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Jesus is the Only Way - Is Jesus the only way to heaven? What about the people who have never heard about Jesus? Learn more.
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His inclusion of 'other ways' was interesting, but well recieved, because sometimes in order to understand something, you need to see the opposite. This book is enlightening and challenging. I recommend for anybody who wishes to grow in their spiritual walk. May 19, Fred rated it it was amazing. I think this is the best book in this series so far. It is informative but also formational. It is prophetic but also generous in tone. Peterson examines the Way of following Jesus by comparing Jesus to Moses, David, Elijah and Isaiah two Isaiahs actually which is interesting for a book in the Evangelical tradition.

This is comparison by addition, showing how what these others started Jesus completed. He also compares Jesus to Herod, Caiaphus and Josephus. This is a brilliant idea. Peterson sh I think this is the best book in this series so far. Peterson shows that there were many other ways to follow God in the first century which included, political opportunism, withdrawal, self promotion and violence. Jesus and his followers consciously rejected all of these. It wasn't that they didn't know how to take over the government or fight off an army or blend into the culture.

They did and they could have. But they did not, nor should we. Oct 16, Jasonlylescampbell rated it really liked it. I have about 20 pages left. Peterson really understands that we are an information happy society He believes that life should be more personal and so I really think that part of his wandering, story-filled way of writing is to force us out of those robotic habits. He wants a conversation like he says in the title and he intends to have it. It is much more like reading goo I have about 20 pages left. It is much more like reading good fiction I still think Christ Plays is the best, but this one is very good as well.

Jul 02, Al Gritten rated it it was amazing. While we often say that we believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, Peterson says that if we want to know the Jesus truth, and have the Jesus life, we have to live the Jesus way.

What did Jesus mean when He said, “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John )?

He explores what makes the Jesus way different, looking at not just Jesus, but at the way others, such as Moses, David, Elijah and more, lived the Jesus way in their lives. I like the way Pe While we often say that we believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, Peterson says that if we want to know the Jesus truth, and have the Jesus life, we have to live the Jesus way. I like the way Peterson writes and this book is not only insightful, but offers some interesting historical information as well as a challenge to a deeper spiritual life.

Dec 06, Josh rated it really liked it Shelves: Of the series so far, I still like Christ Plays the best. There are so many gems in Peterson. He is my mentor from afar. He gets my imagination going and my soul invigorated to follow Jesus. I will leave a single quote in my review: No religious skills that any of us acquire will ever produce resurrection, and no spiritual strategies that we work out Note to self: No religious skills that any of us acquire will ever produce resurrection, and no spiritual strategies that we work out will ever produce resurrection.

Following Jesus doesn't get us to where we want to go. It gets us to where Jesus goes, where we meet him in resurrection surprise: Sep 03, Blake Chenoweth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eugene Peterson challenges all Christians in this book to think about if we are complacent in our christianity. He writes with a frankness and great insight to those who would be comfortable sitting in the pew instead of living in the presence of God. He starts by describing how if Jesus is really the way we should start living like that. Then each chapter deals with a different character and what they learned about God and how they point to Jesus being the way.

A great book to continue the seri Eugene Peterson challenges all Christians in this book to think about if we are complacent in our christianity. A great book to continue the series. Challenging yes, but the heart Peterson has for Jesus shines brightly. This is my second attempt through this book. So I have to knock it down a bit for being a bit unstructured and meandering. But I did "get it" this time. Overall I think the last of 3 sections was the best. It is focused on the alternative ways Jesus could have lead using the other political, social and religious movements of Jesus' day.

Full review on my blog at http: Sep 11, David rated it it was amazing. Another insightful book by Eugene Peterson. He walks slowly through the Old Testament and shows how the characters and stories of Judaism point the way to the Messiah. However, it is not the messiah that everyone expected. Peterson then compares the way of the Christ with his contemporaries: Josephus, Herod and Caiaphas.

They each represent the modern way of self promotion and making ones own way in the world. This book is like a running commentary on the Bible. I will have to reach for it every Another insightful book by Eugene Peterson. I will have to reach for it every time I study a character in the Old Testament. Like his translation, The Message, Peterson finds insights into the stories that are not obvious to the casual reader.

A great book to read slowly. It is broken down into small sub-chapters which makes it a great book to use as a daily devotional. Requires commitment to the topic to finish. I found the historical material interesting. Basically, Peterson takes us through some Old Testament prophets and how they predicted the way of Jesus and were faithful in their context. Then he takes us through Jesus life in the time of Roman rule and Herod s. Finally, Peterson provides some information on those who chose not to follow Jesus' example and forge their own path e.

