effort to get the book banned has only served to fuel its popularity In the first few pages of Jewish Supremacism, Duke quotes Dr. Here is the quotation taken from a magazine article written by Dr. Every summer for two months of ten formative years I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colours, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language Duke also uses direct quotes from the Talmud and other major Jewish sources, such as the Jewish Encyclopedia to expose a long-standing cadre of hateful, anti-Gentile Jewish supremacists.

Shocking quotes are displayed from major Jewish magazines that boast of a Jewish supremacy over the media and politics of the United States. He finds disturbing and hateful words from Jewish leaders, such as Ariel Sharon, which openly support genocide, and he reveals quotations from Israeli leaders who equate Zionism and Nazism. Of course, he also cites many prominent Gentiles of historical and contemporary times, but the Jewish quotations and sources have the greatest power. Frankly, they are so convincing that Jewish leaders have sought to get the book banned in many nations.

The publisher of Mr. Birmingham also wrote the book "Our Crowd" about the family background of America's wealthiest and most successful Jews. Both books have been hailed by Jewish publications as first class works in the documentation of Jewish history. The work was compiled by the Jewish historian Malcolm H. Stern and entitled "Americans of Jewish Decent. It is extremely interesting to note that only copies of the book were printed and each copy was consecutively numbered. It was during this period that the Rockefeller family moved to the Turkish Empire It is opined that Rothschilds funded the original fortue He goes on to finance John D.

This is all with Rothschild money. Schiff would go on to help finance the Bolshevik Revolution.. Interlocking syndicate of corporations Delano also was an original incorporator of the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Dodge of the National City Bank. They have also been closely linked with the American International Corporation, which was formed to instigate the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

His brother-in-law founded the influential Washington law firm of Covington and Burling. Rockefeller in and named after his wife, the Rockefeller fortune was for the first time directed to supporting research by social scientists Wiggin President of Chase National Bank , helped finance it. Lousis Marshall succeded in stopping Henry Ford from publishing anti-Semitic literature and distributing it through his car dealerships, forcing Ford to apologize publicly to Marshall.

And they came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, they must control education. We'll take on the basis of subjects that have an international significance.. They decided the key to is the teaching of American history, and they must change that. The Dawes Plan restructures German reparations and stabilizes the German currency. The Rockefellers were deeply involved in the transfer of Russia's gold supply. It was no coincidence that Milner, the diamond tycoon of South Africa As in the Morgans and Rockefellers, behind Rhodes we find the vast power of the Rothschild family.

Together with Ernst Fraenkel and Arnold Bergstraesser, Neumann is considered to be among the founders of modern political science in the Federal Republic of Germany. Neumann was highly regarded at Columbia and played a prominent part in attempts by the Rockefeller Foundation to strengthen political theory as a component of political science in American universities. He was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented the Rockefeller Empire and other mammoth trusts, corporations and cartels. McCloy worked for the owners of the Federal Reserve.

McCloy served in the capacity of legal counsel for both the Rockefeller and the Warburg families. She was raised by an accountant for Standard Oil. Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's biological father? McCloy lived in Cos Cob,a suburb of Stamford. He was next door neighbors with Frederick Warburg, the head of the Warburg family who shared ownership of a bank with the Rockefellers. Planned Parenthood fundraising letter of January 8, , lists Prescott S. Bush as treasurer of Margaret Sanger's first national fundraising drive Bush lost an election because of this letter The program of education for democracy for West German youth was initiated by the American Jewish Committee in following extensive conferences with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and other West German Government and educational leaders.

Max Horkheimer, eminent social scientist and educator, is director of the Institute in Germany, and represents the American Jewish Committee. This is part of a stepped up program under the initiative of the American Jewish Committee, of extending civic and social education throughout the West German school system. It may be hoped that in time anbody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the Sate with money and equipment When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen".

Funnye, spiritual leader of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago's South Side. Founded by Ezio Manzini, DESIS Network is a global consortium of design schools, private companies and nonprofit organizations that support the use of design to generate social change. Holding to a form of creationism, the Aryan race theory claimed a seven step process of human evolution in which successive races evolve from a lower to a higher form of life. With funding from the Commonwealth Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation Wikipedia The first Waldorf school opened in in Stuttgart, Germany.

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At present there are over a thousand independent Waldorf schools,[1] about 2, kindergartens[2] and centers for special education,[3] located in 60 countries, constituting one of the largest independent school movements internationally. Wikipedia American Jewish Congress Wise, Felix Frankfurter, U.

Its very existence is an anathema to Judaism, and, more recently, to the survival of the State of Israel. As the following chronology will make clear, the ADL was founded as a special operations unit of the B'nai B'rith, a branch of British Freemasonry, established in the United States during the nineteenth century to promote British efforts to reconquer the United States. This has been at the heart of the ADL mission ever since.. Lousis Marshall did succeed in stopping Henry Ford from publishing anti-Semitic literature and distributing it through his car dealerships, forcing Ford to apologize publicly to Marshall.

It had long been ambivalent about Zionism as possibly opening up Jews to the charge of dual loyalty, but it supported the creation of Israel in , after the United States backed the partition of Palestine. It was the first American Jewish organization to open a permanent office in Israel. From to the organization published Commentary magazine Of this amount 13 millions have gone to Russia.

Altogether, the amount collected by the Joint Distribution Committee has aggregated 58 millions. These figures were made public by James N. Rosenberg, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee in an appeal for more funds to carry on the work. Government and other American agencies makes a grand total of millions. Neoconservatism s key founders trace their intellectual ancestry to the New York Intellectuals, a group that originated as followers of Trotskyite theoretician Max Schactman in the s and centered around influential journals like Partisan Review and Commentary which is in fact published by the American Jewish Committee.

