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I […] Horse Master Episode Descriptions: I trained a young sport horse to go into the surf and accept the waves crashing on him. It is one of the biggest market shows there is—a show where manufacturers and distributors sell goods at wholesale to tack stores and the like. Baring legitimate reasons for the horse not to go forward, like asking him to step over a rattlesnake, the horse […] Horse Report: October After returning from a four-day clinic at C Lazy U, where I was teaching horseback for hours a day, I am quite happy with the health and performance of my horses.

Dually stayed fresh and cocky all weekend long, which thrills me to no end. After almost two years of him feeling cranky and […] Horse Shopping Horse Shopping I am getting an increasing number of inquiries from people looking for a new horse. So it is with no small amount of forethought that we did a Horse Master episode featuring a young woman looking to find her dream horse.

She also happens to be a riding instructor and in that […] Horse Standing Still While Tied And In The Saddle Common Complaints My horse fusses and fidgets when tied or when I ask him to stand still Julie Goodnight helps you calm your fidgety horse—helping him to be the rock-solid, trustworthy, still-standing horse you deserve. If your horse thinks turning toward the gate is his cue to slow down, ride with a purpose and direct him straight past the opening. Does your horse […] Horseback Riding Basics: Position Become a more effective rider by perfecting a proper horseback-riding position.

Correct body position is as basic as it gets. A lovely place and the […] Horses are Survivors By Julie Goodnight Have you worked with a rescued horse or a horse with abuse in his past? The lessons learned from working with these troubled-but-not-disposable horses are priceless. Sometimes you learn something you should always do, or something you should never do. From them, I have gained invaluable […] Horses Give More than they Get When you own horses, and especially if you keep them at home, sometimes it seems like your whole life revolves around doing their bidding—food service, housekeeping, valet service, maintenance.

Most people who dream of bringing their horses home after boarding them forever are stunned to discover they have even less time to ride. Because […] Horses In Confinement Question: Dear Julie, I just moved to a home on 40 acres with a live creek in Missouri. In order to get them the care they need, I have to catch them first. I […] Horses in the Cold: Relatively warm by some standards, when you compare it to 25 below, which our neighbors had. I was a shy and introverted kid, so growing up on a small horse farm was like heaven to me. I enjoyed your presentation.

I have been riding for over 40 years and teaching riding for I take lessons my self periodically to correct bad habits I may have developed. Horses Need Horses Do you want your horse to be happy, relaxed and ready […] Horses Pawing In The Trailer Do you have trouble with your horses pawing while in the trailer? And Photos Of Diggs! The clinicians were Jim and Jill Cook, who are reined cowhorse specialists. Rich and Tucker his old horse—but I attached some photos here of his new horse, Diggs!

Our show topics were learning the cues and training a young horse to side-pass, canter departures, desensitizing an explosively cinchy horse, collecting the canter, reprogramming a hard-to-catch horse and a […] How Can Cow-Work Benefit Your Overall Horsemanship Julie, when did you first start working cattle? What do I need to know to help me better understand how a rope halter works? Inspired by your comments, and by the response from my friends, I want to extend my five-pound challenge to everyone—at least everyone interested in getting fit and shedding a few pounds or more.

Apr 22, When we can offer a safe, caring home to a severely neglected horse, everyone in the horse world cheers. If you have recently adopted a rescue horse, let me first commend you for your actions. Saving a horse that is in desperate need of care […] How to Make a Perfect Horse Before the horsemanship clinic even started, I could see the bad dynamic between the horse and his owner. The big brown gelding was agitated and acting aggressively toward his owner, a middle-aged woman, who was clearly scared, angry and frustrated with the horse.

That is, does he act up when you saddle him, even before you reach for the cinch or girth? What causes my knees to hurt after about an hour riding at a walk? What can I do to stay comfortable in the saddle? Julie, when did you first start working cattle? I wish I had more time to garden. The last three weekends in a row I have been very cold—first in Minnesota, then in Massachusetts and yesterday here in Colorado.

We are a family of trucks. Between the two of us, we have three trucks. Thankfully, the big daddy Dodge diesel mostly stays hitched to the trailer sitting in the barn yard. I drive the big momma Chevy half-ton truck—my beloved Avalanche. Luckily Rich has an economical Toyota to drive up and down […] Imagine A Career With Horses Imagine a Career with Horses Not once in my childhood, in high school nor college, did it ever occur to me that I might have a career in the horse industry.