Mar 08, Brent Harris rated it it was amazing. Oh my, Eugene really hits hard in this book. Our modern cultural blindspots, failures and distorted views of the Way of Jesus are left bruised and battered after this beautiful and critical review of our understanding of the Gospel and way of Jesus. Many of our protestant lenses are called out for being disembodied from practice. Oct 18, Lisa Lewton rated it it was amazing. He encourages a biblical imagination that really engages readers in the stories of Abraham, Moses, and even Josephus. Aug 18, Sharon rated it it was amazing. Be sure to have a marking pen ready, you will surely want to mark some passages to remember.

Jesus said "I am the Way". The sub-title is "A conversation on the ways that Jesus is the way. Some interesting historical information as well.

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Mar 28, Matt Garm rated it really liked it. A great book on what it means to follow Jesus, using examples from Scripture on what this looks like and doesn't look like. While the content is fantastic, the book is often bloated and overdone with illustrations, examples, and unnecessary detail. Overall, a great and important read. Jul 02, Liza rated it it was amazing Shelves: I truly appreciate Eugene Peterson's writing.

Intelligent, beautiful and frequently profound. Aug 28, Austin Bauer rated it it was amazing. A must read for every Christian. Really enjoyed this book by Peterson and now want to read more of his books. Loved his insights on Jesus being The Way.

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Every one of us will be resurrected just like Christ was and live forever in perfected bodies after we leave this life. Jesus Christ Is the Way Learn how one woman's life was transformed from darkness and despair to hope and happiness through the teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ. The pain that comes from mistakes and heartache in life can be overcome because of Jesus Christ. View other testimonies about these truths on mormon.

Each of us will be resurrected and overcome physical death regardless of what we do in this life. But we have to do our part to overcome spiritual death.

God Provided a Savior

To be forgiven of our sins, we need to repent and increase our faith in Jesus Christ throughout our lives. He is the only mediator between us and God. To be without Christ, he says, is to be without hope Eph. In the first three chapters, he shows how all men are sinners under the wrath of God.

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Paul reasons that since there is no salvation except through Christ, there is no salvation for those who never hear of Christ. No man deserves salvation. God did not have to give us any way of salvation at all, and He is totally just to give us only one way — His way. God makes it perfectly clear: We cannot know God by human wisdom or philosophy Col. Because our minds are spiritually blinded by sin. The fact is, we are running from God, not trying to find Him Rom. We need truth, not merely sincerity. One can believe something and be sincerely wrong. It is a matter of life and death.

Nor can any of us earn the right to know God. Good works are indeed our duty, but they do not earn a ticket to Heaven Eph. No man can ever come to know God by saying enough prayers, contributing to charity, fasting, attending religious meetings, lighting candles, trying to keep the Ten Commandments of the Golden Rule, being baptized, joining a lodge, or any other good work or ritual.

God grants us the high privilege of knowing Him and His forgiveness solely by His free love and mercy. We could never do enough good works to merit that. Also, this salvation is received by faith alone, not by human merit Gal. Incidentally, this means that salvation is not achieved through repeated reincarnations and paying our debt through karma. That is Hinduism, not Christianity. There is no reincarnation Heb. We die physically but once. There is, on the other hand, resurrection. Sometime in the future, all of us will be raised from the dead and stand before God to be judged.

Only Jesus Christ can help us. We get ready for that day now by faith in Christ. There are two things that make Jesus Christ the only way to God. The first is who He is. Just who is this Jesus of Nazareth? Well, for one thing, He was a perfect man. He was the only human being ever to go through life without ever once sinning.


Furthermore, Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. He Himself said so John 8: He was thus the God-Man. He was the only man to be God, and this was the only time God became a man. This too distinguishes Him from Buddha, Mohammed and all other religious men. Being God in the flesh, He alone is the perfect revelation of God Heb. God is invisible, but in Jesus Christ we can now see God John 1: But Scripture also says that Jesus is the only savior.

He is the only savior, for the simple reason that He alone is God. No mere human being can save us — no priest, rabbi, pope, guru, or prophet. They promise much but deliver nothing. The priest with his beads and candles is not any better than the witch doctor with his feathers and bones. They are not in the same class with Jesus. Secondly, Jesus is unique because of what He did. He died as our substitute: Remember, He was sinless and did not deserve to die. None of us can pay our debt to God, even by death and Hell.

But Jesus paid our debt for us by dying on the cross and suffering the wrath of God in our place. Furthermore, He rose from the dead I Cor. Karl Marx did not die for our sins, and neither did Buddha. God says over and over that He alone is the one true God e.