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News Promoportal-germany. „Devil Don`t Care“ hat wunderschöne Southern Rock und Blues Rock Instrumentenlinien und Ein kleiner „Ausreißer“ ist „Mein Licht“. .. Ich habe Respekt vor meinem bisherigen Werk und mag es sehr gern, doch jedes Mal fühle ich den Drang und 16 Sage Nein (Bonus-Version) (feat.
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The ship of fools, as Barde Reinhard May aptly sings about it, is going full speed ahead. By the way, this chatterer is the same person who killed a disabled wheelchair user in a pedestrian zone! And the general director, Dr. Why the 9th Symphony in particular? For the same reason, why the deceivers made it the European anthem! In the first verse it says, among other things: Whether the interpreters of Beethoven and Schiller knowingly misuse our immortal masters for their low ideology or have not understood them at all is irrelevant.

Their work of digging through the Chemnitz case is symptomatic of the lie press. That can hardly be assumed, because induced madness irreparably eliminates logical thinking. Did the chief agitator apologize? Let us review the events in Chemnitz: Patriots have always been hunted down and threatened with loss of life and limb by the criminal Antifa financed by the FRG system.

In short, whatever foreign criminals do to Germans is glossed over, played down and lied over in the Chancellery, in the party offices and in the editorial offices. But woe be if for the victims — and these are all Germans except the recently slaughtered — people protest angrily but peacefully, as in Chemnitz!

Anti-German racism in its purest form! This verse by Schiller is, unfortunately, also suppressed:. Das hat Herr Seibert [ihr Papagei im Kanzleramt d. Sogar eine gesunde Integration? Und der Generalintendant Dr. Warum gerade die 9. Kaum anzunehmen, denn induziertes Irresein schaltet logisches Denken irreparabel aus. Entschuldigte sich der Chefhetzer? Lassen wir die Geschehnisse in Chemnitz Revue passieren: Antideutscher Rassismus in Reinkultur. Die BRD eine Bananenrepublik? Nein, es ist die Ochlokratie des deutschhassenden Merkel-Mobs. Coudenhove-Kalergi, Leipzig , S. In patriotic and Truther circles, the Bilderberg are usually called the secret world government, but this is not entirely correct, for in their background there is a completely different, essentially more powerful group that pulls the strings unrecognized from the highest position in world politics — dark figures with black coats and large black hats.

It should be noted about these people that although they are among the most unscrupulous strategists and executors of the Jewish-Masonic establishment, they do not constitute its top leadership. The Rothschilds and their Lubavitschers are the spiritual elite of Judaism and for a long time have been the true rulers on earth. They form the core of the Illuminati, i. The dark figures of the Lubavitchers have unlimited sums of money at their disposal, they have direct access at will to almost all royal houses and governments worldwide including the Russian government!

They have thousands of liaison emissaries and institutions schools, seminars, day camps and other internal facilities of their organization in over a hundred countries of the world including Russia and Germany! Shortly before his death, Chief Rabbi Schneerson gave a public instruction to his followers to understand: The Teutons are the sons of Abel. The Jews are identity thieves] has to lead at the end of time: As black as Raven is the fate intended for Muslim peoples. For a long time it was a puzzle who the successor of Chief rabbi Schneerson was, but since autumn the name and address of this person are known in insider circles.

Why not send some nice little letters to this Master string puller from the realm of darkness. James de Rothschild and Rabbi Chajim Jehuda Krinsky are the most powerful grey man duo in the world today. They form the head of the KRAKE and are the top secret string pullers behind the scenes of world politics, where all the threads of Western secret services and secret societies converge. We would like to expressly point out once again that the Rothschilds and their Lubavitschers are ice-cold and hard-boiled, working solely to bring about the fulfillment of old Jewish prophecies in this day and age!

A crucial and deciding question for the further development of world politics is how great the influence of Lubavich and Freemasonry is on the Russian leadership and especially on Vladimir Putin today. A higher, holistic-spiritual philosophical view does not see the phenomena and processes of life through the dualistic glasses, but grasps them in a triple way, in a dialectical sense.

Mike Walsh [ mailto: I took the decision to sell independent of Scamazon after the book giant pulled two of our books. With backing from investors and gifters I have set-up up our own publishing house. We also have two blockbusters up our sleeves and details will follow. We are publishers, you are our news distributors.

Because otherwise it makes little sense not to make peace with Germany!.. I have written about this before, but I want to condense it one more time for clarity. I am going to write in a form as if all I am writing were facts, though only some are said to be, to make the linguistics easier.

They are only assumptions by others and by me. For this reason alone the German R eich has not perished. If you already know some of my blogs about UFOs, believe that the UFOs flying around up there are manned by Germans separated from the Third Reich in actually their descendants , then you are already one step further to consider that my proposed connections are possible.

There are also 2 well-known German historical researchers who say the Germans live on the Mars and the Moon. I have not researched into it. I think Germany is more and more hated by politicians because this Third Power exists and is far superior in the skies than the All-lies. This powerlessness makes the Americans very angry. Otherwise it makes less sense not to make peace with Germany! So far the Third Power is unbeatable. Compare this to all the other Axis powers; they all have received it shortly after the end of the war! I was quite surprised when U.

Is that not a threat? Is that not a further threat against the German people? I think there is a secret war going on. Maybe he has too much Jewish blood! So far we have found out that his grandfather was a Jew and had close financial ties with the Jews. And to make it so, I think, is one of the purposes in the defamation of the Germans. Because of all the odd behavior against the German people, by the German government actually a foreign occupation government almost always run by Jews, and Merkel is a Polish Jewess-Communist , the Turkish government, the U.

The great German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, an outspoken oncologist, said:. And the murder of the Germans continues with wild mongrels from the Third Worl d already for decades, and more so than ever now, who are specially imported for this purpose by the anti-Germans. That Daiichi was set with bombs that exploded the reactors, and that the earthquake was smaller and deliberately misstated and not the cause of the meltdown, is claimed by activist Jim Jones on his website. If it was not so horrific, one could enjoy these adventurous claims.

Very soon thereafter, nuclear contamination by water and air currents has spread and spreads endlessly throughout the world. In order to understand the horrific deed and possible connections, one must know that the Old Testament teaching is for the Jews to destroy all nations. So here is my logic:.

Korruption der Eliten

If the Jews will be punished with cruel torment and death by their God details written out for the Jews in their scripture for not exterminating all peoples on the earth except their own people, as their scripture says, then they surely think to take all peoples on earth into death with them. I believe this is the central cause of the disasters brought about by people who are criminally insane due to thousands of years of evil indoctrination and lies by their forefathers about a God who was invented only as the impetus for their people to genocide and have victory over all surviving non-Jews: Use deception, lies, defamation, rape, theft, robbery, perjury, murder, pedophilia and whatever else, as long as it gets you to victory.

How about that for a brain twist? The German researcher on delusional religions, Wolfgang Eggert, has written about the delusional ideas of world annihilation by the rabbis Chabad Lubavitch. This group has been harassing and coercing all American presidents in recent decades, as well as the leaders of many countries to bow to them. They are incredibly rich and powerful. Fukushima was the first Samson Option Act, and the second was to follow shortly. Surely you know the strange story of Germanwings flight 4U, the alleged suicide and murder of the passengers by the pilot Andreas Lubitsch on March 24, Well, to people who are seeking the truth, it is clear because of the many statements by experts and pilots, that this story about the suicide of Mr.

Lubitsch in the Germanwings crash cannot be true. At the moment when I heard about this crash a stab went through me, and it felt like an attack on Germany. It takes a certain time to become aware of connections, even if one has known the details for a while because we are busy with hundreds of things. The scenario is as follows:. The plane had a time bomb on board, was remotely controlled from a certain point on jets can be remote controlled already for decades , and was steered toward the big dam in France to ram it, exploding the bomb on board, and break the dam so that a huge flood would be triggered which would finally cause a meltdown at the French nuclear reactor nearby, due to the power failure caused by the flood YouTube Kai aus Hannover.

But, before this could happen, someone shot the plane down, apparently the French. Or was it perhaps taken down by the Third Power? TV his face and body disguised to claim that 3 bankers were in the flight and the intention was to murder them because they planned a big money transaction without the consent of the dark powers.

Perhaps it is so. A fourth banker changed his flight for himself suspicious. But then I had second thoughts at that time and thought afterwards that his statements a man from the East-perhaps he is Russian could be false and meant as an incitement to hatred against America. It could also be that both claims are true, the murder of the 3 bankers and the plan for the dam destruction. People who have access to certain facts and files should investigate that!

If this is so, that the plane was aimed at the dam, and this planned Nuclear Meltdown attack did not succeed the first time around, then we can be sure a repeat attempt or a similar attack somewhere is coming. Unfortunately this is the situation in a world run by the criminally insane! Lubavich Jews Setting Up Armageddon. Pilot Speaks on Germanwings. Wenn sie das nicht glauben, dann lesen Sie bitte trotzdem weiter denn andere Vermittlungen sind wichtig….

Es ist schon deshalb allein nicht untergegangen. Das verschweigen die Medien und heutzutage, nehme ich an, zeigen Atlasse wahrscheinlich dieses Deutsche Reich nicht mehr an. Aber ich habe einen Atlas der es zeigt. Wenn Sie auch nicht an die deutschen UFOs glauben, aber sehen dass die Deutschen von ihrer eigenen Regierung immer als Feind betrachtet wird, Sie sollten weiterlesen. Das Letze Bataillon Wird Siegen! Bis jetzt ist die Dritte Macht unschlagbar. Deutschland enthielt keinen Friedensvertrag.

Vergleichen Sie das mit all den anderen Axis Maechten; sie haben ihn alle kurz nach dem Ende des Krieges erhalten! Kurz und buendig, die Alliierten sind noch im Krieg mit Deutschland, oder sollten wir sagen mit der Dritten Macht? Aber ich denke es ist mehr als das; ich denke es ist Aggression.

Vielleicht hat er zu viel Judenblut! Leuren Moret einst mit Lawrence Livermore Lab. Das Szenario ist wie folgt:. Bevor das passieren konnte, wurde das Flugzeug von jemanden, anscheinend den Franzosen, abgeschossen. Vielleicht wurde es auch von der Dritten Macht vernichtet?