In the case of neoconservatives, their early identity as radical leftist disciples shifted as there began to be evidence of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union. Key figures in leading them out of the political left were philosopher Sydney Hook and Elliot Cohen, editor of Commentary. Many of them worked closely with Jewish activist organizations. After the s, they became increasingly disenchanted with leftism. Their overriding concern was the welfare of Israel Current key leaders include an astonishing number of individuals well placed to influence the Bush Administration: Nazi hunters have never discovered how the Bush family made its money?

The Reich report concluded, among other things, that Ford-Werke, the company's German subsidiary, used slave labor from the Buchenwald concentration camp in and , and functioned as an integral part of the German war machine. Ford officials in Detroit have publicly commented on their Nazi past, remained available for comment, apologized and have generally helped all those seeking answers about its involvement with the Hitler regime. There's an AJC link to this. High Commissioner for Germany.

He later became a prominent United States presidential advisor, served on the Warren Commission, and was a member of the foreign policy establishment group of elders called "The Wise Men. Farben, and was the Assistant Secretary of War from to , during which he was noted for opposing the nuclear bombing of Japan. In he replaced Lucius D.

Zone in Germany as the U. High Commissioner for Germany and held this position until , during which time he oversaw the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany. At his direction, a campaign of wholesale pardoning and commutation of sentences of Nazi criminals took place, including those Flick, Krupp, Sandberger, Weizsacker Following this, he served as chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank from to , and as chairman of the Ford Foundation from to ; he was also a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from to , and then again from to , before he took up the position at Ford.

Let us not forget that neoconservatism is an intellectual movement born in the late s in the pages of Commentary, the monthly magazine of the American Jewish Committee. Joseph, Comte de Maistre , who for fifteen years had been a Freemason, had this to say: But here an important question arises: The clever manipulation of the natural human tendency to trust. A framework using controlled opposition for guiding thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to synthetic solutions whcih can only be introduced once those being manipulated take a side that will advance the pre-determined agenda The artificial extremes are chosen and propagandized in such a way that the goal is naturally synthesized from them.

Hegelianism is the process of subverting humans natural propensity to seek approval and avoid disapproval Weishaupt has been incorrectly attributed to the formation of the Illuminati Weishaupt, Hegel Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Marx was a disciple of Hegel If A my idea of freedom conflicts with B your idea of freedom then C neither of us can be free until everyone agrees to be a slave.

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The Soviet Union was based on the Hegelian dialectic, as is all Marxist writing B and C can be just about any recognizable polictical dichotomies Advertising media is meant to lower your self esteem and then sell you something to raise your self esteem. August 27, — November 14, was a German philosopher and an important figure of German idealism. Hess converted Engels to Communism, and introduced Marx to social and economic problems.

Hegel did often refer cryptically to Illuminati and Masonic symbols. Hegel was an avid reader of Illuminati member Franz von Baader, through whom he was introduced to the ideas of Boehme. Hegel was the first to articulate the need to interpret history as the progress of the popular Masonic maxim, "Liberty", which has become characteristic of Western propaganda ever since. God coming to know himself. To Hegel it is man who becomes God Around he already was a wealthy self-made man, but only after some crucial help from the London banker Junius S.

Morgan; worked for George Peabody, who supposedly was a Rothschild agent; after Carnegie's joint venture in the steel industry went awry due to financial problems of his partners, Peabody finally sold his bonds to "London investors" in , he rose to became the most powerful industrialist of the US, next to J. Hitler, by the Guarantee Trust Co.

Charles Seymour's had access to House's papers House wrote the book: Philip Drew Administrator, a fictionalized autobiography House selected Wilson as presidential candidate and became his principle advisor. House was Wilson's alter-ego, controlled Wilson. In , the university's name was The Marxists of Horkheimer's circle were like Freud critics of the Hegelian idealism in succession of Ludwig Feuerbach. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I deal with real facts, not theory. Some of the people I write about, I have met. Some of the people I expose are alive and very dangerous.

The darkness has never liked the light. Yet, many of the secrets of the Illuminati are locked up tightly simply because secrecy is a way of life. It is such a way of life, that they resent the Carroll Quigleys and the James H. Billingtons who want to tell real historical facts rather than doctored up stories and myths. I have been an intense student of history since I could read, and I am deeply committed to the facts of history rather than the cover stories the public is fed to manipulate them.

I do not fear the Illuminati taking over this country and doing away with the Constitution, because they took over this country long ago, and the Constitution has not technically been in effect due to Presidential emergency decrees since W. Being a follower of Christ does not mean we should fear.

Perfect love for Almighty God casts out our fear gfor the situation He has place us in. They control the major and minor political parties. They control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control Christendom. However, God controls the hearts of His people. I have provided information on how to respond in some of my other writings. This book will not tell you how to deal with the Illuminati families. This volume is simply the first of two volumes which is published to give an overview of what the Illuminati is.

In short the Illuminati are generational Satanic bloodlines which have gained the most power. It is not written to provide names for a witch hunt. It is not written to provide another theory. This book is not about a theory. It is about the secret occult oligarchies which rule the world. When brought together, the facts of this book will begin to speak for themselves without me.

God Himself has told us that the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one. Some people after they have read my material have gone out into their own geographic area and seen for themselves that a small group of people control their nation and the world from behind the scenes. They have seen for themselves the power that secret societies exercise from behind the. This book will not be error free. There will be typos, and misspelled names, and errors of various kinds. The author is not God Almighty. This book has not been put out with the luxury of ghost writers, editors, a paid staff of researchers and a large budget.

