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Lupinus, commonly known as lupin or lupine, is a genus of flowering plants in the legume Tools. What links here · Related changes · Upload file · Special pages · Permanent link · Page information · Wikidata item · Cite this page.
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Lupine has grey-green leaves covered with soft, silver hairs. Leaf blade consists of 5 to 28 narrow, pointed leaflets. Flowers grow in dense clusters or open whorls on the spike above leaves. Lupine produces blue, purple, red, yellow, white or two-colored flowers. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds are main pollinators of the flowers. Fruit of lupine is hairy, soybean-like, curled pod.

Pod is filled with up to 20 seed that are released via fast, explosive split of the pod. Seed usually land few feet away from the mother plant.

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Survival of Karner blue butterfly in the wild depends on the blue lupine. It lays eggs on the blue lupine to overwinter. Caterpillar hatches during the spring and uses leaves of blue lupine as a major source of food. It grows and transform into pupa. Butterfly emerges from the pupa, ready to start the cycle all over again. Name lupine originates from the Latin word "lupus" which means "wolf". It refers to the old belief that lupine exhausts nutrients and ravages land like a wolf.

Despite its name, lupine is actually able to improve quality of the soil. It lives in symbiosis mutual beneficial relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria that enrich soil with nitrogen. Lupine is often planted near the squash, cucumber and broccoli to improve quality of the soil and facilitate growth of these plants. Lupinus formosus Greene — summer lupine var. Heller Lupinus francis-whittieri C. Lupinus fulcratus Greene Lupinus gachetensis C. Lupinus geophilus Rose Lupinus gibertianus C. Lupinus giganteus Rose Lupinus glabratus J.

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Agardh Lupinus goodspeedii J. Watson — Sierra lupine Lupinus grauensis C. Lupinus guggenheimianus Rusby Lupinus hamaticalyx C. Watson Lupinus hazenanus C. Turner Lupinus hirsutissimus Benth. Heller Lupinus hornemanni J. Agardh Lupinus hortonianus C. Jones Lupinus huachucanus M. Jones Lupinus huancayoensis C. Lupinus huigrensis Rose ex C. Don Lupinus hyacinthinus C. Baker — San Jacinto lupine Lupinus hybridus Lem. Heller Lupinus isabelianus Eastw. Lupinus jahnii Rose ex Pittier Lupinus jaimehintoniana B.

Turner Lupinus james-westii C. Watson Lupinus klamathensis Eastw. Agardh Lupinus kuschei Eastw. Eddy lupine Lupinus latifolius J. Agardh — broadleaf lupine var.

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Dunn Lupinus laudandrus C. Heller Lupinus lindenianus C. Agardh Lupinus linearis Desr. Watson Abrams — longleaf bush lupine Lupinus lorenzensis C. Lupinus ludovicianus Greene Lupinus luetzelburgianus C. Lupinus luteolus Kellogg — butter lupine, pale yellow lupine [47] Lupinus lutescens C. Heller Lupinus lyallii A. Gray — Lyall's lupine subsp. Cox Lupinus macbrideanus C. Lupinus macranthus Rose Lupinus maculatus Rydb. Jones Lupinus magniflorus C. Dunn Lupinus malacophyllus Greene Lupinus malacotrichus C. Gray Lupinus melaphyllus C. Agardh Lupinus meridanus C. Lupinus microcarpus Sims var.

Heller Lupinus monensis Eastw. Lupinus montanus Kunth subsp. Lupinus mutabilis Sweet — Andean lupin, pearl lupin, South American lupin, tarwi , tarhui , chocho Lupinus nanus Benth. Heller Lupinus nehmadae C. Lupinus neomexicanus Greene Lupinus nepubescens C. Heller — Nevada lupine Lupinus niederleinianus C. Watson Lupinus nonoensis C. Lupinus nootkatensis Sims — Nootka lupin Lupinus notabilis C. Lupinus nubigenus Kunth Lupinus nubilorum C.

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Heller — bluntlobe lupine Lupinus ochoanus C. Heller — royal Mojave lupin Lupinus onustus S. Watson — Plumas lupine Lupinus opertospicus C. Heller — Oregon lupin [52] Lupinus oreophilus Phil. Lupinus pachylobus Greene Lupinus padre-crowleyi C. Lupinus parvifolius Gardner Lupinus pasachoensis C. Lupinus paynei Davidson Lupinus pearceanus C. Mason — Peirson's lupine, long lupine Lupinus penlandianus C. Lupinus persistens Rose Lupinus peruvianus Ulbr.

Lupinus physodes Douglas Lupinus pickeringii A. Gray Lupinus pilosellus Eastw. Watson Lupinus platyptenus C. Lupinus polycarpus Greene [54] — smallflower lupin Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. Phillips Lupinus poopoensis C. Lupinus potosinus Rose Lupinus praealtus C. Agardh Lupinus protrusus C. Jones [56] — hairy bigleaf lupin Lupinus pseudopolyphyllus C. Lupinus pusillus Pursh — rusty lupine or dwarf lupine subsp. Lupinus reitzii Burkart ex M. Jones Lupinus rowleeanus C. Heller [57] Lupinus rubriflorus Planchuelo Lupinus ruizensis C. Lupinus rupestris Kunth Lupinus rusbyanus C.