Vielleicht ist es so: Vielleicht ist es auch so? Warum sollten sie nicht auch den Reaktor in Frankreich zum Schmelzen zu bringen um ganz Europa schneller zu vernichten. Leute die Zugang zu gewissen Tatsachen und Akten haben sollten das nachforschen!

Kampf Gegen Fukushima oder Tod. Besuch auf Hawaii Toedlich! The UFOs are always taking part where there is big action. They are controlling the skies. I have seen them on several air shows. Sie kontrollieren den Himmel. Ich habe sie schon mehrere Male auf air shows gesehen. Wir wissen nicht ob sie nur beobachten nach schmutzigen Bomben oder Atom bomben suchen oder ob sie eigentlich angreifen. Shen Sie sich doch mal die Gesicher genauer an, obwohl das Gesicht nicht immer bestimmend ist. Das ist alte deutsche Weisheit:.

Ueber die alten Germanen in Palestinien, siehe auch: Sie vergeben links und rechts Oscars, Literatur- und Friedensnobelpreise. Es scheint mir, dass die Deutschen nicht wissen, wie man das macht, oder ich sollte vielleicht sagen, dass sie nicht mehr wissen, wie man das macht. Leute zu loben, ist etwas, das ich in den Vereinigten Staaten gelernt habe, wo ich viel gelobt wurde. Aber ich war damals keine politische Bedrohung fuer die Amerikaner, weil ich Politik und Geschichte gemieden hatte. Und die Juden kannten die wahre Bedeutung dieses Satzes, aber wir haben es nie richtig verstanden.

Das ist nicht der Fall. Unter solchen Bedingungen kann der Mensch leicht manipuliert und ausgenutzt werden. Sicherlich, kontrolliert uns keine Kreatur da oben. Die Deutschen zwischen und 8. Mai wurden von ihrem Kanzler Adolf Hitler geliebt. Und wer spricht das letzte WORT? Und wer sind die Bankiers? Sie haben ein Ziel. Dasselbe geschieht in den oberen Schichten der Freimaurerei. Sie sprechen von unserem Schicksal. Und wir haben geschwiegen. Nicht Gott, sondern ein Mann. So wie Adolf Hitler. Aber er wurde rechtzeitig weggeschickt und ueberlebte somit. Bald wurden die Deutschen abgeschlachtet und vertrieben.

Israel ist ein altdeutsches Wort. Ich denke, sie schlossen von sich auf andere und ihre Ehrlichkeit und ihr Anstand waren der Verworfenheit des Juden nicht gewachsen. Sie wollen es aber nicht glauben bis sie shwer hereinfallen. Das war wahrscheinlich damals ihr Untergang und ist es heute. Wenn Sie sich, z. Aber die Germanen waren die ersten kultivierten Fuehrer der Aegyper. Ich denke um nicht zu verraten dass es Bilder von Germanischen Gesichern sind.

Sein Gott ist Satan. Einige Rabbiner geben dies sogar zu. Das tun sie seit Tausenden von Jahren, und so ist es genetisch bedingt geworden. Ich denke jedoch dass jeder der bei NASA arbeitet in einer kleinen Schachtel operiert und nur einen Teil des Jobs macht ohne zu wissen in welchem Betrug er verwickelt ist. Der Deutsche ist jedoch anders. Sein Gott ist Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit, aber dieser Gott existiert nicht in der Judenwelt, und so scheint es, dass der Deutsche vergeblich stirbt.

Oder vielleicht auch nicht? Ich bin doch in Adolf Hitler verliebt, unseren Vater! Na tionalso zi alismus. Fast niemand scheint das zu wissen. Ich denke in letzter Zeit ich sollte es mehr benutzen im Zusammenhang mit dem ehrenhaften Verhalten der Nationalsozialisten um somit seinen Ruf zu verwandeln. Ich hoffe dass es meinen lieben deutschen Freunden auch so gehen wird wie mir: Ich wurde sofort von Angst ergriffen. Sollte ich es wagen einzutreten? Ich fand fantastische Informationen, die mich inspiriert haben: Sie kam aus England und musste wohl in Zehntausenden von Arbeitsstunden zusammengesetzt worden sein.

Diese Manifestationen sprachen zu meiner germanischen Seele, der germanischen Gerechtigkeit und der Liebe zu allen Mitmenschen. Ich liebe dich, ich liebe dich, wie die Amerikaner es tun; unsere Liebe ist oft still und von guten Gedanken und stiller Bewunderung umgeben. Tut mir leid dass sie alle so stumpf sind. Ich kenne auch Mitstreiter deren Familie mit ihnen mitmacht. Das Wort Nazi soll wieder einen ehrenhaften Klang bekommen.

Die Nationalsozialisten waren gute Faschisten. Ich fing meine Recherche damit an wie viele Bomben auf Deutschland geworfen wurden; das war am Bis zu 10 Millionen Verletzte und 25 Millionen Obdachlose. Kann man sich ueberhaupt vorstellen was die Deutschen durchgemacht haben? Die Diffamierung der Deutschen, so merkte ich, wird ganz subtil gemacht und zwar so subtil, dass es den Amerikanern die ich darauf aufmerksam gemacht hatte gar nicht bewusst war. Sie sehen es einfach als normal an dass die Deutschen so und so dargestellt werden weil sie in ihren Augen so sind.

Hier ist ein Bild von Juden im Krankenhaus Auschwitz. In Deutschland wurden solche von der alliierten Besatzung mit Schamlosigkeit indoktriniert. Und wenn sie sogar welche gewesen waeren, waere es ein Verbrechen gewesen sie zu ermorden ohne ein gerechtes Gericht. Die Nazis haben sich keine Schuld zukommen lassen. Das schlimmste Verbrechen der Nazis soll ja der Holocaust sein. Leider wissen die meisten Menschen es nicht: Aus ehrenhaften Menschen machten sie die schlimmsten Teufel. Warum sollten wir unser Hakenkreuz nicht mit Stolz zeigen? Wir sind Deutsche, Germanen.

Genau deshalb verbieten es die Juden. Die SS Kommander in Auschwitz geboten den deutschen Soldaten die Juden im Lager nicht zurueckzugruessen denn sie sind nur verachtenswert. Was die uns angetan haben, ist so gross man kann es fast nicht auflisten. Und weil sie als ein falsch anklagendes Folk viele meiner alten und wertvollen Freundschaften, meiner Familien- und Verwandschaftbeziehungen ruiniert haben sie bekehren sich alle zum Holocaust Glauben , sind mir die Juden widerlich, und ich meide sie wie die Pest.

I am in love with Adolf Hitler, our father! Almost nobody seems to know this. I hope that my dear German friends will be feeling the same as I do: The title page was beautifully done with a unique red-pink background color and many pretty swastikas. The word Nazi was terrifying for me years ago, just like the word Swastika. I was immediately seized by fear. Should I dare to enter? With a pounding heart, as if committing a crime, I decided to click on the side, after all, I was researching the Second World War and thought I should probably swallow the bitter pill.

I found fantastic information that inspired me: Speeches by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg and others; videos of the newsreel at that time; old Germanic history, classical German music, and many photos of National Socialism. The home page had a wealth of information that I could have used for my research, but shortly after my visit the page disappeared. It came from England and must have been put together in tens of thousands of working hours.

When I found out that Poland and not Germany had started the war, that England and France had turned it into a world war by declaring war on Germany, that the United States had secretly bombed German ships in neutral seas about a year and a half before December 21, , and that the Holocaust was a fraud, the word Nazi and the word Swastika, which I once thought frightening, became something I loved.

These manifestations spoke to my Germanic soul, to Germanic justice and to love for all fellow human beings. We Germans do not express our love for people by walking around and saying to everyone: I love you, I love you, as Americans do; our love is often silent and surrounded by good thoughts and silent admiration. I have not talked to many people about the true German history, because here in the United States people are very biased about German history, and that simply means the Germans were the devils and the Americans the soldiers of Christ.

When I did that, most of them became cold toward me from then on, or even avoided me. America the rogue state! Because in the past my efforts from person to person were all for nothing but personal harm to me.

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And I feel the same way with my German family in Germany and my American family here. I am sorry that they are all so blocked in their mind about this subject. My home page, however, is here to offer the opportunity to find the truth for those who seek it. I also know fellow truth fighters whose families join in with them. I practice it in my own way. The word Nazi needs to get an honorable reputation. There is good fascism and bad fascism. The National Socialists were good fascists.

Almost free houses were built for families, state paid cruises and holidays were given away to the Germans, construction of many Catholic and Protestant churches paid for by the state, and certainly a thousand other good things. I love everything I have learned about the Nazis, except of course the lies about them. I started my research with how many bombs were dropped on Germany; that was on September 11, , because when I saw the Americans running away from New York in fear and horror, I wondered what it was like for the Germans under a hail of bombs.

Can one even imagine what the Germans went through? Next, I read some speeches by Father Adolf Hitler and saw the love and concern for his German people and was thrilled about him. I had to agree right at the beginning with an American who runs a historical home page and wrote to me: As for the Holocaust, I felt my whole adult life long in the U. I almost never watched TV. I then began to be ashamed of being German, although when I first came here I was proud to be German.

The defamation of the Germans, I noticed, is done quite subtly, so subtly that the Americans that I spoke to about it were not aware of it. They just see it as normal that the Germans are portrayed in such and such way. I noticed that of course because I came from Germany. The German is, or still was, in general so noble that the German mass would never have allowed the murder of Jews.

But nothing bad could have happened because the Church Sisters and The Red Cross sisters were regularly present at the camps. Here is a picture of Jews in the Auschwitz Hospital. In Germany, such were people indoctrinated by the Allied occupation with shamelessness. Just as the Jewish law in the Talmud commands: Nuremberg was not a just court but a Kangaroo court.

They wanted a scapegoat and invented one. It was part of the annihilation scheme by England since to eliminate the economic competitor, Germany. The Nazis are not guilty of anything. They were always honorable and proud, just and decent. Of course there are some evil people in every society, but they were then also despised and punished by the good people, if they were caught. The worst crime of the Nazis is said to be the Holocaust. Unfortunately, most people do not know this: But the big problem is that the media are almost only in the hands of the Jews and they spread their lies without end.