There is so much for me to communicate about the Illuminati, who they are, what their rituals are like, and how they control the world that it has taken several years of writing to begin to give people a fully cohesive picture. Finally, after a number of requests that I assemble my writings exposing the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines, I have taken the time to put it all together in a book with a comprehensive index. In order to know where we are going, we need to know where we have been. To control the past is to control the present. Jesus spoke about historical things. Paul reminded people of historical things.

Josephus wrote a history of the nation of Israel. Long ago in the dark unwritten pages of human history, powerful kings discovered how they could control other men by torture, magical practices, wars, politics, religion and interest taking. These elite families designed strategies and tactics to perpetuate their occult practices. Layers upon layers of secrecy have hidden these families from the profane masses, but many an author has touched upon their existence. I began my research when I began to get first hand reports from very informed people that an elite group did rule the world.

My investigation into the Illuminati, led me to read and pray about thousands of books. The quantity of books, newspapers, magazines and manuscripts and papers which were read to get me to where I am today numbers in the many thousands. I do not know how many nights I stayed up studying and finally collapsed into sleep with blurred red eyes. I do know that I was driven enough in my study that I often would not stop until my eyes and mind could go no further.

Men and women with sharp intellects like Edith Star Miller author of Occult Theocracy and Alexander Hislop author of The Two Babylons have tried to research the occult world and the connections between the different groups. His book shows that there is a continuity between the ancient occultism of the Mystery Religions and modern day religion. Finally, the book Holy Blood. Holy Grail and its first sequel The Messianic Legacy gave me a deep insightful look into the 13th bloodline. But my understanding has been lifted by countless other investigators, who are worthy of praise because they dared to challenge the power structure to get to the real facts.

One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. One bloodline was in the orient and developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan and the Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then Ashdor, and then Astor. The tribe of Dan was used as a Judas Iscariot type seed. The royalty of the tribe of Dan have descended down through history as a powefful Satanic bloodline. This was the Satanic House of David with their blood which they believe is not only from the House of David but also from the lineage of Jesus, who they claim had a wife and children.

One of the bloodlines goes back to Babylon and are descendent from Nimrod. Down through the years the occult world has remained hidden from the history books. Publishing and education have been controlled privileges. They have ruled behind the scenes. The Mystery Religions each had their secret councils which ruled them, and these councils themselves came under the guidance of a secret supreme Grand Council or Governing Body.

The Mystery Religions in turn ruled the masses and the political leaders. When I first began investigating the Illuminati a clear picture developed that the history books were doctored, and that great power was concentrated in the hands of oligarchies around the world. But who were these powerful people? The history books are full of information about the elites and the masses. Interestingly, upon very close scrutiny and examination the investigator finds that the elite have perpetuated their power for centuries, and have worked hand in glove with other elites to control the. When seen in better light, wars between kings no longer appear as wars between elite factions, but contrived wars to control the masses by their greedy elite masters.

But who are these people? The answer may not be the answer some might expect, because power comes in many shapes and sizes. In fact, due to the evil dark nature of these evil bloodlines they have traditionally tried to remain secret. I am indebted to people who have stepped out of the generational Satanic bloodlines of the Illuminati and who have given their lives to Christ for many of the tips which got my investigations on the right track. This book tells what many witnesses of generational Satanism would like to tell, but are too intimidated to tell.

Witnesses like Tom Collins, and John Todd, and David Hill have tried to testify what they themselves saw—they each were destroyed. But the truth will not die with Tom Collins or David Hill. Several people from different places have confirmed that there are 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Further, several ex-Illuminati people have confirmed my list of It is possible that my list is off on a name or two, but if it might be off, it can not be off much, if any. I believe the facts speak for themselves.

As you study these bloodlines you will also see how powerful they are. David Hill, who was investigating the Illuminati, lost his life because he had been close to the inside as a high ranking Freemason who worked for the Mafia. David Hill had done what I had originally done. He had asked questions and began to dig into who pulled the strings in this country. Both David and I discovered the names of some of the more obvious powerful families. However, this is only double talk designed to bolster the superstructure of delusion that Communists are the enemies of all Capitalists.

But each round of validation I have received is a pleasant encouragement that others have seen the same things.

Wolf of the Present (Spirit of the Wolf Series Book 2)

It was a pleasant surprise to see that this researcher had singled out some of the same families as I had. Some of the allied families if not all of them probably have intermarried somewhere with one of these bloodlines. Because this book is a collection of things which I have written over the years allow me to review what was written. This book is a collection of things, I, Fritz Springmeier, wrote between and about the top 13 families.

Besides feature articles about the top 13 families, I have also written articles about the Illuminati in general. Volume two will explain how the Illuminati control the world, and what some of their beliefs are, and about their secret and semi-secret organizations. The two books will provide perhaps the most indepth complete picture of the 13 top Illuminati families that has been done to date.

In fact, I know of no other book which is devoted to exposing the top 13 Illuminati families. The original founder of the Astor fortune was John Jacob Astor John Jacob Astor was a butcher in Walldorf. In , he came to America after a stop over in London, England. Although the story is that he came to America penniless—and that may be true—he soon joined the Masonic Lodge, and within years had become the Master of the Holland Lodge No.

This Holland Lodge is a prominent lodge in that many of its members have good connections to the Illuminati elite. An example of just one Lodge 8 member is Archibald Russell, , whose father was President of a real hotbed of Illuminati action for many years: The Royal Society of Edinburgh. By , Astor was a master of masonic lodge 8.

