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Book 1. Lost and Found. by Lori L. Otto. · Ratings · Reviews ·. published · 10 editions. Emi Lost & Found series - Winner of the Best More.
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Through many contests and friends who like author pages, I had managed to like Lori Otto's author page. However, I hadn't a clue what she had written. My book twin an online friend who shares the love for the exact same books as me had told me prior to Book Bash that I should read the Emi series.

She urged me to do so before the event but I didn't listen. I automatically assumed that it could only be a happy article considering the success of the event. I started reading it and instantly my heart broke for this woman. The guilt kicked in as well. I'm sure I walked past her table and never glanced over. I was on a mission to see about 20 authors and sadly, she wasn't on my list.

I have never felt more horrible in my entire life.

Read the blog post here: And as before, I told her I would at some point. I hadn't read the synopses or any reviews, but figured, "Why not? Shortly thereafter the series bundle was in my email. By now I had been warned that I'd need a lot of tissues to get through them. Things were backed up on the blog, so it took a few weeks before I began this venture. A few things about me before I start my thoughts on Emi: I've been reading since I was 4 years old.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've bawled my eyes out while reading. The very first was Charlotte's Web and I never was able to forget it. I'm not a crier whatsoever. It takes extreme sadness before I'll get upset enough to form actual tears. I do tear up in books. When something is sweet, I will get a welling up in my eyes, but nothing more. I've read hundreds of books and can easily choose a top 5 of all-time. I pretty much thought this list was permanent and impossible for anything newer to break into.

In this day and age, technology allows us to do nearly everything. Before, authors had limited options - if you didn't get a publishing deal, there were no alternatives. Nowadays, many choose to self-publish and I actually have found I enjoy indies more than big house published works. But there's also a downside to self-publishing and that's advertising and getting your name and books out there. In the grand scheme of things, not many people have discovered Emi yet. This series feels like a secret that I've been let in on.

And as much as I usually love to keep things I love to myself, I feel the need to share this one. I'm not much of a note taker or highlighter when reading. I'll typically highlight a couple quotes, if any, in an entire book. The Emi Lost and Found series changed that for me. My Notes app on my iPhone got more use in the past week than ever before. You're probably thinking, "A week? I thought you loved this series. Why did it take you so long to finish? I can't think of any other way to describe what took place while I participated in my favorite hobby.

I'd been warned but didn't take said warning seriously enough. I went in blind and got the full experience. I wouldn't change a thing in the way I went about it. My recommendation for future readers is to avoid spoilers as much as possible. Don't even read the book summary on Goodreads. Trust me, you'll appreciate everything much more this way.

I'm not even going to post a summary here. All I want to do is post some of my thoughts and emotions that I experienced throughout. From the title, you realize it's most likely the story of a woman named Emi - and it is. But it's A LOT more as well. All of that just in the very first book, Lost and Found. It's written from a male point of view which I absolutely adore and it was wonderful to get to know the girl from how HE saw her.

Can you get PTSD from reading a book? Because I still haven't recovered from the distress I suffered at the hands of Lori Otto. It is literary perfection. Great love story, great characters, perfect pacing - why would I need Kleenex? The end of the book makes things clear. I cannot even lie, I needed a break after finishing. You get left hanging and though the direction the story is heading seems clear, you're holding out hope that things will turn out the opposite of what you're fearing. After about a half hour and a quick chat with the book twin , I started book two.

Emi Lost & Found Series by Lori L. Otto

The immediate reaction was relief. Seconds later this was followed by complete heartbreak and heartache. Cue the ugly cries. Instant, complete, and utter devastation at the hands of my iPad. How could she Otto do this to us?? I should mention this was within the first few pages of book two, Time Stands Still. After sobbing for what seemed like an hour it was probably 15 minutes , I decided I couldn't continue that night. Instead, I took a two day reading break. Yes, this affected me THAT much.

I did some more chatting with the book twin and she assured me that I needed to get back to the story. She promised things would get better. So I did it. I went back and tortured myself some more. Intense doesn't begin to cover it. Take my word when I say that you and Emi will become one.

I felt every emotion as if I was in the story. I could have been Emi. Eventually, the story got better - by better I mean happier. Things were starting to look up and then I got sucker punched again and again and again. It was starting to feel like this sadness would never end. And I had mixed feelings about how things were playing out. I wanted happiness but it felt like that was a betrayal. But things DO get better. And you finally feel like the devastation is bearable.