Dealing in and pretending and spreading false truth is an expression of the Jewish soul. These traits culminate in Hollywood movies and their media of all kinds. Under such circumstances they have triumphed over the reputation of the Nazis by turning Truth around. Out of honorable people they made the worst devils. From the experiences of their most horrible Jewish crimes and sexual crimes in the Soviet Union, they made Nazi crimes out of them in their films and books.

Of the most inhuman and perverse sexual torments that the partisan fighters led by Jews inflicted on friends of Germans and on Germans in European and Eastern European countries, they made Nazi crimes out of it. The best people were dragged into the worst filth in Jewish novels, Jewish writings, and by Hollywood gangsters.

We are Germans, Teutons. German spears from the Bronze Age carry our symbol, and you can see that if you take a look at the right column here. The Swastika is another symbol that is defamed by the Jews and nowhere else can it be publicly depicted without negative consequences. It is an ancient symbol of the White race, just as the Jewish star is claimed by the Jews as their ancient symbol although even that they stole from the ancient Teutons. How dare those Jewish swine forbid us to use our old symbols! That is exactly why the Jews forbid it.

This symbol carries our old German soul all white souls within itself. If one becomes aware of these things, then the impertinence of the Jews is simply outrageous. The SS Commanders at Auschwitz ordered the German soldiers in the camp not to respond to the Jews greeting them because the Jews are to be despised. What they have done to us, is so huge one can almost not list it. And because as a folk of false accusers, they have ruined many of my old and valuable friendships, family and kinship relationships they are all participating in the Holocaust religion , I am repulsed by the Jews, and I avoid them like the plague.

War Gustav Jung Jude oder nicht? Ich weis es nicht. Die einen sagen so, die anderen anders. Auf diesem Bild hat er eine typisch juedische Nase. Seine Frau hat typisch juedische Augen. Dabei muss man bedenken: Oft haben sich Juden zur christlichen Religion bekehrt sind aber innen und hinter verschlossenen Toren Juden geblieben. ~ Niger ~ Search Date: _07_12

Sich als Christ zu bekennen gab ihnen grossen Einfluss und leichten Umgang im deutschen Volk. Jung vollzog nach dem Sieg der Alliierten im Zweiten Weltkrieg eine schnelle Kehrtwendung und half mit bei der Verankerung der gegen das deutsche Volk gerichteten Kollektivschuldthese. In einem Aufsatz vom Sommer schrieb er:.

Deutsche zeigen Bilder von ihren von den illegalen Eindringlingen ermordeten geliebten Menschen. Chemnitium ist eine deutsche Stadt im Westen Sachsens. Die ehemalige Reichsstadt befindet sich im Erzgebirgsbecken, am Nordrand des Erzgebirges. Chemnitz ist nach Besatzer-Recht eine kreisfreie Stadt. Die Stadt Chemnitz hat nichts Besonderes an sich. Das waren meine ersten Gedanken, als ich durch die ostdeutsche Stadt lief. Ich nutzte einen Teil meiner Zeit, um die Stadt besser kennenzulernen. Liegt das an den aktuellen Ereignissen, oder war die Linke in Chemnitz schon immer so aktiv?

Es war mein erstes Mal, dass ich an so etwas teilgenommen habe. Ich habe noch nie zuvor an einem Protest oder einer politischen Veranstaltung teilgenommen. Andere schienen die Arbeiterklasse zu sein. Dann waren da noch die Leute, die, um ehrlich zu sein, wahrscheinlich Neonazis waren. Sogar in Wut griffen die Demonstranten die Polizisten nicht an. Ich war sehr erfreut, dass so viele verschiedene Arten von Menschen anwesend waren. Das beweist, dass immer mehr Menschen nun bereit sind, ihr Gesicht angstfrei zu zeigen.

Sie sind der Dinge leid. Insgesamt war dies eine sehr gute Erfahrung, und ich bin froh, dass ich es geschafft habe hinzugehen. My experience of the march was completely peaceful, until Antifa managed to dissuade us from the peaceful assembly…. There is nothing particularly special about the city of Chemnitz. One could hardly believe that this ended up being the site of a sudden explosion of anger after the murder of a Cuban-German man by Middle Eastern migrants.

These were my first thoughts as I walked around the eastern Germany city. I used some of my time to get to know the city. There was hardly any sign of Right-wing activity at first glance; no signs, stickers, graffiti, and so on. Perhaps this is a difference in style, but the amount of Left-wing propaganda that could be seen in this supposedly Right-leaning city shocked me. Was this because of current events, or is it that the Left has always been this active in Chemnitz? One thing that annoyed me while I was there was the extent to which the far Left was able to operate openly.

Marxism-Leninism — the official ideology of the Soviet Union, one that killed millions of people through starvation and gulags — is tolerated in Germany, but not patriots tired of migrant criminality! I was further irritated by some of the contents of a local bookshop, which offered many titles pertaining to Karl Marx, both serious and ironic in nature.

I am not one who supports denying history or tearing down monuments. In fact, I think that the giant bust of Karl Marx in the center of Chemnitz looks cool! But the fact that there is no debate regarding Marx — only blind acceptance — shows how far away from any sense of moderation or understanding of history we are in the world today. This sentiment also goes for the buildings and streets named after Communists in the city, including Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. The sight of all the people who showed up in Chemnitz was something to behold! This was my first time doing anything like this.

I had never joined a protest or a political event before. Would they be the supposed neo-Nazis the media loves to show? Or just ordinary people? Once I made my way to the march, most of the others seemed like normal middle-class people. Others appeared to be working class. Regardless of who they were, it felt good to stand beside people who had similar beliefs. We were alike, we were together, and we were not afraid to show our faces.

The event was intended to be a silent march in commemoration of those victims who have been murdered by migrants in Germany. Everything went well, though the Antifa succeeded in stalling our peaceful march, despite the fact that it was obvious that the people who came out were not there to be violent. My experience of the march was completely peaceful up until the moment the Antifa managed to stop us from peacefully assembling. Once again, all of the violence and anger that ensued was entirely a consequence of the Left and their inability to tolerate any other opinion than their own.

Even in anger, the demonstrators did not attack the police. The fact that these good people have been slandered by the media at home and abroad infuriates me! I was extremely pleased to see so many different types of people in attendance. I even saw a couple of non-white marchers. There were older people there also, and what appeared to be teenagers. What this proves is that more and more people are now willing to show their faces without fear. They are tired of the way things are. Being intimidated into hiding your beliefs out of worries over social disapproval may be wearing off.

The people are angry, and the elites know it.

Taking part in the march and chanting alongside other people makes you feel more alive. It reminds you that you are not alone, and that things can indeed change if we work together. If you ever walk around a city — any city in the world — and feel alone, remember that there are many, many people who think like you do. They may not outwardly show it, but they are there, and they will not remain silent forever. Sunday, September 02, Paul — It was clear from the beginning in that there was something very fishy about the change in policy from careful selection of immigration applicants to open floodgates for blacks that the Liberal Party had something to hide.

In an amazingly short time, parts of Toronto became indistinguishable from parts of Detroit. So Immigration Minister Hussen, with remarkable perspicuity,. He is on the right track. If no action is taken soon to block the flood of undocumented migrants, it could become uncontrollable, ultimately destroying the country as we know it. This explanation of the easily avoidable problem is given credence by the fact that the change in , from the merit principle to the illogical open door for un-selected, unwanted, unskilled immigrants from the Third World has been studiously concealed by politicians of all parties and the media.

Even now it is a highly taboo subject. Another compelling reason to suspect subversive hostile influence is the fact that top immigration policy experts, including all former Directors of Immigration, have vigorously opposed the abolition of standards and a free pass for blacks while traditional Britons and Europeans whom they judge much more productive and who assimilate more, are shunned.

Canadian sovereignty over foreign affairs security, taxation, education and the justice system has been similarly compromised. We are no longer masters in our own house. In the present case, independent experts are obviously right, but unless the subversive, Globalist super-lobby can be exposed and neutralized, the rush to oblivion will continue, and a once proud nation will have dissolved into a disoriented, incoherent polyglot, sans true national ethnicity, without common cause, and under ruthless alien rule.

So this word first came into our consciousness in It was an enormous production, in four episodes in succession, with scientific introduction, panel discussion and tearful reports by Auschwitz survivors…. The following letter from Ursula Haverbeck, unfortunately, reached me only today. However, I do not wish to keep it from the public.

A contribution to this case has already been made here [in German]. The Professor is a Jew. After the total expulsion order, thousands of banished Germans set out to save themselves before the borders of the Bolshevik Red Army. That was the end of childhood and a very happy youth. Prussians, Pomeranians, Silesians, Sudeten Germans and many other ethnic German groups could never return again to their old ancestral homeland, something that many still expected decades after the war, due to international law. It was a bitter-cold January in , the roads were frozen with ice.

Often narrowly squeezed into three lanes, [German] troops headed east, and the farm buggies headed west, and in between them there were repeated transports of wounded. For the displaced Germans on the carriages, there was only one goal, despite the approaching gunfire, to get to Breslau and across the bridges of the river Oder as soon as possible, before they would be blown up. Of course, a historian is also free to imagine a young person from the Nazi era at his own discretion.

However, this usually says more about the mental condition of him than about the person described. With the currency reform of , a hard and serious cut into life began, especially for the homeless and unemployed expellees in foreign surroundings, where the inhabitants were already overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of people bombed out of their homes. All living space was already occupied well into the s. In England and Sweden they were looking for cleaning ladies for the hospitals and in positions of domestic help.

I became a guest worker in Sweden from to , from where I could support my parents. I had a particularly happy time in Sweden. We read it in German and alternately lectured and discussed it in Swedish. There I heard of Baruch de Spinoza. Three of his sentences became my guide posts:.

And from the theological-political treatise: The philosopher, who was a close friend of the Dutch politician Jan de Witt, recognized this as the basic maxim for the new political design after the collapse of the Spanish foreign rule, already shortly after the Thirty Year War at that time. It was to also point the way ahead for our departure. Freedom, please, not ego-liberalism! Tales of horror at Auschwitz did not attract further attention under the terror of the bombs and the misery of the displaced people, that was still omnipresent.