This is rather interesting considering Astor could not speak Englishwhen he arrived in America, and supposedly was very poor. If this man lacked social graces and was so cold, and was so poor during his first years in the U. Certainly not because of his social graces. For instance, one time later in life at a meal given for elites, when his hands got dirty at the table he reached over and used the shirt of the man beside him to wipe his hands.

The original financial break came by carrying out a series of shady and crooked real estate deals in the N. The next breakcame when two men who are now known to have been in the Illuminati gave John Jacob Astor a special government privilege. The two men were Pres. Jefferson and Secretary Gallatin—both Illuminati members.

The United States government had placed an embargo on all U. But Astor got special permission from these two men for his ship to sail with its cargo. Astor strangely profited greatly from the War of , which crippled almost all the other American shippers. Astor also worked together with George Clinton, another member of the Illuminati, on land deals. Even at that period in history, British intelligence worked for the Committee of and for the Thirteen Top Families, it is interesting then, that John Coleman who had access as an intelligence agent to secret documents, discovered that the original John Jacob Astor was also a British secret agent.

The Thirteen Families have very intimate roles with the American and British intelligence cults. Prior to , John Jacob Astorentered into the fur trade and remained the biggest player in the fur tradeuntil he got out of it in Over the years, he had managed to build up a monopoly. How he managed to push everyone else out is a good question. Bear in mind, white people had been trapping furs in the New World for several centuries, and the Indians for who knows how long. Then this guy Astor comes along and in a few years totally owns the whole industry! Again this could only have happened, because the occult power of this Astor family gave them the right.

Obviously, others in the Committee of had to step aside, if his position in the hierarchy had not given Astor the right, believe me the other families that originally controlled the fur trade would have gotten rid of Astor. One result of his fur company, was that Astoria, OR was created.

Today, perhaps in honor of the family that originally took interest in it, Astoria is a real hot-bed for the secret Satanic covens in Oregon. John Jacob Astor did have a few helpful connections. Three of his relatives were captains on clipper ships. He had connections in London to the Backhouse family.

He married a Todd, a family frequently associated with Satanism. His wife, a Todd, was also connected to the influential Brevoort family. And finally for some reason, John Jacob Astor was also on good relations with the politicians of the day, perhaps because most of them were Freemasons too. For a few years John Jacob Astor had participated in the opium trade, but in he publicly quit running opium to China.

The Story of the Committee of , p. It is clear repeatedly from history that Astor was privy to inside information in the government, and maintained his own courier system. John Jacob Astor bought up large amounts of land in NY which land greatly increased in value. The Financial Panic of allowed him to foreclose on a large number of mortgages. Astor had a reputation for being a ruthless landlord. He also had the reputation of not paying his legitimate debts. Astor became a banker, and sat on the board of 5 directors of the new national bank that Hamilton created for the U.

Astor owned a large block of the stock of the Bank of the United States. Astor also was fairly active during his life as a Freemason, holding several more key positions in the secret lodge life. John Jacob was the richest man in the United States. History of the Great American Fortunes. Stationers Hall, , p. In contrast, to some of the other top families, the Astors perferred not to sit on boards of corporations they controlled. After making their fortune while residing in the New York area, the Astors by and large have all gone to England.

They still wield great financial power in the United States through proxies. Today, my estimate of the Astors is that they are worth about 40 billion dollars. The Vincent Astor Foundation has typically given to Catholic and Episcoplian needs, among other things. They also give money to agencies opposed to private ownership of guns.

Imagine how much influence that gives them, when the library is receiving regular help for general support? A Foundation Directory stated that the V. Astor foundation had its present emphasis on preventing juvenile delinquency. Vincent Astor now deceased was a member of 41 private clubs, To give an idea of how much power just one of the many Astor men wield some of the businesses Vincent was involved include:.

Atlantic Fruit and Sugar Co. Chase Manhattan Bank of the Rockefellers dir. City and Suburban Homes Co. Classical Cinematograph Corporation dir. Great Northern Railroad dir. Central Railroad dir, Inter. National Park Bank of NY dir. NY County Trust Co. Sciences notice these last two like so many elite controlled organizations are heavily involved in the spread of the evolution theory. Just like the Rothschilds, DuPonts, and Rockefellers, the Astors always set one of their Astor males as the head of the entire family.

This headship is passed down as a birthright within the different branches of the family, just as any King passes on his throne. On the corner of 33rd St. The hotel opened in Mar. Of course, like many of the other elite famIlies, the Astors have theIr Maine property to get away and relax. In , John Jacob wrote a novel A Journey in Other Worlds where he describes a society which operates on the idea of conserving energy. The higher levels started creating innocent sounding cover organizations to hide their meetings behind.

In , the Astors contributed toward the creation of the Pilgrim Society, which was the cover organization for Amer. I believe at least five Astors are now members of the Pilgrim Society. This implies that Astor of Hever was at least the next level up in the chain of command.

In Britain, the Astor, along with about 20 other families dominate the Group, just as certain families like the Whitneys in the U. Again, as was earlier pointed out, the key to understanding Satanism is the bloodlines. In , the muscle and bone branches of the Illuminati reconfigured themselves with the creation of the Round Table groups in The Astors were the part of the financial backers behind the Round Table groups along with Abe Bailey. Rhodes and Milner were key players is setting up The Society of the Elect, a supersecret top circle of Illuminati.