The end of book two caused my ugly cries once again. Those stuck around for the beginning of book three, Never Look Back. Book three is beautiful.

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The story is ready to conclude, and as much as you want it to end, you also don't. You want it to go in forever. This book is about moving on and it too is filled with some agonizing moments. These characters have come a long way since the first book and it's beautiful to watch them grow. This series is phenomenal. There isn't a weak book to be found and that is extremely rare. Each book is written from a different character's point of view and this adds to the magnificence of the overall story.

You really get to know the characters and never have reason to question their decisions. I was captivated from the first page and was spellbound until the very last page of book 3. Emi Lost and Found is so real that I felt physically sick and experienced actual pain. I literally had to squeeze my chest because my heart felt broken. And this reaction happened throughout, not just in one instance. Even during my reading breaks, the story stuck with me. I found myself thinking about the story and the characters and wondering how things would end.

And of course, frustrated with things they did. Not to mention the fact that I was upset with the author for what SHE did. Before you start, make sure to get a reading buddy - a partner to experience it all with.

Lost and Found

You'll need all the virtual handholding you can get. Emi Lost and Found is the diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack - books like this come along once in a blue moon. Never has a book or series hit me this hard. I've never been this emotionally attached either. I have a feeling this one is going to be hard to let go of. It's insanity that more people aren't reading these books. It has to be said: The rating scale doesn't even factor high enough for me to be fair.

Full Series Review — EMI LOST & FOUND by Lori L. Otto

Just know that it's incomparable in every aspect. After finishing, I realized I owed Lori an apology. I was part of the readers who let her down at Book Bash. In turn, I lost out on meeting someone who created the most realistic and unforgettable characters I've ever had the pleasure to discover. So, here is my apology, in the form of my rambling review. And I hope that all bookworms find Emi for themselves. Also, a special thanks to my book twin for harassing me daily to read this series! To be honest, I have so many things I want to say about these books that I am finding it hard to put it into words.

These were some of the best books I have read, to date. They touched on every human emotion possible and at times I had to put the book down because I was so consumed with emotions. I will admit that I had the Ugly Cry. Actually, this even goes beyond the Ugly Cry, if you can imagine that!!!! Parts of the books, I had a huge lump in my throat and others I was cheerin Wow.

Parts of the books, I had a huge lump in my throat and others I was cheering like a cheerleader! Although there were 4 in this series and it took me a few days, I could not put them down. I am also glad, that I had not read any reviews of these books because I was not expecting half of what happened. The first book, the prequel, takes place when Emi main character is in high school.

Her family has fallen apart and she is left in a very dark, cynical state of mind. Enter Nate, another student not in the best of places and once they meet, a friendship ignites. Throughout these books, their friendship takes many twists and turns and grows stronger year by year. Over the course of these years, on more than one occasion they realize that there is more than just friendship there but neither are willing to risk the friendship that they have, to attempt to have a relationship that might not work out.

However, after many years, the time comes when they give a relationship a chance and start to date. I have to admit that what happens next almost had me stopping this series. I felt my heart was being torn out into a million pieces and I think I cried for 10 minutes straight. I am so glad that I pulled myself together and forged on!!!!! Tragedy strikes this couple and the rest of the books are about putting your life back together after the unspeakable happens and learning to love and trust again. It is about healing your heart and your mind. It shows just how much one person can take and test them, over and over and having them come out on top.

I could seriously sit here and write a 5 page review trying to touch on poignant moments throughout these books, trying to convey all the feelings that I felt and quote funny lines or touch on sad moments but I truly believe they deserve better than anything that I could write in this review. They without a shadow of a doubt, deserve to be read. So go get some tissues, put on some comfy clothes, make sure you either take your eye make-up off or have waterproof mascara on, settle in and read them.

You will not be disappointed, I promise you. I hope you loved the story as much as I did. I love these books and I highly recommend them. You will really get into the story and will go through each feeling the characters are experiencing. That's what I love about this story. All the characters are very real, you will disagree with them at times, you'll be happy and sad, you'll cry or at least feel like crying, you'll heal and grow with them.

I believe it's an amazing story and you won't regret giving it a chance. Mar 08, Picola rated it it was amazing. If you have not read this book you need to get on board ASAP. This is truly on of the best books we're not reading and not talking about. It's one of the best books I've read.