Heller Lupinus salticola Eastw. Lupinus saxosus Howell — rock lupine Lupinus schwackeanus C. Lupinus sellowianus Harms Lupinus sellulus Kellogg [58] var. Cox Lupinus semiprostratus C. Dunn Lupinus shastensis Lupinus albicaulis Lupinus shockleyi S. Lupinus simulans Rose Lupinus sinaloensis C. Watson Lupinus smithianus Kunth Lupinus solanagrorum C.

Heller Lupinus soratensis Rusby Lupinus soukupianus C. Agardh Lupinus stiversii Kellogg — harlequin annual lupine Lupinus storkianus C. Lupinus submontanus Rose Lupinus subsessilis Benth. Koch — succulent lupin, arroyo lupin, hollowleaf annual lupin Lupinus sufferrugineus Rusby Lupinus suksdorfii Robinson Lupinus sulphureus Douglas subsp. Phillips — Kincaid's lupin subsp. Lupinus tatei Rusby Lupinus taurimortuus C.

Watson Lupinus uncinatus Schltdl. Heller — open lupin subsp. Heller Lupinus vargasianus C. Lupinus verbasciformis Sandwith Lupinus verjonensis C. Lupinus vernicius Rose Lupinus viduus C. Lupinus westianus Small var. Heller Lupinus aegr-Aovium C. Lupinus albicaulis Douglas ex Hook. Heller Lupinus amniculi-cervi C. Heller Lupinus aralloius C. Agardh Lupinus axillaris Blank. Jones Lupinus bassett-maguirei C. Don Lupinus bimaculatus Desr. Presl Lupinus blankinshipii A. Heller Lupinus blaschkeanus Fisch. Dunn Lupinus brittonii Abrams Lupinus caespitosus Nutt.

Koch Lupinus campbelliae Eastw.

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Lupinus capitatus Greene Lupinus capitis-amniculi C. Lupinus chachas Ochoa ex C. Watson Lupinus christianus C. Lupinus clementinus Greene Lupinus comatus Rydb. Lupinus dasyphyllus Greene Lupinus davisianus C. Lupinus dichrous Greene Lupinus dispersus A. Heller Lupinus dissimulans C.

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Watson Lupinus ermineus S. Watson Lupinus falcifer Nutt. Lupinus fieldii Rose ex J. Lupinus gratus Greene Lupinus gredensis Gand. Lupinus guadalupensis Greene Lupinus guadiloupensis Steud. Agardh Lupinus habrocomus Greene Lupinus haudcytisoides C. Lupinus helleri Greene Lupinus hexaedrus E. Nelson Lupinus humifusus Benth.

Lupinus inamoenus Greene ex C. Baker Lupinus indutus Greene ex C. Baker Lupinus insignis Glaz. Smith Lupinus integrifolius L. Lupinus jucundus Greene Lupinus kellerrnanianus C. Lupinus lacticolor Tamayo Lupinus lacus-huntingtonii C. Lupinus latissimus Greene Lupinus laxifolius A. Gray Lupinus leptostachyus Greene Lupinus lesueurii Standl. Pascual Lupinus markleanus C. Lupinus marschallianus Sweet Lupinus mearnsii C. Lupinus meridanus Moritz ex C. Smith Lupinus mexiae C.

Jones Lupinus micheneri Greene Lupinus milleri J. Agardh Lupinus minearanus C.

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Lupinus minutissimus Tamayo Lupinus molle A. Heller Lupinus mollissifolius Davidson Lupinus monettianus C. Cooper Lupinus obtunsus C. Heller Lupinus pendletonii A. Heller Lupinus perconfertus C. Jones Lupinus plebeius Greene ex C. Baker Lupinus prato-lacuum C. Lupinus propinquus Greene Lupinus proteanus Eastw. Lupinus psoraleoides Pollard Lupinus pumviridis C. Heller Lupinus pygmaeus Tamayo Lupinus quercus-jugi C.

Lupinus regius Rudolph ex Torr. Gray Lupinus rhodanthus C. Lupinus sativus Gaterau Lupinus scaposus Rydb.

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Watson Lupinus sinus-meyersii C. Lupinus stiveri Kellogg Lupinus stoloniferus L. Lupinus subhirsutus Davidson Lupinus subvolutus C. Nicholson Lupinus trifidus Torr. Watson Lupinus tristis Sweet Lupinus trochophyllus Hoffmanns. Heller Lupinus variegatus Poir.

Heller Lupinus viridicalyx C. Lupinus volcanicus Greene Lupinus watsonii A. Heller Lupinus westiana Small Lupinus wolfianus C. S Afr J Bot. Multiple continental radiations and correlates of diversification in Lupinus Leguminosae: Testing for key innovation with incomplete taxon sampling.

Systematic Biology 61 3 Phylogenetic relationships in Lupinus Fabaceae: American Journal of Botany 86 4 , Alkaloid profile, antibacterial and allelopathic activities of Lupinus jaimehintoniana BL Turner Fabaceae. Archives of Biological Sciences 64 3 , Lupins as Crop Plants: Biology, Production and Utilization.