Certainly, in my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined teaching horsemanship as a career for nearly three decades. I enjoy your presentations and I have a question that I hope you can help me with my horse, Rocky. Rocky is […] In Command And Control I am in the midst of clinic season—a clinic almost most every weekend through the end of June. Sometimes this question comes up when I am at a […] In-Depth Thoughts On The Combination Bit Why would you use a rawhide nose band to achieve results with a lighter touch?

Why not just do the training to have the horse understand the lighter pressure with a softer nose band? Rawhide is tough and rough and hurts. Q And A Question: The camp where I work mainly serves kids which have never ridden before, and some of our horses will have 15 different riders in a week between campers and horse lessons. Some of our newer horses are not ready for kids, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on how I can teach […] Is It The Bit?

It was a great group of riders and horses and I enjoyed working with all of them. We had green horses, finished horses, novices and experts, a variety of breeds and disciplines and everyone had fun and progressed well with their horse. I learned a long time […] Issues From The Ground: Issues from the Ground Question: When my trainer bought him as a yearling he was skittish but had a very kind eye and he has never shown any signs of aggression towards people.

Desensitizing a Horse to Scary Stimuli Answer: These days, with military actions and war consistently in the headlines, thoughts of aggression and war are far too close at hand and it is easy to think of advance and retreat as an aggressive move. But in case of horse […] Issues From The Ground: He comes […] Issues From The Ground: When I work with my horse on showmanship, she tries to bite me.

What should I do? Should I hit her? Does he bite at you at other […] Issues From The Ground: Clipping Ears Question Category: Hi, I have a yearling colt. I can clip all of him. But he will not let me clip his ears. He hates anything done with his ears. I have a three month old colt. We halter him every day to lead him to and from his pasture.

We started leading him with a butt rope which worked very well. We use […] Issues From The Ground: I have a 7 year old quarter horse mare that as a rule is very easy going. About 1 month ago the barn she is boarded at had lice so I powdered her. Hello Julie, I recently purchased a 13 yr QH mare about six months ago. I had been riding her for about eight months with an additional two-month lease.

I decided to purchase her. She is my first horse. She was formally a western barrel horse but we have […] Issues From The Ground: Difficult To Bridle Question Category: Our horse, a year-old quarter horse, has started a bad habit. Recently we had our vet float his teeth and since then he fights taking the bit.

He has thrown my daughter, her trainer, others and myself through the air when we try to hold his head. He […] Issues From The Ground: I would like to ask your opinion on how to handle a very big Percheron Paint gelding. He is a PMU foal that I adopted. He is halter broke and learning to lead. How do I train my horse to be a perfect citizen for the vet so that he gets gentle handling and is well-liked and well-treated by my vet? Handling Feet Question Category: Hi Julie, I have enjoyed your newsletters, and all the great training information.

Also have enjoyed the tapes I purchased at the horse expo here in Denver. Handwalking Injured Horse Question Category: Issues from the Ground I would love some tips on the hard to catch horse. Spring fever has sprung and he is avoiding me. For your hard-to-catch horse: Dear Julie, I recently purchased an 8 year old Shetland mare for my 5 year old daughter to ride, and she arrived at our barn a few days ago. The pony is difficult to catch in her stall and I would like some suggestions as to how to […] Issues From The Ground: We have come a long way together in that time.

I need your help! When unloading my horse ramp style , my horse backs out way too fast! What can I do to get her to slow down?? Chris, Indianapolis, IN Answer: Chris, I am assuming that your horse loads in the trailer fine, but has learned […] Issues From The Ground: Hi Julie — First, thank you for all of the helpful advice on your Web site.

I also have a library of your DVDs about Lead Line Leadership and riding and several CDs having to do with confidence in riding and private lessons with you. I had Speedy the little white paint horse. We have made such huge strides this summer and he has come along beautifully. Lead line leadership Question Category: How do I get started?

I have always heard that the reins should be completely off the horse, however […] Issues From The Ground: Leading Through Gates Question Category: This was the first time I had seen anything on round penning, but I decided to try it out on a horse I was working on. This was a 10 year old Mustang. The background on this […] Issues From The Ground: Needle Shy Question Category: We have seen you a number of times at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and love the way you work with horses. We desperately need your advice. We have a 2 year old filly who weighs in at about lbs. We have done all kinds of groundwork […] Issues From The Ground: Overwhelming Your Horse Question Category: Her horse is a year-old […] Issues From The Ground: I have a 9 year-old Arabian gelding who I received from a friend about 6 months ago.