Rhodes Trust in part helped by the Astor, helps finance the Rhodes Scholarship system. Rhodes a high ranking Freemason wanted the Masonic clap-trap as part of these various new groups, but Milner and Brett did away with the Masonic rituals and costumes, etc. Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes Scholarships to recruit and bring top men from several nations to Oxford to be initiated into the Illuminati and to learn about how to bring in a One-World-Government, So the initial selection into the Rhodes program—ist degree of the Illum.

In the picture you see how the Cliveden Astors were intimately connected to the Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes Scholars frequently went to the Cliveden Estate. By looking at the genealogy chart you can see how the family in London broke up into two powerful segments. One part centered around the Cleveden Estate. The London Times was largely controlled by the Astors, and since they have owned this major source of British news. The DuPonts and the Rockefellers also have some major businesses where they too own blatant large holdings.

However, most of the wealth of the 13 Top families is hidden so that the ties to who owns it are difficult to track. Hoyt Ammidon has been a proxy for Vincent Astor and the other Astors. See membership list of Illuminati in this newsletter. The puppet strings behind big world events may not be seen by the public, but if we trace the origins of several big events we see the Astors helping pull strings. The Astors also were behind the appeasement policy in Europe which allowed Hitler to become a threat.

The temperence movement was an elite created movement just like today we have big issues like Aparteid which are made up by them to keep us busy. Joseph Kennedy and Onassis, two other top 13 Illuminati families got rich off of the temperence movement by bootlegging. If he had been a scoundrel he could have chased a woman and her children from some lifeboat. Many sermons have been preached on the significance of the Titanic, and I personally am beginning to feel that God laid it on the hearts of so many of his ministers to understand that the Titanic was a judgment upon the pride of the world.

Another Illuminati invention was Communism. The Fabian Society was also connected to the Illuminati. For instance, Illuminati prince Prof. That is not what it will be. A confidential program that the PEP created and implemented through the British government was later described in a book Principles of Economic Planning in Waldorf was the Mason that was mentioned earlier who helped lead PEP.

After Nancy Astor was elected or selected by the elite to be the first lady MP, one of the Russell ladys soon afterwards also became an MP. Communism pretends it is the enemy of the rich capItalists, but both the rich elite and the communist leaders are committed to wipe out Christianity, to wipe out free trade with monopolies, and to set up an Illuminati One-World-Government.

Do you see they have similar goals? The Astors were not treated like enemies but like royalty. Can we see how the elite controlled press have deceived us? Do not trust our Illuminati-controlled elite to protect us from communism, they control communism. Besides socialism, Nancy Astor was a big supporter of Christian Science. Christian Science was a front for witchcraft from Its very beginning. She used Grenfell family papers. The Grenfell family were close friends to the Cliveden Astors.

David Astor, The Honorable attended Bilderberger meetings in and Alpha Lodge is the lodge in England that is traditionally for royalty. There are other elite lodges too, where the those of the elite, can protect themselves from rubbing shoulders with those of less social stature. These are the type of masonic lodges that the Astors Join. Ava Alice Muriel Astor was an occultist. She was born in , was pretty but also a very serious woman. She was a very strong willed person that was able to dominate a person in her presence unless they were also strong willed.

She was into Egyptian magic and believed she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and a disciple of Ikhnaton. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World as a picture of things that were to come —most people think as a expose, but it was really more as a plan or blueprint Aldous Huxley and Alice did a great deal of occult things together.

Their financial power is unchecked. Myers and others have noted the Astors are above the law. The Astors may have Illuminati Kings and Princes in their ranks, they may have dozens of billions of assets, yet it will all be nothing when they face their Creator at judgment.

For the record here is his masonic involvement:. Master of the Holland Lodge No. Prior to Be Wise As Serpents, the existence of thirteen top families was not known by very many people. Berry Smith of Australia wrote in his book Final Notice p. These families are portrayed as the 13 layers of blocks found on the strange seal on the reverse side of the U. I was able to get a copy of the book, and was overjoyed to find such an excellent book. My sources have been telling me that the top Illuminati families were behind the drug trade. The following families besides others or individuals from these families are mentioned in Dope Inc.

It should be mentioned that some other prominent Illuminati families also play key roles in the drug trade such as the Bronfmans, Cabots, Shaws, Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, Cisneros and Oppenheimers. Where have we seen such names before? There are names in Dope Inc. All our favorite secret fraternal groups appear in Dope, Inc. John, and the Jesuits. I did not present much to back up my statements about the 13 families. Further, One of the unthinkable items that most people do not want to consider is that their leaders who they have idolized may be utterly corrupt. There was nothing to do but sit down and give the nitty-gritty details if the threat from the Illuminati was to be properly understood.

The facts would speak for themselves. The ideal solution for both writer and reader was for me to write up my research and for you to read it as a series of articles. There is only so much a person can assimilate at once, and these articles give lots of details. In January of this year I began a series of articles on the top 13 families — families which the top experts said nobody knew about. I did this with the hope of stimulating others to notice these families, and to alert a wider sector of the Body of Christ.

The young colleague David J. Smith, who wrote part of the Jan. Most of the material put out on the Astors shows the unmistakable mark of distortion by writers and historians giving information in line with what the Astors wanted the public to get. Books on the Astors contain both believable and unbelievable material, fact and fiction, Some of the real facts may remain obscured forever, but that has not stopped us from getting the most accurate picture we could reconstruct. The Astors do not make the task of investigating them easy.

They have been very secret and very deceptive since they arrived In this nation. The truth, they suspected, lay somewhere between the two extremes. The Astors have come up with various origins for themselves and those for or against the family have added more ideas. One strong possibility is that the Astors are descendants of the Astorga family found in Southern Italy before the s.

