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Some speakers use the older local name: There is some discussion about this topic at: Until , the official name of the country currently known as Iran was Persia, though the Persian people have called their country Iran since the Sassanid period AD.

There's further discussion about this at http: The language had evolved into what we know as Middle Persian by about BC, and was written with the Pahlavi , Manichaean and Avestan alphabets. There are also ways of writing Persian with the Latin alphabet. In Tajikistan Tajik has been written with a version of Cyrillic alphabet since Between and it was written with a version of the Latin alphabet, and before then with the Perso-Arabic alphabet.

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Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Designed for people interested in learning standard Farsi, this comprehensive dictionary of the Farsi-English languages contains more than 12, entries and definitions as well as pronunciation guides, word types, Current phrases, slang, idioms, scientific terms and other features. The Dictionary is fully updated with the latest lexical content. None of these imperfective tenses has an equivalent in English, though and Romance languages have only an equivalent for the Persian's past imperfective.

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The past imperfective is also used in conditional tenses and as with "conditionnel" of French, it is used to make polite expressions that's why this tense has been mentioned in the primer: I'd like a glass of water. Note - Because of a vowel harmony, the negation prefix "na" becomes "ne" before "mi".

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Therefore, we say nemiraftam rather than expected namiraftam. However, in Afghanistani and Tajikistani Persian, this change hasn't occurred and they still say namiraftam. Regarding usage, the present imperfective has taken the place of this tense. The free form is usually for emphasis and it is the bound form, which is normally used e. Persian has a "future simple" tense but it is not used in spoken Persian.

Persia Club Dictionary Farsi - English

An imperfective tense can also express a progressive continuous action because a progressive action is incomplete imperfect. Therefore, for example "minevisam", which is in "present imperfective", besides "I write", can also mean, "I am writing" depending on the context. Progressive tenses only appear in affirmative sentences and they have no negative form. For negation, the imperfective form of the verb is used. As stated before, the negative conjugation is formed with the prefix na: As with "present perfect", rafte budam literally means "I was gone". If you consider "gone" as an "adjective" rather than a "past participle", you should be able to understand this construction and its meaning.

English doesn't practically have any subjunctive tenses and therefore, Persian's subjunctive tenses cannot be exactly translated into English. Therefore, translations are given in French. In English we say "I want to go" but in Persian "to go" does not appear in "infinitive" but in present subjunctive: We can assume that there is a relative pronoun ke that after "I want" that causes the second verb to appear in the subjunctive similar to French que i.

In any case, this construction is used very much and you should learn it well. The Persian number system is very similar to that used in Arabic, exceptions being the symbols for four and five. Confusingly, the numerals used in Latin derived languages are called Arabic numerals and those used by in Arabic and Persian languages are called Indian numerals.

Persian numerals are written from left to right unlike their alphabetic script. Note - There are two ways to express "and" in Persian. Tip - In Persian, nouns are not pluralized when a number precedes them.

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  7. The plurality is clear from the "number". Therefore, we say, for example:. Tip - In Iran, weeks begin with "Saturday" and end with "Friday". So, the holiday is "Friday" and the weekend starts from "Thursday". Iran uses a solar calendar with the New Year on the vernal equinox March 21 on the Gregorian calendar.

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    Years begin with "spring" and end with "winter". The first six months have 31 days, and the last five have 30 days each. The final month has 29 or 30 depending on whether or not it is a leap year. Leap years are not as simply calculated as in the Gregorian calendar, but typically there is a five year leap period after every 7 four-year cycles.

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    Year 0 of the calendar corresponds to in Gregorian. For example, today Monday, August 11, is:. Notice - In Iran, there are no car rental agencies. Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! Retrieved from " https: Has custom banner Guide articles Phrasebooks. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 4 August , at Text is available under [http: Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view.

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    Pronunciation guide [ edit ] The Persian writing system derives from that of Arabic , extended with four letters to denote the sounds not found in Arabic. This is a guide phrasebook. It covers all the major topics for traveling without resorting to English. But please Plunge forward and help us make it a star!