Cloud was never worked with much and is only green-broke. I have been doing a lot of ground […] Issues From The Ground: Hello Julie, Your Incident article has prompted me to write. Thank you for stressing the dangers of pullers, and the comment of kissing a horse on the muzzle one of my pet peeves this last year. Hello Julie, I was on the Internet searching for info on rearing and found your web site. I have a question I hope you can help with. He came off the track at 4yrs old and has had on ground training […] Issues From The Ground: Rearing When Leading Question Category: My friend has a 9-month-old filly that is half quarter horse and half appaloosa.

She is a good little horse but quite spunky. She has been leading quietly on a halter since she got her 4 months ago, she is able to pick up her feet, is no […] Issues From The Ground: Round Pen Revealed Question Category: Why should I use round pen work with my horse? And why is round penning so synonymous with natural horsemanship?

The round pen is one of the most commonly used tools of Natural Horsemanship NH. I enjoy your presentations…. Many very capable riders have difficulties with rudeness from the horse on […] Issues From The Ground: Hi Julie, Training concern: I have a 16 hand QH gelding that I have had since October. I am a new horse owner and up until about 3 weeks ago, have managed to cross tie or tie him to a hitching […] Issues From The Ground: I have a couple yearlings that are not standing very well for the farrier.

The farrier after numerous attempts got his stud chain and backed the stud the length of the barn. He had me bump the […] Issues From The Saddle: Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, Firstly, let me tell you that I appreciate very much your website and information! I have a 3 yr old gelding Welsh Cob, just under saddle and I am trying to find the way how to ask him to loosen in […] Issues From The Saddle: Barrels To English Question Category: I have a year-old quarter horse mare that was trained to run barrels. Trouble […] Issues From The Saddle: Here recently he has been trying to stop on his front end.

I have never had this problem before and was wondering what you thought. He does have some arthritic problems, but […] Issues From The Saddle: I purchased a welsh pony He is not spooky at all and seemed the perfect pony for me. I am a beginner rider for about 1 yr now. I […] Issues From The Saddle: Cold Backed Horse Question Category: I was on the Internet searching for info on rearing and found your web site.

He came off the track at 4yrs old and has had on ground training […] Issues From The Saddle: Hi Julie, I just purchased an 8 year old Quarter Horse mare with a background in cutting. She is a really sweet horse and goes great at the walk and trot. Dear Julie, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters and look forward to receiving them! Julie, I hope you can help me with my horse. He gets very irritated when I girth him up. Even before the girth has touched his belly when I am attaching it to the saddle , he pins […] Issues From The Saddle: I recently went to your clinics at the Ohio Equine Affair and love your techniques.

I have a 4 year old Belgian that I ride. He is pretty solid, but as a young horse he does spook occasionally. I have been trying you method of leading him up […] Issues From The Saddle: I tell you, you were the greatest trainer there! My horse, Rufus an 8 year old large pony trained by my year-old self with my trainer, after being abused for six years was not […] Issues From The Saddle: Do I Need Spurs?

My question is […] Issues From The Saddle: You were awesome, and you were so right about fear management, your seminars are packed yet nobody ever talks about the issue of fear!! Modoc loves to do a fantastic running walk on the beach. Gate Sour Question Category: Hello, I am have a Tennessee walker and she rides around the arena fine until she passes the gate. Then it happens, she starts to walk sideways in to the gate. Julie, You have a similar question presented to you being great on the trail but terrible in the arena that you have already answered.

That statement is also mine but a different problem. Dear Julie, I recently purchased my second horse, a twelve-year-old gelding. He is unmanageable beyond a walk for a period of time. Headset For Shows Question Category: Julie I have a question for you…do you have any suggestions for helping me set my horses head? First — I attended your clinics at Equine Affaire in Mass. I have to say, at such events, I have seen many well-respected clinicians and trainers, but no one has ever come close to your ability to communicate and demonstrate skills to such a degree that I could actually take what I learned home […] Issues From The Saddle: Hops Into Trot Question: Every time I ride my pony and ask her to pick up a trot from a walk, the first stride is a canter stride.

Then she slows down into a trot. My husband and myself are still novice to the show world, my gelding was a 4H show horse since they purchased him as long 2yr. Dear Julie, I have a young quarter mare that is constantly reaching for food on the trail. I have gotten after her for this and have never allowed her to eat in the bit. I have smacked her and yelled at her. But she still does it. What […] Issues From The Saddle: Good morning Julie, I have two additional questions for you: First, I have written about an extremely sensitive five year old mare, who is still occasionally blowing up if touched unexpectedly.

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Her owner was advised to put her on Relax Saver, but there is little improvement after two […] Issues From The Saddle: I have a 2 year old that is not giving his head I can pull it around but he will not give the bit at all. He has a short neck but I have never had one that would not give a little bit! I have tried changing […] Issues From The Saddle: The mare is very sweet and was well behaved when we first got her and would […] Issues From The Saddle: Hi Julie, I just have a quick question.