Furthermore, there was also a large number of opposing statements about Auschwitz by contemporary witnesses, from personal experience. What was truth — what was a lie? Our fathers had already heard it in World War One. It was an enormous production, in four episodes in succession, with scientific introduction, panel discussion and tearful reports by Auschwitz survivors.

Auschwitz, the Holocaust and the six million gassings were one and the same. From now on it was regarded as the singular guilt of the Germans, that was not atonable for all eternity. All refutations from available documents and scientific views were indexed, forbidden, destroyed. It was punishable to cite them in agreement, whether submitted by Jews, French, Americans or Germans.

Those born after no longer had an opportunity to compare the information. For them, the Holocaust became an incontrovertible fact. And even today, every criticism, every question that is difficult to answer is punished with prohibitions and prison sentences. In none of the more than 30 lawsuits [I have attended], have I ever heard them mentioned. This is simply explained by the fact that she knows not only the time after the Holocaust film, but also the 35 years before it, as well as a number of the critics involved, personally. Nazi Commands at Autschwitz. So trat dies Wort zum ersten Mal in unser Bewusstsein.

Der folgende Brief von Ursula Haverbeck erreichte mich leider erst heute. Einen Beitrag zu diesem Fall gab es schon hier. Freiheit, bitte, kein Egoliberalismus! Das war kein neuer Ton. Auschwitz, der Holocaust und die 6-Millionen-Vergasung waren dasselbe. Alle Widerlegungen aus vorliegenden Dokumenten und naturwissenschaftlicher Sicht wurden indiziert, verboten, vernichtet. Sie zustimmend zu zitieren, war strafbar, gleich, ob von Juden, Franzosen, Amerikaner oder Deutschen vorgelegt.

Wie aber gelangt man zur Freiheit? Das finden wir im Johannesevangelium:. Das oben erwaehnte Buch in Kurzfassung: Das selbe hier zu kaufen um den Author zu unterstuetzen: Das oben erwaehnte unterdrueckte und versteckte Buch das die Verhaltungsweise der SS gegenueber den Haeftlingen klar zeigt: We must ALL speak it.

If we speak it, others hear it, and it gains strength. This is how power is created. How often have we read that we must first visualize what we desire, and then we can create it. We heard it until we were bored sick. But we never grasped the full meaning of it because we did not know that it was OUR own wisdom from ions ago. We are so far removed from our natural heart due to social engineering by our enemy for centuries via various media, so that we are stuck in our mind without the heart connection. We should also remember how many children have been crippled by evil words of their family, friends, teachers and others.

First, we whites must speak who we are. Do you know that most Popes were Jews?! The Jews claim Hebrew is a Jewish language — when it is actually an ancient Germanic language. The Jewish scribes left out very important parts of our ancient wisdom, now only known to them, and all of this to serve the Jewish plan to conquer the world. Very shrewd and deceptive people have been at work to oppress, control, and mislead us and continue to do so every single day, especially with their Holocaust lie, to bring the Germans down and keep them down. The reason that they can claim that Hebrew is their language without being caught, is because they had to keep up that language to read our parchments, whereas the Germans neglected their ancient language.

In the Jewish game for power, we are the lambs, the kind and ever forgiving ones, so they taught us, and the Jews are the chosen children of the murderous god Yahweh, true, but for destruction. This is ancient German wisdom:. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. For their tribal members, the Jews go out of their way to help them and praise them no matter how mediocre their works are.

To increase their power of the WORD they have created thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Jewish organizations around the world to speak it, and they shamelessly claim what they want and brazenly attack others declaring them less of value, evil, genociders, unlovable; and foremost they use their WORD brazenly on and about the Germans.

How powerful the word is, wen can see in the results: Two World Wars and the decimation of the greatest nation in Europe, Germany. The WORD is power because it has energy, sound vibration, and a ring to it that reverberates in the minds of other men, directly and indirectly, and perhaps in ways we cannot even imagine. Where are the Germans who praise each other? Is it because they have been beaten lies into their heads and shamed into thinking that their own tribe is bad? Praising people, is something I have learned in the United States because I was praised a lot.

But I was not a political threat then because I avoided politics and history. The Jews have done an almost complete job in eradicating the outer layer of the Germans and are making great strides in the last 4 decades in destroying the same in the white man and woman in America. And they do it first with the WORD , lying words, and then the actions follow, not necessarily by the Jews, but actions, rather reactions, sprout up from the minds of their enslaved goyim who will do the destroying of the peoples for the honored and pitied Jew.

The Jew stays home and keeps himself save and makes movies, lying movies about the events that have been played out by the goyim as if puppets on a string, but played out in the most horrific ways. And the Jews knew the real meaning of this sentence, but we never did.

That is not the case. They changed the German parchments. Under such conditions man can easily be manipulated and taken advantage of. What counts, I think, is here and right now. The benefit of our goo d deeds is for ourselves as joy and sacrifice, and for our offspring and mankind in general. Surely, there is no creatu re up t here controlling us.

They mislead us and ma ke profou nd fools of us. I can only chuckle about this. The ancient Germans in Palestine knew the formula in the right way but everything was stolen from them , but most of them were holocausted by the invading Jews. In Europe they were later holocausted by popes, most of them who were also Jews. The whites of Europe were eradicated by the hundreds of millions in the religious war, nearly 10 Milling German women were tortured to death as witches by the church, the rest of the whites in Revolutions, in two World Wars, and in ongoing wars in the last 73 years, where they are dispensable puppets to the war mongers.

They are not loved by their President. The Germans between and May 7, were loved, loved passionately by their chancellor, Adolf Hitler. And they loved him back because he pulled them out of desperation and starvation and called upon them to throw off the Jewish yoke of usury. And who speaks the final WORD? And who are the bankers? It follows the Jews are GOD. We have seen how powerful these Jews are, through the centuries. They have a goal. And they have a united passion for this goal, no matter where in the world they live.

But because we are sheep, and think God is watching over us, we blow off the danger. People even believe in the End Times nonsense that the Jews have made up for them. This is an outrageous deception by the Jews to destroy us by a psychological method: God is what we express.

They speak their evil WORD upon us. The same happens in the upper layers of freemasonry. They speak their judgement and death sentence upon us. They speak our destiny. The speak our financial survival. They speak our food allotted to us, and they speak everything else in our life into being.

White Milano auf der Modefabriek

And we just follow, like lambs. And we have been silent. Only the prince, the white, beautiful Germanic prince, can rescue her from the coma she is in. What could this Germanic prince be? Could it be our ancient Germanic believes about us that are kept from us while the enemy is keeping us busy with shame and guilt? They Jews were already a dangerous plague in Europe centuries ago. They were a plague to the people in the Middle East 3, years ago.

The Jews have been vilifying the Brothers Grimm ever since, and more and more in the last decades so that people would not read these tales because these fables are about the Jews: Hansel and Gretel is about a Jewish step mother who is also a cannibal. Jews kill Christian children to drink their blood or put it into Matzo Balls. The Fisher and his wife is about a greedy complaining Jewish wife. But if she realizes who it is who is so tormenting her than she is free.

The ancient Teutonic tribes lived all over the world as the ruling class, including even the Far East. In China there are their pyramids, not allowed to be touched. They lived in Palestine, Egypt and all over the Middle East. Not God, but a man. He was a freedom fighter against the invading Jews, like Adolf Hitler. The managed to bribe the Roman empire against the Germans. With Jewish influence, soon the Germans married into Jewis blood and other races and weakened their Teutonic stock by miscegenation.

As a result, loyalties were lost. Jews became kings and gained eventually power over the Germans. All the German first born boys were slaughtered because the son of a German king, called Jesus, could have been among them and was a threat to the Jews. Roman emperors were bribed by the Jews against the Germans. Soon the Germans were slaughtered and driven out. Israel is an ancient German word. But the stories in the Bible have been amended to make the whites weak by believing in a false religion.

How did these Germans lose their way so the Jews would get the better of them? Of course, not today either. The Germans were intelligent, but they were erroneously concluding other races are as good and noble of heart as they are. Germans, and the white men, are by nature very protective of all creatures, so much that they neglect their own kind. That was probably their downfall then and is today. Man spart bares Geld. Die Stellen an denen sich dicker Humus gebildet hat sind praktisch frei von Ihnen. Die gute Seite der Winden ist: Man scannt praktisch jeden Tag einen Teil des Gartens ab und gestaltet die Natur.

Was hat das jetzt mit der Winde zu tun? Mai , siehe 2. Herzlich Willkommen auf Antville. Die Geschichte des Projekts ist auf Wikipedia beschrieben. Ihr Weblog ist prinzipiell kostenlos und dabei soll es auch in Zukunft bleiben. Nichtsdestotrotz verursacht der Betrieb von Antville. Neue Weblogs gibt es derzeit nur auf Anfrage. Den Haustroll von Antville. Er ist seit Jahren fester Bestandteil von Antville. Aktivieren Sie daher JavaScript. Damit funktioniert Antville auch an vielen anderen Stellen besser. Denken Sie sich lieber ein neues und sicheres Kennwort aus.

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Beachten Sie jedenfalls, dass eine mit Werbung versehene oder gar zu kommerziellen Zwecken betriebene Antville-Site ggf. Legend Diego Maradona shows middle finger to the fans after Argentina takes the lead against Nigeria!!!!!! Argentina vs Nigeria match review. Sportskeeda Sportskeeda Football football highlights football match football videos Argentina vs Nigeria Argentina vs Nigeria match review. World Cup Sport Posted: Die Angst liegt vielmehr bei den Betroffenen, selbst von Armut und Ausgrenzung erwischt zu werden. Die Analyse gibt's hier.

Nach einiger Zeit kam der Freund des Teil I erschien zuerst auf Der Neue Wiesentbote. When you joined the music industry some years back, you promised to redefine Afro Pop music. With the way things are going for you now, can […]. Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, has implored Nigerians to not give up their hopes on the plans of President Buhari to build a new Nigeria and that the pains that are being experienced at the moment are just the price to pay for a better tomorrow. Aregbesola, who stated this during the weekend, while hosting […]. In this interview with some newsmen, Fasua speaks on the political system in the country and other national issues.