Her name is also Semiramis. In Babylon the trinity was Nimrod the sun , Semiramis the moon , and Tammuz the morning star. In Egypt, these gods were called Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The family may have moved from Savoy to Walldorf, Germany. At that time in Europe, the Astor family had no chance to turn their occult power into success. The power and class structure In Europe was rigid and gridlocked. The boundaries between peasant and aristocracy were solidly in place. So the family looked to the New World to transmute their position in the Satanic hierarchy into financial wealth and power.

Johann Astor In Walldorf was only a butcher. At age 16, John Jacob Astor quit helping the family butcher business, went to England and then later to America. Looking at the details of things, and piecing the truth together it appears that his Satanic authority was already in place, because he was able to travel to England, and as a german-speaking peasant converse face to face with the Backhouse family in England.

Of course the biographers make it sound like John Jacob Astor left Germany for himself, rather than his family. The process of years looks like this. Various Satanic families moved into the Southwest German area in the late Medieval time period. Witchcraft associated with Diana was practiced In Southwest Germany, and this began to alarm various elements of the Roman Catholic church.

The Astor family provides leadership in the covens in the Heidelberg area. Witchcraft spread virtually all over Southwest Germany. An examination of the old records from about to show that witchcraft was being practiced throughout the area. I have the names of over towns were it was practiced in SW Germany, the list derived from old German records.

The Astors did not have the position, wealth, and power that accorded their position in the late s of occult leadership. In Germany, England and France there was no way to climb the social ladder. However, the New World presented opportunities. The Astors sent two sons to prepare the way for John Jacob, one to England, one to America, and then sent John Jacob their most promising brightest son to the New World. While in America the Astor family helped the Satanic elite headquartered in England to maintain its control over America.

After establishing themselves as aristocrats in America, the tribe of Astors moved to England, where because of their high social position in America, no one questioned the Queen bestowing titles of nobility on them. All along the process, people with Illuminati connections opened doors for the Astors. At this point, it needs to be pointed out that there were ties between the following groups: Taking the liberty I have as author of this article, I am going to digress to give some examples of these connections.

When one paints in the bigger panorama of what was happening in the occult world, and then one sees a blazing star streak across that panorama, then the real history of that blazing star is given by tracking its voyage through that panorama. However, the history books have intentionally hidden the significance of so many of the players and groups that lay along the track of that blazing streak.

The reader may ask what does this have to do with the Astors? This is simply a few brief look at the background of what was happening in the occult in Europe. He visited the various royal courts, such as the court of Marguerite de Valois. Marguerite was married to King Henry of Navarre. Her mother was the evil Catherine de Medicis. Sir Francis Bacon also met with many secret societies. According to the best biographer of Sir Francis Bacon, who was Alf red Dodd Alfred spent his entire life studying SIr Francis Bacon , Sir Francis Bacon was initiated into a large number of secret occult societies when he was on the continent of Europe.

He learned kabbalistic magic, Egyptian mysticism, Arabian mysticism, and the customs of the German Steinmetzin. This information has been provided to give some feel for how the occult in Europe was in contact with its various parts, and that its tentacles included many of the royal families. When the connections became known between the Satanists of the Hell Fire Club and the elite of Freemasonry, Freemasonry and the elite made some radical moves.

First, Freemasonry publicly proclaimed that it had nothing to do with the Hell Fire Club. Later, quietly the club was reconstituted. He was an M. P, in the House of Lords. In , he left England and was a basically brought into ill-repute by the Masons, who distanced themselves from him. Benjamin Franklin, who was the head of the American Freemasons in various capacities, and also the head of the Rosicrucians and a number of other secret occult groups was also a member of the Hell Fire Club. Remember that John Jacob Aster was very involved with Freemasonry, as were a number of his intimate friends such as N.

Their positions as Post-Master Generals allowed them total access to the mail, and allowed them to spy on the communications of the 18th century. P, in the Br. Parliament, was the Mason John Wilkes. John Wilkes took over in in was Lord Mayor of London. The next Post-Master general was the totally corrupt man the Earl of Sandwich, who served until Ordo Saturnus—This is an old secret satanic German order. In the last few newsletters, I have been educating people on the meaning of Saturn.

John Jacob Astor IV had a reputation for his insatiable sexual lust to paw women. Jeune may well have belonged to an organization such as Ordo Saturnus. At any rate, he got involved in British intelligence which has always been closely linked to Freemasonry and the elite. He spent time socially with the Backhouse family which an aristocratic family. How do you suppose such a supposedly destitute young man could be accepted so easily into the Backhouse social scene? This is not explained by modern biographers. His brother Henry met him when he arrived in at age 20 and introduced him to the occult world in New York City.

John Jacob Astor set out to bring the fur trade under his own control. There is a tact that must be faced. The privilege of fur trading was a pot of gold so to speak that the Committee of gave Astor, and it could only have happened because the Astor family in Walldorf was already part of a principal satanic bloodline. The Illuminati members of the Astor family today use their influence to help those of the Illuminati in their dope trade. John Jacob married Sarah Todd. Such people … make history, but they also pervert it in human terms because their world and the codes that govern it have nothing to do with morality.

Dynasty The Astors and Their Times. DeWitt] Clinton rose unusually fast in the degrees, but the German Immigrant [John Jacob] who talked at times as if he had marbles in his mouth was not far behind him. Furs by Astor, p. Archibald Russell of the Russell family, as well as two members of the elite Livingstone family were members of this lodge too at the time. The Livingstone family were participating in the Committee of at that time. One of my Masonic reference books states that business at the Holland Lodge No, 8 was conducted in German.

