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It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin , the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty.

For Crowley, Baphomet is further a representative of the spiritual nature of the spermatozoa while also being symbolic of the "magical child" produced as a result of sex magic. Crowley proposed that Baphomet was derived from "Father Mithras". In his Confessions he describes the circumstances that led to this etymology: I had taken the name Baphomet as my motto in the O. For six years and more I had tried to discover the proper way to spell this name. I knew that it must have eight letters, and also that the numerical and literal correspondences must be such as to express the meaning of the name in such a ways as to confirm what scholarship had found out about it, and also to clear up those problems which archaeologists had so far failed to solve Needless to say, the suffix R supported the latter theory.

I added up the word as spelt by the Wizard. This number had never appeared in my Cabbalistic working and therefore meant nothing to me. It however justified itself as being the cube of nine. So far, the Wizard had shown great qualities! He had cleared up the etymological problem and shown why the Templars should have given the name Baphomet to their so-called idol. Baphomet was Father Mithras, the cubical stone which was the corner of the Temple. Chick claimed that Baphomet is a demon worshipped by Freemasons, [69] a claim that apparently originated with the Taxil hoax. Baphomet is followed by minotaurs and other savage creatures.

He desires the end of civilizations so all creatures may embrace their most basic, brutal instincts. He is described as a massive, black minotaur, with blood around his mouth and red eyes. He wears an iron crown topped with the heads of his enemies, along with spiked armor. He wields a huge glaive, named "Heartcleaver", but commonly fights with his hooves, claws, and horns.

He rules of the th layer of The Abyss , known as the "Endless Maze", and is the sworn enemy of Yeenoghu , another demon lord. The game's storyline describes in depth that in fact Philip IV of France was the one who had worshipped Baphomet, not the Knights Templar, and he deliberately eradicated the entire order to make sure this secret would remain undiscovered.

In the last level, the protagonist must enter the afterlife to seek out and defeat Baphomet, however, he is protected by the shadows of his fallen worshippers in the previous levels, along with the ghost of Evil Empress and the protagonist's former accomplice, Evil Twirl. The game depicts Baphomet very close to the original, except that it has a male torso, and dragon-like wings as opposed to feathered ones. Baphomet's main attack is a lethal wall of fire which causes severe damage, and can be manifested in rapid successions.

Baphomet also can turn himself invisible during his attack periods.

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Successfully defeating him shall win the game, albeit it is noted that defeating him does not mean he is killed. An interpretation of Baphomet , referred to as The Sword of Baphomet, forms part of the main plot in the point-and-click adventure game developed by Revolution Software , Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. It is the first game in the Broken Sword series. The player assumes the role of George Stobbart , an American tourist in Paris, as he attempts to unravel a conspiracy much of which is influenced by and includes factual and fictional references and narrative devices relating to the History of the Knights Templar.

Hell on Earth , in the final mission "Icon of Sin", the titular antagonist has a look similar to that of early depictions of Baphomet. In July YouTube star and singer Poppy depicted the deity in the music video for her single Lowlife. Poppy can be seen imitating the famous pose of Baphomet. The Satanic Temple has accused the show of plagiarizing their depiction of Baphomet, though later settled out of court.

In Gaunt, Simon; Kay, Sarah. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deity the Knights Templar were falsely accused of worshiping.

For other uses, see Baphomet disambiguation. For the album by Akercocke, see The Goat of Mendes. Not to be confused with Bahamut. Omne datum optimum Milites Templi Militia Dei Pastoralis praeeminentiae Faciens misericordiam Ad providam Vox in excelso France England Scotland Spain Portugal. Military order monastic society Category: Knights Templar Seal representing the Gnostic figure Abraxas. Appleton — via Google Books. Raynouard's brilliant defence of the order. The challenge was taken up, among others, by the famous orientalist Friedrich von Hammer-Purgstall, who in published his Mysterium Baphometis revelatum , an attempt to prove that the Templars followed the doctrines and rites of the Gnostic Ophites, the argument being fortified with reproductions of obscene representations of supposed Gnostic ceremonies and of mystic symbols said to have been found in the Templars' buildings.

Wilcke, while rejecting Hammer's main conclusions as unproved, argued in favour of the existence of a secret doctrine based, not on Gnosticism, but on the unitarianism of Islam, of which Baphomet Mahomet was the symbol. This view was also taken by a succession of German scholars, in England by C. Addison, and in France by a whole series of conspicuous writers: Mignet, Guizot, Renan, Lavocat. Goats were are considered 'clean' enough to sacrifice to Heavenly Father by the Jews so I do not see what you are 'getting' at. When Christianity was running amok and dominating the world, they took the Pagan symbol of the European Horned God or God of the Hunt and used that as the representation of "evil".

Not to mention its connections with Baphomet a supposed pagan deity i. Revived in the 19th century as a figure of occultism and Satanism.