In global pop culture, Africa is the new cool, and Nigeria happens to be the coolest kid in the family tree — courtesy of our contemporary music. The world is coming for Nigerian music. The event extremely distinguishes […]. Die Grundprinzipien des Lebens stellen eine Lebensphilophie dar. Wenn man die Gesetze versteht und sie auf seine Lebenssituationen entsprechend anwendet, kann man sein Leben in jede beliebige Richtung lenken.

Doch genau des machen viele Menschen mit ihrem Leben. Bevor man ein Spiel spielt, muss man sich zuerst mit den Regeln vertraut machen. Dann geht es Ihnen gleich wie viele anderer Millionen Menschen auf den ganzen Welt. Allein in deutschen Sprachgebiet geben mehr als Erfahre in diesen Webinar nach welche Spielregeln das Leben wirklich funktioniert und wie du es am besten in dein Leben integrieren kannst. Es sind die GrundPrinzipien des Lebens.

Sie Beschreiben den Grund allen Lebens, die Gesetze des Lebens und letztendlich auch den Grund unserer Existenz, wenn man sie verfolgt und studiert. Viele dieser Lehren sind in Vergessenheit geraten, weil sie entweder nicht richtig verstanden worden sind und dadurch falsch weitergegeben wurden oder weil sich die Menschheit einfach eine Zeit lang gegen den Weg des Friedens entschieden hat. Nun ist die Zeit wieder gekommen, in der sich die Menschen den kosmischen ewigen Gesetzen wieder bewusst werden, so wie es vor langer Zeit einmal gewesen ist.

Wer die universelle Gesetze studiert, sie verstehen und erfahren will, befindet sich am Anfang dessen, was Buddha als Weg der Erleuchtung bezeichnet hat. Er muss lernen, wie er in jeder entsprechenden Situation zu handeln hat. In Wahrheit ist es jedoch genau umgekehrt. Wenn wir sie in ihrer Wirkungsweise verstehen lernen, sie befolgen, mit ihnen leben und arbeiten, dann machen wir uns die Gesetze zu Freunden. Diese Spielregeln des Lebens sind den meisten Menschen unbekannt, aber deswegen sind sie nicht weniger wirksam.

Segnalazione di un lettore: Colgo l'occasione per far presente a quei lettori che mi rimproverano per dare spazio anche alla politica che fede e impegno civile sono strettamente concatenati. Ci sono tutti i sorrisetti di malcelata soddisfazione che vi sono apparsi in faccia ogni volta che il vostro avversario politico numero uno ha dovuto rinunciare ad incontri pubblici a causa di bombe carta, pietre, sprangate e molotov, robe che ai vostri incontri, guarda caso, non capitano mai.

In questo clima ci sono tutte le volte che avete definito coloro che non la pensavano come voi, "ignoranti", "populisti", "rozzi", o ci avete etichettati come "violenti fomentatori di odio". Tutte le volte che avete fatto si che la legittima difesa divenisse "xenofobia", ed il buon senso una forma di "fascismo". Produced by one of Nigeria's finest producers "Morgan Azi". A Nigerian lady on microblogging platform, Twitter, is quite ecstatic to take to her account to share the feat she achieved about six years ago while she concluded being a high school student.

It appears that Mary Remmy Njoku, an actress and married mother of one has gotten rid of her lovely hair to perfectly fit into a movie role she is playing. Mary Remmy Njoku is presently bald as she is busy on the set of a new movie. The reason behind her action is not in public yet, but there are rumours that it has connections with her present movie role. Nevertheless, she still looks good in her new hair cut.

Mary Remmy Njoku who is one of the talented acts in Nigeria was born on the 20th of March, They have 3 children. Senate President Bukola Saraki has reacted to the comment made by Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, that he leads the worst senate house Nigeria has ever had. In an interview with Punch, Saraki who spoke via his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, said El-Rufai is a careless talker who is suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. He is a man suffering from diarrhoea of the mouth. You one of our correspondents report the National Assembly on a daily basis.

Is it possible for the name of a senator to be announced as having defected without him or her signing the letter communicating same to the Senate President? He el-Rufai is a divisive element, an expert hero worshipper and noisemaker. It will soon be the turn of Buhari to be rubbished by el-Rufai. He did the same to ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar. Most of those who spoke to Saturday Sun in confidence are from the seven states that make up the North-West geopolitical zone.

They seem to be at a loss as to why the party has refused to learn from the pitfalls that caused the fall of the PDP in , insisting that from the way the APC was going, it was certainly going to end like the PDP, in But there are others who may remain behind. They are only remaining behind because of the fear of persecution and to do more grievous damage from within. Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi representing Kaduna north is one man who is categorical about what fate awaits the APC in With the crisis at hand in this zone, Buhari cannot replicate the margin of votes he had in in Kaduna and Kano in So, as a senior stakeholder, I am worried about the trend playing out in APC, and if serious actions are not taken to address these grievances, many people will certainly abandon the party to realise their ambitions on other political platforms.

And there are others who will be dumping the party after its primary, which will hold between August and September this year. Saturday Sun had in its June 23 edition, the same day the party was holding its convention, exclusively reported the plot by the members of the new PDP in APC to either address a press conference on the day of the convention, announcing its mass defection or delay it till end of July when the National Assembly will go on a long vacation.

Having achieved the defection in July as rightly predicted by Saturday Sun, the next move, it was gathered is to use the court to ground the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole-led leadership of the party. In the suit filed on their behalf by their counsel, Tolu Babalaye, the plaintiffs are praying the court for a declaration that having regard to the constitution of APC, particularly Article 20 thereof, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Electoral Act, the election conducted by the party at the Eagle Square on June 23, is invalid, null and void.

They also want the court to declare that without a valid election at the National Convention of APC, thereby leaving a vacuum, the reform-minded faction of APC known as the Reformed All Progressives Congress validly constituted the plaintiffs and the other national officers and state executives of APC to fill the vacuum and act in the interim capacities as officers of the APC.

They are also praying the court for an order of perpetual injunction restraining 1st to 52nd defendants from parading themselves or claiming to be officers of APC or performing any discussion as officers of the party in any capacity whatsoever as their elections and swearing in as officers of APC is invalid, null and void. No date has been fixed for hearing yet. There is, however, nothing to indicate that those remaining for now, will remain in the party till the end. For instance, while Tambuwal may likely return by this weekend, Saraki and the House of Representatives Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, may likely join later.

PDP had fielded Jonathan in that election. But in , when Hunkuyi and his group joined the APC, the party which fielded Buhari as its presidential candidate, PDP lost both the governorship and the presidential contests with wider margin. But it is unlikely if they will commit the same energy and resources they committed to prosecuting the contest for the APC, for the same party in Regardless, to win , Buhari and his party would have to do more in the North-Central and North-East.

Also, because of the incessant killings on the Plateau, whether the governor defects or not, the state would pose a big challenge to the APC. Although it won the governorship in , PDP floored it in the presidential contest in the same year. Ironically, since , Buhari has never won Nasarawa State. This is despite the fact that his party, CPC at the time won the governorship in the state. Today, there is nothing on the ground to suggest that the situation will likely change in But in Niger, even if the party loses the governorship, Buhari may still carry the day.

Adamawa, investigations reveal is another dicey state for the APC. Majority of those who helped it win the state in have either deserted the party or have been forced away by the party. The governor is still in the APC. But some of his cabinet members have defected to the PDP, yet they have not been fired by the governor. It is uncertain if the APC can afford to go to sleep banking on the state.

But the governorship is still contentious. Yobe, has always been won by the then opposition state, which has now metamorphosed into the ruling APC. Whatever happens in Borno may have effect on Yobe. In Borno, APC appears to be trying to instigate crisis for itself. There are persons working for Buhari within the presidency who believe that Governor Kashim Shettima needs to be checkmated by his estranged godfather, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

Shettima delivered , votes to Buhari, representing about 97 percent of the total valid votes cast, leaving Jonathan with just 25, votes. He singlehandedly de-marketed Jonathan in the international community. He contributed to undermining the fortunes of the PDP. Today, like he did to Jonathan before the contest, he has asked Buhari not to run, just as he said he has forgiven the PDP for the mistakes of For now, however, Buhari and his team would have to return to the drawing board.

She said the Commission on May 2, , Aug. She stated that the Commission had charged the team handling the programme to be fair, and balance their reportage. According to her, during the Feb. Mrs Jimada reiterated that broadcasting stations should ensure that anchors of their programmes were properly informed and trained on the ethics of the profession as well as the provisions of the broadcasting code. Sehr gute Anbindung an einer If you are available, please contact us at careers [at] worldlanguagecommunications [dot] com You can also register with us here: Die Ausstattung der Wohnung gestaltet sich wie folgt: Vodafone-Idea, Airtel and Jio could enter a corporate war for market share.

Marienkirchen an der Polsenz, Polsenztal 10 mit nur einem angrenzenden Nachbar, danach landwirtschaftlicher Nutzgrund 10 Autominuten von der Stadt Wels bzw. Nigerian African Wardrobe Sex. Jomi, de 7 anos, e Joba, de Peter mit bester Infrastruktur und Verkehrsanbindung in das Zentrum. Balkon Parkettboden Garage provisionsfrei Terrasse Neubau. Pezzo in lingua originale inglese: Traduzioni di Angelita La Spada. Questi ultimi attacchi portano il bilancio delle vittime cristiane a oltre 6mila dall'inizio del Il Gatestone Institute, un consiglio non-partisan e no-profit per la politica internazionale e un think tank, vuole informare il pubblico su argomenti che i principali mezzi di informazione non riescono a riportare e diffondere come:.

Vi siamo grati per il vostro sostegno. Saland ist ein tolles Dorf mit einer guten Infrastruktur. Spotify und Apple Music: Spotify , Apple Music , Spotify. Comment on Vote buying: Australia and that of Canada work permit and accommodation is still very much on process,there's going to be a financial assistance for those applicant that are not financially buoyant under the category of single entrance, you can possibly fetch me on my digit if you are determined or probably if you have the interest to apply in any of the two countries that's been stated, Call The magazine titled the piece about the […].

Hypnose OMG, it's the Nigerian prince's business card! Their reactions came on the heels of fresh reconciliation moves by the APC and alleged offer of return tickets to the members to contest the polls. Thirty-seven lawmakers had on Tuesday defected from the APC. One member has yet to name his new party.