If so, why were all these other men involved with it who apparently had English as their mother tongue? Thomas Jefferson, who I have now come to realize was a part of the Illuminati, was in on the plot. The plan failed miserably due to a variety of reasons. Another item that was missed in the earlier article was how John Jacob Astor profited by using his own courier system and powerful friends to profit from the War of Astor knew the War of was coming and he set himself up to profit from it in several ways.

His Masonic brother and friend John A.. Armstrong helped the British war effort as the American Secretary of War. Astor himself helped the British when he could profit by it. The two illuminati Jefferson and Gallatin gave Astor special sailing privileges which netted him much profit. When war was declared against Great Britain, Astor sent agents to the British forts in Canada to inform them. This gave the British advance knowledge of the war, before the Americans troops knew.

This was essential for Astor to get control of the fur market, because then when the British furs were embargoed he had less competition. He obtained special permission from the President to import all furs owned by him and held in Canada before the war. He used thIs permission illegally to trap new furs. When the war ended. Astor was able to heat everyone else to Europe with his furs and make a killing.

Astor cleared his name of shame, by sending Washington, D. John Jacob Astor traded in guns, and his firearms were used in at least one-Latin American revolution. Bear in mind Latin-American revolutions have all been planned in Masonic Lodges. When employees of John Jacob Astor would trap for or trade furs with the Astor fur houses, they would he paid with letters of credit. Then Astor agents would he sent out to ambush and kill them, so that the Astor Fur Company could save money.

The deaths were blamed on Indians. This was the son of John Jacob Astor.

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  • He was infamous for his hank treatment of thousands of people who rented from him in New York. There were repealed riots by tenants who were opposed by the harsh filthy living conditions in the buildings Astor owned, but their complaints were consistently ignored by Astor and their riots suppressed by the police. Only half of the children of his tenants lived to age The Astors were deeply involved with the Tammany organization.

    The government at that time was a pack of corrupt men. When Wood was exposed, Astors involvement was overlooked. This is another example of Astor power. He was the son of William Backhouse Astor. He was just as haughty, just as cruel, and just as corrupt as his father and grandfather had been. The Tweed Ring stole millions of dollars from the city of New York. Most of the Astors took off for England, but one branch of the Astors that is clearly involved in Satanism and the occult is the Chanler family. The Chanler family is one branch that clearly shows all the earmarks of the SatanIc hierarchy.

    The Rokeby mansion that the Chanler family lived in was a haunted house of the first rate. Fairies, ghosts, signs and potents, and all type of occult activity takes place at this mansion, When top rx-Illuminati members who have managed to escape Satanism describe their home life, they mention that occult phenomena was a natural part of home life. This certainly is what life has been lIke at the Chanler Rokeby mansion. The Chaniers are not well known publicly but have been part of the social scene of the elite. John Armstrong Chanler-married mystic novelist and morphine addict Amelie Rives.

    A Pride of Lions p. Due to his obsession with this practice and a business fight with his brothers they put him in an insane asylum. He finally did get released. One has to wonder what the whole story was behind the incarceration. His eye color would change when this spirit worked through him. Margaret Livingston Chanler retained the rights to Rokeby. She married into the Aldrich family, which is another Illuminati family.

    The Aidriches now own Rokeby. William Chanler was a friend of Tom Foley who was the Tammany district leader of the Irish-Italian district east of city hall. Another friend was Jack Follansbee. The Hearst family is in the Illuminati. The Roosevelt family has been connected to the Delano family which Is a Black Venetian Noble family that goes back for many centuries.

    The lives of these families also intertwine with the Astors. Examples of the interweaving are: In our revisit to the Astors, we have examined in more detail the early life of John Jacob Astor and his connections to Satanism. We have touched on his son and grandson who led the Astor famIly after John Jacob died. We have seen more of their meanness and connections to corruption. We have looked at the Chanler family, a branch of the Astor family which is part of Satanism. We also looked at how the Roosevelts and Delano families have been associated with the Astors. Who and what kind of family are allied with the top 13 llluminati bloodlines?

    The Iluminati seeks to capture the occult power of powerful occult bloodlines around the world. They have intermarried with American Indians to gain the spiritual power resident within the leading spiritual American Indians. Various Indian reservations are used for llluminati rituals. They have been doing this type of thing for thousands of years.

    Powerful families around the world participate on different levels with the Illuminati. Some participate on a business level- such as the various crime Mafia type families around the world. Mafia families might not subscribe to the occult philosophy but they do recognize power and business. An example of this would be the King of Nepal. The King of Nepal rules aver a poor Hindu kingdom.

    The British empire has done a great job in trying to make Nepal dependent upon them. Nepal was given British protection, their leading families were given British educations, and their leading tribe of warriers, the Gurkhas have been serving as British mercenaries. Should the King of Nepal break loose from his advisers and take an anti-NWO track, his throne could be taken away via revolution, or invasion. However, the trump card in sucking nations like Nepal in, is to create conflict like the Cold War and then apply Hegelian dialectics.

    Many nations around the world have been forced to cosy up with the British and Americans, because of the cold war. Secretly manufactured and secretly controlled international conflicts are a great way to take away the independence of some of the smaller nations. The King of Nepal has for many years feared invasions from either India or China. There is no need for Switzerland to participate in Hegelian dialectics. An example of this is how the Rothschilds progressively destroyed the Romanovs the Russian Imperial Family. The families that control Switzerland go back to Venice. Some of the Phnariot families of the Byzantine have had enduring powerful lineages.