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Later in the 19th century, the name of Baphomet became further associated with the occult. This image has become the best-known representation of Baphomet. My opinion, based on research. Respectfully, Rook some excerpts taken from Wiki but not used as direct 'quotes' so I did not place them in "quotes". I have read somewhere that goats are associated with the devil, and are known as the 'devil's creatures' but hey that's just my opinion. You can look it up if you wish. Gayatrishiva 3 stories posts.

I think seeing the Goat Wisdom and your devotion to lord Thats my personal opinion. Leslie81 1 stories 36 posts. I too saw a goat watching me once. Its been several years as I was still a child at the time. The one I saw was actually in my room. All I could see was its face. From the height of its face, it must've been between feet tall.

It terrified me even though it didn't do anything but watch. When I screamed for my mom it disappeared.

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I was devout Christian at the time too. So it wasn't anything that I was into that brought it in or anything. Anyway, I found it interesting that you also saw a goat and had to comment. TalonWalt 3 stories 69 posts. I have seen something like this too. I did not use a ouija board, practice any kind of witchcraft be it white or black or invite anything in, in any way. So why would I see it?

The Goat That Would Watch Me Sleep

Sorry guys I am not propagating a religion as I am more spiritual and open minded rather than religious I hope I haven't hurt someone's sentiment I have high regards for all the higher souls ie Pht. Yes in hindusim lost of Gods and Goddess are there. Its said 3crore are there. But its usually said as god or godess but in real sense they mean spirits and in hinduism its also believed each god or godess have their own hierhechy where one is more powerful than the other based upon their spiritual evolution Thats why in hindusim, buddhism its said one can ascend to higher level with spiritual practices.

Very interesting read as long as the spirit or entity didn't rise any fear in you its good one I suppose. There are forest spirits and tree spirits where in india usually one can see people coming under the tree and praying to it usually the spirit is given its due respect But anyways in the end in hindusim it says in the end one has to venture deep isnide yourself to find the truth and that truth whatever one may call it is GOD.

Btw I do teach yoga and meditation. Some are saying here if you are meditating don't do it its wrong its not like that usually when someone meditates if the third eye activates one can see all other words usually the astral world which has departed souls and also some higher beings who can penetrate and help us in lifting our self spiritually.

Like white when passed through prism 7 colors are formed which is inside the same white light same way other words are interpentrated in that same place and some time we get to see it or hear or feel it. One can hear it if there throat chakra is activated. MEditation or any spiritual practice if used to attaining higher self then its good instead trying to get siddhis tryint to attain some magic stuffs then one looses it.

Sorry its a long reply. I think Hayagriva is a more likely candidate to have been drawn and 'warped' from folklore into what has become know as Baphomet. Vishnu in the form of Hayagriva is worshipped as the Lord of knowledge and wisdom. Which Baphomet is kind of the 'negative' of. Half male half female, position of the fingers and hands, the skulls portrayed around the figure and horns and so on.

What do you think? I can only think of one Sati, wished to wed Shiva. Her father, Daksha, did not approve of the union, but Sati ignored his wishes and married Shiva anyway. A bitter enmity was born between Daksha and Shiva as a result. This antagonism was brought to a head when he Daksha forbade his son-in-law to attend a holy sacrifice to the god Vishnu.

Shamed by her husband's exclusion from the ritual, Sati killed herself by throwing her body into a fire. Shiva was enraged by his wife's death and sent an army of demigods to destroy the sacrifice, resulting in the maiming of countless gods and others in attendance. Daksha himself was decapitated during the attack, his head hurled into the sacrificial fire. He Shiva later restored those he had injured after being calmed by Vishnu. When Daksha's head could not be found, Shiva replaced it with the head of a goat or a ram.

Ashamed of his own ignoble actions and humbled by Shiva's act of mercy, Daksha became one of Shiva's most devout attendants. He DOES leave a bigger impression. I said that b is pretty common place because his description would fit many indian gods. I don't suggest that the poster has enemies and a statue has been buried on her property. I know there are many explanations and meanings of the term baphomet. I used the term baphomet loosely to avoid the term devil etc.

No offense meant but Getting a vision of baphomet is not difficult. Sure Hotrod, no problem Margaret Murray had mentioned this information in her book The God of the Witches , and Hutton theorised that Alex Sanders had taken it from there, enjoying the fact that he shared his name with the ancient Macedonian emperor. Howard had a wooden statue of Atho's head which he claimed was years old, but the statue was stolen in April Howard's son later admitted that his father had carved the statue himself.

In Cochrane's Craft , which was founded by Robert Cochrane , the Horned God was often referred to by a Biblical name; Tubal-cain , who, according to the Bible was the first blacksmith. Sherry Salman considers the image of the Horned God in Jungian terms, as an archetypal protector and mediator of the outside world to the objective psyche.

In her theory the male psyche's 'Horned God' frequently compensates for inadequate fathering. When first encountered, the figure is a dangerous, 'hairy chthonic wildman' possessed of kindness and intelligence. If split off entirely, he leads to violence, substance abuse and sexual perversion.