The Coordinator of the 32 defectors, Mr. Razak Atunwa, reacted angrily to the thought of returning to the APC. We are talking about a government that has failed. The voluntary returnees comprised 83 female adults, 15 of them pregnant; six female children and six female infants; 62 male adults, two male children and three male infants.

According to him, the returnees were assisted back to the country by the International Organisation for Migration, a UN agency. Every economically viable country like Nigeria is having its share of socio-economic and security challenges; all nations are grappling with issues. The primary responsibility of every government is to safeguard its national interests and welfare of its citizens first before considering others.

Libya and Chad also agreed to coordinate between the security apparatuses of the two countries, vowing to activate the security protocol that was signed last April in Niger by Libya, Chad, Niger and Sudan in order to cooperate in joint border security. The two officials also agreed to have a similar meeting in Sudan next August to review developments and security as per of a new joint cooperation.

The formal rejection by the Libyan prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, is a blow to Italy, which is regarded as being close to his Tripoli administration. In June, Italy proposed reception and identification centres in Africa as a means of resolving divisions among European governments. The impasse came as the EU said it was willing to work as a temporary crisis centre to oversee the distribution of refugees and migrants from ships landing in Europe from Libya. Italy has said it is not willing to open its ports and may even reject those rescued by the EU Sophia search and rescue mission, a position that has infuriated other EU states.

Speaking to the German newspaper Bild, Serraj said: In practice, Libya is already running detention camps, largely as holding pens, but they are not run as EU processing centres for asylum claims. The European parliament president, Antonio Tajani, said after a trip to Niger, one of the chief funnels for people into Libya, that the EU needed to plough more money into the Sahel region to reduce the need to leave the area.

He said the number of people reaching Libya from Niger was collapsing. At the same time, Italy is to host a further conference in Rome in September seen as a follow-on to a conference held in May by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, that led to a commitment to hold elections this year. Ai supponenti meteorologi comunisti da "clima di odio". With more than 10 million customer accounts, Invent Alliance Limited is a company specialized on creation of multi sector and multi discipline business platform with specialist partnerships for value co-creation in each We are recruiting to fill The organization now seeks to hire highly competent, dynamic and experienced person to fill the following regular full time position: To provide laboratory oversight in AHF supported sites and monitor adherence to standard laboratory protocols and guidelines.

Involved in training, support supervision, mentorship, and team building exercises for laboratory staff. Participates in planning and overseeing, supervision and monitoring activities for the laboratory function for all sites; Provides routine and basic laboratory services for PLHIV attending the health facilities as required; Oversees laboratory services provision, ensures standard, and current practices are in place for maintaining high quality laboratory services including calibration, standardization and maintenance of automated or semi-automated instruments following established procedures.

Ensures compliance and implementation of laboratory protocols for all lab technicians and assistance involved with the lab function; including maximizing the use of available resources. Coordinates with all laboratory vendors external contractors and the sites to ensure that the process of handling patient samples and delivery of results is efficient and effective.

Participates in the development and replication of the AHF Nigeria laboratory protocols and practices at all affiliated healthcare centers. Validates and reports, results of assays performed, delivers patients reports according to times indicated in policy and collection manual and ensuring strict adherence to safety procedures. Participates in identifying training needs, capacity building, mentorship and team building exercises for laboratory staff; Participates in inventory control management for laboratory supplies and reagents under AHF Nigeria for all sites; Ensures the compilation of monthly laboratory inventory at the supported Healthcare Centers.

Performs other duties as assigned. Must poses a valid license to practice as a Medical laboratory scientist. Experience with handling semi or fully automated machines a must; Additional qualification in Medical laboratory science or relevant postgraduate equivalent will be an added advantage. Experience with CD4, hematology, chemistry, microbiological systems.

Proficient experience in various HIV services laboratory support equipment handling. High analytical skills, quality control and basic knowledge of HIV laboratory monitoring. Computer proficiency an added advantage. Communication Skills Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals; Ability to write reports.

Ability to speak effectively before groups of employees or other people. Certificates, Licenses, Registrations Duly registered with the Medical Laboratory Scientists' Council and hold a current annual practicing license. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Our client is one of the leading fashion organizations in Nigeria with cutting edge trends and global appeal styles with clients ranging from popular international personalities and models all over the world. This person will be responsible for developing a strong brand name and image for the firm.

Our growing global success reflects our commitment to the latest solutions, the best people, and a uniquely flexible and vibrant working culture. To help us drive our success into the future, we are looking for resourceful individuals to join our dedicated team at our offices. Lagos Mainland, Lagos Job Sector: Job Purpose The E business, risk analyst role is part of an integrated group wide organization dedicated to bring the organization's information risks under explicit management control in order to prevent significant reputational, financial or other loss to Stanbic IBTC and its clients.

This is being achieved through the efficient and effective application of risk and information systems business electronic business expertise to identify risk areas within existing and proposed solutions. The role performs the following activities: Recommendations on process and control gaps. Tracking and monitoring of control gaps and action plans. Awareness of Technology and electronic business risk threat landscape as it relates to the Bank Initiate, facilitate, and promote activities to create risk awareness within the organization, including awareness of information risk related regulatory issues that have a potential impact to the environment in alignment with group wide awareness activities.

Support the engagement process of risk assessments and acts as a liaison with business lines to deliver value to the business. Promote self-compliance to information risk governance standards, policies and standards. Develop business personnel knowledge to ensure better information protection and management Internal and External Relationships Internal relationships: Experience with payments and collections platforms, mobile payments, cards projects implementation, excellent understanding of the Point of Sale framework.

Business product knowledge, including understanding of financial processes in order to be able to determine their impact on risk and control Familiarity with operational risk regulatory environment e. Baker Nigeria Plc , we are committed to applying our resources and science to improve the quality of life. Ota, Ogun State Job Details Reporting to the Production Manager, the preferred candidate will be expected to work with the production process team to achieve output and efficiency targets. Requirements The preferred candidate should possess a B. Under 1 year Remuneration Attractive and negotiable.

Maersk Line is the world's largest container shipping company, known for reliable, flexible and eco-efficient services. We operate container vessels and provide ocean transportation in all parts of the world. But not only do we power some of the world's largest ships - we also propel the growth ambitions of businesses and individuals all over our planet. Every day our 7, seafarers and 25, land-based employees at offices share their expertise with our customers around the world to optimize their supply chains, maximize their distribution networks and most of all realize their business potential.

The Sales FBP will be responsible to take an active role in designing plans for improving cluster performance and objectives on cross functional basis. Ensure high quality analytical support for MWB materialization. Work with CLT and in particular the Sales Managers to proactively improve performance and create alignment between the overall strategy for Sales and Cluster execution. Based on standardized MLOS data, act as a facilitator to analyse and challenge performance, ensure shortfalls in performance and 0pportunities for high performance are uncovered and that robust benefit tracking is in place.

Take an active part in the virtual CWA BP forum thereby ensuring that best practices are shared and applied in order to constantly raise the bar for value adding Finance Business Partnering. Ensure decision making is based on robust data and is underpinned by logical assumptions. Key Responsibilities Sales Effectiveness: Analyse data on sales effectiveness in terms of sales call productivity and channel effectiveness. Review whether Sales focus and Sales Calls are directed towards the priorities in the Market Plans and sufficiently towards organic growth and acquisitions.

Ensure Sales Executives are provided with the right and needed data in advance of Sales Calls and that risk flags across customer performance levers are made available and acted upon. Target setting, performance calculation and continuous performance updates to Sales Executives. Opportunity and Pipeline management: Review and analyse strength of pipeline, flag gaps to trade priorities and Market Plan targets and jointly with Sales and Trade Managers derive action plans to improve performance.

Ensure Customer Service are provided with closed won opportunities for proactive follow-up and that full visibility on opportunity progress is in place and acted upon. Analyse and review Sales Control and non-control performance. Take ownership and follow up on the budget and forecast performance. Review and analyse performance and facilitate discussions about corrective actions including that clean up exercises take place.

Provide analytical support and assist in SFDC based performance management of the campaigns. Including deep dive on our ability to convert campaign leads into opportunities and campaign opportunities in loaded FFE. Communicate performance throughout the organization using standard Tiger and global Reports to ensure everyone has the same understanding of Sales performance.

Ensure standardized reporting landscape is in place and applied on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Share and ensure local adoption of best practises across Clusters, Regions and Centre including cross-regional work assignments and acting as a focal point for Region and Centre standardization initiatives. Requirements We are looking for: Master's or Bachelor's degree in Finance or Economics Prior experience minimum 3 years post qualification experience within a business partnering environment, working as part of a business leadership team or in a consulting firm Experience of working within a Sales, Product or Pricing environment would be a clear advantage Proven ability to influence without authority and engage confidently with leaders at all levels Keeps head cool under pressure and can deal effectively with ambiguity.

Strong interpersonal savvy and an eye for finding common ground and addressing performance issues in a positive though firm manner. Work with Agro-dealers and retailers for order generation and relationship building Work with Project Agronomists to meet the needs and requests of customers Interact and engage with agro dealers and retailers to understand their needs; recommend agro-dealers and retailers to be appointed in your place of posting Design and implement project activities including the development of work plans and implementation of such to achieve sales targets.

Assuring quality control of project activities, including supporting fielded teams, reviewing work deliverables, and providing value-added feedback. Conduct research and development research reports, technical notes and related project activities. Management of project budgets and activity resources. Maintain positive relationships with partners and client. Provide market intelligence on developments in the fertilizer and inputs market place and send regular reports to Supervisor New business activities including but not limited to technical writing and strategy development.

Mentoring of Agronomists on new business activities. Contributions to corporate systems and procedures development, support of the senior management, and willingness to support the improvement of office as a whole. Requirements Masters in Agronomy, Horticulture, Crop production.

It aims to drive the emergence of a new payments ecosystem by providing digital payment services that would be irresistible to consumers and also to provide innovative, accessible, and affordable financial services to individuals and SMEs. Position Summary The Finance Manager will have responsibility for all areas relating to accounting functions and financial reporting The Financial Manager will be charged but not limited with the following responsibilities: To provide a leadership role in all aspects of the company's financial operations Provide accurate and timely financial information and reports to facilitate the decision-making process and ensure success of the corporation Oversee operation of Accounting Department Building financial models using historical data and providing forecasts based on various industry-related operating metrics Ensuring accurate modelling of allocated portfolios and developing new transaction models and enhancing the existing models Analysing and identifying data requirements related derivation rules and model tracking Ensure adequate controls are in place, i.

