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Any study on how to read the Bible, must first discuss the reasons for why reading the Bible is important. First Timothy says that the Bible is “God breathed,”.
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The most important thing is to find one that speaks to you and inspires you to keep reading. It sounds old-fashioned, but many readers still enjoy its powerful style.

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It is readable while still conservative in its interpretation. The New Living Translation, isn't a direct translation, but it conveys the Bible's message in a clear, inclusive way. You can also read and compare several translations to get a sense of how the original texts have been interpreted differently. Read a print Bible for a classic approach. Traditional Bible reading is done with the print text in hand. Many readers still enjoy this direct, classic way to read.

You also never have to worry about battery life with a print Bible. Use an electronic Bible for convenience. There are many options for reading the Bible electronically if that is more comfortable to you. You can read electronic Bibles on practically any device. There are also numerous versions of the Bible available as ebooks and apps. Some app and ebook versions of the Bible have nice features that let you highlight and make notes. Set a schedule to find time. With so many tasks and distractions in life, finding the time to read the Bible can be a struggle.

Setting a schedule helps. Try to make a commitment to read a certain number of chapters or verses per day, or to read for a certain amount of time each day. If you need more help, try: Listening to an audio version of the Bible while you are doing something else. Downloading a Bible ebook or app and reading while you are standing in lines, waiting for a bus, etc.

7 Ways to Read the Bible (and Actually Meet God)

You can read the Bible as literature, as history, or as philosophy. Pray before and after your readings for help understanding what you read. Use study guides to deepen your understanding. Many Bibles come with extra materials. These can help you learn about the history, significance, and interpretation of different sections of the text. Take a look at these before or after you read from the Bible. Deepening your knowledge of the Bible can inspire you to read even more.

Take notes as you read. You can keep a notebook dedicated to your reading. Many online Bibles and Bible study apps also have features that allow you to take notes electronically as you read. Join a Bible class or group. Reading together with others can encourage and inspire you.

Being able to talk about what you read with other people can also deepen your understanding of the Bible. You can check out Bible study groups at local churches. You can also look for community Bible study groups that meet in informal locations for discussions.

Bible verses are used for a couple of things, like convenience and to help you memorize the verses. It's important to remember verses.

2. Look for Jesus.

You don't have to memorize the entire Bible, but it might be a good idea to memorize the verses that stand out to you. Not Helpful 2 Helpful If you're near one, christian book stores have many books that sum up the Bible. You can also look up Bible stories for children - most of the key points would be in there. Not Helpful 1 Helpful If you're reading for religious reasons and you're new to the religion, start in John or Mark. Not Helpful 4 Helpful This is up to you. You can always read the Bible in the way that the chapters are given, starting with Genesis in the Old Testament and ending with Revelation in the New Testament.

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Many translations of the Bible can be found on websites such as iBooks, Amazon, and Koorong Australia. Alternatively, many churches will stock different versions or translations of the Bible. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. In fact, it can be beneficial and educational to read multiple versions and translations of the same text to get a more nuanced understanding of it.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. Within the Catholic and Christian religions, there are more than 66 versions to read from and learn. You should do what you feel in your heart. Everyone experiences pressure, but you have to learn how to be true to yourself even in the midst of stress.

How to Read The Bible

If you feel faith in your heart and soul, then never be afraid to show that to the people around you. However, don't try to force your faith on anyone else; just embrace it as part of who you are. When the Pharisees brought a adulteress to Jesus and asked him if she should be stoned to death according to the Jewish law, Jesus said something along the lines of "He who has never committed sin shall cast the first stone. It causes so many puzzle pieces to fall into place.

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Take Galatians, for example. These Gentiles were being harassed by Jews who said they needed to follow Jewish customs in order to be true Christians. Knowing this simple fact sheds light on why Paul was so fired up about the seemingly weird subject of circumcision an important Jewish rite. The better you know your theology what the Bible has to say about a given subject , the better your overall understanding of Scripture will be.

Understanding core theological doctrines can help you make sense of verses that seem out of place. For example, in James 2: Knowing the doctrine of justification keeps you from making this interpretation error and forces you to think through this verse from a different angle. People forget that the Bible was originally intended to be heard. Hearing the Word read can give you new eyes or ears on particular passages and help you understand the Bible in ways never did previously. Bible Gateway makes it really simple to listen to the ESV translation through their app.

I always recommend starting with a translation that is more literal word for word in its translation style so that you can get as close to the original meaning as possible.

The Story of the Bible

However, reading multiple translations of the same passage can unlock different shades of meaning that you may have previously missed. Use certain colors to highlight repeated words or themes. Come up with a series of symbols or shapes to put beside verses that connect them together. Underline passages that really hit you hard. When it comes to how to understand the Bible, few things help like this kind of intense engagement.

But commentaries by really smart men and women can really help, especially when coming to stickier passages. Commentaries give clarity on word meanings, historical context, the biblical storyline, and more. They also help you see through the eyes of others, which can give you fresh perspective as you try to learn how to read the Bible. Tim Challies has a helpful list of the best commentaries for each book of the Bible. The same principle applies to study Bibles as commentaries: But again, they can be very helpful as you work your way through different sections of the Bible. Sometimes it can be immensely helpful to immerse yourself in a single book for an extended period of time.

I remember hearing pastor Mike Bullmore say that there was a lengthy period when he read the book of Psalms repeatedly for the health of his soul. Diving way deep into a single book allows you to pick up nuances you would never get on a single pass. It forces you to grapple with the logical arguments of the author and pushes you to a more thorough understanding. Why did God want this particular verse included? Why did God want me, a 21st century Christian, to know the genealogy of Jesus?

What hath circumcision to do with now?

How To Study the Bible for Beginners - 5 Tips for Beginners - Christian Vlogger

Go back and read earlier verses and following verses. There are portions of the Bible that contain history, law, songs, prophecy, letters, poetry, and so on. If you read poetry the same way you read history, you will become confused. How do the verses you are studying apply to your daily life? What did you learn about God or Jesus?

How to Read the Bible - A Beginners Guide (Updated)

What questions did it raise? How to Read the Bible — Where should I start? Instead, it is a collection of books that were written by several authors. In John, you will find out what Jesus said and who He is. A Chronological Bible puts the contents in chronological order, which helps the new student understand the order of events.

God , the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him.