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Mill Mile is a self-guided walking tour and educational platform intended to teach Orient yourself with a quick look at the timeline of Paterson's industrial and.
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Today, the site stretches across 14 acres. The kids will learn about the Industrial Revolution, technology and agriculture. Travel 90 million years back in time to walk with a T. This attraction is only open in the warmer months. At this living history farm, kids can experience what life was like in the fields at the turn of the century.

Do you remember crawling your way through the gigantic human heart at this science haven?

New Jersey

Give your little geologist a thrill as he collects and classifies his own finds. Students in grades one through six can participate in Gaga and the Physics of Motion. Kids 10 and younger can help build a two-story house in the Under Construction exhibit and play hockey in the Flyers mini rink. More than just a garden, this beautiful spot combines both nature and art.

Filled with works of contemporary artists, the grounds have unique sculptures peppered across 42 acres.

Monty Gives A Tour Of Paterson, NJ (Food, Nightlife and More)

This org is dedicated to providing nutritious food to seniors and families with ill children. Kiddos will learn the benefits of fresh produce and a healthy lifestyle with a garden visit, smoothie taste test, planting session and games. This spot boasts guided tours, wagon rides and ice cream.

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Kids will get a first-hand look at what churning butter and feeding chickens was like in the s. This former factory town is now a living history experience where kids can get a glimpse of life in the 19th century. Historic interpreters in period garb give tours and demos about life pre-electricity. Open since the s, this farm is a prime location for learning about growing produce.

Kids can explore the hen house, corn crib and ox barn before viewing the windmill and blacksmith area.

Best Field Trips to Take in the NJ Area

Take a Wolf Watch tour to see the wolves at play, along with bobcats and foxes. This mansion is home to antique furniture, art and a rich history. Get hands-on experience with electricity, amphibians and more at this state-of-the-art science museum. This museum offers field trips for different grades. First graders can tour the historic garden and learn about holiday traditions while older kids get the scoop on plant cycles and composting.

Explore monthly themes like science, space or animals with hands-on crafts and workshops. The Yard School of Art also offers classes in various mediums. Visit the site where George Washington and the Continental Army survived the winter of There are 27 miles of hiking trails, and kids under 12 can go on a scavenger hunt to become Junior Rangers. At this hands-on museum, kids can visit the popular Dreyfuss Planetarium, learn about renewable energy, examine plate tectonics at the Dynamic Earth exhibit and get the on fire safety through A Cry of Fire: The New Jersey Fire Story.

Explore more than exhibits at this Corona museum where students can take a tour of the solar system.

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  8. We especially love Wonderland, where the kids will take a trip down the rabbit hole, and Rocket Room, where they can take charge at mission control. The kids can get a similar game show experience at this Hollywood-themed venue. Options include Line, Shape and Color preschool-grade 2 , where students can see how artists create compositions, Classical Mythology in Art elementary-high school , which includes a visit through the ancient Greek and Roman art galleries or Continuity and Change in Western Art and Culture middle through high school , where students can study art and culture from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century.

    There's plenty to choose from! At this Central Jersey spot, kids can learn about hawks, eagles, owls and other birds of prey being rehabilitated there. Tours of this 19th-century Hunterdon County landmark will take them back in time. While there are events here year-round, go during the fall for spooky ghost hunting tours.

    Kids ages 5 and up and adults!

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    Tours include fossil hunting at Big Brook Park and learning about geology and ecology of the Raritan River. Schiff has 15 miles of trails, acres of protected land and educational programs for mini naturalists. Check out Revolutionary-period artifacts, Depression-era buildings and other historical treasures. Instead, exit ramps for left turns and U-Turns may follow intersections, providing opportunities to return to the desired intersection and make a permitted right turn.

    Also, many signals have a 'delayed' green light following a red, so keeping an eye on the traffic signal instead of observing oncoming traffic is essential. Traffic circles 'roundabouts' are quite common as well along major highways, and exits are not always clearly marked. Some toll bridges along the shore charge vehicles heading in one particular direction only, like toward New York State to the east and toward Delaware and Pennsylvania to the west.