There are some books that just take you "there". This is one of those books. This series is going under my favorites list!! Emi, Nate, and Jack I loved this series! I just finished this morning and my emotions are still so raw and intense. This an emotional romantic series that needs to be read by those who love romance.

I had found it on a blog's list of freebies back when I first started reading Indie books. I mean…it was free. At the time, this was insane to me.

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Now, and partially in thanks to this book, I download tons of freebies and have found so many other hidden gems this way. In some ways, it was, but it had ingredients that I live for—angst and tension. But, most importantly…it had Nate. Nate Wilson is talented, sexy, chivalrous, sweet and loving—his critics would say maybe a little too loving, at times.

He is, in a nutshell, amazing. I spent the majority of the first book envious of the history between Nate and his best friend since high school, Emi Hennigan. No matter what goes on in either of their lives, he seems to put her first, and you almost feel sorry for his girlfriends—almost. You just know Emi and Nate are meant to be together, and after a frustrating series of events, it seems they may finally get what you want for them. All I will say is this—just like a boy scout, the motto when reading this series is: Stock up on your favorite flavor of ice cream and a ton of Kleenex.

Sometimes I even get a little pissed, thinking there is something wrong with me, or maybe it was just missing the depth I needed to truly connect to the characters. Whatever it is, I am not a crier. I can name two books, maybe three, that have ever brought me even close to tears. However, these types of statements make me need to read a book so I immediately got it.

I am ashamed to say that I waited a couple of months before I actually read it, but once I started, I could not put it down. I lived in an Otto Bubble for a week straight, and I am certain my husband thought I was crazy, given the amount of sobbing he witnessed. Oh, you will coast through that first book, thinking, "What's the big deal?

It will hit you and it will suck. The tablet will be thrown across the room or--if you're like me--it will go in the freezer. Oh, and then you will hate whoever recommended this book to you. I have tortured many friends with this series, and have received enough hate texts and scathing Facebook messages to develop a serious complex. Yet, whenever someone asks for a book recommendation, this is generally the first one out of my mouth. In the second book, one of the main characters is recovering from serious trauma--both to their body and heart--and you feel every bit of that pain, and then some.

I have never read anything that made me feel so fused to a fictional character's agony as Time Stands Still did--no, I wasn't just connected to them, I was that character, the writing is that amazing. I read these books over nine months ago and I still get teary-eyed when thinking of the storyline. The way she builds you up and brings you to a happy, sweet place right before she takes a sledgehammer to your heart, obliterating it to dust, is actually slightly cruel, albeit genius. You will probably want to hunt her down and punch her in the face; I know I did. But somehow she manages to vacuum up every last piece of that vital organ and, particle by particle, reconstruct you a new one…via Jack.

I cannot even being to describe how fantastic Jack is. He is the most patient, compassionate and loving man. Things will feel right—even if you were reluctant for them to ever be right again. Makes no sense, yeah? Read the series, it will make perfect sense. I love books that make me feel, any type of emotion, whether it be misery, hate, love, etc. If I could give this series, more than 5 stars, I would.

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If I could buy a copy for everyone I talked to, I would. I tried really, really hard not to include any major spoilers but it is very difficult to summarize this series without doing that. Definitely one of my favorite series ever! Me and my book besties were discussing the series I felt every single emotion as if I was Emi Overall rating for the entire series, 4. The two have been best friends for years. They have watched each other grow into adults, all while having feelings for each other.

Nate's feelings are stronger than Emi's Emi is more in denial but she soon discovers that there is do denying what she feels for Nate. Through it all, they fight their feelings. Nate dates other women because he doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Emi. Emi gets hurts and is jealous. Time and Time again, they push the other away and it is heartbreaking and frustrating to watch, when you just know these two are meant to be together.

After multiple setbacks, it seems that things may be starting to look up for these two.

See a Problem?

Will Emi and Nate's friendship survive? Can these two get their crap together? Can they be more than just friends? I just want to say I think I literally cried for days straight while reading this book. I even had to put the book down for several days just to breathe.

In Time Stands Still, Emi is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and move on after it has just been shattered. Her sole reason for living has been taken from her and she is literally living in the dark How do you get up everyday and face life when it means nothing anymore? With the help of her family and friends Emi tries to move on from her loss but experiences a lot of tears and heartbreak but maybe Book 3- Never Look Back Ahhhhhhh after having our hearts crushed, Lori puts the pieces back together again!