    Families from these groups have tended toward Satanism Gnosticism or cults that are not Christian. In this category, we can mention Darius Socinus of Venice. Note also that the Warburgs, who work so closely with the Rothschilds, are descendents of Abraham del Banco, an old banker in Venice. The Warburgs in turn are related to the Rosenbergs of Kiev, Russia.

    The powerful bloodlines diversify into different last names, but some of them still have enough visibility that they can be halfway tracked by their modern names. Sebastian Cabot who father was John Cabot was in turn descended. Giovannia Caboto was a member of a powerful family in Genoa. In modern times, the Cabot family has been active in politics and intelligence agencies for the NWO.

    For instance, Thomas D. Paul Cabot was a director of J. Your ruling families in Western Europe tie back to William of Orange. There is a powerful arabic connection to the Illuminati. Men like Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah are very knowledgable about arab magic and occult practices. Sirdar Ikball Ali Shah has written at least 70 books on magic and occultism. These families keep track of their genealogies, and certain members of these occult families know the histories of these families. I believe that a history of the top thirteen llluminati families is the key to understanding history.

    Further, many of the allied families are top level flunkies for the families with the real power. Some people have tried to put the Rothschilds in this category, but such thinking is nonsense. Not only do I have too many eyewitnesses who have come from the inside of the IlIuminati who say the Rothschilds are one of the top, but one can also point to how much control and wealth the Rothschilds exercise.

    The process of history has been to increase their control and wealth. The Rothschilds are not flunkies for some other more powerful family. I believe that an investigator will do himself a favor in tracking down the ties a family has with the top bloodlines and how that family interacts with the top families. This is the principle behind why history books discuss royalty so much.

    The Illuminati control the Watchtower Society. Yet, Fred Franz had grown very old, was blind and stayed in his bed. Apparently Salih may be from an Iraqi Jewish bloodline. He wears big rings and has expensive tastes. Salih was the channel through whom the llluminati could pass their decisions for the WT onto the Governing Body and Bethel staff. My knowledge and research is limited. So much more work can be done to uncover the evil works of darkness that collaborate to destroy the Christian faith.

    Hopefully articles like this will serve as spotlights on the Jekylls and Hyde that ravage our land. And that seeing their opponents better, Christians will avoid the many secret spiritual undertows that drown so many. In the s one of the most famous criminals was a serial killer named Ted Theodore R.

    It is not publicly known why he killed so many innocent victims. Elizabeth wrote down his confession as he gave it to her over the phone. The force would just consume me. Madrona Publishers, , p. Who was Ted, and why did he do what he did? There are a great number of unknowns about Ted. And although it appears to the public that the newspapers covered his crimes thoroughly, often appearances can be very deceiving. If Ted Bundy was reiated to the Bundy Family of the hierarchy, we could expect several things almost without doubt, 1.

    Interestingly, when I recently went to research Ted Bundy, every copy all four of them of the book Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer by Stephen G. Michaud had been stolen from the Portland Central Library. One of the other books on him was also missing, and the other was overdue. The University library which is on a different library network was just as bad. I did my research across the border in Washington state. Another category of books that is consistently stolen I have been told by the library staff are books on Freemasonry.

    Another example of how books relating to Satanism or the Satanic conspiracy become rare is when I checked the Thurston Co. Still there are some interesting items about Theodore Bundy. Perhaps someone else will be motivated do the genealogy work, and save me the work. Ted was a law student. A major reason he did so poorly in law school was the immense stress that took place in his life in connection to the time and effort he put into murdering beautiful women.

    Yet, his poor academic performances were no barrier to his political success. Ted does have a number of items that seem suspicious. He was a big Rockefeller fan. For instance in , he was part of the Republican State Committee. He may have been on this committee in other years too. For whatever reasons-whether it be elite connections or his winning personality, it is certain that he had a big political career in front of him as a young person if he had not blown things.

    Second, almost all the serial killers have had connections to Satanism and in every case the media and the police have suppressed or greatly downplayed their connections to Freemasonry and Satanism. For instance, Charles Manson Freemason, O. Could it be that Ted Bundy had a Satanic side to him?

    He did join the Mormon church during the middle of time period of years when he was murdering innocent women, but his motive for joining certainly had nothing to do with sincerely serving God. I have learned that Ted had an interest in Astrology. She was aware that he liked bondage-type sexual arrangements. And Ted was capable of some of the biggest lying and yet coming across totally honest. This type of lying goes on everyday by the Illuminati members who as a habit make boldface lies to the public.

    Ted Bundy was adopted by his father Johnnie Bundy, who was a dentist in the northwest area of Washington State. A few years later they moved to Taunton, MS. A large branch of these Bundys went to Connecticut, and later a few went on to New York. Another group of colonial American Bundys were in North Carolina. This family also surfaces in not so prominent places too. Two of the key early Watchtower Society leaders were Bundys.

    These were Walter H. After this list introducing our cast of characters, this article will get back to discussing the Bundys. More about this later. Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, dir. State Street and Union Trust Companies, dir. New England Merchants, dir. Harvey Hollister Bundy, Jr. Charles Alan Bundy— foundation executive, manager of several companies, pres. Parks, Recreation and Tourism Comma. Coordinating Council for Econ. Dvel, Rotary Club Pres. Garfield, law degree Harvard. Most Americans would not recognize the Bundy family as a powerful elite family. However, during recent history two Bundy brothers held the key positions that controlled most of the information that was fed to U.

    Presidents during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. When Johnson took over after J. Kennedy was assassinated McGeorge Bundy was in the key position as Nat. His brother was in a key State Dept. McGeorge Bundy and his brother William P.