Provide financial management and reporting Predict future financial trends Report to management and stakeholders, and providing advice how the company and future business decisions might be impacted Produce financial reports related to budgets, account payables, account receivables, expenses etc. Strong Leadership and supervisory skills Principles and practices of municipal accounting, budgeting, and auditing. Accounting and financial-related computer software and the applications to assigned functions.

Pertinent federal, state and local laws, regulations and codes. Compensation and Benefits Compensation and benefits for the role is highly attractive and competitive. Airtel Nigeria Airtel Networks Limited , a leading mobile telecommunication services provider in Nigeria and a member of Airtel Africa Group, is committed to providing innovative, exciting, affordable and quality mobile services to Nigerians, giving them the freedom to communicate, rise above their daily challenges and drive economic and social development.

Role is located in HQ, Lagos and responsible for review and effectively implementing the entry into commercial contracts by reviewing, drafting and advising on contracts related points of law, managing discrete tasks involving legal matters to support the department. Responsibilities Ensure all corporate commercial transactions agreements are drafted and processed within the Quality and Time Standards agreed with the respective business units of the Company: Obtain proper instructions for registration of intellectual property from the relevant User Group Immediately take steps to register same marks requiring registration Follow up with the Regulatory bodies to ensure that all queries raised in the registration process are addressed and cleared Flag any breach of the Company's Intellectual Property rights and take steps to reprimand the perpetrator in accordance with the legal provisions Liaise with external counsel: Ensure that proper instructions are obtained from internal User Groups that require external legal services Spell out the company's objective for each brief to external advisors and agree on delivery timelines and costs which must be within budget Monitor delivery and ensure that expected standards are met Review the advice provided by external counsel to ensure that solutions are provided or collaborate with the external advisor until a solution is proffered.

Candidate must have up-to-date knowledge of commercial law, including, but not limited to; Legal drafting; General contract law; Corporate and Commercial law; Telecommunications industry structure and business models; and Employment law and practice. Knowledge of Intellectual Property law Ability to make quick and informed business decisions Ability to manage effectively Must possess sound knowledge of commercial and business issues Must be a team player.

Our client is the regional distributor for the world's leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings, kitchen, tiles, doors and other interior solutions. We excel in the provision of total bathroom solutions, creating unique and innovative bathroom themes for both the domestic and commercial markets. Creating and managing a customer value plan for existing customers highlighting profile, share and value opportunities.

Supply management with oral and written reports on customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products. Keeping abreast of product applications, technical services, market conditions, competitive activities, advertising and promotional trends through the reading of pertinent literature and consulting with marketing and technical service areas.

Participating in marketing events such as seminars, trade shows and telemarketing events. Communicating new product and service opportunities, special developments, information, or feedback gathered through field activity to appropriate company staff. Negotiating trading terms with customers which meet volume and pricing goals. Dealing with major complaints, complex claims and other problems.

Following the KPN code of ethics and compliance rules Doing anything else that will help the Group Head, Sales make excellent decisions for the business. The Job requires you to have A good degree in Business Administration, Marketing or any other related field. A minimum of B. Sc Degree Minimum 5 years' experience in a busy sales or customer service environment. Aggressive, presentable, flexible and teachable.

Method of Application CV must be detailed and provide clear answers to the job requirements. In addition, CV should contain: Our vision is enhancing healthier and safer communities, while our mission is to collaborate with partners to promote comprehensive and sustainable interventions for public health, support military medicine and health diplomacy for peace, stability and development of communities.

Program Director Work Hours: The incumbent will be expected to engage all relevant Key-players, Stakeholders and target beneficiaries in the process of program implementation in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the services. The Key Populations Program Manager will be responsible for providing leadership and coordination of each program to ensure that staff is supported in offering services that are responsive to the unique needs of people living with HIV.

The Key Populations Program Manager will maintain day-to-day operations and administrative duties of theprograms, in addition to providing direct supervision of program staff. Responsibilities Provide leadership in strategic directions of all KPs project operations. Ensures provision of top quality advisory services and facilitation of capacity building. Efficient support to activities related to advocacy, programming, monitoring and evaluation, and representation of the programme. Provide overall supervision and guidance to the other members of the project management team including: Submit timely accurate and professional program reports that meet donor requirements.

Provide regular clear communications and reports to Management team with regards to progress of the project. Other duties as assigned. Internet fluency a plus. Willingness to support KP activities Experience in supporting and working in Nigerian health programs; Proven experience in the performance monitoring of grants; Knowledge of the National Key Populations Guidelines; Highly-motivated, self-managed and strategically-orientated; High level of commitment to achieving program goals and objectives; Flexibility to travel extensively; Ability to work with minimum supervision; Ability to make appropriate and timely decisions.

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly countries and employs about , people. You will be responsible for identifying and cultivating defined customers. Driving the sales process from identified potential to the final sales deal.

Establishing sales targets through actively meeting and working with customers. Tasks Your main responsibilities in this role will include: Ensuring that market information monitoring of competitors, offerings to customers, price levels is updated and documented in written form in the provided systems locally and globally. Ensuring the flow of information to Local Business Unit Manager and Sales Manager about new entrants or other parameters influencing the market. Acting as marketer and sales person of ABB's Sales and solutions when appropriate, for instance at trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, customer meeting.

Utilizing the available marketing material including price lists or other available information to identify leads. Translating the needs of the customer into the relevant ABB' Service offering.

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Understanding the underlying needs of the customer and identify new business opportunities, as well as growing the business with existing customers. Extensive knowledge about the customer, understand the channel strategy and the establishment of prices related to this. Visiting customers to build a lead and opportunity pipeline.

Running the negotiations with the customer and secure the business to the agreed margins, as well as ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the sales process. Contributing with the various risk assessments in order to ensure the proper balance between price and quality. Register needed information into the appropriate customer database. Monitoring sales proposals and tenders e.

Ensuring that payments from the customer are received in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract in order to avoid due payments. Ensuring that the sales proposals submitted are followed up and agreements are signed, and that they are in line with established requirements of the unit.

Meeting the expected number of customer visits as established in the target setting with the Sales Manager. Ensuring that the customer database is maintained updated with customer information, contact persons, businesses and activities. Organizing and coordinating post-sales marketing activities in collaboration with other organizations in order to win added sales in addition to the offering sold.

Ensuring that the customer is satisfied and that any customer complaints is registered in database. Requirements As the ideal candidate, you should have a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in an Electrical Engineering field with 3- 5 years Industrial Sales experience. You should possess excellent skills in Customer relations, showing a mature selling behavior and actively driving the discussions and negotiations to the benefit of the business with customers.

Good knowledge in contract and risk management. Fluency in spoken and written French and English languages. Their operations include public health in rural communities; advocacy, media engagement, and press appearances. The primary focus therefore is public health where emphasis is using the media as a potent tool for accelerating health information and healthcare delivery. There are gaps in communication within the sectoral spheres. There is therefore need to strengthen communication within the various sectors of the economy. To this end capacity building and communications training are imperative for various core sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Service will be on ad-hoc basis for various communication capacity building projects within our operational sectors. Ability to design training curriculum, training modules and presentation materials are essential. Triple Seven Casino brings you a genuine casino experience. Walk into our casino to enjoy our magnificent spread of games ranging card games, roulette, terminal touchscreen games, slots, etc.

Our trained and friendly staff will take care of your needs along with other services available on the premisses including Serendib Restaurant and wellness spar. We believe that communication saves lives. CCPN focuses on the central role of communication in social and behavior change for development. We partner with the government of Nigeria, international donors and funders, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to implement programs and trainings that change lives.

CCPN has robust institutional capacity and human resources to effectively improve public health in Nigeria. Our staff work hard as a team, are creative, honest, self-motivated and open to learning. Limited travel is expected. Work closely with the TA RMEL to conceptualize and develop research studies and program evaluation; and ensure field research are implemented based on protocol Assist in development of research instruments for all research and evaluation studies Support the TA RMEL in organizing, coordinating the mobilization of data enumerators, and provide requisite training, the data collection, processing, and management of data at field level.

Support research analysis and interpretation including data cleaning and draft presentations and reports of the studies implemented Actively participate in writing of scientific and technical articles for publications Work with the IT unit to ensure CCSI's program data are warehoused in appropriate platforms and space. Participate in routine monitoring of field activities Support routine analysis of all project data for performance reviews, documentations of learning outcomes, publications and dissemination. Master's degree will be an added advantage.

Minimum of two years of work experience with national and international NGOs with expertise in empirical research, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and research writing will be given preference Experience in data collation, entry, processing and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data sets Knowledge of knowledge management tools and methodologies within NGOs and other sectors is required. Knowledge of scientific writing, research and evaluation designs Proficient in the use of MS Excel, Word, and Power point.

Experience with quantitative and qualitative software's e. Written and spoken communications skills in English and any Nigerian language. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work successfully in a cross-cultural, team-based environment. IL Bagno is the regional distributor for the world's leading manufacturers of sanitary ware and bathroom fittings and accessories. Incorporated in Nigeria as a private limited liability company, under the name 'Black Pelican Ltd' on the 11th of November , we commenced operations in May, The role reports to the Group Head, Sales.

Peninsula Health Systems was established by law in ; Peninsula Health Systems is an Intensive Care Unit which provides full critical care services in various hospital locations in Lagos, Nigeria. Intensive care units ICU's are specially equipped hospital units that provide highly specialized care to patients who suffer from a serious injury or illness. Candidate must possess current practicing license. Post NYSC work experience. Basic Life Support In the last two years. We run three educational divisions, namely: Basic, College and Training.

At STEBUK Academy, we are committed to providing "high quality and technology-driven education, preserved with sound values and godliness". Applicants must have experience in teaching both Nigerian and British curriculum for early years and primary pupils. Ed in relevant disciplines. Subject Teachers Applicants must have high standards and lessons must be interactive and ensure that the approaches to learning are linked to independent thinking and quest for knowledge.