    NJ Transit [14] is a commuter network of trains, light rail and buses connecting communities throughout the entire state. Its website provides a user friendly method of planning your itinerary. The cliffs rise about to feet in areas and give a breathtaking view of New York City across the river. There are also many mountains located in the western portion of the states that are full of many trails.

    You can coast down the Delaware River on a inner tube, go canoeing and more there. No matter what you are interested in, you will probably find it in New Jersey. Fine beaches where you can surf, swim, sunbathe, or play volleyball in the summer, and run, stroll, walk your dog, or fly kites off season. Also if you are someone who enjoys shopping there a bunch of malls with activities going on inside of them, like Jersey Gardens Mall, Moorestown Mall, Bordentown Mall which is just visited for the movie theatre because no one ever goes shopping in there anymore.

    Unless it is an absolute emergency. Then there is possibly one of the most visited Cherry Hill Mall. And to your convenience there is also a skating arena in the area called The Cherry Hill Skating Center. Some skiiing in the Skylands region, hot air balooning in Clinton , and canoeing in the Pine Barrens. Hiking trails and campsites, in the Pinebarrens , northwestern parts of the Gateway Mahwah, Oakland, Northern Passaic, seriously these areas should be part of the skylands.

    Plenty of nature preserves for birdwatchers and photographers. Many bed and breakfasts. Spectator sports, including two professional football teams, horseracing Monmouth Park and at Meadowlands Racetrack in the Meadowlands Sports Complex, and at last count 8 baseball teams, along with Sky Blue Soccer, a new women's professional soccer team. Many museums, concert halls, and historic sites, including George Washington's winter headquarters in Morristown.

    Several college towns, including New Brunswick Rutgers and Princeton. Places of worship for every religon, may offering services in various languages. Virtually any kind of food you can imagine. Nightlife ranging from casinos and headliner shows in Atlantic City , to Albert Hall [19] in Waretown , to clubs in Belmar , to jazz in Madison. For the music fan, you can find indie rock shows happening in Montclair, New Brunswick, Hoboken, and Stanhope.

    Also some amusement parks, and countless places to shop, including main street stores and boutiques, craft shows, antique shops, estate sales [20] , yard sales, flea markets, farm stands, and farmers' markets, as well as several very large shopping malls. New Jersey is famous for its Jersey tomatoes, sweet corn, blueberries, and cranberries, and other fresh produce which every visitor will want to experience in season. That is easy to do, because the state has approximately 25, eateries, more per square mile than any other state in the US. Furthermore, the climate and soils offered there provide for ideal berry growing environments.

    They serve everything from fast food to haute cuisine, including Italian, French, and Asian. Many restaurants, including those of notable high quality, offer a BYOB policy in which it is completely acceptable and even expected for customers to bring their own wine and beer. Call ahead and ask a specific restaurant for more details. The New Jersey diner, frequently cited outside the state, lives up to its hype. Reservations are never taken, they seat patrons promptly, and offer large menus of inexpensive meals, which they serve quickly.

    Most are open 24 hours and breakfast is served all day. Eggs and bacon at 2am are commonplace. Many diners have a significant Greek influence and will serve up a phenomenal gyro. Grape leaves are often available as a side or appetizer. Most large towns in New Jersey have their very own diner, and if you happen to be in a town where there isn't one, there are certainly at least two within a 15 minute drive away. If you don't feel like going to a diner for your New Jersey breakfast, bagel stores are extremely common and nearly all of them bake their own on premises. For the quintessential Jersey experience, try pork roll, egg, and cheese on a bagel.

    Snack foods are also extremely popular, especially pizza, fries, and chicken wings. Other favorites include submarine sandwiches known as a "hoagie" in southern portions of the state, but don't refer to it as that in the north! WaWa and Quik Check are convenience store chains located in the south and north of the state, respectively. This is another popular Jersey option for eating on the go.