I have a 4. He is very well behaved on the ground and is doing very well under saddle. My only problem with him is that he refuses to listen when […] Issues From The Saddle: I was trail riding over the weekend, and my horse took a dislike to the horse behind him. I saw the symptoms making faces and tried to get his attention on me, but he would have none of […] Issues From The Saddle: Hi, I have a 5 year old QH gelding that is tall and not very muscular. He has a long back and legs and I wonder if that is why I am having trouble getting him into a nice slow jog.

Hello Julie, I was glad to see you are doing a clinic in my area in NH. He has been a challenge and although we have made […] Issues From The Saddle: Dear Julie, I have broken my arm from the fall. I have been given a 12 year old gelding that I am very much attached to and enjoy riding. The problem is that he has had some past abuse issues and under saddle he is a nervous wreck. On a trail ride, he will mainly jig the whole […] Issues From The Saddle: I have 3 horses, all of which do the same thing. They walk and trot quietly, but when you cue for lope, they will kick up in the back.

Goodnight, I have a year-old quarter horse, MAX, who decided he does not want to be the second horse out on the trail. I ride alone most of the time but do enjoy the company of others. When he feels any competition from another horse he […] Issues From The Saddle: Julie, My horse holds the bit in her mouth when I am trying to take the bridle off and then throws her head up in the air and panics still holding onto the bit. I have tried undoing the cheek strap on the bridle first but she still […] Issues From The Saddle: Hi Julie I have been riding for eight months at a stable and am taking classes once-twice a week as well as clinics.

I bought a horse from the stables I go to, he is a twelve year old Arab and a very forgiving horse. I bought him […] Issues From The Saddle: My pony keeps her head up. When I first got her she was so nervous about the bit and the rider and we use a loose ring snaffle and she has put her head down some.

Julie, I have seen you several times at the Equine Affaire in Columbus over the past few years and respect your training skills. Just to […] Issues From The Saddle: I have a 4-year-old bay breeding stock paint gelding. He is broke for western pleasure and does really well. His only problem is that he completely goes crazy if I put my feet on him for any reason. If I bump him he will just take off running. Parrot-Mouthed Bucker Question Category: Hello Julie, I have a horse with a few problems. Pulley Rein Question Category: Rearing Horse Question Category: Hello Julie, My horse has been off all summer due to an injury and I would like suggestions as to how I can get him in shape for spring.

I will work with him all winter and need help with a plan. Can you help us? Thank you, […] Issues From The Saddle: Refusing To Trot Question Category: Hello Just wondering if you could give me some advice. My horse, a six year old mustang had been trained for about ten months. He stops, turns fine, but I cannot get him to slow down.

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Julie, I was at the Equine Expo in Massachusetts last week and enjoyed your clinics immensely. They sold the farm […] Issues From The Saddle: Spooky Horse Question Category: I usually ride some type of warmblooded horse not exactly sure of the exact type during riding classes. Julie Goodnight, Thank you for answering my request. My colt is 3 years, he was born in my arms, he is an Arabian.

I have been working with him from day 1. He is halter broke and I have been working with him in the round ring. My […] Issues From The Saddle: I watched a show several weeks ago with Julie helping a rider work with a horse that lifted his head up to get away from the bit. I thought she taught the rider to bring her hands up when the horse lifted his head up and apply alternating […] Issues From The Saddle: Tongue Over Bit Question Category: He is a big sweetie, I love him dearly he has very nice manners and lunges well. Dear Julie, We have just begun working on a property that conducts trail rides and have a horse here that we discovered to have the problem of bucking.

After investigating this behavior, we also noticed that he hates any kind of contact on the reins and will begin […] Issues From The Saddle: Understanding Pressure Question Category: How do you know how much pressure a horse needs to respond to your cues and directions? I have been riding a good years but most intensively the last …. I have a 13 year old Thoroughbred cross that I ride in dressage. I have had him almost 5 years. He […] Issues From The Saddle: My granddaughter and I started our yearling colt this year. He was schooled in halter.

He is used to the English saddle and carries a sweet iron bit beautifully. We can turn him with the bit from the ground […] Issues From The Saddle: My riding instructor and I have a question regarding using one rein while riding. John Lyons discusses using one rein when starting a young horse. When we use it on […] Issues From The Saddle: He is from the south and I honestly think is not familiar with indoor arenas.