When integrated he gives the male an ego 'in possession of its own destructiveness' and for the female psyche gives an effective animus relating to both the physical body and the psyche. In considering the Horned God as a symbol recurring in women's literature, Richard Sugg suggests the Horned God represents the 'natural Eros', a masculine lover subjugating the social-conformist nature of the female shadow, thus encompassing a combination of the shadow and animus.

Sugg goes on to note that female characters who are paired with this character usually end up socially ostracised, or worse — in an inverted ending to the male hero-story. Following the work of Robert Bly in the Mythopoetic men's movement , John Rowan proposes the Horned God as a " Wild Man " be used as a fantasy image or "sub-personality" [21]: Many horned deities are known to have been worshipped in various cultures throughout history.

Evidence for horned gods appear very early in the human record. The so-called Sorcerer dates from perhaps 13, BCE. Twenty-one red deer headdresses, made from the skulls of the red deer and likely fitted with leather laces, have been uncovered at the Mesolithic site of Star Carr. They are thought to date from roughly 9, BCE.

Following the writings of suffragist Matilda Joslyn Gage [24] and others, Margaret Murray , in her book The Witch-Cult in Western Europe , proposed the theory that the witches of the early-modern period were remnants of a pagan cult and that the Christian Church had declared the god of the witches was in fact the Devil. Without recourse to any specific representation of this deity, Murray speculates that the head coverings common in inquisition -derived descriptions of the devil "may throw light on one of the possible origins of the cult.

In Murray published a sequel, The God of the Witches , which tries to gather evidence in support of her witch-cult theory. In Chapter 1 "The Horned God". Murray derived this model of a horned god cult from James Frazer and Jules Michelet. In dealing with " The Sorcerer ", [25]: Hutton states that modern photographs show the original cave art lacks horns, a human torso or any other significant detail on its upper half. Clottes stated that "I have seen it myself perhaps 20 times over the years". Breuil considered his drawing to represent a shaman or magician - an interpretation which gives the image its name.

Murray having seen the drawing called Breuil's image "the first depiction of a deity", an idea which Breuil and others later adopted. Murray also used an inaccurate drawing of a mesolithic rock-painting at Cogul in northeast Spain as evidence of group religious ceremony of the cult, although the central male figure is not horned. Despite widespread criticism of Murray's scholarship some minor aspects of her work continued to have supporters.

The popular image of the Greek god Pan was removed from its classical context in the writings of the Romantics of the 18th century and connected with their ideals of a pastoral England. This, along with the general public's increasing lack of familiarity of Greek mythology at the time led to the figure of Pan becoming generalised as a 'horned god', and applying connotations to the character, such as benevolence that were not evident in the original Greek myths which in turn gave rise to the popular acceptance of Murray's hypothetical horned god of the witches.

The reception of Aradia amongst Neopagans has not been entirely positive. Clifton suggests that modern claims of revealing an Italian pagan witchcraft tradition, for example those of Leo Martello and Raven Grimassi , must be "match[ed] against", and compared with the claims in Aradia. He further suggests that a lack of comfort with Aradia may be due to an "insecurity" within Neopaganism about the movement's claim to authenticity as a religious revival. Valiente offers another explanation for the negative reaction of some neopagans; that the identification of Lucifer as the god of the witches in Aradia was "too strong meat" for Wiccans who were used to the gentler, romantic paganism of Gerald Gardner and were especially quick to reject any relationship between witchcraft and Satanism.

Eliphas Levi's image of " Baphomet " serves as an example of the transformation of the Devil into a benevolent fertility deity and provided the prototype for Murray's horned god.

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Herodotus relates how all male goats were held in great reverence by the Mendesians, and how in his time a woman publicly copulated with a goat. At several places in the Delta, e. Hermopolis, Lycopolis, and Mendes, the god Pan and a goat were worshipped; Strabo, quoting xvii. The Mendisians, according to this last writer, paid reverence to all goats, and more to the males than to the females, and particularly to one he-goat, on the death of which public mourning is observed throughout the whole Mendesian district; they call both Pan and the goat Mendes, and both were worshipped as gods of generation and fecundity.

The goat referred to by all these writers is the famous Mendean Ram, or Ram of Mendes, the cult of which was, according to Manetho, established by Kakau, the king of the IInd dynasty. Historically, the deity that was venerated at Egyptian Mendes was a ram deity Banebdjedet literally Ba of the lord of djed, and titled "the Lord of Mendes" , who was the soul of Osiris.

Margaret Murray 's theory of the historical origins of the Horned God has been used by Wiccans to create a myth of historical origins for their religion. Modern scholarship has disproved Margaret Murray's theory, however various horned gods and mother goddesses were indeed worshipped in the British Isles during the ancient and early Medieval periods. The "father of Wicca", Gerald Gardner , who adopted Margaret Murray's thesis, claimed Wicca was a modern survival of an ancient pan-European pagan religion.