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    Newark is home to a very large Portuguese population. Try the local rodizio , a method of Brazilian barbecue, an all-you-can-eat feast of skewered meats that sometimes include more adventurous offerings like chicken hearts! Paterson and Clifton have a very strong Lebanese influence. Restaurants serve up authentic Middle Eastern fare, including shwarma and lamb kebobs.

    There are dozens of hole-in-the-wall markets and cafes that serve exceptionally good Lebanese food, but be prepared to be surrounded by people who only speak Arabic; as such, ordering food can sometimes be an experience!

    For a post-meal indulgence, head to a local hookah bar to smoke the traditional water pipe of Lebanese origin. La Ziza in Clifton is an excellent hookah bar that doubles as a full-service restaurant. Beer and liquor can be purchased in freestanding liquor stores. A small proportion of supermarkets are licensed to sell beer and liquor, however they are the exception, not the rule. Some stores are only licensed to sell warm non-refrigerated beer and malts i. Mike's Hard Lemonade , while others may sell liquor, cold beer and wines.

    Underage drinking is illegal and many disapprove of it, but it is common. Anyone who provides alcohol to a person under age 21 may be prosecuted. Drunken driving is illegal and there is no sympathy for those who do it. Anyone caught driving while intoxicated will be prosecuted, may wind up in jail. Drunk driving checkpoints are extremely common on the shore.

    Be advised that smoking is illegal in all bars and restaurants save designated "cigar bars". There are a variety of microbrews to try. Some liquor stores allow you to purchase indvidual bottles of beer. New Jersey is a fairly safe place to visit. Suburban and countryside areas are very safe along with most Jersey Shore towns.

    Cities are mostly safe but do exercise common travel sense. Some neighborhoods of Camden, Newark, Jersey City, and Trenton are crime prone but it is unlikely that you will visit these areas. As in most US cities, the natives are very territorial. And although sometimes some victims are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is not hard to stay out of harms way. If you are there just to visit try to avoid traveling alone at all times and you will be fine. Newark, thanks in part to the actions of a very dedicated mayor, has become much safer than in years past and harbors a blossoming arts scene that includes fine arts at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center entertainment ranging from Itzhak Perlman to Louis C.

    While mentioning that you are spending an evening in Newark may be met with some curious glances from New Jersey residents wondering why you would ever go there, one can attend an arts event, park close by, and return completely unharmed. Paterson, while being a bright spot for multiculturalism and adventurous foods, has been especially prone to muggings and carjackings in recent years. While it is generally safe to cruise around during daylight hours, lock your doors at all times, and be especially vigilant at night.

    New Jersey has the highest density of car ownership in the United States so expect crowded highways and the occasional irate driver. Many major highways are under construction for expansion purposes, resulting in delays. Traffic tends to move well above the speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike, The Garden State Parkway, or other highways and you can expect to be tail-gated when driving in the left lane. Best to stick in the middle or right lane if you don't like that sort of thing.

    Although the media and other sources portray residents as "rude" and "loud," most natives are proud of their state and are more than willing to help a tourist with directions and other tips. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance. Some areas - especially the famed Jersey Shore - are very used to tourists. Under no circumstances are you to import firearms into the state without consulting both the New Jersey State Police and proper legal council prior to your trip.

    There are a few legal exceptions that must be followed strictly. New Jersey does not recognize any out-of-state gun licenses and there are no gun offenses that are graded below a felony. Police are known to enforce these laws vigorously, and if caught with an illegal firearm you will be prosecuted , even if you are just a hunter traveling through. Although the Federal "Assault Weapons" Ban has expired, New Jersey still has a state ban on numerous firearms, ammunition, magazines and other weapons that are legal in other states.

    Police are allowed considerable discretion on what "reasonable" is. Stops for fuel, food, or restrooms are "reasonable".