Hello friends, What a relaxing few days it has been! Just to update you on the new horse, we had a nailing biting couple days waiting for the results of the vet check. Yesterday we had a tremendous electrical storm and about a dozen drops of rain—just enough to make the dust stick to your car. With my little mare Annie, my plan was to learn the basic movements of Garrocha—pole dancing with a horse! Her compact and athletic build makes little circles easy and ducking under that pole on a short horse just […] January Letter From Julie Dear friends, I embrace each new year, happy to be alive and well, and eager to make the most of the year to come, personally, professionally and in my horsemanship.

The key is to set attainable goals. Instead of vowing […] Jealous Colt Hi Julie! When he comes too close, I bump into him with my whole body until he moves back. She readily approaches me and wants to be in on the action when I work with other horses. I was pleasantly surprised that there were overall higher quality entries in this race, compared to the one I judged in CA, but the best horses were not as good as […] Julie Goodnight On The Connection Women Have With Horses How do you explain the connection women have with horses?

Tips about riding a rough trot, dealing with a head shy horse, links to safety videos, cantering tips, manners at feed time and more. Hard to believe, one of my favorite expos is so close. Equine Affaire is November , http: No airports, no business travel, until my fall clinic season begins in late August.

Not that you could possibly explain how to train a horse for such a complicated activity in a half-hour TV show, but, as usual, I kept it simple. Just two things to know: With a few horsemanship clinics behind me and a few more coming this month, it already seems like summer to me! This is my busiest time of year—spring and early summer. Barring legitimate reasons for the horse not to go forward, like asking him to step over a rattle snake, the […] Keeping Focused Ask Julie Goodnight: Dear Julie, My 6-year-old-AQHA gelding is very focused in the arena, on or off cattle, keeping his face directed at our target or direction.

My horse in particular has a flat broad back with wide withers. I know we are cinching our western saddles up tight enough. The Young Horses In the small town where I live, we have a large school complex with three different buildings— the elementary, the middle school and the high school, each with a specific program designed to meet the particular needs of each age group.

The Prime Time Horses Note: The Senior Citizens In our small town in Central Colorado, the schools are small and organized—with different wings for different ages of students. The elementary, middle and high schools are all separate but nearby. Always keep in mind that a horse can reach to the side as well as behind to kick. Help, my horse kicks at the canter! What do these terms mean and when do you use them while riding? Take for instance garlic.

I put it in almost everything I cook. But I have learned, through bad experiences, that there is such a thing as too much garlic much […] Lead Changes Good Day! Will I be too afraid to learn at a clinic? I enjoy taking clinics and it helps […] Left Brain, Right Brain Knowing how horses operate can help your training efforts. Dear Julie, I have been given a 12 year old gelding that I am very much attached to and enjoy riding. On a trail ride, he will mainly jig […] Living Aloha Greetings! I am afraid I have been remiss in writing. Being in Kauai will do that to you. I am starting this post on the last leg of my journey home, after a week spent in one of my favorite places on earth— the north shore of Kauai, in the towns of Hanalei, Princeville and […] Look, Breathe, Sit Back To Boost Riding Confidence Three steps to overcoming riding nervousness—plus, a way to remember them when it matters most.

I worked hard all weekend long teaching horsemanship clinics to benefit good causes and everyone had a good time and scored a few karma points in the process. Or do you hold your breath and hope for the best as your horse hops on his forehand to slow down and lurches forward when asked […] Making Time for Horses When I was a kid, horses and ballet lessons were the only non-school activities I did. I went to the barn every single day to ride my horse. Yesterday, my father and I spent many hours sitting on the balcony of his 17th story river-front condo, watching the hundreds of boats go by on the Willamette River.

Does he pin his ears, bare his teeth and stomp his feet? Or worse, does he grab the hay out of your arms and shove you aside? Fortunately for me, Melissa and Rich are keeping the ponies going. When I am working at expos, I usually borrow a horse to ride in my demos and this month […] March Letter From Julie Dear Friends, After being in Florida and Arizona last month, where the riding season is already in full swing, then coming home to snow, ice and riding indoors, it seemed like a letdown. Our first episode was shot on the beach at sunrise on Tuesday.

And should you ever canter on the trail?

Whether it is a novice rider just figuring out how to cue the horse and keep it going, a rider trying to slow down the gait and smooth out a wild […] May Horse Report On April 21st, I attended the Legends of Ranching horse sale at Colorado State University. Sunrise in the hot tub, reading, Meet the Press, workout, breakfast. Oh yeah, and the blog. Last week, during the shoot, we had two nights of frost, unusual for June and I lost some basil plants.