Never Look Back is the conclusion to Emi's story and the characters we have become so invested in their lives and grown to love. Emi has faced the demons that has came along with her tremendous lost and she still has things to work through but she is doing this daily with Jack's help. Of course, things can not go easily for Emi and the one thing she and Jack really want, she finds out is never going to happen. Once again, Emi is left trying to figure her life out again. Emi and Jack's relationship is tested, but Emi is strong, and with Jack there beside her, their love can overcome anything.

I was sad to see this series end, and while my heart may still be a little sad, I am happy to see Emi become the amazing, strong woman she has become. Aug 13, Heather M. Book 1 had me extremely frustrated. Nate and Emi both drove me insane. But, I was still captivated I had to know what would happen. And below is my review of book I felt it deserved a full review.. I could have written pages on the beauty of this book but I try not to include tmi for those who have not yet read and may be browsing reviews.

It is really hard to express how affected I was by this book. I feel like I literally had my heart crushed over and over and over. I cried more than I have ever cried reading a book. Don't get me wrong, lots of books have touched me and brought me to tears. This book was brutal Most books will break your heart and quickly put it back together.

This is not that book. Emi's reaction is SO real.. Her loss so great and her pain all consuming, gut-wrenching, The first few pages of Time Stands Still broke my heart I felt like I was living my worst nightmare.. He had changed me for the better. He showed me love, like I never knew it After an exhilarating, collaborative writing project, Lori L. Otto had an idea for an original novel.

The characters and their rich stories would keep her awake at night, and even with barely any sleep, she felt more alert and alive than she had i Subjects Fiction Literature Romance. This series runs the gamut of emotions. I felt everything from pure joy and happiness to absolute devastation.

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And at different times in her life. There is no doubt in my mind that Jack was her soul mate. Her real soul mate. Nate was her best friend and also was a wonderful match for her. Had the accident never happened, she would have lived a long and happy life with him and I believe they would have been a fantastic couple.

But that was not what life dished out. Incomparable and absolutely right. Their separation had hit her hard and what she took away from it was that guys were not to be trusted and that even those in love would still cheat and break hearts. So she wanted nothing to do with a relationship. This was when she met Nate. I just want to say that even typing his name here, just brought a smile to my face. Nate was bit of a mix between a bad boy and an artist. It was a strange mix to be sure but he owned it with his leather jacket, and cocky but charming attitude… but when he walked into class and laid eyes on this said girl, everything changed.

They had a strong, intense connection but here was no insta-love, nothing was rushed, and just I loved watching Nate and Emi bond both through their shared pain, their shared interests, and their shared attraction. There was also so much more than just a romance here. There were very strong family themes — the struggled of coping with the after maths of a divorce and the impact it had on the family as a whole, the strong bond between siblings, and the differences between them too.

While I usually need a solely romance focused story to keep my attention, I found myself drawn to every aspect of this one. The writing was absolutely beautiful and was one of the first things that struck me about this story. I was so nervous to start this book because of what I knew about the plot of the writing was a huge part of what drew me in in the beginning. This story takes place 9 years after the prequel and we find that both Nate and Emi have come to an understanding of sorts — to be best friends and nothing more.

Parts of this story were hard for me — it was hard for me to see Nate with other women but at the same time, I understood why. My heart really went out to him. We had decided long ago that our friendship should always take precedent over any fleeting romantic feelings. The idea is always out there, sometimes distant, sometimes not… and there is clearly something between us, but I still have doubts that I could ever be enough for her. She always seems to look beyond me. And I know she should. I felt really bad for Nate. Here he was essentially moving from one meaningless one-night-stand to another meaningless relationship, knowing that what he wanted most might forever be outside his reach, but never feeling worthy enough for the one girl he loved.

I went back and forth between sympathy, pity, frustration, and acceptance. She had this amazing guy willing to lay the world at her feet…. What was she waiting for?? I just… I just want you to be more. I thought you might feel the same way. At times I was furious with them. A little with him, a lot with her.

I was frustrated to an extreme point in places. She let her fear of their friendship being destroyed by a failed relationship rule her life. It seems so obvious in this moment. I will fix this. I love her and I want to be with her. This moment brought happy tears to my eyes. It felt so real.

I want to be the one you always see. She was his soul mate and he knew it. How do you move on from something like this? Emi said she felt empty and I felt it too. Suddenly tears were just streaming down my face. The reality of it hit after the fact for me. Maybe I was too numb when it happened?