Applicants must have experience in teaching both Nigerian and British curriculum. Ed, PGDE in relevant disciplines. We leverage our expertise and strategic alliances to support businesses. Our proposition is based on a deep understanding of the drivers of high performing businesses and the required business solutions that supports it. We work with clients to support their non-core business tasks to strategically position them for business success.

Our client, a reputable organisation in Nigeria is in need of professional Drivers. He must be between the age of years He must have at least 3 years experience Salary is 44, including medical and allowance 30 years and above. We are an online marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria. We like doing things thoughtfully. We are a group of combined smart minds building successes for small and big businesses and brands. We always look at ourselves as creative and equal to the task, we actually are. Seeing your business grow is our return on investment. We are looking for an experienced Creative Director to provide our team with guidance and ideas to launch new impressive projects.

You will devise the concepts and strategies for a particular venture and will monitor its progress. You will be able to implement your creative vision and become the point of reference for any creative plan that wants to make its way to the customers. The goal is to achieve the best possible outcome of our projects both visually and essentially to meet customer expectations and drive our sustainable growth.

Outstanding leadership and organization skills Exemplary interpersonal and analytical abilities B. Westfield Consulting Limited - Founded in January , by a team of forward thinking Nigerians with over 40 years of cumulative work experience in management and consultancy, Westfield Consulting is a provider of Human Resource and Strategic Management Services.

Our innovativeness and excellence in service delivery has made us a first choice to our growing clientele in various sectors. The ideal candidate for this position is an energetic professional who is able to multi-task effectively, offer quick and accurate advice and provide creative input to help advance our brands.

Monitor marketing trends and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace. Regularly meet with clients and senior management, and oversee a team of junior marketers. Conduct initial market research for a brand, gathering data about where a product fits Develop monthly objectives with their team with the goal of increasing a brand's value Developing marketing strategies and introducing the brand to the public.

The ideal candidate for this position is an energetic professional who is able to multi-task effectively, offer quick and accurate advice and provide creative input to help expand our territory. Be in charge of covering his assigned territory, servicing appointed Distributors direct customers be it Sales Partner. Category A, B and C and retail outlets indirect customers by selling our suppliers products from the sales van.

Must continuously represent the organization in the market place by visiting, taking order, servicing such order and collecting marked feedback for the management decision in the territory. For effective coverage of all customers for both direct and indirect customers, the development of a well - designed itinerary plan is prepared monthly but split into weeks and days of the week as greed and approved by Area Sales Manager. The responsibilities of carrying out all promotion activities in line with approved brief from the Marketing Department as it affects his territory.

This activity is supervised by the Area Sales Manager. Arrange customers' visit to ensure maximum coverage of the territory. Report timely trade feedback to the management recording demand and product complaint. Monitor and prepare competitors activities within the assigned territory. Keep abreast of any technical changes to company products, system and policy to able to offer up-to-date advice all customers. Founded in and reconstituted in , we operate with a burning passion to transform the technological terrain of Africa by delivering value to clients through innovative and effective leverage of cutting-edge technology solutions.

We combine sound knowledge of world class technology to design, implement and support business transformation in areas of web and mobile application, software, service and storage systems installation, networking technologies and technology procurement.

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We have an in-depth understanding on how technology accelerates success, and are passionate about attracting and supporting unique talents in growing our business and driving operational excellence. Managing DirectorJOB SUMMARYUnder the supervision of the Managing Director, the New Media Team Lead will be responsible for the development and implementation of all digital marketing initiatives; advertising campaigns that will promote the company's products and services on social networking and other online platforms.

Ultimately, increase the public interest of the company through thoughtful media campaigns while ensuring our advertising cost are within budget. Serve as the company's liaison officer for new media efforts across the various platforms Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Blog etc.

Regularly report advertising campaign results including revenues and costs Electronically manage the marketing of company's press releases Make the company's products and services viral online Design and review advertising budgets Coordinate video, graphics and audio production of content and upload to the company's sites.

Develop and implement a policy and a process for creating and posting content to multiple target websites Manage newsletter account via Mail Chimp; manage subscriptions and post weekly newsletters to subscribed members Negotiate with media channels to close competitive deals Prepare additional promotional projects to support new product launches Create new campaigns to reach a broader audience Ensure a cohesive advertising message across campaigns Build long-term relationships with media influencers to promote our brand Maintenance and improvement of web content, including content generation, user interface and experience, site functionality and brand consistency.

Develop, write and organize a wide variety of traditional and electronic communications including articles, presentations, brochures, letters, press releases, web pages, blog and social media posts and direct mail campaigns. Act as an editorial reviewer for various communications including articles, letters, mass emails, marketing collateral, brochures and advertisements. Actively engage users on all social network accounts and manage user comments on social network accounts. Provide weekly reports regarding viewership, followership and subscribers. Proven ability to work as part of a cross-functional development team.

Rovedana Limited is an indigenous company specialized in the area of Business Process Outsourcing, payroll management and healthcare plans. We focus our attention in providing to SMEs and Enterprise businesses "scalable" outsourcing solutions. We assist businesses in handling some of their operational activities thereby helping management of these businesses to increase their productivity and reduce overall costs. Our client is a big distributor of leading global brands of tyres in Nigeria with operations and warehouses in different parts of the country.

We are currently looking for a sales officers who can sell tyres in the city of Kano for our client. Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers. Providing customers with quotations. Gathering market and customer information. Checking quantities of goods on display and in stock. Recording sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office. We are passionate about providing value to schools and parents hence we strive to deliver quality, flexibility and affordability on school supplies.

Our competence and credibility can be attested by many satisfied School clients from start-ups schools to well-established institutions as listed in our portfolio. Manage the outlet to maximize excellent customer service experience Initiate and implement efficient and effective customer service to promote sales, customer satisfaction and retention Gather market intelligence of area to promote marketing and drive sales Manage and develop the staff that are direct reports ' Prepare all outlet reports to guide in management planning and decision making.

Qualifications A Bachelor's Degree in social sciences or relevant fields. At least 2 years' experience Preferably in Retail industry Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Job Responsibilities Verify the accuracy of existing data Key-in inventory data into the system Call over data for error and make necessary corrections where possible Research and obtain further information for variances Comply with data integrity and security policies Ensure proper use of office equipment provided for work Carry out other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time Job Requirements Fast typing skills Thoroughness Excellent knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets MS Office Word, Excel etc.

The Internal Control Officer will be responsible for ensuring accuracy and reliability of all departments' transactions, Inventory data, and stock balances. In addition, the officer will device and maintain a system of control that is sufficient to provide reasonable assurances on relevant company and clients' related transactions. Required Knowledge and Skills: Good administrative and organizational skills Strong analytical skills High attention to detail and a pursuit to constantly improve current processes and procedures Good interpersonal relationship skills Accounting background Advanced Computer Skills.

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Every day, WFP works worldwide to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the poorest and most vulnerable, particularly women and children, can access the nutritious food they need. The FSS provides an action-oriented forum for bringing together national and international humanitarian partners to improve the timeliness and impact of appropriate humanitarian food security assistance to food insecure population and communities in North-Eastern Nigeria.

Specifically, the FSS helps to ensure coherent, coordinated and integrated humanitarian responses, driven by the assessed food security needs of the affected population. This is achieved through the following specific activities: Regular sector and technical working group meetings held once at Abuja federal level co-ordination and twice a month at state level state-level co-ordination ; Evidenced-based assessments achieved through the Cadre harmonise and joint food security assessments; Information management and dissemination-co-ordinating the who, what, where and when 4Ws translated in to maps and gaps analysis, which are shared with partners on regular basis; Inter-sectorial co-ordination - co-ordinating with OCHA and other sectors such as Nutrition, Health and WASH Function purpose The Food Security Sector and coordination in Nigeria is operational at Federal Abuja and State level in Maiduguri, in the North-Eastern part of the country, where the humanitarian needs and operations are highest, as well as the presence of food security sector partners.

Humanitarian Hubs and co-ordination mechanisms have been established and fully functional. This has been strengthened through the deployment of additional human resources capacity including the Office of the Deputy Humanitarian Co-ordinator. According to the increasing scale and complexity of food security response operations in North-Eastern Nigeria, the position of Programme Advisor is conceived to strengthen the exiting capacity of the Food Security Sector, providing support to the Sector Coordinator and sector partners in matters of strategic direction and operational coordination, in particular joint assessments, priority setting, gap analysis, monitoring and reporting.

Under the direct supervision of the Food Security Sector Coordinator and the administrative supervision of the Country Director, WFP, the Liaison Officer will perform the following duties and responsibilities: Support the FSS Co-ordinator to ensure strategic direction and operational coordination of partners that are involved in food assistance activities, including Government, especially in setting priorities for intervention, operational response planning, overall food assistance response monitoring, gap analysis and reporting; Support the FSS Coordinator in promoting and coordinating joint needs assessments, leading strategic joint analysis of the available information and maintaining a database of all partners' assessments that can be relevant to food security programming.

Qualification and Competencies Minimum Requirements: Postgraduate Master's degree in social sciences or in a discipline relevant to the mandate of the Organization; 5 years of experience in humanitarian response including in the food security sector; Working knowledge of English and another UN official language Position Specific Competencies: Ability to establish strategic partnerships Ability to work and plan at strategic as well as operational levels; Understanding of the international humanitarian response architecture, including co-ordination mechanisms, humanitarian reform and action, and funding mechanisms e.

Strategic Response Plan process, Central Emergency Response Fund and Flash Appeals ; Ability to work with a diverse group of stakeholders including government and build consensus; Coping with pressure: Excellent organizational skills; Good written communication skills, including in emergency settings; Demonstrated ability to analyse problems, make appropriate recommendations, effective decisions, including in emergency settings; Strong foundation in programme formulation, planning, implementation, management and evaluation.

Fluency in oral and written English. Knowledge of a second UN language is desirable. Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact - the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. We work with foundations, investors, governments, corporations, communities and civil society to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social, environmental and financial benefits.

For the past 50 years, we have been making Positive Impact possible. With a team of more than 2, employees operating in 90 plus countries and a global network of more than 35, technical experts, Palladium has improved - and is committed to continuing to improve - economies, societies and most importantly, people's lives.