I have ridden one of my geldings for sale a few times, because I had some motivation for that, with a buyer coming to see him. What I need is some motivation […] Mount Up! Teach your horse to stand still as you mount. I have helped to train their officers to ride better and also to train their horses to be more responsive so that they can both do their jobs to the best of their […] Mustang Mascot This week, one of my favorite episodes is playing on Horse Master. He is a really good-natured horse and has progressed well in his training considering […] Mustangs On The Move Greetings!

Seems like I struck a chord with my post on Mustangs, the slaughter issue and unwanted horses, which is exactly what I was hoping to do—stimulate discussion and provoke thought. In this, the third year of my life, things have really changed for me. It seems like only yesterday I was back on the Four Sixes ranch in Texas, running through the fields with my cousins; a pasture full of […] My First Horse Although I grew up with horses and we had many over the years, my first true love of a horse was a grade Morgan mare named Minnie.

She was the most beautiful horse in the world, to my young and naive eyes; she was my best friend, my closest confidant and I was pretty sure […] My Footing Fetish: I figured out that I stand, walk or ride in more than 50 arenas each year. One of the best things about travelling is getting home and sleeping in your own bed. When you ask your horse to canter, does he pin his ears and hump his back—making it feel like he just swallowed a watermelon?

My horse consistently breaks gait from a lope to a jog on the right lead. What may be causing this? This is an interesting question—and I wish I had a few more details. Are you dragged, stepped on and rammed each time you lead your horse? Does your horse always cut the corners in the arena? Does he veer around little obstacles—such as puddles—even though you told him to go […] My Horse Goes Where He Wants To Go Does your horse always cut the corners in the arena?

Does he veer around little obstacles—such as puddles—even though you told him to go straight through? Do your circles become smaller and smaller as you ride, or are they oval instead of round? Are you constantly begging your horse to go back to the rail […] My Horse Is Herd-Bound And Barn Sour My horse is herd-bound and barn-sour—calling to others constantly Would your horse rather stay with his buddies?

Is he letting his voice be known? Help keep your horse from shaking his mane with these anti-head tossing tips from Julie Goodnight. When you ride, does your horse fuss with his head, throwing his nose up in the air and tossing his mane? He has been a challenge! She was badly abused by her previous owner and has shown some residual signs of fear.

The problem that I now have with her is I find she can be very stressed in traffic. Does your horse begin the ride before you do? We have done all kinds of groundwork exercises and desensitization exercises with her. Photo by Heidi Melocco Do you dread seeing a steep hill on the trail? In particular, I have learned that there are three things to keep in mind when it comes to horses: Always plan for the worst case scenario.

Horses will always make a liar out of you. If you say […] New Horse Issues Question: I just recently purchased a horse in October this is my first horse and boy I am not starting off very well. This horse was lbs underweight when I got him so to say the least I baby him oops.

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He has successfully gained lbs and I am very excited. Elaine was recovering from knee surgery and wanted to make sure she was doing all she physically could to prepare her young Friesian filly for an upcoming breed […] No Fraternization! After 38 days of being at the hospital all day, crying, hoping, praying, laughing, crying, being frustrated, crying, and begging, it was good to get home! Of course, he was released last Wednesday in the middle of a raging blizzard so we were stuck in Denver, but the next […] Note from Julie: I have to say, Dually is feeling fresh as a daisy these days.

Much debate has been had over which area has more horses and which caters mostly to horse people. Having been to both places many […] Nurturing The Try In Your Horse I have lived with and worked with horses for more than half a century. And the older I get, the more appreciation I have for horses and their willingness, generosity and ability to forgive. Mar 20, Obesity is an epidemic problem with domesticated horses. Although we most easily attribute the problem to overfeeding concentrates combined with too little exercise, the underlying cause is much less apparent.

At the track, horses are often mounted and dismounted while they are walking, and are in continuous motion […] On The Rail: We have all types of horse behavior issues that creep up before we know it. Another gelding we […] On The Rail: Dear Julie, I am a big believer in natural horsemanship and how effective it is to handle horses with an understanding of their natural behaviors. Teaching Horse Behavior To Youth: Why do horses relax and listen when I use one rein at a time? Dear Julie, My riding instructor and I have a question regarding using one rein while riding. While I am fully aware that horses are tough and adaptable animals that do not need stalls, bedding and blankies for their survival, I like my horse to be in tip-top shape, slick and shiny and comfy—for no other reason than […] Open a Gate on Horseback With Julie Goodnight As an avid trail rider, you likely have run across closed gates.

Dear Julie, My question to you is what is your opinion of Myler bits? I came across a book recently that talked about the Myler comfort snaffle. I was surprised to learn that not all snaffles are exactly what they are supposed to be. Afraid To Canter Question: I want desperately to ride well. Julie, I know you are soooo busy. Just drop me two words of encouragement. Nothing happened…I mean […] Overcoming Fear: How do you help people through their fear of horses and riding? Some level of fear around horses is perfectly normal and to be expected.

After all, they are 1,pound animals capable of spontaneous violent […] Overcoming Fear: Hi Julie, I learned about you from a friend in the barrel racing community. I am a year-old woman, a dyed in the wool horse lover and owner, someone who will never again feel fulfilled without a horse.

I lost my first horse to a horrifying bout with colic, one minute he was there […] Overcoming Fear: Fear Of Being Thrown Question: I have a unique problem: Recently I was involved in tryouts for a Horse Patrol position in my sector. I work on the U. We have excellent instructors. I was in the round pen and I was thrown off and I […] Overcoming Fear: Initially I was very nervous approaching the horses, […] Overcoming Fear: Cheyenne is a very sweet and gentle horse and a tad bit on the lazy side.

I would like to […] Overcoming Fear: My problem is that I am not confident enough to follow through with things that I ask him to do. Too Old To Ride? In my teens I rode daily. Do you think I could actually get into real riding again? I really admire your work and follow you on your web […] Overcoming Fear: Your principles make perfect sense, I now need to work though them and practice them until I feel more confident with my mare.

In brief, two years ago, I purchased a 4 year old […] Overcoming Fear: My daughter is 19 and has […] Overcoming Fear: Hi Julie, I have been reading your articles and I have gained a lot of insight into horses and horseback riding. Thanks so much for such wealth of knowledge. My husband and I have only been taking riding lessons for five months. Renae is an experienced, life-long rider but yet she never had any formal training.

She did have […] Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Success Anyone who has ever invested in the stock market has seen this disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future success. Yet when we invest our resources into a well-trained horse, we expect a guarantee that the way he is today, in his current reality, is the way he will be a month or a […] Patches The Pony-Dealing With The Death Of An Equine Friend This morning we said good-bye to an old friend. When I arrived at her place 6: It is not official yet, since they […] Police Horses From Honolulu— Follow-Up After much heartache and aggravation, the Honolulu police horses are finally headed to their retirement home on the big island of Hawaii.

Dedicated and hard working officers have been reassigned to new posts but they miss their equine partners fiercely and have been all but denied the opportunity to bid a fond farewell to the […] Pony Power Good Day! Try to settle this discussion — please! Clinician Julie Goodnight recommends riding with a neck rope and your bridle to know you have control before you do bridle-less work.

I have a 13 year old daughter who has been in 4H since she was eight years old. What kind of advise would you give her […] Preventing Herd-Bound Behavior Horses are instinctively herd-bound. A desire to be with others. BTW, the other categories of instinctive behavior in horses are flight, combative, ingestive, eliminative, reproductive and investigative behaviors.

As you ride, your legs are spread in an unnatural position, causing pressure on your ankle, knee and hip joints. If I were to guess at the single most common equitation error I see, what immediately springs to mind is the rider that is braced on the stirrup. I have been riding for eight months at a stable and am taking classes once-twice a week as well as clinics.

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If I hold it tightly, she tries to jerk it away. How can I make picking out feet easier? What are safe tips to introduce my kids to horses and riding? The great thing about riding is that it is a lifelong sport. We had a great time in Murfreesboro last weekend for the inaugural QuarterFest; a fantastic tribute to the American Quarter Horse and the people who own them.

And you can, too, with more great tips from QuarterFest clinicians. It started with a beautiful day on Friday—lots of riders and spectators, many great clinics indoors and out. But Saturday and Sunday where a totally different story with tornados, torrential rains, flooded and closed highways and warnings from the State Police to stay home and off the roads. Saturday started […] Quick Tips To Check Stirrup Length Appropriate stirrup length is critical for all levels and disciplines of riders.

It is important for safety, for rider balance and for the effectiveness of the rider in developing correct riding skills. Time and time again in clinics, I see riders with stirrups mal-adjusted. I met a lot of great people there, including three talented horsewomen, who were demonstrating their skills in a colt-starting challenge. I was the emcee for the event, explaining what they were doing in the three round pens, as […] Raising A Breeding Stallion Question: He may anyway, but if there […] Ranch Horse Clinic Greetings!

Well, I had a busy weekend and there may be too much to say to get it all on one posting. Since they only had outdoor pens made […] Ready For Winter? Tips for making your horse-keeping life easier this winter… Here in the high mountains of Colorado, where my horses and I live, winter comes early and hard.

Our preparations begin before the summer is technically over and our efforts then will make a huge difference in how happy or miserable our winter horse-life will be. It is a good sign for the state-of-the-horse-union that this term has fallen out of favor. No more snubbing posts, […] Rearing To Go Dear Julie, I have a year-old quarter horse that has decided he must be in the lead on the trail.

He came off the track at 4yrs old and has had on ground training and started jumping. I noticed […] Reconditioning After Surgery Greetings! Sharon is recovering from abdominal surgery and getting back to riding and both she and her horse needed reconditioning and strengthening of the abs. We worked on […] Reconditioning Program Question: Thank you, Karen Boise, Idaho Answer: Must like and follow on Instagram before December 31, , […] Reflections On Riding Bikes And Riding Horses To celebrate our anniversary, my husband and I recently bought new mountain bikes and made a commitment to get in better shape.

Living in the land of mecca for mountain bikers as we do, a high-mountain town where there are more bike stores than shoe stores, it seemed like the right thing to do. I am finally getting back on my horse and into a regular riding routine. Organized by a small and hardworking group of enthusiasts and spearheaded by my vet and her horse-trainer husband, Rusty and Leslie Harrison, the show was a big success!

How do you show your horse affection while also maintaining respect? Resist the urge to peddle and make sure your horse will listen to your cues. Find out how Julie helped this rider work with her slow and steady horse—first ruling out pain then making sure […] Return Of The 5-Pound Challenge OK everyone.

This is your chance to join the Goodnight Team in getting in shape—to improve your confidence and to be a stronger rider! I am steadily progressing but sometimes it seems like the further I get, the less I know! I was originally taught to squeeze with my legs to make the horse go […] Ride Like A Supermodel And Advance Your Maneuvers Julie Goodnight teaches us how to have a better seat on our horse. There were about thirty women altogether, for four days of riding lessons, trail riding, yoga sessions, decadent spa treatments, gourmet meals and luxurious five-star accommodations and service.

Dear Julie, I usually ride some type of warmblooded horse not exactly sure of the exact type during riding classes. I must say, […] Riding Bridleless Without a Bridle or Bit Bridle-less Riding To me, the ultimate sign of true unity, trust and respect between a horse and the rider is when you can remove the bridle, have nothing on his head, and have the horse perform as well or better than he did in the bridle.

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While I do believe you need the bridle to […] Riding Bridleless, Part 1 from Horse Illustrated Julie talks about what you need to know before you even think about taking off the bridle. Dear Julie, I have ridden Western for the last 20 years, and have trained my horses based on the resistance free method or natural horsemanship as it is most commonly known today. I ride my current horse […] Riding in Ireland After two flights and ten hours in the air, we landed in Dublin, ready for our horseback riding adventure! My husband Rich and eight of our friends made the journey together, meeting up in Galway City, on the western coast of Ireland.

People, not so much. We tend to carry baggage from the past and stress about the future, but not stay present with our horse in the moment.

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There were ten of us living together, wining and dining together and riding through the California country side. Our group represented the whole equestrian ball of wax, from sea to shining sea. I just bought a Halflinger pony that stands at Signed, Reining in the Answers. I do, however, still trust my instincts. I currently am riding a wonderful 10yr q-horse gelding of western pleasure show quality. He has a great mind and willingness to please.

I am concerned about […] Riding Skills: How do you teach riders to use all the natural aids together—leg and rein aids? The natural aids are the best tools the rider has to communicate with the horse. Traditionally, there are four natural aids, the seat weight , the legs, the hands and the voice of the rider. How can I remember how to use natural aids properly? Do you have images you use to help students remember the correct positions, etc.? From the very first time you mount a rider on a horse, she needs to know how to use her primary natural aids, the seat, […] Riding Skills: I teach people to control their horses by going into the horse world and quickly connecting with it there using the horse's natural dynamics then bringing the horse into the human world along with its natural dynamics.

The "happy medium" relationship is replaced with a connected, communicating relationship. Because the horse knows what is expected of it and knows it can do what is expected of it, the relationship is never broken. It's a story of in for a penny in a for a pound, dancin' with the one that brought you to the dance and riding for the brand you ride for. The old life of Jed Ames, a Wyoming cowhand, changes completely in minutes abruptly thrusting him into a new life in the midst of New York City. If you want a horse in your life there are many Free Or Nearly Free Horses available no matter where you live.

Many life changes often occur where new situations must be found for the horse. Horses are very difficult to sell and owners are often desperate for quicker options. This book tells you all you need to know to easily make someone else's burden your blessing. Long time horseman tells all.